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John K. Butler

John K. Butler


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Writer (feature film)

Ambush at Cimarron Pass (1958) as Screenwriter
Hell's Crossroads (1957) as Story
Hell's Crossroads (1957) as Screenwriter
Affair in Reno (1957) as Screenwriter
When Gangland Strikes (1956) as Screenwriter
Terror at Midnight (1956) as Story
Terror at Midnight (1956) as Screenwriter
I Cover the Underworld (1955) as Screenwriter
Headline Hunters (1955) as Screenwriter
No Man's Woman (1955) as Screenwriter
Drums Across the River (1954) as Screenwriter
A bigot is forced into the role of peacekeeper when crooks try to steal Native American lands.
The Outcast (1954) as Screenwriter
Drums Across the River (1954) as Story
A bigot is forced into the role of peacekeeper when crooks try to steal Native American lands.
Toughest Man in Arizona (1952) as Writer
Marshal Landry captures outlaw Girard and bringing him in finds a woman and two children, the only survivors of an Indian attack. Later, transferring the prisoner his brothers free him. Then a stage is robbed of a silver shipment by Girard and his brothers. Examining telegrams gets Landry a confession from Girard's girlfriend. The telegraph line has been tapped and the telegrapher is the supposedly dead husband of the woman he brough in. Now knowing Girard's location he sets out after him.
Rodeo King and the Senorita (1951) as Writer
Lacey is after the profits of the Foster and Morales rodeo show. He has Morales killed during a stunt and then forces Foster to take him on as a silent partner. When Rex Allen joins the show, Lacey tries to get rid of him also. But Rex survives and now believes Morales' accident may have been murder.
Missing Women (1951) as Writer
Secrets of Monte Carlo (1951) as Writer
Pride of Maryland (1951) as Writer
Utah Wagon Train (1951) as Writer
Rancher Rex Allen (Rex Allen) receives a summons from his uncle (Forrest Taylor), an old time frontiersman, that he is in trouble. The uncle has been hired to lead a modern-day band of adventurers on a wagon train retracing the route taken by their ancestors 100 years ago. Before Rex can talk to his uncle, the uncle is murdered, and Rex sets out to find the killer and the motive by taking his uncle's place as the leader of the wagon train. He discovers that the motive was the gold that the original pioneers had cached in a cave on the trail to California, and now has to find the culprit that is after it.
Tarnished (1950) as Screenwriter
Flaming Fury (1949) as Writer
Susanna Pass (1949) as Writer
The bad guys dynamite a fish hatchery. They're trying to put the hatchery out of business so they can get possession of oil underneath the lake. Roy is a game warden investigating the dynamiting. Songs include the title, "A Good, Good Mornin',"Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes," and "Two-Gun Rita."
Hideout (1949) as Screenwriter
Streets of San Francisco (1949) as Screenwriter
Down Dakota Way (1949) as Writer
Rancher H. T. McKenzie (Roy Barcroft) is informed by veterinarian George Fredericks (Emmett Vogan) that his cattle are carriers of the hoof-and-mouth disease and must be destroyed. McKenzie hires Steve Paxton (Byron Barr) to kill the vet and steal his report. Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers) and the Riders of the Purple Sage (Foy Willing, Darol Rice, George Bamby and Al Sloey) on their way to the Cheyenne Rodeo, detour through Sun Rock so that Roy can visit his old schoolteacher Dolly Paxton (Elisabeth Risdon), Steve's stepmother. Roy becomes involved in the chase of Steve by Sheriff Holbrook (Montie Montana). Ruth Shaw (Dale Evans) tells Roy that the schoolboard has fired Dolly because of Steve, and that she has turned into a crushed and bitter woman still willing to defend her stepson. Roy discovers a McKenzie calf with symptoms of hoof-and-mouth which puts him on the trail of McKenzie.
Rim of the Canyon (1949) as Screenwriter
Gene takes up where his dad left off, going after the baddies who took $30,000, returning twenty years later to the ghost town where they left the loot.
The Blonde Bandit (1949) as Writer
Post Office Investigator (1949) as Writer
Harbor of Missing Men (1949) as Writer
Lightnin' in the Forest (1948) as Screenwriter
Secret Service Investigator (1948) as Orig scr
Out of the Storm (1948) as Screenwriter
Heart of Virginia (1948) as Additional Dialogue
California Firebrand (1948) as Screenwriter
Hale finding a wounded Lowery assumes his identity. This gets him the job of town Marshal and puts him in the middle of the battle between Dawson and the Mason family. More trouble occurs for Hale when Lowery arrives and exposes him as a fake.
