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Also Known As: Died: February 2, 1956
Born: August 2, 1890 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Van Buren, Arkansas, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel (2011)
Blue jeans, sock-hops and drive-in movies: the Fifties were America's age of innocence. But stalking the depths of its post-nuclear bliss, mass paranoia became fuel for Joseph McCarthy's brand of Red Scare terror propaganda. Bomb shelters were a deluxe feature in every American home, government-spon
King Kong (2005) as
It is 1933, and vaudeville actress Ann Darrow has found herself--like so many other New Yorkers during the Great Depression--without the means to earn a living. Unwilling to compromise and allow herself to sink into a career in burlesque, she considers her limited options while aimlessly wandering the streets of Manhattan. When her hunger drives her to unsuccessfully try to steal an apple from a fruit vendor''s stall, she is rescued--literally--by filmmaker and multiple hyphenate Carl Denham. It seems that the entrepreneur-raconteur-adventurer is no stranger to theft, having that day lifted the only existing print of his most recent and unfinished film from under his studio executives'' noses when they threatened to pull his completion funds. Carl has until the end of the day to get his crew onboard the Singapore-bound tramp steamer, the S.S. Venture, in hopes of completing his travelogue/action film. With that, the showman is certain he will finally achieve the personal greatness he knows awaits him around the corner--and although the crew believe that corner to be Singapore, Denham actually hopes to find and capture on film the mysterious place of legend: Skull Island. Unfortunately for Carl, his headlining actress has pulled out of his project, but his search for a size-four leading lady (the costumes have all been made) has, fatefully, led him to Ann. The struggling actress is reluctant to sign on with Denham, until she learns that the up-and-coming, socially relevant playwright Jack Driscoll is penning the screenplay--the fees his friend Carl pays for potboiling adventure are a welcome supplement to Driscoll''s nominal income from his stage plays. With his newly discovered star and coerced screenwriter reluctantly onboard, Denham''s "moving picture ship" heads out of New York Harbor--and toward a destiny that none aboard could possibly foresee.
Spartacus (1960) as Pirate
The rebellious Thracian Spartacus, born and raised a slave, is sold to Gladiator trainer Batiatus. After weeks of being trained to kill for the arena, Spartacus turns on his owners and leads the other slaves in rebellion. As the rebels move from town to town, their numbers swell as escaped slaves join their ranks. Under the leadership of Spartacus, they make their way to southern Italy, where they will cross the sea and return to their homes. Meanwhile, in Rome, the slave revolt has become a deciding factor in the power struggle between two senators: the republican Gracchus and the militarist Crassus, each of whom sees the fortunes of the rebellion as the key to his own rise to power or humiliating defeat. As the two statesmen attempt to aid, hinder and manipulate the rebels for their own benefit, Spartacus and his followers press on toward freedom.
The Windjammer (1946) as Himself
Belle of the Yukon (1944) as Sam Slade
Saloon entertainers get mixed up with a bank robbery.
Lumberjack (1944) as Justice
Julie's husband has been murdered and land agents want her to sign away her property rights. Hoppy warns against this but she does so anyway. It looks as though she will be unable to deliver the timber called for in her agreement. Hoppy has to make the lumber deal happened and solve the murder.
Outlaws of Santa Fe (1944) as Charlie
Mystery Man (1944) as Tom Hanlon
After Hoppy helps round up the Trilling gang, Trilling breaks his men out of jail and they rustle the Bar 20 herd for revenge. When Hoppy gets the herd back, Trilling posing as a Marshal not only gets the herd again, he gets the Sheriff to jail the Bar 20 gang. Getting help from the Sheriff's daughter, Hoppy and pals start out once more after Trilling.
The Man from Music Mountain (1943) as Rancher
Roy returns home to fine a range feud between the cattlemen and the sheepmen. When his friend is killed he finds the rifle had a defective pin. He learns the rifle belongs to a ranch hand named Barker and that a third party has caused the feud. When he captures outlaws trying to blow up a dam, he claims Barker was the killer. But Barker has switched rifles and the outlaws now accuse Roy and Roy finds himself in trouble.
Riding the Wind (1942) as Marshal
A crook tries to bleed cattle ranchers by tying up local water rights.
Call of the Canyon (1942) as Rancher
The Bandit Trail (1941) as Marshal
A cowboy turns bad for revenge, but cant stomach his new evil ways.
Stage to Chino (1940) as Sheriff
A retired postal inspector gets back in the saddle to prevent a stagecoach robbery.
Triple Justice (1940) as Patterson
A cowboy has to clear his name when he's mistaken for a bank robber.
Prairie Schooners (1940) as Jim Gibbs
Wild Bill Elliott, Evelyn Young, Dub Taylor, Kenneth Harlan, Ray Teal. Western legend Wild Bill Hickok leads a group of settlers from Kansas to the wilds of Colorado where the Indians are none too friendly.
