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David Carradine

David Carradine


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David... The monks of the Shaolin temple in Northern China were legendary for their great... more info $13.95was $19.99 Buy Now

Miracle at... When disaster strikes and necessity dictates that the festering rivalry between... more info $9.95was $11.95 Buy Now

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Also Known As: Died: June 3, 2009
Born: December 8, 1936 Cause of Death: accidental asphyxiation
Birth Place: Hollywood, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)

Americana (1981) as Director
Mata Hari (1978)
You and Me (1975) as Director
A young boy and a biker become best friends on the road.
Around (1972)

Cast (feature film)

Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel (2011)
Blue jeans, sock-hops and drive-in movies: the Fifties were America's age of innocence. But stalking the depths of its post-nuclear bliss, mass paranoia became fuel for Joseph McCarthy's brand of Red Scare terror propaganda. Bomb shelters were a deluxe feature in every American home, government-spon
Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel (2011)
Blue jeans, sock-hops and drive-in movies: the Fifties were America's age of innocence. But stalking the depths of its post-nuclear bliss, mass paranoia became fuel for Joseph McCarthy's brand of Red Scare terror propaganda. Bomb shelters were a deluxe feature in every American home, government-spon
True Legend (2011)
Su Can's respectable life is obliterated when his vengeful brother, Yuan, returns from war armed with the deadly Five Venom Fists. Weakened but not destroyed, Su Can learns a never-before-seen form of martial arts: the Drunken Fist. Armed with this new power, he returns home to honor his family th
Autumn (2010)
A mysterious airborne virus ravages the planet, and most of the world's population is dead within a few hours. Twenty survivors must learn how to cope with cities filled with virus-ridden, rotting corpses that start to reanimate after a couple of days. Triggered by light and noise, the corpses soon
Archie's Final Project (2009)
Archie Williams is a 17-year old media geek who has suddenly found himself the most talked-about kid in school. He has announced that he's going to kill himself - on camera- for a class project. His classmates, parents, Sierra - the most beautiful girl in school, and a "Shady Bunch" of shrinks, doct
Dark Fields (2009)
Road of No Return (2009)
Michael Madsen and David Carradine star in the action drama "Road of No Return" (2009). The film follows four hit men who are secretly brought together to fight the nation's drug trafficking epidemic. But when these cold-blooded killers rescue a little girl, they develop a strange bond that impacts
Kandisha (2009)
A leading criminal defense attorney, reeling from her own personal tragedy, must defend a woman accused of killing her husband.
Fall Down Dead (2009)
Single mother Christie faces the most terrifying Christmas Eve ever when she becomes the sole witness to the handiwork of the Picasso Killer, a cold-blooded maniac with an eye for beautiful women. Now a citywide blackout has Christie trapped in an isolated office building with a group of strangers a
Golden Boys, The (2009)
Three 70-year-old retired sea captains, in 1905 Cape Cod, try to lure an attractive middle-aged woman into marriage.
Crank: High Voltage (2009)
Hitman Chev Chelios is kidnapped by a mysterious Chinese mobster. Three months later, he wakes up to discover his nearly indestructible heart has been surgically removed and replaced with a battery-operated ticker that requires regular jolts of electricity in order to work. After a dangerous escape from his captors, Chev is on the run again, this time from the charismatic Mexican gang boss El Huron and the Chinese Triads, headed by the dangerous 100 year-old elder Poon Dong. Once again turning to Doc Miles for medical advice, receiving help from his friend Kaylo''s twin brother Venus, and re-connecting with his girlfriend Eve, who is no longer in the dark about what he does for a living, Chev is determined to get his real heart back and wreak vengeance on whoever stole it, embarking on an electrifying chase through Los Angeles where anything goes to stay alive.
Absolute Evil (2009)
