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Mark Carliner


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Writer (feature film)

Disaster at Silo 7 (1988) as Screenwriter
An Air Force technician races against time to prevent a devastating explosion at a U.S. missile site.
President's Plane Is Missing, The (1973) as Screenwriter
A political thriller based on the 1967 novel by Robert J. Serling (Rod's brother) about an incompetent vice president who is left in control of the government when Air Force One mysteriously disappears with the President aboard.<P>Although filmed in 1971, it was held up for two and a half years foll

Producer (feature film)

Diary of Ellen Rimbauer, The (2003) as Executive Producer
Set in 1907, this prequel to the Stephen King thriller "Rose Red" is based on the diary of the character Ellen Rimbauer, who writes of the mysterious house she and her husband inhabit that was built on an ancient burial ground and shows evidence of being haunted.
Stalin (1992) as Producer
A biopic about Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.
Disaster at Silo 7 (1988) as Executive Producer
An Air Force technician races against time to prevent a devastating explosion at a U.S. missile site.
Scandal in a Small Town (1988) as Producer
A small-town cocktail waitress with a dubious reputation has her fragile relationship with her teenage daughter severely tested when she takes on a local school board to have an anti-Semitic history teacher fired.
Crossroads (1986) as Producer
Heaven Help Us (1985) as Producer
A look at life in a Catholic high school in Brooklyn during the mid-sixties.
Phoenix, The (1981) as Executive Producer
A god-like being, discovered in an ancient sarcophagus in the plains of South America, is brought back to life and must learn to cope with today's society while using his extraordinary powers to combat evil. This variation on the "Superman" theme served as the pilot to the short-lived series (1981-8
Rendezvous Hotel (1979) as Producer
"Love Boat" transposed to a posh resort hotel best describes this prospective pilot to a comedy series that ultimately never saw the light of night. The hotel, run by a madcap family headed by Bill Daily (long one of the second bananas on "The Bob Newhart Show") and Jeff J. Redford as his somewhat s
Flying High (1978) as Producer
The pilot movie for the subsequent series dealing with the adventures of three airline stewardesses, fast friends after surviving their training.
Nowhere to Hide (1977) as Executive Producer
Lee Van Cleef's TV-movie debut was in this pilot for a prospective series called "Scanlon," the name of a street-wise U.S. marshal assigned here to protect a former syndicate hit man who is testifying against his ex-boss.
Billy: Portrait of a Street Kid (1977) as Producer
A drama about a ghetto youth's efforts to escape from his dismal existence and his chance at a future as a veterinarian's assistant.
Nightmare (1974) as Producer
A thriller involving a murder witness who, unable to convince police that the killer is in the apartment across the courtyard from his, realizes that he is the sniper's next target.
President's Plane Is Missing, The (1973) as Producer
A political thriller based on the 1967 novel by Robert J. Serling (Rod's brother) about an incompetent vice president who is left in control of the government when Air Force One mysteriously disappears with the President aboard.<P>Although filmed in 1971, it was held up for two and a half years foll
Coffee, Tea Or Me? (1973) as Producer
A romantic comedy which takes Alec Guinness' "The Captain's Paradise" and changes the gender, with an airline stewardess juggling a crammed romantic life that includes one husband in Los Angeles and another in London.
Guess Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed (1973) as Producer
A romantic comedy about a divorcee who wakes up one morning to find her penniless ex-husband, his new wife, their eight-week-old baby and their lion-chasing dog camped on her doorstep looking for a place to call home for a while.
Strangers in 7A, The (1972) as Producer
A building superintendent and his wife are held hostage in their apartment by a sadistic would-be bank robber and his spaced-out accomplices.
Revenge (1971) as Producer
A deranged mother takes revenge on the man she thinks seduced her daughter by caging him in her basement while his wife uses ESP in a frantic search to find him.
Death of Innocence, A (1971) as Producer
Courtroom drama of the ordeal of a small-town mother who comes to Manhattan from Idaho to attend her daughter's murder trial, bewildered by the pace of big city life but steadfastly standing beside the girl despite the evidence against her. Kim Stanley originally was to have played the mother of th
Viva Max! (1969) as Producer
When his girlfriend tells him that his men wouldn't follow him to a house of ill repute, Max, a general in the Mexican army decides to perform some great act of heroism. He takes his men over the border into Texas and re-captures the Alamo. This upsets the Texans greatly. The Texas National Guard is sent to retake the mission. Normally this would be easy as Max's men have left all of their ammunition back in Mexico, but the State department insists that no one be killed and so the National Guard also goes in with unloaded weapons.

Producer (special)

Wilder and Wilder (1978) as Executive Producer
The comic adventures of marrieds Steffi and Sam Wilder, a television writing team who see each other at work, see each other at home, and sometimes wonder if they just don't see too damn much of each other all the way around.
Mixed Nuts (1977) as Executive Producer
The comic adventures of a group of patients assigned to the Rosewood State Psychiatric Center. The pilot episode relates the group's misadventures when they go on a field trip to a swinging singles nightclub.
African Queen, The (1977) as Executive Producer
The story, set in Africa during World War I, follows the adventures of Charlie Allnot, the scruffy, unpolished owner and captain of the African Queen, a decrepit but serviceable boat that traverses the Ulanga River between Limbasi and Mbora. In the pilot episode, Allnot attempts to thwart German at
Local 306 (1976) as Executive Producer
The misadventures of Harvey Gordon, the newly appointed chief steward of Plumber's Local 306. In the pilot episode, Harvey seeks a way to overcome his fear of flying in order to to attend a distant union meeting.
Maureen (1976) as Executive Producer
The story of Maureen Langaree, a middle-aged department store lingerie saleswoman. In the pilot episode, Maureen, who has always lived her life to help others, seeks to change her boring, monotonous routine by taking a trip to the Virgin Islands, over the objections of her mother, her boss, and her
Over and Out (1976) as Producer
The story follows the antics of five female communications officers stranded on an all-male Army base in the South Pacific during World War II.

Producer (TV Mini-Series)

Stephen King's Rose Red (2002) as Executive Producer
Dr. Joyce Reardon, an obsessed psychology professor, commissions a team of psychics and a gifted 15-year-old autistic girl, Annie Wheaton, to literally wake up a supposedly dormant haunted mansion: Rose Red, built in 1907 by Seattle oil magnate John P. Rimbauer. Their efforts unleash a myriad of spi
Stephen King's Storm of the Century (1999) as Executive Producer
Three-part miniseries written by Stephen King. The inhabitants of Little Tall Island, a sleepy town on a small island in Maine, find themselves cut off from civilization during the worst snow storm of the century. They find terror knocking on their door when an evil stranger comes to town. As street
George Wallace (1997) as Executive Producer
Following Alabama governor George Wallace through segregation, presidential elections, an assassination attempt, and personal trauma.
Stephen King's The Shining (1997) as Producer
Three-part miniseries based on Stephen King's 1977 novel about the Overlook, an old hotel and the chamber of horrors it provides for its winter caretakers and their son who possesses the power of "the shining," the ability to see the nightmarish secrets of the hotel's past and look ahead to the terr

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