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Also Known As: Died: November 9, 2003
Born: November 4, 1918 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Mount Vernon, New York, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Last Action Hero (1993) as Frank
A teenage boy''s unfulfilling life takes a strange turn when he gets sucked into an action film and teams up with its hero, Jack Slater.
Where Pigeons Go to Die (1990)
A story about the relationship between a 10-year-old boy and his grandfather as remembered by the lad as a grown man. Together "Da" and the boy train and race homing pigeons -- and through the spirit of one special bird, young Hugh comes to understand the value of home.
Night Friend (1988) as Monsignor O'Brien
Father Jack tries to help Lindsay, a 14-year-old prostitute, get off the streets.
Naked Face, The (1985) as Morgens
Dr. Judd Stevens is a mild-mannered Chicago psychiatrist. After one of his patients borrows a jacket from the doctor, the man is murdered. Then Stevens' secretary is killed. The police are at a loss to solve the crimes, but Lieutenant McGreavy is ready to pin the murders on Stevens. McGreavy's zeal
Blue Yonder, The (1985) as Henry Coogan
Disneyesque charmer about a modern day youngster, obsessed with aviation as his daredevil grandfather had been, and determined to go back in time with the old-timer next door, ex-partner of the boy's granddad, to stop the long ago flyer's daring attempt to be the first across the Atlantic during the
Izzy and Moe (1985) as Morris "Moe" Smith
Two ex-vaudevillians become federal Prohibition agents during the 1920s and utilize their wits and vaudeville talents to go after a bootlegger.
Firestarter (1984) as Irv Manders
A child has the amazing ability to start fires with just a glance.
The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984) as (Cameo Appearance)
Kermit and his friends try to get their musical produced on Broadway.
Emperor's New Clothes, The (1984) as Morty
The Emperor is more concerned with his elaborate and expensive wardrobe than with the needs of his kingdom and subjects. Con men convince the Emperor they can create for him a beautiful, stylish suit of expensive clothing that will be invisible to all except those who are worthy of seeing it. When t
Terrible Joe Moran (1984) as Tony
James Cagney made his TV-movie debut, and did his first television acting in 25 years, playing a wheelchair-bound former boxing champion whose long-estranged granddaughter, an aspiring writer, pops back into his life, at first searching for money to help her ne'er-do-well boyfriend get off the hook
Night They Saved Christmas, The (1984) as Santa Claus
This whimsical tale, Emmy-nominated as Outstanding Children's Program, finds Santa Claus and his toy factory (an imaginative world created by Inovision in a gaily-wrapped gift box) saved from destruction by a trio of wide-eyed children and their initially disbelieving mom after their oil wildcatter
Doctor's Story, A (1984) as Harry Wickes
An idealistic young resident physician, obsessed with the plight of his geriatric patients, risks not only his career but his marriage to champion his cause. This pilot to a prospective series starring Howard E. Rollins, Jr., has him fighting to prove that an elderly man (Art Carney) is not senile,
Better Late Than Never (1983) as Charley Dunbar
Take This Job And Shove It (1981) as Charlie Pickett
Frank Maclin is given a project by his corporate bosses to revitalize the run-down brewery that they recently acquired in his hometown. Frank has become a success with the company and is not eager to move back to the town in Iowa he left ten years before, so he wants to make the changes quickly and leave. But things are complicated when his orders to increase productivity mean betraying the workers, and he doesn't have the heart to do it.
Bitter Harvest (1981) as Walter Peary
The real-life story of a young farmer's efforts to find out what's killing his dairy herd and afflicting his infant son are hampered by the foot-dragging of state agriculture officials. Emmy Award nominations went to director Roger Young, writer Richard Friedenberg, photographer Gayne Rescher and ed
St. Helens (1981)
Mt. St. Helen, an active volcano in Washinton State erupted in May of 1980 and this film with fantastic footage of the eruption is based on the story of a real-life man,Harry truman, (Art Carney) who would not leave his home when Mt. St. Helen finally erupted.
Roadie (1980) as Corpus C Redfish
Travis is a Texas truck driver who falls for rock groupie and roadie Lola Bouilabase whose main ambition is to sleep with rocker Alice Cooper. When Lola hears that Cooper''s band is on tour, she tries to catch up with them and Travis follows her. On the road, the two of them meet several touring pop stars and Travis becomes a roadie himself, soon known as the "greatest roadie of all time." But Travis is faced with leaving this new success because he needs to go back to Texas for his sister''s wedding.
Fighting Back (1980) as Art Rooney
A dramatization of the story of Pittsburgh Steelers football star, Rocky Bleier, and his comeback from serious injuries during the Vietnam War, thanks to Art Rooney, the team's benevolent owner.
Defiance (1980) as Abe
Tommy moves into temporary housing in a New York neighborhood that is terrorized by a gang called the Souls. While waiting for his next assignment at sea, Tommy tries keep to himself, but eventually he's forced to engage with his neighbors and the gang. By standing up to the gang, he manages to chan
