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Also Known As: Died: September 7, 1971
Born: October 17, 1893 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Please Don't Eat the Daisies (1960) as Mrs. Suzie Robinson
A drama critic and his family try to adjust to life in the country.
The Rocket Man (1954) as Justice Amelia Brown
Wacky complications ensue when a little boy comes into possession of a ray gun that compels anyone caught in its beam to tell the truth. He uses it to prevent his orphanage from being shut down by creditors and to help a cute couple fall in love.
Because You're Mine (1952) as Mrs. Montville
After being drafted, an opera star falls for his sergeant's sister.
No Room for the Groom (1952) as Mama Kingshead
Alvah, a young GI who happens to own a vineyard, elopes to Las Vegas with Lee, his housekeeper's daughter. But Alvah's chicken pox postpone the wedding night. The rest revolves around more delays to the consummation, caused by Lee's manipulative Mama and the flock of mostly obnoxious relatives with whom she's filled the house.
According to Mrs. Hoyle (1951) as Mrs. Hoyle
A retired teacher sells her apartment to a group of gangsters.
Angels in the Outfield (1951) as Sister Edwitha
The short-tempered manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates mends his ways in return for a little divine assistance.
Bannerline (1951) as Mrs. Loomis
An idealistic small-town reporter tries to fight corruption.
The Reformer and the Redhead (1950) as Voice of Kathleen's mother
A small-town politician falls for an idealistic zookeeper.
Devil's Doorway (1950) as Mrs. Masters
A Native American Civil War hero returns home to fight for his people.
Please Believe Me (1950) as Mrs. Milwright
Three men pursue a shipboard romance with a woman they think is an heiress.
Walk Softly, Stranger (1950) as Mrs. Brentman
A small-time crook on the run is reformed by the love of a crippled woman.
The Skipper Surprised His Wife (1950) as Agnes Thorndyke
A captain tries to keep home as tight as his ship.
Louisa (1950) as Louisa Norton
The Norton family is in a turmoil due to faultfinding grandma Louisa. Strongly urged to find outside interests, Louisa starts dating grocer Hammond; their necking among the teenagers shocks the latter (!), and Louisa's architect son Hal isn't too thrilled either. So what's to do when Hal's boss Mr. Burnside becomes a rival for Louisa's favors?
The Big Wheel (1949) as Mary Coy
A mechanic alienates everyone who loves him when he becomes a champion race car driver.
In the Good Old Summertime (1949) as Nellie Burke
In this musical remake of The Shop Around the Corner, feuding co-workers in a small music shop do not realize they are secret romantic pen pals.
B. F.'s Daughter (1948) as Gladys Fulton
A professor doesn't know his wife is an heiress.
Living in a Big Way (1947) as Mrs. Morgan
A returning GI and his war bride finally get to know each other and don't really like what they see.
It Had to Be You (1947) as Mrs. Stafford
A runaway bride meets her match in a handsome fireman.
Cynthia (1947) as Carrie Jannings
A sheltered girl uses music as a means of winning her independence.
My Brother Talks to Horses (1947) as Mrs. ["Ma"] Penrose
A small boy's secret gifts help him pick racetrack winners.
Little Mister Jim (1947) as Mrs. Starwell
After his mother''s death, a young boy tries to help his father stop drinking.
Singapore (1947) as Mrs. Bellows
After the war, Matt Gordon returns to Singapore to retrieve a fortune in smuggled pearls. Arrived, he reminisces in flashback about his prewar fiancée, alluring Linda, and her disappearance during the Japanese attack. But now Linda resurfaces...with amnesia and married to rich planter Van Leyden. Meanwhile, sinister fence Mauribus schemes to get Matt's pearls.
Meet Me on Broadway (1946) as Sylvia Storm
When his career crashes and burns, a director tries to come back staging country club shows.
Dragonwyck (1946) as Magda
A farm girl signs on as governess in a gloomy mansion.
Faithful in My Fashion (1946) as Miss Swanson
A sailor on leave causes problems at the department store his girlfriend manages.
A Letter for Evie (1946) as Mrs. McPherson
A timid soldier sends his buddy's picture to a romantic pen pal.
Salty O'Rourke (1945) as Mrs. Brooks
Salty owes money to Doc Baxter; he and his pal Smitty have one month to pay up. They get a race horse and a disbarred jockey, Johnny Cates, who must fake his identity to race. Johnny and Salty both fall in love with Barbara Brooks and, to get even, Johnny considers throwing the horserace.