Madly in love with each other, Savannah and Cooper share a traumatic experience from several years back when Savannah was still a child. However, just as they seem to have conquered their inner demons, the past catches up to them. Pursued by gang leader Raf and his plans of retaliation, Savannah fin
Treasure Raiders (2009)
An American professor and Russian biker become caught up in a search for local historical treasures.
National Lampoon's Stoned Age (2008)
Hapless Ishbo is a philosophical caveman who yearns for more out of life than sticks, stones, and raw meat. Determined to single-handedly advance the human race, Ishbo continually irritates his fellow Neanderthals with ridiculous inventions like the toothbrush, the spoon, and pants. The rest of his
Richard III (2008)
A modern-day take on the Shakespeare classic.
Big Stan (2008)
A weak and nebbishy con man panics when he learns he's going to prison for fraud. He hires a mysterious martial arts guru, who transforms him into a kung fu expert who can fight off inmates who want to hurt him--and love him.
Camille (2008)
A twisted honeymoon adventure about a young couple on their way to Niagara Falls. Silas Parker is a moody petty-thief. He marries his parole officer's niece, believing that he can use the romantic honeymoon to escape to Canada. Camille Foster is the sweetest girl you can ever hope to meet. She trul
Hell Ride (2008)
Pistolero is the head honcho of the Victors, a group of badass bikers who are out to avenge the murder of one of their members at the hands of the 666ers, a rival gang whose actions live up to their hellish moniker. Along with his cohorts, the Gent and the mysterious Comanche, Pistolero aims to take
Fuego (2007)
A Mexican prisoner escapes through the jungles of Chiapas crossing paths with a secret agent named Lobo. Lobo has a crisis on his hands, and only Julio the ex-con can help, based on his past spy experience. Lobo gives Julio money, cars and everything else he needs to travel the world and rescue the
Miracle at Sage Creek (2007)
A family Christmas drama set in 1888 Wyoming. Two families must overcome prejudice and tragedy when a special miracle saves the life of a small boy.
Epic Movie (2007)
Centers on four not-so-young orphans: one raised by a curator at the Louvre (where an albino assassin lurks), another a refugee from Mexican "libre" wrestling, the third a recent victim of snakes on her plane, and the fourth a "normal" resident of a mutant "X" community. The hapless quartet visits a
How to Rob a Bank (2007)
A twentysomething slacker and a bank employee get caught in the middle of a bank heist and are forced to arbitrate between the robbers and the police.
Brothers in Arms (2005)
A revisionist Western story.
Hair High (2004) as Voice Of Mr Snerz
The legend of Cherri and Spud, a teenage couple who are murdered on prom night and left for dead at the bottom of Echo Lake. Exactly one year later, their skeletal remains come back to life and they return to the prom for revenge and their justly-deserved crowns.
Natural Selection (2003) as Dehoven
Two serial killers choose each other as their next victim.
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2002) as Bill
Continuing the story-line which unfolded in "Kill Bill Vol. I," this is a revenge tale of an expert assassin, called The Bride, who sets out on a quest to wreak vengeance upon her former employer, Bill, and other members of their assassin circle, for shooting her on the day of her wedding--along with all The Bride''s guests in attendance--and leaving her for dead. When this chapter in the story begins, The Bride will have already encountered some of her targets, having battled her way up the chain of command. So, after dispensing with former colleagues O-Ren Ishii and Vernita, she resumes her quest for justice. With those two down, the Bride has two remaining foes on her ''Death List'' to pursue--Budd and Elle Driver--before moving on to her ultimate goal: to KILL BILL.
Outsider, The (2002) as Doctor Lucas Henry
A young widow from a conservative religious group takes a gunslinger into her home after he is wounded.
Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2002) as Bill
