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Overview for Perry Bullington
Perry Bullington

Perry Bullington


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Cast (feature film)

Brave New World (1980) as Roger
An ambitious but confusing and unsuccessful attempt to translate the satirical Aldous Huxley novel of a futuristic society in a place called Savageland 600 years in the future. No one there ages past thirty-five, babies are mass produced on an assembly line, and "engagings" (sexual trysts) are compu
Chatter Box (1977)

Casting (feature film)

Furnace, The (2008)
A motley crew of inmates accidentally unleash a vengeful curse on a dilapidated penitentiary.
Gingerdead Man, The (2005)
Evil yet adorable Gingerbread men come to life with the souls of three convicted killers - these real life cookie monsters wreak havoc on the girl who sent the killers to the electric chair.
Straight into Darkness (2004)
Tale of two American soldiers, Deming and Losey, who desert, flinging themselves into unknown geographical and emotional territory in rural WW II France. As the soldiers struggle to survive the harsh winter and the emotionally debilitating destruction of the Second World War they develop a a combati
Trancers 6 (2002) as Casting Director
Jack Deth is back - traveling back in time and into the body of his own daughter, Josephine, on a mission to save her life and save the world from the most lethal Trancers yet.
Retro Puppetmaster (2002)
A 3000-year-old Egyptian sorcerer steals one of the secrets of life -- the ability to inject the souls of the dying into inanimate objects. He uses this new power to raise three mummies who begin a reign of terror in late 19th century Paris.
Demonicus (2001) as Casting Director
James is possessed by the spirit of a gladiator and slaughters his friends to bring the gladiator back from the dead.
Blood Dolls (1999)
An eccentric freak, and brilliant inventor, with a head the size of an avocado will use his latest creations --the blood dolls, to exact revenge upon those who have betrayed his trust.
Ragdoll (1999) as Casting
When seventeen year-old Kwame invokes his grandmother's conjuring powers to avenge her savage beating by local thugs, he discoveres there's a fearsome price to pay for dealing with the Shadowman and his "killing" magic.
Killjoy (1999) as Casting
Deep in an inner city hell, a ghastly figure is killing off the bad guys. Is it a vigilante, or a demon? For the beautiful high school student, Jada, that's the question that will bring her face to face with the killer clown "Killjoy."
Orfeu (1999) as Casting
Orfeu is a famous musician and pop singer, as well as the local King of Carnival. When Orfeu meets beautiful, aloof Euridice he thinks he has found his Queen, even though he is already engaged to marry Mira. Caught up in the festivities surrounding Carnival, Orfeu puts all of his efforts into courti
Horrible Doctor Bones, The (1999) as Casting
A dynamic hip-hop group called--Urban Protectors--think they've finally gotten their big break when they're "discovered" by notorious record producer, Dr. Bones. What they don't realize is that Dr. Bones has a diabolical plot to dominate the world with an army of zombies who use the Protector's musi
Dead Hate the Living!, The (1999)
While filming their horror epic, a renegade band of young filmmakers open the portal to a dead world that releases dozens of zombies who proceed to trap them in an abandoned hospital.
Totem (1999) as Casting
Six average teenagers have been chosen by The Three Masters of Death to be part of a terrifying ritual - three of them destined to be killers and three to be victims - unholy sacrifices that will awaken the sleeping Masters and bring the Dead of the World back to hideous life.
Witchouse II (1999) as Casting
A haunted old house in Covington County is being plowed over to make way for a shopping mall when four unmarked graves are unearthed. A professor and her students are called in from a nearby university to identify the bodies.
Clockmaker (1999) as Casting
The elaborate clocks and machines in the apartment of a mysterious old clockmaker turn out to control the entire world's past, present and future, as three enterprising children discover. When one of them is accidentally launched into the past, time spins out of control, and the other two must save
Secret Kingdom, The (1998) as Casting
A curious kid discovers a miniature city nestled behind the kitchen sink. His siblings are soon transported into this strange land where two kingdoms are about to go to war. It's up to the kids to restore peace and save their own lives!
Johnny Mysto Boy Wizard (1998) as Casting
A young magician from Los Angeles comes into possession of Merlin's ring and ends up in King Arthur's court.
Phantom Town (1997) as Casting
When a sixteen year-old boy and his two young siblings set off on a quest to find their missing parents, their search leads them to a ghost town in the middle of the desert. They soon discover that this is no ordinary tourist spot. In fact, according to the maps, it doesn't exist at all! Finding the
Mystery Monsters (1996)
They're the Goobers! Squidgy, Blop and Esmerelda are peculiar creatures that pose as puppets on a popular kiddy program by day, kept against their will by the TV show's corrupt host, Cap'n Mike. Tommy and Susie, the co-starring kids, are the Goobers' only hope for freedom - but a powerful being has
Spellbreaker: Secret of the Leprechauns (1996) as Casting (United States)
Mike Dennehy's summer vacation in Ireland turns supernatural - and super cool- when he hooks up with a band of magical Leprechauns. But the real adventure begins when a deadly sorceress threatens to destroy Mike's new buddies.
Eight Days A Week (1996) as Casting
Peter is making a last stand--literally. He camps 24 hours a day under the window of the girl of his dreams trying to win her love before she leaves for college at the end of the summer. Erica is worth it. Drop dead gorgeous, she loves trouble, hates conformity and laughs in the face of chastity. In
Head of the Family (1996) as Casting (Macdonald/Bullington)
A deformed man performs brain surgery on unsuspecting victims.
Oblivion (1994) as Casting
On a barren, otherworldly wasteland, a peace-loving sheriff's son reluctantly returns to the town of "Oblivion" to vanquish his father's killer after a self-imposed exile. There, he finds a savage reptilian extraterrestrial is terrorizing the desert outpost.
Prehysteria (1993) as Casting
