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Also Known As: Died:
Born: April 23, 1946 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Washington D.C., USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

First Born (2007)
A young mother, having just given birth and relocated to a remote house, begins to think her home is haunted by the ghost of a teenage girl who lived there before.
Dark Matter (2007)
Liu Xing arrives at a big Western university to study the origins of the universe. He finds other Chinese students to share a cheap apartment with him, and flirts with an attractive American girl who works in a local tea shop. When the head of the department, Jacob Reiser, welcomes Liu Xing into his
Griffin and Phoenix (2007)
A love story about two people who face a seemingly insurmountable obstacle that stands between them and a last chance at love.
Sentinel, The (2006)
Pete Garrison is a U.S. Secret Service agent who saved a president's life by jumping in front of a hail of bullets, over twenty years ago. Well-liked and respected by his colleagues, Garrison is a career agent who now heads the First Lady's detail. He lives in a high-level, orderly world of hierarch
Treatment, The (2006)
Jake Singer is an anxious young schoolteacher living in New York. He is barely on speaking terms with his father, was recently abandoned by his girlfriend, and is heading for a life of compromise and mediocrity at a prestigious uptown prep school. Emotionally paralyzed, Jake embarks on a course of p
Loverboy (2005)
Brilliant, beautiful and financially secure, Emily Stoll never wanted a husband--nor a house with a white picket fence. She knew she needed just one thing to make her truly happy: a child with whom she could share life's wonders. When an anonymous sexual encounter results in the birth of her son, Pa
Dogville (2003) as Mrs Henson
The beautiful fugitive, Grace, arrives in the isolated township of Dogville on the run from a team of gangsters. With some encouragement from Tom, the self-appointed town spokesman, the little community agrees to hide her and in return, Grace agrees to work for them. However, when a search sets in,
Follow the Stars Home (2001) as Hannah
A determined woman raises her daughter, born with severe genetic abnormalities. She's helped immeasurably by her mothers, a young neighbor, and a doctor who's the brother of her husband, who left their marriage when young Julia was born.<P>When Dianne Parker marries Mark McCune, their lives couldn't
Space Cowboys (2000) as Doctor Anne Caruthers
In 1958, Frank Corvin and three other cocky and reckless young pilots lost their chance to be the first Americans in space to a chimpanzee named Mary Ann. In the year 2000, a Russian communications satellite has run into trouble and the only one who can fix it is the man repsonsible for designing it
In His Life: The John Lennon Story (2000) as Mimi Smith
Television movie on the early life of John Lennon, focusing on his years as a teenager and ending with the Beatles' first appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show."
Astronaut's Wife, The (1999) as Shelly Mclaren
They were the perfect all-American couple: a courageous, honored NASA astronaut and his beautiful school-teacher wife. They were passionately in love, so connected they could sense each other even when he was floating in space and she was two hundred thousand miles below. And in two minutes it all turned to inexplicable horror. For two minutes, astronaut Spencer Armacost loses total consciousness while on a routine space shuttle mission, returning home just barely alive and a bewildered hero. The President, the nation and his friends celebrate his safe return, but to his wife Jillian something seems strangely amiss from the moment he returns to Earth.
Convictions (1997) as Zalinda Dorcheus
After Zalinda's son John is murdered, she becomes an outspoken advocate of the victim's rights movement. Zalinda is determined to keep the young man who took her son's life behind bars. Ten years later, Zalinda realizes that the stress has eaten away at her. She decides that she must confront Jeffre
Ultimate Lie, The (1996) as Joan Mcgrath
Drama exploring the psychological secrets kept by members of a seemingly perfect family. The father's secret pastime of hiring high-priced call girls is revealed when his troubled daughter turns up at his hotel room as one of the call girls.
Gift of Love, The (1994) as Helen
An ailing man's life is spared when he receives a new heart -- the heart of his beloved grandson, killed in a freak accident. Following this ironic tragedy, he loses his will to live, until a runaway teenage girl befriends him and helps mend the estranged relationship with his daughter.
Moment of Truth: To Walk Again (1994) as Carole Keating
Based on the true story of Eddie Keating, who was paralyzed during Marine exercises and his parents' fight to get proper care for their son.
Day My Parents Ran Away, The (1993) as Judy Miller
A holiday-themed comedy about two parents who run away from home when their teenage son becomes too much to handle. Based on a short film entitled "Missing Parents."
Rio Shannon (1993) as Liz Cleary
A Midwestern family moves to New Mexico and opens a guest ranch.
Life Remembers (1993) as Host
Portraits of some of the prominent figures who died during 1993 as seen by people who knew them. Based on the special year-end issue of "Life" magazine.
