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Bill Burton


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Director (feature film)

Mission: Impossible II (2000) as 2nd Unit Director (2nd Unit)
When Agent Ethan Hunt takes holiday on a rock climbing expedition, he is rudely interrupted by a pair of missile- launched, self-destructing designer sunglasses encoded with instructions for his latest mission. It seems Biocyte Pharmaceuticals is missing Chimera, a skin-corroding virus that was manufactured to boost sales of their newly developed super-strength antiviral formula. Unfortunately it has fallen into the hands of Sean Ambrose, a business- minded MIF traitor with a thirst for stock options. Once the public learns that Chimera will melt the flesh off their bones within 27 hours of injection, the price of Biocyte''s antidote will skyrocket. Can Ethan Hunt stop him before he takes over Biocyte and infects the city of Sidney?
Lightning Jack (1994) as 2nd Unit Director (2nd Unit)
The story of a turn-of-the-century bank thief who, after his gang is wiped out, takes a young mute man hostage. The young man then tries to be his partner in crime.
Prophet of Evil: The Ervil LeBaron Story (1993) as 2nd Unit Director (2nd Unit)
An investigator for the Utah District Attorney's Office becomes obsessed with capturing a charismatic and murderous cult leader.

Cast (feature film)

Romancing the Stone (1984) as Jessie
A romance novelist travels to Columbia to search for her missing sister and meets an American adventurer.
11th Victim (1979) as Suspect
A news anchorwoman from the midwest comes to Hollywood to learn the truth about the death of her sister, the eleventh victim of a killer preying on aspiring actresses, and finds herself possibly the next one on his list, despite the help of an overworked cop. The film takes uncredited inspiration fr
Heroes (1977) as 2nd Bar Patron
It's 4 years since Jack is back from Vietnam, but he still has nightmares. In a bus on his way to California he meets Carol, who just left her fiancée - only 4 days before their wedding, allegedly just for a few days of vacation. Jack happily tells her about his plans to set up a worm farm for fishing baits together with four of his Vietnam ex-comrades. Although he gets on her nerves at the beginning, she starts to care. When one after the other of his friends steps out and Jack looses his optimism, Carol remains as the last support that keeps him from despair.
Slumber Party '57 (1976) as Revenuer
Posse (1975) as Mccanless
A U.S. marshal tries to use the hunt for a criminal to launch his political career.
Strange Homecoming (1974) as Mel
A small-town sheriff (Glen Campbell in his TV movie debut) is visited for the first time in nearly twenty years by his brother, a thief-turned-killer.
Ulzana's Raid (1972) as
An aging Indian fighter and a green Cavalry officer join forces to head off an Apache attack.
Angel Unchained (1970) as Marauder

Stunts (feature film)

