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John Capodice

John Capodice


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Cast (feature film)

Last Call (2012)
Chronically underachieving cousins Danny and Phil O'Donnell are forced to run the family pub in order to save their crazy Uncle Pete from jail and financial ruin.
Dark Room Theater (2009)
Ordinary people find themselves in extraordinary, usually supernatural, situations.
Streetsweeper, The (2003)
Enzo Morelli is a former opera singer who gave up a promising career on the stage to support his family. To honor a promise to his dying wife, he sold his house and car, cashed in his pension and now lives in the slum area which he sweeps in order to pay for his son's tuition at Harvard. The son, th
Double Bang (2001) as Franki Carbonano
A cop whose corrupt partner has been killed by a hit man gets involved in mob business with revenge on his mind. Seeking retribution and trying to protect a female witness, Brennan goes straight to the top to try to bring down the young mob boss responsible for his partner's death, while at the same
Chain of Command (2000) as Ellis
A Secret Service agent's duty is to protect the U.S. president's briefcase, which contains the power to launch a nuclear attack. When the President and his team are taken hostage during a meeting with Taiwan's President, the fed risks everything to prevent all-out nuclear war.
Price of Glory (2000) as Priest
A drama that demonstrates the quest for excellence through one father's journey to raise his family and train gifted sons to become championship boxers. The father, Arturo Ortega, was an aspiring world champion boxer when his rising career was unexpectedly cut short. Years later, this determined fat
Wake in Providence, A (1999) as Uncle Sal
Anthony Gelati, a struggling young actor living in Venice, California, has finally landed his first major role in a movie. He races home to share the news with his live-in girlfriend Alissa who reminds him that he promised to introduce her to his family back East when he was cast in a big movie. Ant
Simon Says (1998)
Banished from both Broadway and Hollywood for always choking in front of an audience, delusional acting teacher Joe Simon makes his last stand in Coney Island, New York.
True Friends (1998) as Big Tony
The story of three lifelong Italian-American friends in the Bronx who, as adults, try to raise $30,000 in order to take over a neighborhood bar.
Enemy of the State (1998) as Older Worker No 1
An attorney is entangled in a web of national politics when a reporter friend accidentally records the murder of a senator. Unaware that he is in possession of the reporter's video, the attorney becomes the target of a National Security Agency investigation which nearly succeeds in destroying his pe
Ringmaster (1998) as Mel Riley
A fictional and comedic look into the behind-the-scenes of a highly controversial talk show which explores the human drama of the guests of a particular episode as they grapple with their complicated lives and foibles. Incest, adultery and love triangles may be taboo to some; but its all in a day's
Executive Power (1997) as Detective Penn
When a former presidential aide dies, the ensuing murder investigation leads to the White House.
Independence Day (1996) as Mario
It is an ordinary summer day. But then, without warning, something very extraordinary happens. Enormous shadows fall across the land. Strange atmospheric phenomena, ominous and mesmerizing, surface around the globe. All eyes turn upward. The question of whether we''re alone in the universe has finally been answered. And, in a matter of minutes, the lives of every person across the globe are forever changed. With the fate of our planet at stake, the Fourth of July is about to take on an entirely new meaning. No longer will it be an American holiday. It will be known as the day the entire world fought back. The day we did not go gentle into the good night... The day all of us on planet Earth celebrated our independence day.
Wedding Bell Blues (1996) as Jasmine'S Father
Three women who are in a state of confusion over the idea of marriage - one is breaking up, another is pregnant, a third doesn't believe in it - travel to Las Vegas in search of possible husbands.
To Love, Honor and Deceive (1996) as Sammy Calhoun
Until her husband and son disappear, a woman thinks she has the perfect life. As she uses all of her skills to locate her son, she discovers that her "ideal" husband isn't who he appeared to be -- he has faked his own death and has dangerous gangster connections.
Phantom, The (1996) as Al--The Cabby
Deep in the jungled island of Bengalla lies four centuries-old secrets the outer world only suspects exist. The Skulls of Touganda--one of gold, another of silver, and the third of rare green jade--are ancient relics of incalculable value, and extraordinary power. According to legend, they harbor an
Scout, The (1994) as Caruso
A down-and-out professional baseball scout has a chance to make it back to the top with his latest discovery, a raw, young pitching talent.
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) as Aguado
Ace Ventura is an unconventional detective who specializes in locating lost pets. When he''s hired to find the Miami Dolphins football team''s missing mascot, a dolphin named Snowflake, Ace finds himself hot on the trail of kidnappers who have also abducted the team''s star quarterback.
Low Down Dirty Shame, A (1994) as Mob Boss
A down on his luck private eye is hired to track down $20 million in missing drug money.
Speed (1994) as Bob
Jack Traven, an L.A.P.D. SWAT team specialist, is sent to defuse a bomb that a revenge-driven extortionist has planted on a moving bus. But until he does, Jack and one of the passengers must keep the bus speeding through the streets of Los Angeles at more than 50 miles per hour or the bomb will expl
Trial by Jury (1994) as Limpy Demarco
A young, single mother's strength and idealistic convictions are put to the test when she's selected to serve as a juror--and terrifyingly manipulated--in the trial of a notorious New York mob boss.
Point Of No Return (1993) as Detective
A punk female murderer is transformed into a bourgeois assassin by an underground government agency.
Cooperstown (1993) as Morelli
A failed baseball player re-evaluates his past with the help of a rival''s ghost.
Percy and Thunder (1993) as Commissioner
A young black fighter and his veteran trainer are pitted against big-money boxing''s bureaucracy of influence and greed.
Percy and Thunder - Part 1 (1993)
Percy is a crafty, ornery fight trainer who could have been a contender. Thunder is the up-and-coming middleweight boxer he trains. Together they maintain their integrity and resist corruption, even when dealing with a slick, all-powerful Don King-like promoter.
Percy and Thunder - Part 2 (1993)
Percy is a crafty, ornery fight trainer who could have been a contender. Thunder is the up-and-coming middleweight boxer he trains. Together they maintain their integrity and resist corruption, even when dealing with a slick, all-powerful Don King-like promoter.
Heart Of Justice (1993) as Harte
While investigating a society murder, a reporter becomes a pawn for the manipulative woman who precipitated the crime.
Water Engine, The (1992) as Kegan
A television movie set during the Depression, about a genius inventor who revolutionizes manufacturing technology only to discover the dark side of American big business bent on preserving the status quo.
Honeymoon In Vegas (1992) as Sally Molars
A New York detective/mama's boy loses his fiancee to a rich con man in Las Vegas.
Fever (1991) as Teller
An ex-con teams with a lawyer to save the woman they both love when she is kidnapped by vengeful killers.
Doors, The (1991) as Jerry
A look at the enduring 60s rock group The Doors, fronted by Jim Morrison.
Hard Way, The (1991) as Grainy
An actor famous for his shallow action roles has an upcoming audition for a serious part in a cop movie. To prepare, he arranges to trail a reluctant, tough-as-nails, rule-breaking detective, and winds up getting involved in a real search for the Manhattan serial killer known as The Party Crasher.
Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) as Fire Chief
Chaos results when a developer levels the building which housed a purveyor of Gremlins.
Jacob's Ladder (1990) as Army Officer
A Vietnam veteran suffers from the belated impact of government sanctioned LSD experiments.
Internal Affairs (1990) as Chief Healy
Dennis Peck, a Los Angeles cop, knows his way around the law. He can launder money, run a scam, and fix a bad rap. He can even, for the right price, arrange a murder. But Raymond Avila, an Internal Affairs investigator assigned to investigate Peck, is determined to bring him to justice. However, Peck isn''t going down without a fight. The slick, cold-blooded manipulator intends to take Avila''s career, his marriage, even his sanity with him
Q&A (1990) as Hank Mastroangelo
The story of a corrupt, but well respected, police veteran, and the young assistant district attorney who reproaches him.
See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989) as Scotto
A man is murdered outside a newsstand owned by a blind man and a deaf man who are the only witnesses.
Family Business (1989) as Tommy
A young business executive learns from his eccentric grandfather that he comes from a family of robber barons.
Blue Steel (1989) as Trial Commissioner
A policewoman becomes embroiled in a romance with a psychotic murderer.
Spike of Bensonhurst (1988) as Mafia Eater
A Brooklyn amateur boxer falls for the daughter of a Mafia boss.
Wall Street (1987) as Dominick
Secret Of My Success, The (1987) as Man In Krs Building
Fresh out of college, he''s determined to climb New York''s corporate ladder in record time by masquerading as an up-and-coming executive, even though he''s really the new mail boy.
Children Of Times Square, The (1986)
A teenage runaway, seeking excitement and a sense of belonging, becomes part of a highly organized band of young drug dealers, while his mother braves the dangers of the city to keep her son from being swallowed up forever.
Rockabye (1986) as Airport Security Guard
A young woman, striking out on her own after having left her husband in California, has her young son snatched from her moments after getting off the bus in New York City on her way to Vermont, and reluctantly accepts the help of a hard-nosed reporter in tracking him down after being given the runaround from the police. Outdoor scenes were shot on location in Manhattan; indoor ones were done in Toronto.
Private Sessions (1985) as George
A Manhattan psychotherapist gets uncharacteristically (and unprofessionally) involved with one of his patients -- a young woman with a compulsion for picking up total strangers for sex, in this pilot to a prospective series that would star Mike Farrell, as a divorced therapist with a teenaged daught
Q (1982) as Doyle
A tongue-in-cheek story of a flying Aztec god-beast who makes his home atop New York's Chrysler Building.