Captain Eddie (1945) as Mrs. Frost
WWI flyer Eddie Rickenbaker remembers his life which brought him from a car salesman, race driver and pilot in WWI, to an important person in the early years of civil airline service, after his plane crashed in the South Pacific in late 1942.
The Enchanted Cottage (1945) as Violet Price
A scarred veteran and a homely woman are transformed by love.
Thrill of a Romance (1945) as Nona Glenn
A soldier returning from World War II finds love with a lady swimmer.
I'll Be Seeing You (1944) as Sarah Marshall
A soldier meets a woman on Christmas furlough from prison and they fall in love.
The Heavenly Body (1944) as Nancy Potter
An astronomer's neglected wife takes up astrology and a handsome astrologer.
Heaven Can Wait (1943) as Bertha Van Cleve
An old roué arrives in Hades to review his life with Satan, who will rule on his eligibility to enter the Underworld.
Presenting Lily Mars (1943) as Mrs. [Flora] Mars
A small-town girl fights for her big chance on Broadway.
The Affairs of Martha (1942) as Mrs. Sophie Sommerfield
A servant's scandalous novel lands her employers in hot water.
The Vanishing Virginian (1942) as Rosa Yancey
A conservative southern patriarch tries to cope with changing times.
Roxie Hart (1942) as Mary Sunshine
To try and kick-start her show-business career, a woman admits to a Chicago murder.
Rings on Her Fingers (1942) as Mrs. Maybelle Worthington
Susan Miller (Gene Tierney) works behind the girdle counter in a department store and dreams about the beautiful clothes and glamour she can never hope to have. Enter May Worthington (Spring Byington) and Warren (Laird Cregar), a pair of con artists who pose as the mother and uncle of a pretty girl in order to separate millionaires from their money. They convince Susan she has an opportunity to fulfill all her dreams, and the trio heads for Palm Beach. Susan meets John Wheeler (Henry Fonda) who says he is shopping for a sailboat. Believing that he is a millionaire, Warren and May sell him a boat that doesn't belong to them, and make off with his $15,000 life savings. Looking for greener pastures, they work themselves into the family of wealthy Tod Wheeler (John Shepperd), who falls for Sue, posing as "Linda Worthington". But John shows up as a guest of Fenwick and he tells "Linda", not knowing she was part of the scam, that he has a detective after the fake captain (Warren) that sold him the boat. John admits that he is not a millionaire but only a $50-a-week clerk. He asks her to marry him and, over the protests of May, she accepts. Tod, who has been away, wires Linda a marriage proposal which is intercepted by Warren, who accepts on her behalf via a return wire. He intends to blackmail her into marrying Tod and then blackmail the Fenwicks into dissolving the marriage. To get John's money back to him, which she has but can't tell him, Linda enlists the aid of Colonel Prentiss (Henry Stephenson) who runs a gambling house, and the machines are fixed so that John wins his money back. Linda and John go to the terminal to leave, but Tod shows up and she tries to keep him away from John, who knows her as Sue.
The War Against Mrs. Hadley (1942) as Cecilia Talbot
A Washington matron tries to ignore the effects of World War II.
Meet John Doe (1941) as Mrs. Mitchell
A reporter's fraudulent story turns a tramp into a national hero and makes him a pawn of big business.
The Devil and Miss Jones (1941) as Elizabeth [Ellis]
A department store owner goes undercover as an employee to thwart union activists.
Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime (1941) as Carlotta Emerson
When Ladies Meet (1941) as Bridget Drake
A female novelist doesn't realize her new friend is the wife whose husband she's trying to steal.
Arkansas Judge (1941) as Mary Shoemaker
Young As You Feel (1940) as Mrs. John Jones
Father (Prouty) sells his drugstore and the Jones family heads for New York to enjoy sophisticated city life. They lose all their money before deciding to go back home. This was the last Jones family movie.
Laddie (1940) as Mrs. Stanton
Lucky Partners (1940) as Aunt
Two strangers who share a sweepstakes ticket take it on the lam.
On Their Own (1940) as Mrs. John Jones [Mother]
The Jones family (without father) head for California to open a bungalow court. To increase business they advertise for families with children and pets. A neighbor threatens to sue.
The Blue Bird (1940) as Mummy Tyl
A woodchopper''s children go off in search of the bluebird of happiness.
A Child Is Born (1940) as Mrs. [Mamie] West
A pregnant prison inmate shares her problems with the patients in a maternity ward.
My Love Came Back (1940) as Mrs. Malette
A millionaire helps a pretty lady violinist with her career.