Homesman, The (2014)
An untrustworthy man and pioneer woman team up to escort three women, who were driven mad by the Nebraska frontier, back to Iowa.
Sunchaser, The (1996) as Stunt Coordinator
A story about two extraordinarily different individuals who traverse the majestic spaces of the American West. Dr. Michael Reynolds is taken hostage by "Blue" Monroe, a teenage gangbuster suffering from an inoperable tumor. As the two journey through the desert with each other, they cover terrain not only of the open road but of the spirit. Michael becomes profoundly affected by his intense, uncompromising hijacker and comes finally to question his own convictions. Through Blue''s unerring faith, Michael finds the courage to confront the secret torment of his own past.
Night of the Running Man (1995)
A Las Vegas cabdriver takes the money and runs after a gangster leaves a million dollars in his car.
Lightning Jack (1994) as Stunt Coordinator
The story of a turn-of-the-century bank thief who, after his gang is wiped out, takes a young mute man hostage. The young man then tries to be his partner in crime.
The Bodyguard (1992) as Stunts
A former Secret Service agent signs on as bodyguard to a temperamental pop star.
Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man (1991) as Stunt Player
A buddy picture set in 1996, about two drifters who team up to try and save their hangout, the Rock 'n Roll Bar & Grill, by robbing the bank about to foreclose on it.
Pink Lightning (1991)
A young woman coming of age in a small town in the mid 1960s faces the loss of her friends and her fiancee as she questions the value of the role society has asked her to play.
Predator (1987) as Stunts
Sent to eliminate a gun-running camp in Central America, Major Dutch Schaeffer and his commandos encounter a skilled, seemingly invisible assassin. As members of their unit begin to disappear, Schaeffer and his soldiers suspect that that their hunter is not of this earth.
Year Of The Dragon (1985) as Stunt Coordinator
A tough-talking New York City detective is set on bringing a powerful Chinatown crime lord to justice.
To Live And Die In L.A. (1985) as Stunts
A Secret Service agent becomes obsessed with tracking down a notorious and dangerous Los Angeles counterfeitor.
Cotton Club, The (1984) as Stunt Coordinator (Special Effects Unit)
Multiple tales of the loves and lives of musicians, tap dancers, singers, gangsters and their molls at Harlem's legendary jazz joint, "The Cotton Club."
Against All Odds (1984) as Stunt Driver
A shady nightclub owner and part-time bookie sends a down-and-out ex-pro football player to Mexico to find the former's girlfriend who has run out on him. But, once he tracks her down, the ex-jock falls for her and then tries to cover it up by saying he can't find her.
Octopussy (1983) as Stunt Supervisor
James Bond (Agent 007) must investigate the murder of a fellow agent who was clutching a priceless Faberge egg at the time of his death. The trail leads to the mysterious Octopussy, whose traveling circus features a company of gorgeous, athletic women. Bond and Octopussy share a passionate attraction, but soon 007 discovers that the elegant Kamal Khan is working with a mad Russian officer to hurl mankind into World War III. As Bond tries to stop the nightmarish scheme, his exploits include a tense chase through the streets of India, a deadly brawl on top of a speeding train, and a treacherous mid-air knife fight on an airplane wing.
National Lampoon's Vacation (1983) as Stunts
The Griswold family treks cross country en route to the Wally World amusement park.
Wrong Is Right (1982) as Stunt Coordinator
Entity, The (1982) as Stunts
An invisible, supernatural presence sexually assaults a woman several times. No one will believe her, and in fact, she doubts her own sanity until she undergoes psychological therapy and meets with experts on the supernatural. Eventually, the entity is coerced into materializing, and this leads to i
Lookin' to Get Out (1982) as Stunts
Alex Kovas lost $10,000 to thugs Joey and Harry in New York City during a poker game. Unable to pay up, Alex hits the road with his friend Jerry Feldman, and the two go to Las Vegas in the hope of winning big. In fact, they do get lucky in the casino, but when word of this gets back to New York, Joey and Harry head for Vegas.
Sting II, The (1982) as Stunts
A gambler tries to get back at the con artists who had tricked him earlier.
Tron (1982) as Stunts
A computer genius falls into the game he''''s designed and has to fight an evil intelligence he accidentally created.
Body Heat (1981) as Stunt Coordinator
A femme fatale seduces a Florida lawyer and convinces him to kill her husband.
Cutter's Way (1981) as Stunt Coordinator
Two best friends live on the fringes of society in wealthy Santa Barbara, California. Richard Bone is a beach-boy and gigolo who has seen better days, and his friend Alex Cutter is an angy Vietnam veteran who was badly injured in the war. When Cutter witnesses one of the towns's most powerful citizens covering up a murder, he is stopped from telling the police by Bone, who says that no one would believe him. Seeing this as his opportunity to get back at the system he feels ruined his life by sending him into an unjust war, Cutter decides to blackmail the murderer. .
Eyewitness (1981) as Stunt Coordinator
Daryll Deever is a janitor in an office building in New York, and a big fan of TV news reporter, Tony Sokolow. When a rich man is murdered in Daryll's building, Tony comes to cover the story and Daryll introduces himself to her. Thinking he may know something about the crime, Tony pursues him, and i
Herbie Goes Bananas (1980) as Stunts
The owners of a magical Volkswagen drive through Latin America on the way to a Brazilian race.
Smokey And The Bandit II (1980) as Stunts
A raucous political race results in the comeback of the wild ways of the Bandit, again pursued by arch enemy Sheriff Buford T Justice.
The Long Riders (1980) as Stunts
The James brothers turn to bank robbery for revenge.
Prophecy (1979) as Stunt Coordinator
When Dr. Robert Verne and his wife go to Maine to study the effects of a lumber mill on the environment there, they find a horrifying variety of mutations in the local wildlife. After a series of violent deaths of people in the area, a research expedition is formed, and a large, mutant bear is found to be the killer.
Hooper (1978) as Stunts
An aging stuntman teams up with a young hotshot.
Comes A Horseman (1978) as Stunts
Rival ranchers battle over oil rights.
Moonshine County Express (1977) as Stunt Coordinator
Slumber Party '57 (1976) as Stunt Coordinator
Macahans, The (1976)
A buckskin-clad mountain scout helps to move his parents, his brother and sister-in-law and their four children westward in 1860 ahead of the impending war.
Crazy Mama (1976) as Stunts
Jonathan Demme directs this joyous unrelentlessly kitchy celebration of 50's America: opportunity, rock'n'roll, and the road. He follows three generations of women and the men they pick up, for a crime spree from California to the old family homestead in Arkansas.
Killer Elite, The (1975) as Stunts
Two professional killers employed by the C.I.A. become dangerous enemies when one of them betrays the other.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Boxcar Bertha (1972) as Stunt Coordinator
A union leader enlists his girlfriend in a plot to get back at the railroad''s evil management.
Star Spangled Girl (1971) as Stunt double

Misc. Crew (special)

Lance Burton, Master Magician: The Encounter (1997)
American illusionist Lance Burton performs feats including making a spaceship appear in the Nevada desert, escaping from a "death tank" and performing a comic musical number with children.
Lance Burton, Master Magician: The Encounter (1997) as Additional Contributions
American illusionist Lance Burton performs feats including making a spaceship appear in the Nevada desert, escaping from a "death tank" and performing a comic musical number with children.

Stunts (TV Mini-Series)

Lonesome Dove (1989)
A four-part miniseries adapted from the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about two former Texas Rangers who, after the Civil War, drive their cattle from Lonesome Dove, Texas, to the wide-open spaces of the Montana territory, hoping to establishing a ranch there.

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