Cast (special)

Deadline (1991)
An episode of "Tales From the Crypt," the horror, anthology series for HBO. A washed-up reporter pledges to turn his life around after meeting a beautiful woman. His tabloid agrees to give him one more chance if he can bring in a juicy story -- a homicide -- in a couple of days.
Lookwell (1991)
A comedy pilot for an unsold NBC series. The former star of a TV crime drama who has become an acting teacher has trouble letting go of his past and gets involved in real-life police work.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Hoods (1998) as Sammy
Kiss of a Stranger (1997) as Detective Brown
Bloodlines: Murder in the Family (1993)
A miniseries based on a true-life murder case involving two brothers who confessed to having paid for the murder of their parents.
Internal Affairs (1988) as Tony Graselli
A miniseries about a skilled police detective in a case involving the strange, sadistic murder of a young prostitute who has been killed in exactly the same fashion as a young nightclub singer in Saigon during the Vietnam War. At the same time, the detective attempts to ferret out corruption in the

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Menendez: A Killing in Beverly Hills (1994) as Larry Garth
A miniseries about the 1989 murders of Carolco Entertainment chairman, Jose Menendez, and his wife, Kitty, who were killed by their sons, Lyle and Erik, in Beverly Hills, allegedly for a multimillion-dollar inheritance.

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