Steel (1980) as Pignose Moran
Mike Catton was a construction site foreman, but he developed a phobia of heights after a serious accident. When a friend of his is killed while rushing to finish a skyscraper before a bank's foreclosure, Mike starts working for the man's daughter, forming a team of top notch men to finish the bulid
Letters From Frank (1979) as Frank Miller
Art Carney is a newspaper executive who is frustrated at being put out to pasture after 35 years in favor of a computer, but his wife's unbridled enthusiasm about their new house, the death of his older brother, and the problems of his divorced son, recently remarried, bring home to him an important
Going in Style (1979) as Al
Three elderly men decide to better their lot by robbing a bank.
Ravagers, The (1979) as Sergeant
In a dismal, post-apocalyptic world, a man is devastated after his wife is raped and murdered by a biker gang. He takes his revenge against one of them and leaves on the man''s motorcycle. When he comes across another survivor who has food and weapons, they team up with a young woman and the three begin traveling together. However, he finds that even with his new friends, he is still in danger from the bikers.
You Can't Take It With You (1979) as Grandpa Vanderhof
An adaptation for television of the Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman comedy about an eccentric "drop-out" known as Grandpa Vanderhof and his peculiar family members and friends who populate a roomy uptown Manhattan home.
Sunburn (1979) as Al Marcus
Movie Movie (1978) as Dr Blaine ("Dynamite Hands"); Dr Bowers ("Baxter'S Beauties Of 1933")
This parody of a typical 1930s double bill features two movies. The first is the black-and-white "Dynamite Fists" which tells the story of a boxer named Joey, his gruff but lovable manager, a gangster who tests Joey's loyalty to his manager, and the girl who is used as bait in the test. This is foll
House Calls (1978) as Dr Amos Willoughby
Charley is a surgeon who's recently lost his wife; he embarks on a tragicomic romantic quest with one woman after another until he meets up with Ann, a singular woman, closer to his own age, who immediately and unexpectedly captures his heart.
The Late Show (1977) as Ira Wells
An aging private eye hooks up with a Hollywood eccentric to investigate his partner''s murder.
Scott Joplin (1977) as John Stark
The life story of famed ragtime composer and pianist Scott Joplin is told. Born in the 19th century, racism had kept the brilliant African American in the lower echelons of show business, but when he introduced his composition "The Maple Leaf Rag" in a musical competition, he gained the attention of
Lanigan's Rabbi (1976) as Police Chief Paul Lanigan
A mystery-comedy about a rabbi and an Irish police chief who form an unlikely alliance to solve the homicide of a housekeeper whose body was found on the doorstep of the synagogue. This was the pilot film to the series that during the 1976-77 season with Art Carney and Bruce Solomon (taking over for
Won Ton Ton, The Dog Who Saved Hollywood (1976) as J J Fromberg
In 1924 Estie comes to Hollywood to become an actress, but the dog, that followed her becomes the star. But Hollywood has its own rules of sucess.
Death Scream (1975) as Mr Jacobs
An all-star suspense drama about a young woman whose murder was witnessed by fifteen of her neighbors who did nothing to help and refused to cooperate with the police. Based on an actual event, this was filmed under the title "Homicide" and in its repeat showing was called "The Woman Who Cried Murde
Katherine (1975) as Thornton Alman
The socialite-to-revolutionary evolution of a pampered young heiress whose concern leads her first to the Peace Corps and ultimately to a group of political terrorists bent on changing the system. Art Carney, as her father in this film paralleling the Patty Hearst case, received an Emmy nomination a
Harry and Tonto (1974) as Harry
When his apartment house is condemned, a retired man goes searching for his place in the world.
W. W. and the Dixie Dancekings (1974) as Deacon Gore
W.W. is a happy-go-lucky crook who makes his living robbing banks through the drive-up windows. The Dixie Dancekings are a country music band trying to get their first big break. W.W. crosses paths with the Dixie Dancekings when he hijacks their car (and them) to help him rob a bank. At first, the band resists. However, when they discover how much money they make, they begin helping out voluntarily in order to finance their big break. At the same time, W.W. takes a liking to them and uses his natural charm and smooth-talking ways to help them start down the road to stardom.
Snoop Sisters, The (1972) as Barney
An engaging comedy-mystery about a couple of eccentric mystery writers, a spinster and her widowed sister, who turn detective to hunt down the killer of a faded movie star (Paulette Goddard, who came out of retirement to play the role) with the help of their ex-con bodyguard/chauffeur, hired by thei
A Guide for the Married Man (1967) as
Robert Morse and Walter Mathau are friends. Though both are married, Mathau discovers Morris is fooling around. When asked about it, Morse passes on the oral history and guide to fooling around without your wife finding out. This is done by a series of vignettes with cameos from famous actors that illustrate the point Morse wants to make. Between pieces of advice, we follow Matheau as he begins to prepare for his big affair.
The Yellow Rolls-Royce (1965) as Joey Friedlander
A classic car changes the lives of three sets of owners.

