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Rory Calhoun

Rory Calhoun



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Also Known As: Died: April 28, 1999
Born: August 8, 1922 Cause of Death: complications from diabetes and emphysema
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Pure Country (1992) as Ernest Tucker
A contemporary country & western love story about a popular country singer who finds love and returns to a simpler life.
Bad Jim (1989) as Sam Harper
After discovering Billy the Kid's horse, a cowboy trades in his white hat for a black one.
Hell Comes To Frogtown (1988) as Looney Tunes
Ten years after World War III has left the world sterile, a soldier accepts a government mission to rescue imprisoned women and and impregnate them, in an attempt to re-populate the world.
Avenging Angel (1985) as Kit Carson
Angel (1984) as Kit Carson
Motel Hell (1980) as Vincent Smith
A brother and sister use their remote motel to turn tourists into sausage.
Main Event, The (1979) as Fighter In Kid'S Camp
A bankrupt perfume magnate uses a inept boxer to bring her back to riches.
Flatbed Annie & Sweetiepie: Lady Truckers (1979) as Farner
A pilot film about two young women who join forces to save an expensive trucking rig from the repossessor and keep it out of the clutches of hijackers.
Love and the Midnight Auto Supply (1978) as Len Thompson
Flight To Holocaust (1977) as Ed Davis--Engineer
Professional troubleshooters are called to a skyscraper where a private plane has crashed and is lodged in the side of the building on the twentieth floor.
Night of the Lepus (1972) as Cole Hillman
Husband-and-wife scientists unwittingly unleash a horde of giant man-eating rabbits.
Operation Cross Eagles (1969) as Sgt. Sean MacAfee
Dayton's Devils (1968) as Mike Page
Apache Uprising (1966) as Jim Walker
Calhoun must fight both outlaws and indians when his stagecoach, carrying a gold shipment, arrives at a relay station.
Operation Delilah (1966) as Rory
Black Spurs (1965) as Santee
Finger on the Trigger (1965) as Larry Winton
Young Fury (1965) as Clint McCoy
A group of young thugs rides into the town of Dawson and take it over. When the cowardly sheriff is unable to restore control, the parents of the leader must take action. The leader's father is an infamous ex-gunfighter, and he straps his guns on one more time. But will he be forced into a showdown with his own son?
The Young and the Brave (1963) as Sgt. Ed Brent
Three American POWs fight to escape from North Korea.
A Face in the Rain (1963) as Rand
The Gun Hawk (1963) as Blaine Madden
A former gunfighter, slowly dying from an infected bullet wound, tries to expire with some shred of dignity by challenging a young gunslinger to a final showdown.
Marco Polo (1962) as Marco Polo
Requiem for a Heavyweight (1962) as [Participation unconfirmed]
A washed-up prizefighter tries to free himself from his ruthless promoters to build a new life.
The Secret of Monte Cristo (1961) as Capt. Adam Corbett
A soldier sets out to find a lost treasure.
The Colossus of Rhodes (1961) as Dario
The Greek Army sets out to destroy the Colossus of Rhodes.
Thunder in Carolina (1960) as Mitch Cooper
Apache Territory (1958) as Logan Cates
A cowboy sets out to try to stop an Indian war.
The Saga of Hemp Brown (1958) as Hemp Brown
Ex-army sergeant Jed Givens and his gang rob an army payroll shipment led by Lt. Hemp Brown. Givens kills a civilian woman and all the soldiers, leaving Brown alive to face a military tribunal in which he is branded a coward, stripped of all insignia and drummed out of the army. Brown sets out to track down Givens in an effort to clear his name.
Ride Out for Revenge (1957) as Marshal Tate
An Indian war threatens when prospectors discover gold on a reservation.
The Big Caper (1957) as Frank Harper
A con artist moves into a small town to spearhead a payroll robbery.
Utah Blaine (1957) as Mike "Utah" Blaine
Domino Kid (1957) as Domino, also known as Cort Garand
Domino returns from the Civil War to find his ranch in ruins and his father murdered. Five men were responsible and four were identified. One by one Domino outdraws the four that were known, all being outlaws. There is only one left now. Domino does not know his identity but that man probably knows of Domino and his mission.
The Hired Gun (1957) as Gil Mccord
A bounty hunter tries to prove his beautiful quarry innocent of murder.
Raw Edge (1956) as Tex Kirby
In the lawless Oregon country of 1842, local magnate Gerald Montgomery decrees that any unattached woman belongs to the first taker. Dan Kirby is lynched, starting a stampede to claim his half-Indian wife Paca. Trouble starts with the local tribe, but worse is in store when Dan's tough brother Tex rides in. The zeal of Montgomery's men to protect him from Tex is tempered by their lust for Hannah, who'd be his widow.
The Spoilers (1956) as Alex McNamara
Flight to Hong Kong (1956) as Tony Dumont, also known as Anton Dumonnez
A syndicate boss betrays the mob in the name of love.
Red Sundown (1956) as Alec Longmire
When his life is saved in a shootout by a fellow gunman whose life he in turn had saved, Alex Longmire promises to give up his way of life. Riding into town he finds the only job available is deputy to sheriff Jade Murphy, an honest man caught between small farmers and a local cattle baron. And he has a pretty daughter. So Longmire decides to stay and see if he can use his expertise with firearms for good.
The Treasure of Pancho Villa (1955) as Tom Bryan
An American adventurer competes with the famed Mexican bandit to recover a lost gold shipment.
The Looters (1955) as Jesse Hill
Ain't Misbehavin' (1955) as Kenneth Post, III
Dawn at Socorro (1954) as Brett Wade
A gunfighter mends his ways to help save an innocent young girl.
A Bullet Is Waiting (1954) as Ed Stone
