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Richard Carle

Richard Carle



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Also Known As: Died: June 28, 1941
Born: July 7, 1871 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Somerville, Massachusetts, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Las Vegas Nights--"The Last Frontier Town" (1941) as Judge Elkins
A vaudeville act tries to turn a broken-down house into a posh nightclub.
A Dangerous Game (1941) as [Aunt] Agatha [also known as "Moose-Face" Hogan]
New Wine (1941) as Hasslinger
Moonlight in Hawaii (1941) as [J. B.] Lawton
Million Dollar Baby (1941) as George
A young innocent's surprise inheritance causes problems with her poor but proud boyfriend.
Buy Me That Town (1941) as Judge Paradise
With the gang business washed up, Ricky Dean (Lloyd Nolan), suave first lieutenant to racketeer Chink Moran (Sheldon Leonard), and Louie Lanzer (Albert Dekker), a has-been fighter with itchy fingers, decide to take a peaceful vacation in the country. They are followed by three hard-boiled characters, Fingers (Horace MacMahon), Ziggy (Edward Brophy) and Crusher (Warren Hymer). Ricky, thinking they are to be rubbed out for deserting Chink, who has been drafted into the Army, stops his car and confronts them. But they merely want to ask Ricky to be their new boss. He declines but promises to call them sometime if the need arises. They are speeding through a Connecticut village and are stopped by yokel Constable Sam Smedley (Olin Howlin as Olin Howland). Judge Paradise (Richard Carle), with his daughter Virginia (Constance Moore) as court clerk, fines them $5.00 each, plus $37 costs - or 30 days in jail. They, while waiting to hear from Jimmy's lawyer, are taken to the cells and are amazed to find the tumbledown jail wide open, with prisoners walking in and out. The door won't lock. The judge explains to Jimmy that Middle Village is unincorporated and broke, its sole income being traffic fines. The town's bonds, for everything from the houses to the village pump, are owned in New York. He also adds that anyone in jail in an unincorporated village is safe from the outside law - Federal,State and City. Ricky, fine paid, hustles back to New York and buys the town bonds for $40,000. Back in Middle Village, Ricky starts the ball rolling;he retains Judge Paradise, sends for Fingers, Ziggy and Crusher, and renovates the jail into a luxurious club. His lawyer then starts a stream of "customers on the lam" who pay $1000 a week for the comfort and protection of the Middle Village Jail. New fire chief Crusher, police chief Ziggy and the others board with Henrietta (Barbara Jo Allen), a maiden lady with aspirations of becoming a gun moll. She also startles them with her collection of wanted posters, their pictures among them. Louie and Henrietta fall for each other. Virginia, in love with Ricky, tries to talk him into doing big things for the town, such as reopening its one-and-only factory. Ricky agrees when the Army offers a defense contract for shell casings. Meanwhile, Chink has gotten out of the Army and buys Louie's half interest in Middle Village. He tells the "boys" they are suckers for letting Ricky spend the jail "take" on civic improvements and he plans to wreck the factory deal.
The Devil and Miss Jones (1941) as Oliver
A department store owner goes undercover as an employee to thwart union activists.
My Life with Caroline (1941) as Reverend Dr. Curtis
A man thinks his high-spirited wife is cheating on him.
That Uncertain Feeling (1941) as The butler
A happily married woman sees a psychoanalyst and develops doubts about her husband.
Parole Fixer (1940) as Gustav Kalkus
The Great McGinty (1940) as Dr. Jarvis
A hobo rises to town mayor when he hooks up with a crooked political boss.
The Ghost Comes Home (1940) as John ["Fishface"] Reed Thomas
A man who''''s presumed dead returns to his family.
Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me (1940) as C. J. Woodbury
Those Were the Days! (1940) as Old man
The Golden Fleecing (1940) as Pattington
A mild-mannered insurance salesman gets mixed up with gangsters.
Comin' Round the Mountain (1940) as Lester Smoot
One Night in the Tropics (1940) as Mr. Moore
Lillian Russell (1940) as Bradley
Life story of the musical star from her discovery in 1890 by bandleader Tony Pastor till her retirement in 1912 when she married newspaperman Alexander Moore.
Seven Sinners (1940) as District Officer
A South Seas temptress sets her sights on a U.S. Navy officer.
Persons in Hiding (1939) as Zeke Bronson
Undercover Doctor (1939) as Elmer Porter [alias of Evans]
Ninotchka (1939) as Gaston
A coldhearted Soviet agent is warmed up by a trip to Paris and a night of love.
Maisie (1939) as Roger Bannerman
A Brooklyn showgirl tries to clear a ranch foreman of murder charges.
Remember? (1939) as Mr. Piper
A bickering couple takes an amnesia potion so they can re-discover each other.