Cast (special)

Honeymooners 50th Anniversary, The (2002) as Featuring
Various celebrities discuss The Honeymooners impact on pop culture amidst interviews, clips and unaired footage.
Michael Landon: Memories With Laughter and Love (1991)
A special focusing on the life and career of actor/director/producer Michael Landon.
Honeymooners Anniversary Special, The (1990)
A special commemorating the anniversary of the long-running comedy series "The Honeymooners." The program includes rare interview footage along with episode clips. Former cast members and writers of the series share their memories.
Comic Relief IV (1990)
The fourth annual "Comic Relief" fundraiser to help homeless Americans. The five-hour presentation is broadcast live from Radio City Music Hall in New York.
Jackie Gleason: The Great One (1988) as Host
A tribute to Jackie Gleason on the occasion of his death, featuring remembrances by fellow entertainers and rare clips, some of which have not been seen in 30 years.
Seasons Greeting From the Honeymooners (1985)
A syndicated special in which "The Honeymooners" celebrate the holidays with clips from episodes that originally aired on "The Jackie Gleason Show" in the 1950s.
Honeymooners Anniversary Celebration, The (1985) as Host
A celebration of one of America's best-loved sitcoms, "The Honeymooners," with clips from the "lost episodes (filmed live in the 1950's and available to stations as a syndicated package of 75 episodes).
Last Leaf, The (1984) as Mr Verlane
The story of a very sick girl who believes that when the last leaf of a dying vine is blown away by the winter wind, she will die. An aging artist risks his life to give the girl the hope she needs to live, by secretly painting the last leaf on the wall to which the vine clings. Based on the story b
Honeymooners Christmas Special, The (1978) as Ed Norton; Their Friend
The last of four extension episodes based on "The Honeymooners." The story finds Ralph attempting one of his famous get-rich-quick schemes: gambling his and Ed's life savings on lottery tickets in an attempt to win a million dollars.
Ringo (1978) as Ognir'S Father
A modern re-telling of "The Prince and the Pauper" wherein Ringo Starr plays himself, pop star and former Beatle, and his double, the indistinguished Ognir Rats, an average guy who has absolutely nothing to do with the music business.
Honeymooners Valentine Special, The (1978) as Ed Norton; Their Friend
In the third extension episode based on "The Honeymooners," Ralph believes Alice is having an affair with another man and is planning to kill him when he overhears a conversation and, as usual, jumps to the wrong conclusion. With the help of Ed Norton, Ralph goes "undercover" and learns the awful tr
CBS: On the Air (1978) as Co-Host
The Columbia Broadcasting System celebrates its first fifty years of radio and television broadcasting.
Honeymooners Christmas, The (1977) as Ed Norton; Their Friend
The second extension episode based on "The Honeymooners." In the second episode, Ralph attempts to direct a stage play of "A Christmas Carol" for his fraternity, the Raccoon Lodge.
Lola (1976)
A music and comedy special featuring performer Lola Fulana and friends.
Christmas in Disneyland (1976) as Gramps/Dr Wunderbar
The story of a Scrooge-like character who finds the meaning of Christmas at Disneyland.
Lucille Ball Special: What Now, Catherine Curtis?, A (1976) as Walter
A trilogy of plays that relate the comic experiences of Catherine Curtis, newly-divorced after twenty years of marriage, as she attempts to begin a new life for herself.
Honeymooners Second Honeymoon, The (1976) as Ed Norton; Their Friend
The first of four extension episodes based on "The Honeymooners." The first story reunites the Kramdens and Nortons to celebrate Ralph and Alice's 25th wedding anniversary.
Happy Endings (1975) as Al (Segment 3)
Four comical views of contemporary American life.
Happy Anniversary and Goodbye (1974) as Malcolm Michaels
The comic adventures of marrieds Norma and Malcolm Michaels.
Jackie Gleason Special, The (1973) as Ed Norton
Gleason's first special after a three-year absence from television features a variety of skits, including a "Honeymooners" episode in which Alice leaves Ralph and moves in with Trixie, leaving Ralph and Norton to fend for themselves.