A corrupt antiques dealer steals some dinosaur eggs from a sacred cave in South America and returns to the US. Before he can sell them, a farmer and his family accidentally takes them home, where they hatch. The family is soon forced to battle the dealer and his henchmen for custody of the tiny creatures.
Shadowhunter (1993)
A California cop is sent to an Indian reservation to arrest a fugitive Indian, who uses his knowledge of tribal medicine to battle the law enforcer.
Demonic Toys (1992)
An arms deal gone bad frees a demon with world domination on his mind and the ability to bring toys to life to serve as his evil army. Now a policewoman joins forces with a crook and a delivery boy to stop a flood of possessed jack-in-the-boxes, puppets and dolls.
Seedpeople (1992) as Casting
Plants take over people's minds in their attempt to pollinate the world.
Bad Channels (1992) as Casting
A visitor from another planet commandeers a radio station and collects women as specimens.
Netherworld (1992) as Casting
A plantation serves as a passageway to the underworld in which a young man encounters the duelling powers of love and black magic.
Inner Circle, The (1991)
The story of Josef Stalin's inner circle, focusing on his personal projectionist, a relatively uneducated man put in an influential position, and his slow realization of Stalin's evil.
Rich Girl (1991) as Casting
A spoiled, wealthy girl falls for a rock 'n' roll singer in the club where she works.
Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge (1991) as Casting
Set during World World II, a group of animated puppets wreck havoc on behalf of their creator when his wife is killed by the Gestapo.
Pit And The Pendulum, The (1991) as Casting
During the notorious Spanish Inquisition, not-so-holy-man Torquemada invents new and ever more horrifying devices to torture confessions out of his victims. When a woman speaks out against the evil, she's accused of witchcraft and subject to all the fiendish treatment the insane priest can think of.
Subspecies (1991) as Casting
The lives of three woman are endangered by an ancient vampire in a remote castle.
Puppet Master II: Shadow Zone (1991)
A gang of murderous puppets exhume their beloved creator and set off in search of the special brain fluid that keeps them alive.
Crash and Burn (1990) as Casting
An experiment in robot genetics goes haywire.
Meridian: Kiss of the Beast (1990) as Casting
An ancient werewolf controls a horde of diminutive creatures of the night who threaten the lives of two women in a remote area.
Shadowzone (1990)
Careless experiments unleashes a deadly force into the earth's atmosphere.
Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects (1989)
In Los Angeles, a cop and father with no tolerance for sleaze is tracking down a pimp who recruits adolescent hookers and drug addicts in order to sell them to rich businessman with loose morals. When one such businessman arrives from Japan and, in a twist, finds his daughter taken by the pimp, it'
Braddock: Missing In Action III (1988) as Casting (Usa)
When Colonel James Braddock is told that his assumed-dead Asian wife and 12-year-old son are still alive in Communist Vietnam, he returns to rescue them. Once there, Braddock discovers a prison camp full of Amerasian orphans controlled by the sadistic Vietnamese general whom was one of those that t
Messenger Of Death (1988)
A Denver detective is after a serial killer linked to a cult of Mormon avengers.
Journey to the Center of the Earth (1988)
A young English nanny joins two brothers in exploring a cave on a deserted beach in Hawaii. Soon after they enter the cave, a volcanic eruption opens an ancient path leading downward into the earth and they follow it. In spite of having a limited supply of food and water, the team continue exploring
Assassination (1987) as Casting
The presidential bodyguard, Jay Killion, is assigned to guard the first lady during the inauguration of her newly elected husband. The iconoclastic first lady initially balks at Killion's traditional, methodical procedures. But when several attempts are made on her life, she begins to trust his inst
American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (1987) as Casting
Joe Armstrong and Curtis Jackson are US Army Rangers who have been assigned to investigate the disappearance of American soldiers stationed on a small British-controlled island in the Caribbean.
Number One With a Bullet (1987)
Two police detectives are escorting a crime boss to Los Angeles to testify in a court case. When the mobster is killed by an assassin during their watch, the officers investigate the murder and uncover a plot that incriminates their own department.
Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987)
After a friend's daughter falls victim to the deadly drug, vigilante Paul Kersey declares war on crack dealers.
Naked Cage, The (1986) as Casting
Murphy's Law (1986)
Ten years ago, police detective Jack Murphy helped put psychotic killer Joan Freeman in prison. Now Joan is out of jail and intent on getting her revenge against him, so she murders Jack's ex-wife and her current husband and frames Jack for the crime. When Jack is arrested, he is handcuffed to tough
Delta Force, The (1986) as Casting (Los Angeles)
An elite group of commandos led by a tough colonel is assigned to rescue a group of Americans from a terrorist-held airplane.
Runaway Train (1985)
Two escaped convicts inadvertantly jump aboard a freight train that they discover is barreling out of control, without an engineer.
American Ninja (1985)
An American soldier, stationed in the Philippines and well-versed in the martial arts, goes up against the ninja-trained army of a vicious arms dealer.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Witchouse (1999)
When a group of seven kids are invited over by their strange classmate Elizabeth for a little "get together" in her eerie New England mansion, they soon become unwitting participants in a horrific sacrificial ritual.
Witchouse (1999)
When a group of seven kids are invited over by their strange classmate Elizabeth for a little "get together" in her eerie New England mansion, they soon become unwitting participants in a horrific sacrificial ritual.

Casting (special)

S Club Party Live (2001)
Music special featuring the British group S Club 7 in concert from Manchester, England, one of the stops on their seven-city UK tour.

Casting (TV Mini-Series)

Murdercycle (1999)
Beanstalk (1994)

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