It's a Wonderful World (1939) as Major Willoughby
A runaway poetess helps a fugitive prove himself innocent of murder charges.
Life Returns (1938) as Mr. Arnold
Married Before Breakfast (1937) as The colonel
A madcap inventor tries to market a razor-less shaving cream.
Champagne Waltz (1937) as Postman
Rhythm in the Clouds (1937) as J. C. Boswell
She Asked for It (1937) as Ted Hoyt
45 Fathers (1937) as Bunny Carothers
Love in a Bungalow (1937) as Mr. [Artemis] Bisbee
I'll Take Romance (1937) as Rudi
An opera manager tries to woo a soprano back to his company.
The Man in Blue (1937) as Willie Loomis
She's Dangerous (1937) as Regley
It's All Yours (1937) as Judge Reynolds
True Confession (1937) as Judge
A compulsive liar, married to a scrupulously honest lawyer, confesses to a murder she didn''''t commit to help further his career.
Outcast (1937) as Mooney
Racketeers in Exile (1937) as Porky Regan [Langdon]
Merry-Go-Round of 1938 (1937) as Colonel J. Addison Frooks
Top of the Town (1937) as Edwin Borden
Small Town Girl (1936) as J. P.
After marrying a drunken playboy, a young girl tries to capture his heart while he's sober.
San Francisco (1936) as Singer in "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"
A beautiful singer and a battling priest try to reform a Barbary Coast saloon owner in the days before the big earthquake.
The Man I Marry (1936) as Storekeeper
The Lion Man (1936) as
A British financier is among those murdered by a treacherous shiek. The man's son, who survived the massacre, is raised in the desert and becomes known as "El Lion." When he becomes an adult, he begins to search for the man who murdered his father.
Easy to Take (1936) as Mr. Olney
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1936) as Ezra Tolliver
The Little Red Schoolhouse (1936) as The professor
Three of a Kind (1936) as F. Thorndyke Penfield
The Bride Comes Home (1936) as Frank [the butler]
Love Before Breakfast (1936) as Brinkerhoff
A Park Avenue beauty plays two suitors against each other.
Spendthrift (1936) as Popsy
Let's Sing Again (1936) as Carter
Anything Goes (1936) as Bishop Dobson
A young man falls in love with a beautiful blonde. When he sees her being forced onto a luxury liner, he decides to follow and rescue her. However, he discovers that she is an English heiress who ran away from home and is now being returned to England. He also discovers that his boss is on the ship. To avoid discovery, he disguises himself as the gangster accomplice of a minister, who is actually a gangster on the run from the law.
The Texas Rangers (1936) as Casper Johnson
The Arizona Raiders (1936) as [Sheriff] Boswell Abernathy
After saving himself from hanging, Laramie Nelson saves Tracks Williams from the same fate. They then travel to Linsay's ranch where they get jobs. There they run into Adams who they learn is planning to rustle Lindsay's horses.
Drift Fence (1936) as Sheriff Bingham
Tenderfoot Trask gets rodeo champ Travis to take his place as the new owner of a ranch having trouble with rustlers. To stop the rustling Travis and his men build a drift fence. Out to stop them is Clay Jackson and his men led by Slinger Dunn.
Arizona Mahoney (1936) as Sheriff
When Sue Bixby becomes his new boss, stagecoach robber Talbot reforms and goes after her rustled cattle. When he and his men are outnumbered fighting Lloyd's gang, Randall rides to get circus man Mahoney and his man shooting cannon.
The Case Against Mrs. Ames (1936) as Uncle Gordon
One Rainy Afternoon (1936) as Minister of Justice
Actor Philippe Martin and his married date Yvonne plan to neck in a darkened cinema, but he gets the wrong seat and mistakenly kisses lovely Monique, a publisher's daughter. An absurd scandal results; to protect Yvonne, Philippe insists that he was simply overcome by Monique's beauty. This naturally intrigues Monique...but her nominal fiancée feels differently. French bureaucracy is broadly satirized.
College Holiday (1936) as Judge Bent
A group of men are invited to spend the summer with a lady hotelier interested in eugenics.
Here Comes Cookie (1935) as Sam
Baby Face Harrington (1935) as Judge Forbes
A milquetoast has to fight off cops and gangsters when he''''s mistaken for a criminal.
Night Life of the Gods (1935) as Grandpa Lambert
A scientist named Hunter Hawk invents a device that can turn flesh to stone. While celebrating his discovery he becomes involved with a half naked leprechaun. On a trip to New York, Hunter and Meg (the leprechaun) decide to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and turn all of the Statues of Greek Gods into people. What follows in a drunken romp around New York with Medusa's severed head still in Perseus' hand.
Nevada (1935) as Judge [John] Franklidge
The Gay Deception (1935) as Mr. Spitzer
Mirabel wins a $5,000 lottery which will enable her to live like a queen in New York. There she meets Sandro, a bellboy who is really a prince, so she does get to be a queen after all.