An entire wedding party is slaughtered during a dress rehearsal in a rural chapel: the pregnant woman in the blood-splattered wedding dress is Black Mamba, better known as The Bride. The assassin, Bill, and his circle known as The Vipers left The Bride for dead, but unluckily for them she was merely comatose. Four years later, The Bride suddenly awakens from her coma and realizes what has been done to her. She sets off on a ferociously focused mission, setting out to seek revenge on her former master and his deadly squad of assassins. One by one, she kills the various members of the assassin group. She saves Bill for last.
By Dawn's Early Light (2001) as Nick Decker
Mike Lewis is an awkward, misanthropic 16-year-old who tunes out his parents and his problems by turning up the volume of his headphones or by zoning out in front of his computer. Outside his bedroom door, his parents are arguing again. Sandy and Ron need some time together to repair their strained
Warden of Red Rock, The (2001) as Mike Sullivan
In an Arizona prison in 1910, a stern but humane warden struggles to come to terms with the changing times and his love for the widow of an executed convict.<P>John Flinders is the imposing warden of Red Rock Prison. When hardened prisoner Mike Sullivan is transferred to Red Rock, the guards and pri
Knocking on Death's Door (2000) as Doc Hadley
While documenting the spirits inhabiting a haunted house, two paranormal researchers discover the ghost of a murdered child, who may lead them to the boy's killer.
Isaac Asimov's Nightfall (2000)
The planet Aeon, blessed with six suns, has never experienced night. When the first Nightfall approaches, the population is plunged into fear and superstition.
Knock on Death's Door (1999)
Two paranormal scientists attempt to document the spirits which reside at Hillside House only to discover the ghost of a small boy who was killed years earlier. The ghost boy ends up helping them track down his murderer, and as they dig into the secrets of the small town where he lived, the scientis
Shepherd (1999)
In 2317, the world explodes into a holy war. Only a Shepherd can lead his flock to the promise land.
Macon County Jail (1999)
Having lost her job in Los Angeles and ditching her unfaithful boyfriend, a woman finds herself stuck in middle-of-nowhere Macon County when her car and possessions are stolen by a hitch-hiker. Though completely innocent, she is thrown in jail for holding up a local store and she must fight for her
New Swiss Family Robinson, The (1999) as Sheldon Blake
Pursuing their dream of sailing around the world, the Robinson family set out in their sailboat on a voyage from Hong Kong to Australia, but modern-day pirates, led by Sheldon, the salesman who sold them the sailboat, attempt to take over the yacht. The Robinsons outwit the thugs and narrowly escape
Rage, The (1998) as Lucas
FBI agent Nick Travis has been butting heads with superior officer Taggart ever since Taggart interfered in a standoff with gunmen, precipating an unnecessary massacre. When mutilated corpses of tourists start turning up in the Pacific Northwest, Taggart is forced to pair up Travis with up-and-comin
Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror (1998) as Luke
Six college students take a wrong turn and wind up in a deserted town... where children are possessed by evil.
Out of the Wilderness (1998) as Clint Dugan
After an injury leaves Melissa Talbott in a wheelchair, the strong little girl finds her biggest support from a pet raven named Blackfeather. But when the bird's escapades gets him in trouble with the law, the government deems Blackfeather a public nuisance and Melissa and her family fight the estab
Last Stand at Saber River (1997) as Duane Kidston
When he returns to his Arizona homestead after the Civil War, an ex-Confederate soldier must fight against Union supporters who lay claim to his land.
Capital Punishment (1996)
A martial arts master is recruited by the DEA to defeat the distribution of a new drug.
Distant Justice (1995) as Joe Foley
A Boston cop and retired Japanese police commissioner investigate a series of crimes after the commissioner's wife witnesses a drug buy.
Karate Cop (1993)
Travis, the last cop on earth, and Rachel, a beautiful scientist, search for a hidden crystal which will enable them to activate a dormant transporting device.
Kill Zone (1993)