Alias the Deacon (1940) as Deke Caswell
Comin' Round the Mountain (1940) as Jed Blower
Our Leading Citizen (1939) as Lem Schofield
I'm from Missouri (1939) as Sweeney Bliss
Mountain Rhythm (1939) as
Timber Stampede (1939) as Sheriff Lyman
Cattlemen fight corrupt railroad men out to destroy the forest.
The Land of Fighting Men (1938) as Sheriff
Western Trails (1938) as Dad Mason
In a remake of Dawn Trail, Bob Mason is wounded chasing the killers of his father. During his recovery, his nurse is Alice whom his friend Ben plans to marry. He eventually learns the killer was Alice's brother Rudd. But Rudd convinces Ben that Bob is taking Alice away from him. So Ben removes the bullets from Bob's gun just before Bob goes off to face Rudd.
The Arkansas Traveler (1938) as The [Arkansas] Traveler
Tropic Holiday (1938) as Breck Jones
Radio City Revels (1938) as Lester [Robin]
Burned-out songwriters find man who composes while asleep.
Mountain Music (1937) as Bob Burnside [also known as Hamilton W. Lovelace]
Waikiki Wedding (1937) as Shad Buggle
A laid-back marketing man for a Hawaiian pineapple company enjoys his life in the tropical paradise until a beautiful woman arrives on the island and turns his life upside down.
The Plainsman (1937) as Trooper
Calamity Jane gets mixed up in an Indian War and the friendly rivalry between Wild Bill Hickok and Buffalo Bill.
Guns of the Pecos (1937) as Bob Jordan
Texas Rangers take on cattle rustlers.
Wells Fargo (1937) as Hank York, a wanderer
An employee of an express shipping service helps to provide people with the supplies they need.
The Big Broadcast of 1937 (1936) as Bob Black
A failing radio station needs to put on a ratings winner to have any chance of continued operation.
Treachery Rides the Range (1936) as Nevins
A cowboy takes on buffalo hunters out to stir up the Indians.
Galloping Dynamite (1936) as Sheriff
Rhythm on the Range (1936) as Buck
A cowboy falls for his boss, a beautiful lady ranch owner.
The Lonely Trail (1936) as Rancher
Though he fought for the North in the Civil War, John is asked by the Governor of Texas to get rid of some troublesome carpetbaggers. He enlists the help of Holden before learning that Holden too is plundering the local folk.
The Crime of Dr. Forbes (1936) as Juror
Injured scientist Eric Godfrey asks his protege to give him a fatal dose of opiates to end his misery. When he dies the doctor is accused of murder.
Shakedown (1936) as Pawnbroker
The Singing Vagabond (1935) as Buffalo
Humiliated by her Aunt Hortense (Grace Goodall), Lettie Morgan (Ann Rutherford) runs away from home. Mixing with a troupe of show girls, led by Otto (Henry Roquemore), she is mistaken for the expected leading lady and heads for California with their wagons. They miss the main wagon train and are attacked just as they cross the California border, but are rescued by Captain Tex Autry (Gene Autry) and his troop. Lettie believes Tex has been insolent for condemning the show troupe being on their own unprotected, and reports him to Colonel Seward (Frank LaRue) at Fort Henry. Horses are stolen from the fort that night by renegades led by Buck LaCrosse (Warner Richmond) and Utah Joe (Alan Sears), and when Tex goes in pursuit, he is believed to be a traitor, captured and condemned to death. Judge Lane (Niles Welch), in on the plot and hankering for Lettie, is asked by Lettie to intercede, but he double-crosses her. Aided by his pals, Frog (Smiley Burnette) and Buffalo (Bob Burns), Tex escapes and takes after the wagon train with which Lettie and the troupe of show girls has gone.
Courageous Avenger (1935) as
An agent sent to investigate the thefts of gold bullion shipments discovers that the mine owner is behind it. He also finds out that the owner has his gang capture travelers in the desert to use as slave labor in the mine.
Sagebrush Trail (1933) as Sheriff Parker
A man, wrongly imprisoned for murder, escapes to track down the real killer.
When a Man Rides Alone (1933) as Sheriff Ed Brady
Law and Lawless (1932) as
The Dawn Trail (1930) as Settler
Dissension arises between cattlemen in Osage County, Texas, and sheepherders who have settled there and use the same watering stream. Mart Dalton (Charles Morton), son of a wealthy cattleman, quarrels with and kills one of the settlers, thus placing Sheriff Larry Williams (Buck Jones) in a delicate position; for he is Mart's best friend and is engaged to Mart's sister June (Miriam Seeger). However, sworn to do his duty, he arrests Mart, incensing the cattlemen, who help Mart escape, leaving Larry wounded.
Breed of the West (1930) as Cowboy Bob
There is a feud on the Colonel's ranch between his foreman Longrope and some of the hands. The Colonel is firing those that don't get along with Longrope and it looks like Wally will be next. But things change when Jim overhears Longrope's plan to rob the Colonel. Longrope shoots Jim and this sends Wally into action.
The Cock-Eyed World (1929) as Connors
Thunder Riders (1928) as Sheriff
Jus' Travlin' (1927) as Bob Speed
The Outlaw's Daughter (1925) as Sheriff
Desperate Odds (1925) as
Revenge of the Range (1925)
Falsely accused of robbery by a jealous rival, a cowboy tries to prove his innocence.
Riding Fool (1924) as
The Girl from Beyond (1918) as Dick Stewart

