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Also Known As: Died: August 5, 1984
Born: November 10, 1925 Cause of Death: cerebral hemorrhage
Birth Place: United Kingdom Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)

Doctor Faustus (1968) as Director
A scholar sells his soul to the devil for knowledge.

Cast (feature film)

1984 (1984) as O'Brien
This is the well-known story of Winston Smith, a citizen of Oceania whose job it is to rewrite history for Big Brother, the autocratic symbol of a repressive regime that has forbidden such things as freedom of thought and expression--including sex. Winston becomes involved in an illict love affair with Julia, a young woman who works in the Ministry of Truth. Unfortunately for Winston, a high-ranking member of the government, O''Brien, who has looked upon him as a protege, discovers the rebellion.
Circle of Two (1981) as Ashley St Clair
Lovespell (1979)
A retelling of the romantic Tristan and Isolde Irish legend.
Teil Steiner - Das Eiserne Kreuz 2 (1979) as Sergeant Feldwebel Steiner
Wild Geese, The (1978) as Colonel Allen Faulkner
A British multinational seeks to overthrow a vicious dictator in central Africa. It hires a band of (largely aged) mercenaries in London and sends them in to save the virtuous but imprisoned opposition leader who is also critically ill and due for execution. Just when the team has performed a perfect rescue, the multinational does a deal with the vicious dictator leaving the mercenary band to escape under their own steam and exact revenge.
Absolution (1978) as Father Goddard
At a Catholic public school, Benjamin Stanfield is tired of being the teacher's pet and decides to play a practical joke on his form master Father Goddard. In confession, Stanfield tells Goddard that he has accidentally murdered his friend Blakey and buried him in the forest. When Goddard investigates the matter, he finds a buried scarecrow. Goddard is outraged, but, due to the seal of confession, he knows he cannot expel Stanfield. Shortly after, Stanfield once again enters the confession booth, telling Goddard that what before was a practical joke, he has now made happen. In disbelief, Goddard once again goes to the forest to investigate the matter. This time, he discovers Blakey's dead body. The plot soon thickens as Stanfield's fellow student Arthur Dyson mysteriously disappears. In confession, Stanfield claims to have murdered him too. Outside of confession, he denies everything, leaving Goddard powerless. Confused by murders he is not allowed to talk about, Father Goddard starts to go mad. He eventually murders Stanfield with a spade, only to discover that his pet student never confessed to anything but the initial scarecrow prank. After that, another student, who is a great voice impersonator, decided to take a hideous revenge on Goddard, taking advantage of the confession booth where one whispers and cannot be seen.
Medusa Touch, The (1978) as John Morlar
Morlar, a second class writer, is brutally killed. His head is totally smashed. When Inspector Brunel, a French cop, working in an exchange program in London, and sergeant Duff look up in his appartment, Morlar comes back to life. He resistst all his violations, a medical sensation. The researches show, that all people, who hurt Morlar in any way, died thereafter in a strange way. Above all, to those people belong authorities, as his parents, teachers, priests. Morlar thought, he initiated ALL catastrophies on earth. When he asked Dr.Zonfeld for help and she didn't believe him, he let an airplane crash into a building. Why doesn't he die ? Does it have something to do with the Queen visitig Westminster AbbeY ? And Windscale ?
Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977) as Father Philip Lamont
Regan MacNeil is now seventeen, and although she appears to be normal after her demonic possession as a child, she is monitored regularly at a psychiatric institution. A troubled priest, Father Lamont, visits her there to learn about the death of Father Merrin when he was performing the exorcism on her four years before. Regan has no conscious memories of that time, but as the priest's investigation continues, the demon is brought back.
Equus (1977) as Martin Dysart
A psychoanalyst tries to help a young man who blinded a stable full of horses.
Volcano: An Inquiry Into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowry (1976) as Recitation
The biography of English, alcoholic writer Malcolm Lowry is told along with readings of his work. Lowry moved to Mexico in 1936 where he started his one important novel, "Under the Volcano" which takes place on the Mexican Day of the Dead. His productivity hampered by his drinking, it took him eight
Brief Encounter (1974) as Alec Harvey
An updated version of the 1946 film classic (based on Noel Coward's 1936 drama) retelling the bittersweet tale of two married strangers who meet by chance in an English train station and drift into a short but poignant romance. Sophia Loren made her TV acting debut, not as the proper British lady of
Voyage, The (1974) as Cesar
A man falls in love with his brother's widow.
Klansman, The (1974) as Breck Stancill
A small southern town has just been rocked by a tragedy: a young woman has been violently raped. The white town fathers immediately declare that the attacker had to be black, and place the blame on Garth, a young black man. Assuming that the men in white sheets aren't intent on holding a fair and impartial trial, Garth takes to the woods as the Klansmen lynching party hunts him down.
Gathering Storm, The (1974) as Winston Churchill
A drama based on the life of Sir Winston Churchill in the years leading up to the outbreak of the Second World War.
Massacre in Rome (1973) as Colonel Kappler
In the Nazi occupied city of Rome, an assault on an SS brigade draws retaliation from the military governship. "Massacre in Rome" is the true story of how this partisan attack led to the mass execution of Italian nationals under the orders of SS-Lieutenant Colonel Kappler.
Sutjeska (1973)
Movie, one of the most exepensive in the history of former Yugoslavia, is made for the 30th anniversary of Battle of Sutjeska - the toughest battle Yugoslav Partizans had to fight in WWII.
Bluebeard (1972) as Baron Von Sepper/Bluebeard
Richard Burton, starring as Baron von Sepper, an Austrian aristocrat noted for his blue-toned beard, and his appetite for beautiful wives. His latest spouse, an American beauty named Anne, discovers a vault in his castle that's filled with the frozen bodies of several beautiful women. When confronted with this slight oddity, Bluebeard explains to Anne that he found an easier alternative to divorce when he grew bored with his previous wives. In order to avoid being Bluebeard's next frozen bride, Anne must find a way to outwit her murderous hubby.
Assassination Of Trotsky, The (1972) as Leon Trotsky