A renegade American army colonel disobeys orders so that his team can go into Cambodia to destroy a Viet Cong supply train. Once there, he orders the killing of innocent Cambodian villagers, but is confronted by his right hand man who objects to the slaughter.
Night Rhythms (1992) as Vincent Machelli
A talk radio host is framed for murder after developing his show around women callers who confess their innermost problems and desires.
Animal Instincts (1992) as Lamberti
A policeman and his wife are having sexual problems and their marriage is about to fall apart. By chance, the husband learns that he has a voyueristic streak and to please him, his wife has several affairs which she arranges for him to watch on closed-circuit television. But they find that there are
Waxwork II: Lost in Time (1992) as Beggar
Two people must travel through time and bring back evidence to prove their innocence. They encounter many mysterious characters on their travels, including Frankenstein, Jack the Ripper, and some aliens.
Dead Center (1992) as Chavez
A murderous thug is taken off the streets and trained to work for the government. When a hit goes bad he's set up to take the fall for the death of a U.S. Senator. Suddenly, he's on the run for his life and the only one he can trust is the lethal agent who trained him.
Field of Fire (1992) as General Corman
Veteran soldiers are sent behind enemy lines to rescue a top American military expert from deep in the Cambodian jungle.
Brotherhood of the Gun (1991) as Artemis Mcbride
A television movie pilot for an unsold CBS series. Set in New Mexico, this western/comedy follows the adventures of an ex-Confederate sharp-shooter.
Double Trouble (1991) as Mr C
Twin brothers on opposite sides of the law join forces to solve a case involving a huge jewel smuggling ring.
Deadly Surveillance (1991) as Lieutenant
A television movie about a group of cops on the trail of international drug traffickers.
Dune Warriors (1991) as Michael
Local mercenaries combine efforts to free their village.
Roadside Prophets (1991) as Othello Jones
The adventures of two bikers traveling through Death Valley and the off-beat people they encounter.
Evil Toons (1991)
Four teenage girls are required to spend the night in a haunted house in order to get a large sum of money. After they arrive, they receive an old book which contains a drawing of a monster who likes the blood of young women. When the monster emerges from the book, the girls do their best to get him
Midnight Fear (1990) as Sheriff Steve Hanley
A determined sheriff stalks a deranged killer who skinned a woman alive.
Martial Law (1990) as Dalton Rhodes
A special patrol unit is called in to protect Los Angeles from the underworld.
Sonny Boy (1990) as Pearl
A small-town crook and his cross-dressing "wife" abuse their adopted son to make him the perfect criminal accomplice.
Bird On A Wire (1990) as Eugene Sorenso
An ex-radical goes on the lam after testifying against a drug dealer friend, then meets his old college sweetheart, now a hip lawyer.
Think Big (1990) as John Sweeney
An electronic whiz creates an invention which the head of her school wants to sell to an arms dealer.
Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat (1989) as Count Mardulak
A group of vampires try to start a private blood bank.
Cover Girl and the Cop, The (1989) as Slade
A snobbish high-fashion model witnesses a murder and doesn't know which is worse: living with the streetwise female cop assigned to protect her or being caught by the killers.
Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II (1989) as Dark One
A young shepherd is instructed by a wizard to battle evil.
Nowhere to Run (1989) as Harmon
Six high school seniors in a small Texas town in 1960 uncover a political secret that could affect an election.
Crime Zone (1989) as Jason
Futuristic, post-apocalyptic tale of corruption and crime.
Project: Eliminator (1989) as Ron Morrell
Combat vets rescue kidnapped weapons designer.
Sauf votre respect (1989) as Bradley
Night Children (1989)
A probation officer comes up against obstacles from the police as she tries to help the young people who are assigned to her to turn their lives around.
Tropical Snow (1989) as Oskar
Action expose on drug smuggling in Colombia.
Fatal Secret (1989)
A remote research center in England manufactures deadly viruses.
Misfit Brigade, The (1988) as Colonel Von Weisshagen
War story of the 27th Panzers, Hitler's heavy-duty combat regiment composed of prisoners.