Passed Away (1992) as Amy Scanlan
A family is brought together at an Irish wake, where the eldest son of the deceased falls for who he thinks is his dead father''s mistress.
Majority Rule (1992) as General Katherine Taylor
A general, the first American woman to lead troops in combat, becomes a national hero and runs for president.
Those Secrets (1992) as Neille
A former call girl's placid marriage and home life is threatened by the revelation of her husband's infidelity.
Extreme Close-Up (1990) as Margaret Toll
A fifteen-year-old boy is shattered by the accidental death of his mother and tries to make sense of her death by reviewing his family's home videos. A tape of her accident leads him to a shocking discovery.
Strapless (1989) as Dr Lillian Hempel
An American woman living in London becomes involved with a mysterious man from Rome.
Stealing Home (1988) as Ginny Wyatt
An aging baseball player returns to his home town after the suicide of a childhood friend.
Bad Seed, The (1985) as Christine Penmark
This television remake of the 1954 Broadway stage hit and subsequent film two years later of Maxwell Anderson's play adapted from William March's tidy little horror novel (both starred Nancy Kelly as the horrified mother and Patty McCormack as the precious young daughter she discovers to be a murder
Flash of Green, A (1984) as Kate Hubble
A small-town newspaper reporter along the Florida Gulf, Jimmy is waiting for that "flash of green," a Gulf mirage said to occur during sunset. Caring for his dying wife is the only heroic thing that Jimmy does, counterbalanced by the very unheroic act of taking bribes to help a boyhood friend, now a
Continental Divide (1981) as Nell Porter
Ernice is a Chicago newspaper columnist who regularly reports on the corrupt behavior of local politicians. When one of his pieces about a crooked alderman proves too controversial, the paper sends Ernie out to the Rocky Mountains to write a lightweight article about reclusive ornithologist Nell Porter. Nell wants no part of the project and orders Ernie to leave, but since his guide is gone and won''t return for weeks, she relents and allows him to stay. Forced to put up with each other''s company, the two find a way to tolerate the situation, and eventually fall in love.
Altered States (1980) as Emily Jessup
A professor in abnormal psychology who is studying schizophrenia develops a theory that other states of consciousness are as real as the waking state. He begins experimenting using sensory-deprivation and drugs on himself. This experimentation leads to extreme psychological and physical changes, at
One-Trick Pony (1980) as Marion
Ten years ago Jonah has his last hit song, now he is reduced to opening for punk rock bands. His record company is badgering him to write a song that will sell, so Jonah sells out his talent and follows the advise of a trendy music producer. While he tries to get his career back on track, the divorced Jonah manages to see his son on a regular basis, attempts to improve his personal life, and tries to adjust to the social change around him. .
Child Stealer, The (1979) as Jan Rodman
A young mother battles to get her children back after her ex-husband kidnaps them and the law won't help her in her efforts.
And I Alone Survived (1978) as Lauren Elder
A dramatization of the true story of a woman's ordeal following a plane crash in the Sierra Nevadas that killed her two companions in April 1976.
Choirboys, The (1977) as Kimberly Lyles
The careers and personal lives of a group of bigoted and hard-drinking Los Angeles policemen are examined. Although the officers provide emotional support for each other, they are lacking in sensitivity and judgement on the job. And when one of them accidentally shoots a teenage homosexual in a city
Charlie Cobb: Nice Night For A Hanging (1977) as Charity
In this pilot for a prospective Western detective series, a private eye of the 1870s is hired to deliver a California rancher's long-missing daughter to him, despite numerous efforts to thwart the plan involving the rancher's new wife, his top hand, and a crooked sheriff.
Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years (1977) as Anna Roosevelt
A further look into the lives of F.D.R. and Eleanor Roosevelt during their twelve-year residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, reuniting most of the cast and technical crew responsible for the multiple-award-winning first film (1976). Equally as honored (with seventeen Emmy nominations), this film wa
Quinns, The (1977) as Millicent Priestley
A drama about three generations of Irish-American firefighters in the New York City Fire Department -- and their careers, romances and growing pains.
3000 Mile Chase, The (1977) as Rachel Kane
A professional courier's efforts to deliver a key witness cross-country to a New York court appearance comes under attack by professional gunmen in this pilot film for a prospective series.
Oregon Trail (1976) as Jessica Thorpe
A pioneer family pulls up stakes, packs its belongings and heads west for the rewards of free land and a freer life. The series that followed this pilot film ran briefly from September to December 1977.
The Paper Chase (1973)
A law student discovers that his girlfriend is the daughter of his toughest professor.