Too Busy to Work (1939) as Mrs. Louise Jones
Chicken Wagon Family (1939) as Josephine Fippany
An traveling merchant (Carrillo) takes his family to New York where he explores his weakness for poker as he looks for work aided by his daughter (Withers).
The Jones Family in Hollywood (1939) as Mrs. John Jones
The Jones Family in Quick Millions (1939) as Mrs. John Jones
The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (1939) as Mrs. Hubbard
Alexander Graham Bell pursues his greatest inventions so he can marry the woman he loves.
Everybody's Baby (1939) as Mrs. John Jones
Love on a Budget (1938) as Mrs. John Jones
Penrod and His Twin Brother (1938) as Mrs. Schofield
A young boy's lookalike lands him in hot water.
You Can't Take It with You (1938) as Penny Sycamore
A girl from a family of freethinkers falls for the son of a conservative banker.
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1938) as Widow Douglas
An orphan in 1850 Missouri gets into a variety of scrapes, including a murder mystery.
The Buccaneer (1938) as Dolly Madison
French pirate Jean Lafitte tries to redeem his name helping the U.S. in the War of 1812.
Jezebel (1938) as Mrs. Kendrick
A tempestuous Southern belle's willfulness threatens to destroy all who care for her.
Down on the Farm (1938) as Mrs. John Jones
Safety in Numbers (1938) as Mrs. John Jones
A Trip to Paris (1938) as Mrs. John Jones
Hotel Haywire (1937) as Mrs. [Minerva] Parkhouse
Off to the Races (1937) as Mrs. John Jones
The Road Back (1937) as Ernst's mother
A Family Affair (1937) as Mrs. [Emily] Hardy
In the first Hardy Family film, a small-town judge fights for re-election while dealing with family problems.
Clarence (1937) as Mrs. Wheeler
Penrod and Sam (1937) as Mrs. Schofield
A club for junior-league detectives gets caught up in a bank robbery.
Green Light (1937) as Mrs. Dexter
An idealistic doctor sacrifices his career to protect an elderly surgeon.
It's Love I'm After (1937) as Aunt Ella
A squabbling stage couple gets mixed up with an amorous fan and her jealous suitor.
Borrowing Trouble (1937) as Mrs. John Jones
Hot Water (1937) as Mrs. John Jones
The Jones Family in Big Business (1937) as Mrs. John Jones
The Jones family and their friend invest in a oil scheme promoted by a football star returning to his hometown. All appears lost when the wells contain only mud.
Palm Springs (1936) as Aunt Letty
A notorious gambler who is short of money want his daughter to marry a British young man, who has plenty of money. At first she obies, but then she falls in love to a poor, young American.
Theodora Goes Wild (1936) as Rebecca Perry
A woman's two lives as small-town innocent and author of torrid romances collide.
Back to Nature (1936) as Mrs. [Louise] Jones
The Girl on the Front Page (1936) as Mrs. Langford
Educating Father (1936) as Mrs. John Jones
Every Saturday Night (1936) as Mrs. [Louise] Evers
The Voice of Bugle Ann (1936) as Ma Davis
A Missouri farmer's love for his hunting dog triggers a feud that divides the county.
Dodsworth (1936) as Matey Pearson
A husband whose wife left him looks for new love in Europe.
The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936) as Lady Octavia Warrenton
Two brothers love the same woman at a perilous Indian outpost.
Stage Struck (1936) as Mrs. Randall
Broadway hopefuls put on a show.
Way Down East (1935) as Mrs. [Louisa] Bartlett
The Great Impersonation (1935) as Duchess Caroline
Love Me Forever (1935) as [Clara] Fields
A mob figure helps launch a singer's career only to lose her to a younger man.
Orchids to You (1935) as Alice Draper
Broadway Hostess (1935) as Mrs. Duncan-Griswold-Wembly-Smythe
A small-town girl rises to night-club stardom.
Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) as Mrs. Byam
Classic adventure about the sadistic Captain Bligh, who drove his men to revolt during a South Seas expedition.
Ah, Wilderness (1935) as Essie [Miller]
In his only comedy, Eugene O'Neill captures the trials of growing up in small-town America.
Werewolf of London (1935) as Miss Ettie Coombes
A strange animal attack turns a botanist into a bloodthirsty monster.
Little Women (1933) as Marmee [March]
The four March sisters fight to keep their family together and find love while their father is off fighting the Civil War.

Cast (special)

Desilu Revue, The (1959) as Guest
An hour review, broadcast as a special segment of "The Desilu Playhouse," that spotlights members of the Desilu Workshop for aspiring performers.

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