I Saw What You Did (1988) as Stephen Lancer
Two girls make crank phone calls, and end up living through a night of terror as they are menaced by a psychotic killer.
Six Against the Rock (1987) as Bernard Coy
A movie based on the true story of six convicts who, in 1946, battled incredible odds and the U.S. Marines in the most desperate, daring escape ever attempted at Alcatraz prison in San Francisco Bay.
P.O.W. the Escape (1986) as Colonel Jim Cooper
Oceans Of Fire (1986) as J C Busch
A group of daring divers struggling to complete an oil drilling operation in deep tropical seas, and the relationship between the diving supervisor, Ben Laforche, and Helen Kyger, a documentary filmmaker hired by the oil company to produce a film to better its image. As the work aboard the rig progr
Armed Response (1986) as Jim Roth
Kung Fu: The Movie (1986) as Kwai Chang Caine
Kwai Chang Caine, a Chinese-American Shaolin priest and martial arts master, battles the diabolical power of an evil Manchu mastermind when he uncovers an opium-smuggling plot in northern California in the late 1880s.
On the Line (1985) as Bryant--Chuck'S Uncle
Story concerns the relationship between two United States border guards and the Mexican prostitute with whom they are both involved.
Bad Seed, The (1985) as Leroy
This television remake of the 1954 Broadway stage hit and subsequent film two years later of Maxwell Anderson's play adapted from William March's tidy little horror novel (both starred Nancy Kelly as the horrified mother and Patty McCormack as the precious young daughter she discovers to be a murder
Safari 3000 (1984) as Eddie Miles
David Carradine, Stockard Channing, Christopher Lee, Hamilton Camp, Ian Yule, Hugh Rouse, & Cocky Two Bull. Inspired by the success of THE CANNONBALL RUN (1981), this road movie pairs an ex-Hollywood stuntman (David Carradine) and a Playboy photographer (Stockard Channing) on a trans-African auto race
Jealousy (1984) as Bobby Duchamp
Angie Dickinson has a tour-de-force starring in three separate stories -- as a rich woman competing with her sexy daughter for the man she (Dickinson) married; as a beauty who marries a billionaire and becomes insanely jealous of his other love; and as a country singer who is forced to choose betwee
Lone Wolf Mcquade (1983) as Rawley Wilkes
Texas Ranger and martial arts expert J.J. McQuade's reluctance to follow the rulles has earned him the nickname "Lone Wolf." When McQuade attempts to catch the druglord who is selling United States military weapons to Central American terrorists, it results in the death of an old friend. McQuade is
Warrior and the Sorceress, The (1983) as Kain
Kain is a warrior who arrives in a poor village which is dominated by two clans who are fighting to control the access to its water. Since the village is on a planet with two suns, water is a precious commodity. Kain offers to stay and work as a mercenary in the fight, and also stays because of the
Trick or Treats (1982) as Richard
Years ago, mentally disturbed Malcolm was taken away to an asylum. Now, Malcolm's wife Joan is living with her boyfriend Richard in the home she and Malcolm shared. It is Halloween, and the couple is going out, so the babysitter Linda has been called to watch Joan's son Christopher. As soon as they
Q (1982) as Detective Shepard
A tongue-in-cheek story of a flying Aztec god-beast who makes his home atop New York's Chrysler Building.
Americana (1981) as Soldier
Cloud Dancer (1980) as Brad Randolph
An aerobatic pilot who flies in competitons begins to have blackouts. After several near accidents, he faces a tough decision.
The Long Riders (1980) as Cole Younger
The James brothers turn to bank robbery for revenge.
Gauguin the Savage (1980) as Paul Gauguin
The turbulent life of temperamental French painter Paul Gauguin and his compulsive search for creative freedom that causes him to abandon his wife and five children in Paris for contentment in Tahiti is dramatized in this lengthy, somewhat talky, but spectacularly designed and photographed movie. Ga
Circle Of Iron (1979) as Blind Man; Changsha; Death; Jungar
A blind Zen master guides a young martial artist through demons, bandits and monkey people.
Fast Charlie - The Moonbeam Rider (1978) as Charlie Swattle