A plane crash strands a policeman and his prisoner in the wilderness.
River of No Return (1954) as Harry Weston
A frontier farmer takes off with his son and a saloon singer after the man who stole his rifle and his horse.
Four Guns to the Border (1954) as Cully
The Yellow Tomahawk (1954) as Adam [Reed]
A western guide tries to stop an Indian attack on settlers.
How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) as Eben Salem
Three models pool their resources to rent a posh penthouse in hopes of snaring rich husbands.
The Silver Whip (1953) as Sheriff Tom Davisson
A stagecoach driver takes the law into his own hands after he''s robbed.
Powder River (1953) as Chino Bull
Ex-marshal Chino Bull has hung up his guns until his prospecting partner is shot dead. Chino then takes over as the law in town, forming a friendship with gun-man Mitch Hardin and making enemies of the Logan brothers. When Hardin' girl from the east arrives, he makes her pretty unwelcome - as does his new flame, saloon owner Frenchie.
Way of a Gaucho (1952) as Martin Penalosa
With a Song in My Heart (1952) as John Burn
This film focuses on the rise of an aspiring songstress.
Meet Me After the Show (1951) as David Hemingway
The star of a Broadway show suspects her husband may be having an affair with the show''''s backer.
I'd Climb the Highest Mountain (1951) as Jack Stark
A Methodist minister and his wife are called to a small mountain community to help its residents.
A Ticket to Tomahawk (1950) as Dakota
In 1876 Dawson wants to prevent a train from getting to Tomahawk CO on time, to keep it from competing with his stage coach line. Kit, who must get the train to its goal, forces Johnny aboard as the needed passenger. Madame Adelaide's showgirls (including Marilyn as Clara) ride along and, en route to Tomahawk, join Johnny in "Oh, What a Forward Young Man You Are."
Rogue River (1950) as Ownie Rogers
The story of two step-brothers, raised by their father, the chief of police, in a small Oregon lumber town. One brother is hard-working, always within the law, the other a 'rogue.' When gold dust comes up missing from a crime scene, brother is pitted against brother and the father sides against one of the brothers.
Return of the Frontiersman (1950) as Larrabee
County Fair (1950) as Peter Brennan
Massacre River (1949) as Phil Acton
Guy Madison, Rory Calhoun, Carole Mathews, Cathy Downs, Johnny Sands, Steve Brodie, Art Baker, Iron Eyes Cody, Queenie Smith. Two army officers compete for the hand of the colonel''s daughter in this western romance which features a subplot involving a sneaky gambler and Indians on the warpath.
Sand (1949) as Chick Palmer
Jeff Keane's expensive showhorse escapes from a train and runs wild in the Colorado wilderness. Keane searches for the horse while the horse learns the ways of the wild.
Miraculous Journey (1948) as Larry Burke
Adventure Island (1947) as Mr. Herrick
Rory Calhoun, Paul Kelly and John Abbot are beachcombers/semi-derelicts on an unnamed but well-policed tropical island. Kelly, a sea captain in disgrace, is ordered to pilot a ship full of champaigne to Sydney, that has been lying in the harbor since its captain and most of the crew died of plague. He takes the other two along and plans on sailing elsewhere to sell the cargo. After anchors aweigh, they discover that Rhonda Fleming, the daughter of the deceased captain, is on board. This complicates matters, as does a fire on board, as does the discovery that the champaigne cargo is really water. They arrive at an uncharted island ruled by Alan Napier, a sophisticated British gentleman who is several cards short of playing with a full deck. Crazy as a bedbug. More complications arise, such as snake pits and acid-assassination attempts. Napier likes to keep his island tidy...something Sam Newfield was unable to do with this film as the director. At PRC, he was used to Buster Crabbe and "Fuzzy" St. John riding in and connecting the dots.
That Hagen Girl (1947) as Ken Freneau
A small-town teenager thinks a lawyer is her illegitimate dad.
The Red House (1947) as Teller
Pete and Ellen have reared Meg as their own, ever since she was a baby and her parents took off. Now a teen, Meg convinces her friend Nath to come help with chores on the farm: Pete isn't getting around on his wooden leg like he used to. When Nath insists on using a short cut home through the woods, Pete gets quite agitated and warns him of screams in the night, of terrors associated with the red house. Curious, Meg and Nath ignore his warnings and begin exploring. Meg begins falling in love with Nath, but his girlfriend Tibby has other plans for him. Meanwhile they all get closer to real danger and the dark secret of the red house.
The Great John L. (1945) as James J. "Gentleman Jim" Corbett
The Bullfighters (1945) as El Brillante
The boys are detectives working in Mexico. Laurel happens to resemble a famous matador who has disappeared, and he is enlisted to replace him in the bullring.
Nob Hill (1945) as Jose
The owner of a San Francisco saloon yearns to rank among the upper crust of Nob Hill. When he begins romancing a wealthy socialite it looks like he may have his entree into high society. The pretty star of his saloon's show, however, wants to make sure he stays on the Barbary Coast.
Something for the Boys (1944) as
The oddly-assorted Hart cousins: revue singer Blossom, con man Harry, and machinist Chiquita (who gets radio through her teeth!), inherit southern plantation Magnolia Manor, which alas proves to be a "termite trap" and tax liability. Fortunately, Sgt. Rocky Fulton from a nearby army camp appears with a plan to convert the place to a hotel for army wives; but to pay bills until then, they decide to put on a show. Of course, romantic and military complications intervene...