Dangerous (1935) as Pitt Hanley
A young fan tries to rehabilitate an alcoholic actress he''s fallen in love with.
Moonlight on the Prairie (1935) as Colonel Gowdy
An unemployed rodeo star takes on cattle rustlers.
Together We Live (1935) as Charlie
Love in Bloom (1935) as Sheriff
Sing and Like It (1934) as [Abercrombie Hancock] The critic
A gangster tries to turn his tone-deaf girlfriend into a singing star.
Bottoms Up (1934) as
Promoter Smoothe King helps a pair of phonies con their way into a movie company. As Wanda heads toward stardom, she turns more and more from King toward the matinee idol. King must decide between his plans and her happiness.
The Ghost Walks (1934) as Mr. [Herman] Wood
The Last Round-Up (1934) as Judge Savin
The Witching Hour (1934) as Lew Ellinger
Home on the Range (1934) as James Butts
Wake Up and Dream (1934) as Roger Babcock
Beloved (1934) as Judge B. T. Belden
Harold Teen (1934) as Parmalee
A young reporter saves a small-town bank from ruin.
Hollywood Party (1934) as Knapp
A movie star's gala celebration creates chaos.
Affairs of a Gentleman (1934) as Paul Bindar
The Old Fashioned Way (1934) as Sheriff from Barnesville
The manager of a travelling theatre cons an entire small town to keep his troupe afloat.
Such Women Are Dangerous (1934) as Delahanty
Caravan (1934) as Major-domo
The Merry Widow (1934) as Defense attorney
A prince from a small kingdom courts a wealthy widow to keep her money in the country.
Man Hunt (1933) as Sheriff
A teen detective tries to help a jewel thief's daughter.
Ladies Must Love (1933) as William Muller
Morning Glory (1933) as Henry Lawrence
A stage struck girl travels to New York determined to make it on Broadway.
Diplomaniacs (1933) as The Captain
An Indian tribe sends two nitwits to a conference in Geneva.
No Marriage Ties (1933) as Publisher
After drinking himself out of a job, a newspaperman turns himself into a tycoon.
Golden Harvest (1933) as Doc Hoyt
Private Jones (1933) as Lecturer
One Hour with You (1932) as Detective [Henri Pornier]
Both members of a married couple fight the temptation to stray.
The Night of June 13 (1932) as Otto
Elna Curry, once a concert pianist, develops an unfounded jealousy of neighbor, Trudie Morrow. Elna who suffers from neurasthenia, believes that Trudie is having an affair with her husband, John, and vows revenge on Trudie. John explains to Trudie Elna's condition and plan. Trudie, being good-hearted tells John that she'll move. One evening, John returns late from work to discover Elna dead. John burns Elna's suicide note to protect Trudie. This results in John being charged for murder and put on trial.
Fireman Save My Child (1932) as Dan Toby
A small-town ball player moves to the big leagues.
A Lady to Love (1930) as Postman
An Italian wine-maker woos a mail-order bride by sending her a picture of his handsome foreman.
The Grand Parade (1930) as Rand
The Unholy Three (1930) as Barker with Hercules and Tweedledee
A ventriloquist, a strong man and a midget form a criminal alliance.
It Can Be Done (1929) as Watson
Brothers (1929) as Thomas Blackwood
His Glorious Night (1929) as Count Albert
Madame X (1929) as Perissard
Infidelity and an accidental death force a society wife to leave her infant son.
While the City Sleeps (1928) as Wally
Myrtle enjoys rubbing shoulders with gangsters like Skeeter. When she learns too much about Skeeter's set-up, Myrtle is put on the spot by the mob. Police officer Dan puts Myrtle in "protective custody" in his own apartment.
The Fleet's In (1928) as Judge Hartley
The Understanding Heart (1927) as Sheriff Bentley
Minca Dale is a fire lookout in love with Forest Ranger Tony Garland. Escaped killer Bob Mason hides out in Monica's observatory and falls in love with her. A fire encircles them and is put out by rain. Bob finally gives her up to Tony and is cleared of his earlier crime.
Soft Cushions (1927) as The Slave Dealer
Eve's Leaves (1926) as Thomas Britton
Zander The Great (1925) as Mr. Pepper
Mamie (Marion Davies), an orphan girl who was abused in the orphanage, is taken in by Mrs. Caldwell (Hedda Hopper), a kindly woman with a young son named Alexander (John Huff). Mamie hits it off with the lad, and nicknames him "Zander". When Mrs. Caldwell dies, the authorities decree that the boy must be placed in the same orphanage where Mamie was mistreated. Horrified, Mamie determines to see to it that the boy will be spared the same treatment that she had to suffer.
The Coming of Amos (1925) as David Fontenay
An Australian sheep rancher fulfills his promise to his dying mother by visiting his uncle on the French Riviera. There he meets and falls in love with a Russian princess who was forced into a bad marriage to save her family from the Communists.
Mary's Lamb (1915) as Leander Lamb

Writer (feature film)

Mary's Lamb (1915) as Scen

Music (feature film)

Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me (1940) as Composer

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