World War I veteran Charlie has dreamt of being the first person to win a transnational motorcycle race and enlists his comrades from the war to help. His former buddies do help him, although have been harboring a grudge against him because they think that he deserted them in battle. On the route, C
Thunder and Lightning (1978) as Harley Thomas
Roger Corman: Hollywood's Wild Angel (1978) as Himself
The career of iconic low-budget filmmaker Roger Corman is chronicled. Beginning as a screenwriter, Corman began directing movies for American International Pictures in the 1950s, and gave many famous filmmakers and actors some of their first work in the industry. Former colleagues and protegees who
Deathsport (1978) as Kaz Oshay
One thousand years after most of civilization has been destroyed by wars, Kaz Oshay is a biker who rides around the range on his bike and on horseback. He wields a saber to protect himself from the marauding hordes of "Statesmen" who are lead by Lord Zirpola. When Zirpola eventually imprisons Kaz, h
Serpent's Egg, The (1977) as Abel Rosenberg
Ingmar Bergman's The Serpent's Egg follows a week in the life of Abel Rosenberg, an out-of-work American circus acrobat living in poverty-stricken Berlin following Germany's defeat in World War I. When his brother commits suicide, Abel seeks refuge in the apartment of an old acquaintance Professor Veregus. Desperate to make ends meet in the war-ravaged city, Abel takes a job in Veregus' clinic, where he discovers the horrific truth behind the work of the strangely beneficent professor and unlocks the chilling mystery that drove his brother to kill himself.
Cannonball (1976) as "Cannonball" Buckman
This is another story of the secret Coast to Coast auto race across America The only rule is, the first to finish is the winner. Naturally, anyone driving 55 isn't going to win. They'll need to drive a little faster than that. Well actually, they will need to drive a LOT faster that 55.
Bound for Glory (1976) as Woody Guthrie
True story of folk singer Woody Guthrie, who rose to the top while fighting for the rights of migrant farm workers.
Death Race 2000 (1975) as Frankenstein
Racers compete in a brutal cross-country race, with points scored for killing pedestrians.
You and Me (1975)
A young boy and a biker become best friends on the road.
Mean Streets (1973) as Drunk
A small-time hood must choose from among love, friendship and the chance to rise within the mob.
The Long Goodbye (1973)
Detective Phillip Marlowe investigates shady characters involved in a long-lost friend''''s murder.
Kung Fu (1972) as Caine
A young Chinese-American, fleeing a murder charge in China, becomes the champion of oppressed laborers building the transcontinental railroad in the American West of the 1870s. This was the pilot for the popular series (1972-75).
Boxcar Bertha (1972) as Big Bill Shelly
A union leader enlists his girlfriend in a plot to get back at the railroad''''s evil management.
Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring (1971) as Flack
A young runaway, going from middle-class suburbia to the heart of the hippie drug culture, returns home only to find deepening family conflicts and parental bickering -- and realizes what it threatens to do to her younger sister.
Macho Callahan (1970) as Col. David Mountford
A bitter Union soldier escapes from prison and seeks revenge against the man who put him there.
The McMasters (1970) as White Feather
The Good Guys and the Bad Guys (1969) as Waco
An aging lawman hears that his old nemesis is back in the area and planning a robbery.
Young Billy Young (1969) as Jesse Boone
A mysterious stranger bent on revenge helps out a young gunfighter.
Heaven With a Gun (1969) as Coke Beck
A gunslinger-turned-preacher is forced to return to his old ways.
The Violent Ones (1967) as Lucas Barnes
Bus Riley's Back in Town (1965) as Stretch
A young sailor returns home to discover his girl has married an older, wealthy man.
Taggart (1964) as Cal Dodge
Newly arrived settlers are attacked by local ranch owner Ben Blazer and his men. Kent Taggart sees his parents killed by Blazer's son, whom he tracks home. Taggart kills the boy in front of Blazer, himself dying of a wound, who then puts a price of $5,000 on Taggart's head, an offer enthusiastically taken up by ruthless killer Jason. Taggart has no option but to head out into hostile Apache country followed by Jason and other no-goods.