After having been forced to leave the Soviet Union 1929 Trotsky has ended up in Mexico 1940. He is still busy with the politics. Stalin has sent out an assassin, Frank Jacson. Jacson befriends a young communist and gets an invitation to Trotsky's house.
Hammersmith Is Out (1972) as Hammersmith
The Faust legend retold (loosely) and applied to a mentally disturbed patient in a hospital run by a doctor of dubious sanity himself. The patient (Burton) offers the innocent orderly (Bridges) vast riches if he'll help him escape.
Raid on Rommel (1971) as [Capt. Alex] Foster
Captain Foster plans on raiding German-occupied Tobruk with hand- picked commandos, but a mixup leaves him with a medical unit led by a Quaker conscientious objector. Despite all odds they succeed with their mission. On the way they pick up and drug the mistress of an Italian general, blow up the entire fuel supply for the Afrika Korps, and swap philatelic gossip with Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.
Villain (1971) as Vic Dakin
A paranoid British gangster thinks everybody is a potential stoolie.
Under Milk Wood (1971) as 1st Voice
This is a delightful if peculiar story of a day in the life of a small, Welsh fishing village called "Llareggub" (read it backwards). We meet a host of curious characters (and ghosts) through the 'eyes' of Blind Captain cat. This is a true "Classic" of modern British writing with a wonderful, mischievous use of language.
Where Eagles Dare (1969) as Smith
An Allied team sets out to free an American officer held by the Nazis in a mountaintop castle.
Anne of the Thousand Days (1969) as King Henry VIII
Anne Boleyn fights to keep Henry VIII''s love and her head in the midst of palace intrigue.
Staircase (1969) as Harry Leeds
Homosexual lovers face age and society's disapproval together.
Doctor Faustus (1968) as Doctor Faustus
A scholar sells his soul to the devil for knowledge.
Boom! (1968) as Chris Flanders
A reclusive millionairess takes in a magnetic drifter with a thing for dying women.
Candy (1968) as McPhisto
Based on Terry Southern's satirical novel, a sendup of Voltaire's -Candide-. Young Candy is a college girl who seeks truth and meaning in life, encountering a variety of kookie characters and humorous sexual situations in the process.
The Taming of the Shrew (1967) as Petruchio
A fortune hunter agrees to wed a temperamental woman so his friend can court her sister.
The Comedians (1967) as Brown
American and British tourists get caught up in political unrest in Haiti.
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) as George
An academic couple reveal their deepest secret to a pair of newcomers during an all-night booze fest.
What's New Pussycat? (1965) as
A fashion editor seeks psychiatric help when he can't stop beautiful women from pursuing him.
The Spy Who Came In From the Cold (1965) as Alec Leamas
A British agent infiltrates the enemy by allowing himself to be disgraced at home.
The Sandpiper (1965) as Dr. Edward Hewitt
An Episcopal priest falls for a free-living artist.
Zulu (1964) as Foreword spoken by
Although outnumbered, British soldiers make an heroic stand against revolting Zulu warriors.
The Night of the Iguana (1964) as Rev. T. Lawrence Shannon
A defrocked priest surrenders to the sins of the flesh in a Mexican hotel.
Hamlet (1964) as Hamlet
Becket (1964) as Thomas Becket
England's King Henry II appoints his best friend Archbishop of Canterbury then turns on him.
Cleopatra (1963) as Mark Antony
The legendary Egyptian queen tries to use her beauty to conquer the Roman Empire.
The V.I.P.s (1963) as Paul Andros
Wealthy passengers fogged in at London's Heathrow Airport fight to survive a variety of personal trials.
The Longest Day (1962) as RAF pilot
The Allied forces launch the D-Day invasion of German-occupied France.
A Midsummer Night's Dream (1961) as Narrator
The Bramble Bush (1960) as Dr. Guy Montford
A doctor commits euthanasia on his dying friend and then pursues an affair with the latter''s wife, causing a small New England town to suspect him of plotting it as a murder.
Ice Palace (1960) as Zeb Kennedy
A money-hungry white man tries to plunder post-World War I Alaska for all that he can, but goes up against a local fisherman who resents his ways, and they battle it out up until Alaska becomes a State.
Look Back in Anger (1959) as Jimmy Porter
An embittered young man spews venom on all around him, particularly his upper-class wife.
Bitter Victory (1958) as Captain [James] Leith
A World War II commander jeopardizes his mission to endanger a colleague involved with his wife.
Sea Wife (1957) as Biscuit [Michael]
In 1942, a cargo ship jammed with British evacuees from Singapore is sunk by a Japanese sub. A small lifeboat carries a beautiful woman, an army officer, a bigoted administrator, and a black seaman. Only the seaman knows the woman is a nun. The men reveal their true selves under the hardships of survival. Told in a too-long flashback frame.
Alexander the Great (1956) as Alexander the Great
Biography of the ancient warrior who conquered the known world.
Prince of Players (1955) as Edwin ["Ned"] Booth
Acclaimed tragic actor Edwin Booth struggles to rebuild his career after his brother assassinates President Lincoln.
The Rains of Ranchipur (1955) as Dr. Safti
A spoiled, married English woman falls in love with an Indian doctor.
Demetrius and the Gladiators (1954) as Marcellus Gallio
A Greek slave who keeps Christ's robe after the crucifixion is sentenced to be one Caligula's gladiators.
My Cousin Rachel (1953) as Philip Ashley
A young man suspects his cousin''s wife of murder.
The Robe (1953) as Marcellus Gallio
Biblical epic in which a Roman military tribune, who commands the unit that crucified Jesus Christ, tries to learn about the man he killed.
The Desert Rats (1953) as Capt. Tammy MacRoberts
A desperate band of Allied soldiers fights off the Nazis in North Africa.
Thursday's Children (1953) as Commentary
Green Grow the Rushes (1951) as Robert Hammond
A group of enterprising smugglers make use of an ancient charter to smuggle brandy into the southern coast of England. When their ship is seized it looks like they are in trouble until the Customs Officers try & find out where the brandy went.
Woman With No Name, The (1950)
A young woman with amnesia finds herself in London during the second world war. She falls in love and marries a Polish man in the R.A.F. He gets killed and then a crippled man comes to her and says she is his wife. She goes with him to his mansion and her bedroom door is a panelled door. Slowly she remembers her husband was cruel to her after his accident, but she falls in love with him again and regains her memory.
Waterfront (1950) as Ben Satterthwaite
A good-for-nothing sailor walks out on his young family leaving them to fend for themselves in the Liverpool slums. They make a go of their lives and the eldest daughter, now a woman, is none too pleased at her father's attempted return.
Last Days of Dolwyn, The (1949) as Gareth