Writer (feature film)

Shotgun (1955) as Writer

Producer (feature film)

A Face in the Rain (1963) as Executive Producer
Apache Territory (1958) as Producer
A cowboy sets out to try to stop an Indian war.
Domino Kid (1957) as Producer
Domino returns from the Civil War to find his ranch in ruins and his father murdered. Five men were responsible and four were identified. One by one Domino outdraws the four that were known, all being outlaws. There is only one left now. Domino does not know his identity but that man probably knows of Domino and his mission.
The Hired Gun (1957) as Producer
A bounty hunter tries to prove his beautiful quarry innocent of murder.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Fists of Steel (1989) as Line Producer
A pair of former boxers are assigned by a CIA operative to take care of an international terrorist living in Hawaii.

Cast (special)

Oil's Well That Ends Well (1993)
A con-artist partnership goes awry when one of the partners takes up with a woman, resulting in a new scam.
Wildest West Show of the Stars, The (1986) as Awards Presenter
Stars from television, film, and music recreate the color, fun, games, and excitement of a classic Wild West Show, from Pony Express relay races to quick-draw contests to trick-riding displays. Taped at the Equestrian Center in Burbank, California, and at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park.
Pottsville (1980) as Sundance Ewbanks
The story of Bulldog O'Halloran, a harassed labor leader and the president of Local 605 of the National Factory Workers Union in Pottsville, a small manufacturing town. The pilot episode depicts Bulldog's efforts to contend with a feminist rebellion within his own ranks and avert a strike against hi
Luxury Liner (1963) as Captain Victor Kihlgren
Dramatic incidents in the lives of people who book passage aboard a luxury liner as seen through the eyes of Victor Kihlgren, the ship's captain. The pilot episode relates how a young Spanish stowaway named Digo changes the life of a bitter passenger named Selena Royce. The program, produced by Aaro
Desilu Revue, The (1959) as Guest
An hour review, broadcast as a special segment of "The Desilu Playhouse," that spotlights members of the Desilu Workshop for aspiring performers.

Cast (special)

Blue and the Gray, The (1982) as General George Meade
This sweeping Civil War saga that took eight hours to unfold (over three nights), adapted from historian Bruce Catton's book, has an all-star cast winding its way through fact and fiction, covering the period from 1859 to the Lincoln assassination. The two leads are Stacy Keach as the fictional Jona
Rebels, The (1979) as Breen

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