Producer (feature film)

Fall Down Dead (2009)
Single mother Christie faces the most terrifying Christmas Eve ever when she becomes the sole witness to the handiwork of the Picasso Killer, a cold-blooded maniac with an eye for beautiful women. Now a citywide blackout has Christie trapped in an isolated office building with a group of strangers a
Richard III (2008)
A modern-day take on the Shakespeare classic.
Project: Eliminator (1989) as Associate Producer
Combat vets rescue kidnapped weapons designer.
Kung Fu: The Movie (1986) as Co-Producer
Kwai Chang Caine, a Chinese-American Shaolin priest and martial arts master, battles the diabolical power of an evil Manchu mastermind when he uncovers an opium-smuggling plot in northern California in the late 1880s.
Americana (1981) as Producer

Editing (feature film)

Americana (1981) as Editor

Music (feature film)

Sonny Boy (1990) as Theme Song
A small-town crook and his cross-dressing "wife" abuse their adopted son to make him the perfect criminal accomplice.
Maniac Cop (1988) as Song Performer ("Hello Heartbreaker")
A legendary NYPD officer, now dead, rises from the grave to terrorizes Manhattan.
Americana (1981) as Song ("Let Me Take You Around")
Americana (1981) as Music
Cloud Dancer (1980) as Song ("Man")
An aerobatic pilot who flies in competitons begins to have blackouts. After several near accidents, he faces a tough decision.

Cast (special)

Fast Life/Untimely Death: Playmate Claudia Jennings: The E! True Hollywood Story (2000) as Interviewee
Profile of actress and 1969 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Claudia Jennings. Jennings got her acting break in the winter of 1972 with her first starring role in the film "Unholy Rollers." She made several more movies that year, but was unable to break out of low-budget films. Then in 1974, Jennings t
Saturday Night Live: 25th Anniversary Primetime Special (1999)
A live broadcast of the 25th anniversary of "Saturday Night Live," featuring clips and highlights from previous seasons as well as appearances by former regulars and former guest hosts.
Masters of the Martial Arts Presented by Wesley Snipes (1998)
Special honoring the grand masters of the martial arts with guest stars from film and television, music performances, live demonstrations, competitions and tributes to Jackie Chan, Bennie "The Jet" Urquidez, Cynthia Rothrock, Billy Blanks, Ernie Reyes Sr., and Shaka Zulu.
Too Hot to Skate (1997) as Mr Big
Figure-skating champions perform routines to their favorite contemporary songs at an outdoor rink on the Las Vegas Strip.
Don Johnson's Music Video Feature Heartbeat (1987)
Don Johnson stars in this hour-long feature-length music video which has a dramatic storyline, and features the music from his best-selling album "Heartbeat." Johnson stars as a filmmaker in Latin America who is knocked unconscious during a border skirmish. He relives key moments from his past, reca

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Sublet (1999) as Max Kaufman
Kiss of a Stranger (1997) as Sean O'Leary
Lost Treasure of Dos Santos (1997) as Martin Shaw
Future Zone (1990) as John Tucker
Future Force (1989) as John Tucker
North and South: Book II (1986) as Justin Lamotte
The two American families introduced in the miniseries "North and South" -- the Hazards of Pennsylvania and the Mains of South Carolina -- are swept into the ferocious conflict and turbulent passions of the Civil War in this six-part, twelve-hour miniseries. The story plunges the Mains, South Caroli
North and South (1985) as Justin Lamotte
A twelve-hour miniseries, adapted from John Jakes' best-selling novel, that depicts the turbulent historical background of conflict between the North and the South during the years 1842 to 1861. Orry Main, a young southern West Point cadet, establishes a life-long friendship with a fellow cadet, nor

Producer (TV Mini-Series)

Future Force (1989) as Associate Producer

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