Perry Como Winter Show, The (1972)
An hour of music and song with Perry Como.
Perry Como Winter Show, The (1971)
An hour of popular songs celebrating wintertime, hosted by Perry Como.
Connie Francis Show, The (1961) as Guest
A charming hour of music, song, and comedy with singer Connie Francis in her first TV special.
Jane Powell Show, The (1961) as Guest
A lively hour of music, song, and dance.
Best of Anything, The (1960) as Host
A series of satirical comedy sketches, broadcast live, that spoof awards shows and ceremonies.
Victory (1960) as Axel Heyst
The story of recluse Axel Heyst, who comes to realize he cannot hide from life when he comes to the aid of Alma, a stranded entertainer being pursued by two evil men.
Man in the Dog Suit, The (1960) as Oliver Walling
The story of Oliver Walling, a milquetoast man who is constantly being degraded--until he rents a dog suit for a costume party and finds he can face the world while wearing it.
Right Man, The (1960) as Franklin Delano Roosevelt
An hour-long review of presidential campaigns and the gimmicks used to attract voters.
Full Moon Over Brooklyn (1960) as Milton Barker
The story relates incidents in the life of railroad worker Milton Barker as he crosses New York harbor each night aboard the floats that connect two freight lines.
Three in One (1960) as Sammy (Story 1); Nat (Story 2); George Pepper (Story 3)
The overall title for three one-act plays featuring Art Carney. "A Pound on Demand," tells of an inebriated workman who attempts to get money from his post office account; "Where the Cross Is Made," relates a man's efforts to get his father, a sea captain, committed to a mental institution; and "Re
Call Me Back (1960) as Tom O'Neill
A one-character drama that focuses on Tom O'Neill, a man who has lost his family (through divorce), his job, and his friends (who shun him). Engulfed by loneliness, he sits by the telephone with a bottle of liquor, trying desperately to make contact with the world he once knew.
Art Carney Meets the Sorcerer's Apprentice (1959) as Cicero
The story of Cicero, a magician whose sorcery backfires. With the exception of Cicero, all characters are enacted by the Bil and Cora Baird Puppets.
Art Carney Meets Peter and the Wolf (1959) as Art Carney
A slightly revised version of "Peter and the Wolf" wherein a young boy, lost in the woods, meets a wolf who, with the sympathetic help of Art Carney, tries to prove he is not as bad as people make him out to be. Enacted by the Bil and Cora Baird Puppets.
Harvey (1958) as Elwood P Dowd
The misadventures that befall Elwood P. Dowd, an aging bachelor and dedicated drinker whose problems stem from his friend and companion, Harvey, an invisible six-foot-tall white rabbit. Based on the Broadway play by Mary Chase.
Panama Hattie (1954) as Woozy
While in Panama, Hattie Maloney, a member of the singing and dancing "Canal Zone Girls," meets and falls in love with Nick Bullett, the scion of a wealthy Philadelphia family. The story revolves around Hattie's efforts to impress the eligible Mr. Bullett despite the differences their social position

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Miracle of the Heart: A Boys Town Story (1986) as Father Michael T O'Halloran
Undergrads, The (1985) as Mel Adler
Alcatraz: The Whole Shocking Story (1980) as Robert Stroud
Clarence Carnes, an Indian from Oklahoma who as a teenager was the youngest convict ever incarcerated at Alcatraz following a gas station holdup/murder, is the central figure in this fictionalized, glorified B-movie account by screenwriter Ernest Tidyman of how Carnes spent decades hatching various

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Leprechaun's Christmas Gold, The (1981) as Voice Of Barney Kilakarney
An animated tale that explores the legend of how the leprechauns brought the Christmas gold to Ireland.
Leprechaun's Christmas Gold, The (1981) as Narration
An animated tale that explores the legend of how the leprechauns brought the Christmas gold to Ireland.

Cast (short)

The Car That Became a Star (1964)
This short documentary follows the story of the antique Rolls that appeared in the title role of MGM''''s "The Yellow Rolls Royce" (1964).

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