Visual Effects (feature film)

Wicked Stepmother (1989) as Special Effects
A couple comes home from vacation to find that their grandfather has re-married. The stepmother (a witch) takes over and the couple plot to get rid of her.
Puppetoon Movie, The (1987) as Miniature Time Machine
Animated characters introduce a compilation of their short films from the 1930s and 1940s.
Harry And The Hendersons (1987) as Special Effects
After Mr. Henderson''s car accidentally hits Harry, his life is turned upside down as he and his family make friends with the real-life Bigfoot.
Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal, The (1985)
Interviews and film clips pay tribute to the Oscar-winning fantasy filmmaker.
Trouble In Mind (1985) as Special Effects
The lives of an ex-con, a coffee-shop owner, and a young couple looking to make it rich intersect in the fictional and hypnotic Rain City, when the boyfriend in the couple starts working for the city's notorious crime syndicate.
Scared to Death (1982) as Special Effects
A former policeman who has become a novelist is called out of retirement to help find a serial killer. Before long, it is revealed that the murders are not the work of any human, but the result of a DNA experiment gone wrong. A mutant creature has been created that kills people by sucking out their

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Cimarron (1931) as Trick rider
A husband and wife fight to survive in the early days of the Oklahoma Territory.

Film Production - Construction/Set (feature film)

Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal, The (1985)
Interviews and film clips pay tribute to the Oscar-winning fantasy filmmaker.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Wizard of Speed and Time, The (1980)
Sinister producer attempts to thwart a special effects wizard's big film.
Wizard of Speed and Time, The (1980)
Sinister producer attempts to thwart a special effects wizard's big film.

Director (special)

No Hair Day (2000) as Director
Three breast cancer survivors discuss their fight against breast cancer and the emotional and physical stages of the disease. In March 1998, three bald women came to the Cambridge studio of photographer Elsa Dorfman for a portrait session. The women -- filmmaker Deborah Dorsey, artist and teacher C
Truth About Impotence, The (1998) as Director
Profiles the effects of new medicines and therapies on the state of male impotence.
News to Us (1990) as Director
A comedy special in which Merrill Markoe and Richard Rosen team up as "investigative comics" who seek out offbeat items.

Cast (special)

Attack of the 50-Foot Monstermania, The (1999) as Interviewee
Documentary exploring supersized monsters of film -- from giant apes like King Kong and Mighty Joe Young to rampaging atomic mutants like Godzilla and the Amazing Colossal Man to oversized extraterrestrials from "Starship Troopers" and "Aliens."

Cinematography (special)

Truth About Impotence, The (1998) as Camera
Profiles the effects of new medicines and therapies on the state of male impotence.

Writer (special)

Truth About Impotence, The (1998) as Writer
Profiles the effects of new medicines and therapies on the state of male impotence.

Producer (special)

No Hair Day (2000) as Producer
Three breast cancer survivors discuss their fight against breast cancer and the emotional and physical stages of the disease. In March 1998, three bald women came to the Cambridge studio of photographer Elsa Dorfman for a portrait session. The women -- filmmaker Deborah Dorsey, artist and teacher C
Truth About Impotence, The (1998) as Producer
Profiles the effects of new medicines and therapies on the state of male impotence.

Film Production - Main (special)

Case of Libel, A (1985) as Technical Producer
A television adaptation of Henry Denker's 1963 courtroom drama about Boyd Bendix, a self-appointed and self-righteous Red Menace watchdog, who is accused of libeling Dennis Corcoran, a one-time World War II correspondent he feels is "a drunken, yellow-bellied degenerate" and a Communist sympathizer.

Misc. Crew (special)

Hollywood Aliens and Monsters: A Century of Science-Fiction Cinema (1997) as Classic Movie Robots
A look at the greatest science fiction films ever made, from early classics to current blockbusters. Features behind-the-scenes stories of films and examines the major themes of post-war American pop culture including aliens, nuclear mutations and re-animation.
Monster Mania (1997) as Acknowledgment
Compilation of horror film clips, tracing the genre from the beginning of the 20th century through the 1990s.

Cast (short)

Soaring Stars (1942)
In this comedic short, two autograph hounds attend an air show at the Santa Anita racetrack.
Cinema Circus (1937)
In this short film, various celebrities take part in a circus performance.
The Sunday Round-Up (1937)
In this short film, a pastor in a western town competes against a saloon in order to form a congregation for his small church. Vitaphone Release 7661-7662.
Rooftops of Manhattan (1935)
This short film presents several musical performances set in a rooftop nightclub in Manhattan. Vitaphone Release 1893-1894.

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