The Gallant Legion (1948) as Original Story
When power-hungry Faulkner and Leroux want to divide Texas into smaller sections, instead of allowing it to enter the Union as a single state, Gary Conway and the Texas Rangers must step in to thwart their chicanery.
The Main Street Kid (1948) as Additional Dialogue
Otis Jones (Al Pearce), a small-town printer, has a fixation with the study of mental telepathy, and lives for the day when he can meet the top exponent of his hobby, The Great Martine (Alan Mowbray). A bolt of lightning hits him, giving him the real power of reading people's minds. When his daughter, Jill (Janet Martin), and her rich young fiancee, Bud Wheeling (Byron S. Barr), become involved in a scheme with the plotting Martine, he is able to make use of his newly-found power.
Robin Hood of Texas (1947) as Orig scr
When the bank is robbed, Gene and the boys are singing nearby and the Chief arrests them as gang members diverting attention but lets them go thinking they will lead them to the others. Duke Mantel double-crosses the rest of the gang and with the money, accidently heads for the dude ranch where Gene is. The rest of the gang eventually show up to retrieve the money just as Gene and the boys find themselves locked in a building.
G. I. War Brides (1946) as Orig scr
Linda Powell (Anna Lee), and English girl, stows away on a ship bound for the United States in order to join the G.I. she loves. She assumes the identity of an English war bride, Joyce Giles (Carol Savage), who has decided she no longer loves the American soldier she married and is not going to join him in the U.S. Linda arrives to find that her soldier no longer wishes to marry her...
My Pal Trigger (1946) as Screenwriter
A cowboy fights to clear his name when he's accused of shooting a friend's horse.
One Exciting Week (1946) as Screenwriter
Affairs of Geraldine (1946) as Screenwriter
Sunset in Eldorado (1945) as Screenwriter
The story involves a rather odd flashback by Dale who is visiting El Dorado, home of her grandmother. She dreams about her grandmother's adventures including a romance with a cowboy who looks very much like Roy. Roy, of course, also exists in the present for Dale. Songs include "Go West, Young Man," "Lady Who Wouldn't Say Yes," and "Belle of the El Dorado."
The Vampire's Ghost (1945) as Screenwriter
Don't Fence Me In (1945) as Additional Dialogue
A lady reporter travels West to dig up the truth about a long dead bandit.
The Phantom Speaks (1945) as Orig scr
Man from Oklahoma (1945) as Orig scr
Roy spends most of this movie resucing Dale from terrible fates. The film includes a reenactment of land rush opening the Oklahoma Territory. Songs include "I'm Beinning to See the Light," "Cherro, Cherro, cherokee," "I'm Gonna Have a Cowboy Wedding," and "Dragin' the Wagon."
Utah (1945) as Screenwriter
When ranch foreman Roy learns the new ranch owner Dorothy Bryant and her friends are arriving, he directs them to Gabby's rundown ranch. He figures they will be discouraged and return East. But the plan backfires when Dorothy, thinking her ranch worthless, sells the real ranch at a fraction of it's value.
Tell It to a Star (1945) as Screenwriter
Hidden Valley Outlaws (1944) as Original Story
Lawyer Leland is using land rights to kick the ranchers off their land. When Wild Bill and Gabby arrive to help the ranchers, he has actor Percel frame them for murder and then incites the townsmen to lynch them.
Hidden Valley Outlaws (1944) as Screenwriter
Lawyer Leland is using land rights to kick the ranchers off their land. When Wild Bill and Gabby arrive to help the ranchers, he has actor Percel frame them for murder and then incites the townsmen to lynch them.
Pride of the Plains (1944) as Screenwriter
The Girl Who Dared (1944) as Screenwriter
The Blocked Trail (1943) as Orig scr
Silver Spurs (1943) as Orig scr
Roy's boss has inherited a very large ranch but the will keeps him from selling it although his widow could. Lucky Miller is out to get control of the ranch so he has a girl come west to marry him. Then after the wedding he has his henchman kill the owner. Roy is nearby and when the murder gun is switched with his, Roy finds himself in jail.
Beyond the Last Frontier (1943) as Orig scr
The Rangers are after Hadley and his men and have planted Johnny Revere into his gang to warn them of his raids. But Hadley realizes he has a spy in his group and gets Trigger Dolan to join the Rangers. It's not long before Trigger spots Johnny as the spy. Johnny is captured and a fatal accident is planned to finish him off.
Raiders of Sunset Pass (1943) as Orig scr
La buenaventura (1934) as Argumento cinematogr√°fico de [Scr]

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