Producer (feature film)

Doctor Faustus (1968) as Producer
A scholar sells his soul to the devil for knowledge.
The Taming of the Shrew (1967) as Producer
A fortune hunter agrees to wed a temperamental woman so his friend can court her sister.
The Guest (1964) as Financial backers
Two cynical and eerily misanthropic brothers hire an older caretaker to look after their flat and they slowly begin to psychologically menace him.

Sound (feature film)

Babel (2006) as Dial ed
In the remote sands of the Moroccan desert, a rifle shot rings out--detonating a chain of events that will link an American tourist couple's frantic struggle to survive, two Moroccan boys involved in an accidental crime, a nanny illegally crossing into Mexico with two American children and a Japanes

Cast (special)

I, Leonardo: A Journey of the Mind (1983) as Narration
A portrait of the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci, focusing on his remarkable visions and accomplishments in the scientific field. Based on da Vinci's writings and the artist's motebooks.
Broadway of Lerner and Loewe, The (1962) as Performer
The program features the music and songs of composers Lerner and Loewe.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Ellis Island (1984) as Senator Phipps Ogden
Fred Mustard Stewart's sprawling saga chronicling several European immigrants who come to New York just after the turn of the century in search of the American dream. One, patterned after Irving Berlin, is a Russian Jew hoping to develop a career in songwriting; another is an ambitious Italian garde

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Divorce His/Divorce Hers (1973) as Martin Reynolds
In their TV movie debuts, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton co-starred in this unusual two-part film -- actually two films or two stories running concurrently -- delving into the dissolution of an eighteen-year marriage through the eyes of both parties.

Cast (short)

The Comedians in Africa (1967)
A behind the scenes short film detailing the making of "The Comedians" (1967).
The Big Sur (1965)
This promotional short provides a behind-the-scenes look at the making of "The Sandpiper" (1965).
A Statue for "The Sandpiper" (1965)
In this promotional short, Edmund Kara uses large redwood tree stumps to create a statue of Elizabeth Taylor for the film "The Sandpiper" (1965).
On the Trail of the Iguana (1964)
This short film provides a behind-the-scenes look at the on-location filming of "The Night of the Iguana" (1964).

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