Producer (feature film)

Moment of Truth: To Walk Again (1994) as Co-Producer
Based on the true story of Eddie Keating, who was paralyzed during Marine exercises and his parents' fight to get proper care for their son.

Cast (special)

Woodrow Wilson (2002) as Voice Of Ellen Wilson
Biographical documentary of President Woodrow Wilson. In Part 1, Wilson rises from a Civil boyhood in Georgia to become president of Princeton University and an outspoken champion of progressive reform. He is elected governor of New Jersey, then narrowly wins the presidency, accomplishing a remarkab
Secret Life of the Brain, The (2002) as Narration
Documentary on the mysteries of the brain, during gestation and infancy, childhood, adolesence, the mature brain and the elderly brain. Advanced imaging shows the brain at work and 3D computer animation portrays how the cells grow and forge connections. Examines neuroscientific knowledge in regards
Brilliant But Cancelled (2002) as Interviewee
Documentary which focuses on critically acclaimed and beloved television shows that were cancelled before they had a chance to blossom on the air.
Intimate Portrait: Lee Grant (2001) as Narration
Portrait of Lee Grant, an actor who was sidelined by the McCarthy blacklist for 12 years. After returning to acting (she received the Best Actress Academy Award for her performance in Warren Beatty's 1975 film "Shampoo"), she turned to directing award-winning dramas and social documentaries.
Homes of FDR, The (1999) as Narration
Reveals the connections that Franklin Delano Roosevelt had with three of the places he called home -- Campobello, Hyde Park and the Little White House at Warm Springs, Georgia.
Intimate Portrait: Sally Field (1998) as Narration
Portrait of two-time Oscar winner Sally Field; examines her early TV career as "Gidget" and "The Flying Nun"; her roles in the films "Norma Rae" and "Steel Magnolias."
To Our Credit (1998) as Narration
Documentary examines "microcredit" and "microenterprise" -- solutions to easing and eliminating global poverty. Microcredit is the practice of lending money to low-income people to help them create their own employment. In the United States the practice is known as microenterprise. A departure from
Margaret Sanger (1998) as Narration
Profile of Margaret Sanger, pioneer feminist and birth control advocate. Combines narration with readings of quotes, archival footage, still photography, newspaper accounts, period film clips and interviews.
Intimate Portrait: Janet Leigh (1996) as Narration
Documentary exploring the life and career of actress Janet Leigh.
Choice '96, The (1996) as Narration
Examination of the lives and careers of Seantor Bob Dole and President Bill Clinton, 1996 Republican and Democratic candidates for U.S. President, respectively.
Murder of the Century (1995) as Voice Of Evelyn Nesbit
Documentary examining the opulent world of New York society in the early 20th century, against the backdrop of the sensational trial of Harry Thaw, an eccentric heir to a Pittsburgh fortune, for the murder of the renowned architect Sanford White.
Susan B. Anthony Slept Here (1995) as Segment Host ("Georgia O'Keeffe" "Bessie Smith")
Special visiting the hometowns of some American women who helped shape the nation. Notable contemporary women host each segment.
Nobody's Girls: Five Women of the West (1994) as Narration
Real stories of five women of the Old West (approximately 1860-1915), told in their own words and reenacted by five actresses. Rare photos and early film footage create a base for dramatic portrayals of a Piute Indian scout who made great efforts to help her people during the Bannock War of 1878; a
Lethal Innocence (1991) as Sally Hatch
A drama based on the true-life story of a small Vermont town that successfully adopts a Cambodian refugee family after a long battle with Washington bureaucrats.
Quiet on the Set! Behind the Scenes at "Molly Dodd" (1990)
A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the series, "The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd." Cast members and others discuss the series and their roles in its production.
1990 Ace Awards-11th Annual (1990) as Presenter
Live presentation of the eleventh annual ACE Awards, honoring the best in made-for-cable programming. Sponsored by the National Academy of Cable Programming.
10th Annual Ace Awards (1989)
Live presentation of the ACE Awards, honoring the best in made-for-cable programming. Chuck Dolan receives the Governor's Award for his career achievements in the cable industry and HBO receives the Golden ACE award, cable's highest honor, for outstanding achievments in cable.
Faculty, The (1986) as Valerie Arnold
A realistic view of the teaching profession, as told through the eyes of six educators in an urban school system, all of whom must function as teacher, psychologist, social worker, role model, and cop.
Don't Touch (1985) as Mrs Joan Stewart
A babysitter must make the biggest decision of her life when she recognizes from her own personal experiences the signs that the child she cares for is being molested.
Skin of Our Teeth, The (1983) as Sabina
The story of the ups and downs of the Antrobus family, a group based on the biblical first family of Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. Their adventures are meant to represent those of the family of humanity throughout its long, sordid history.
School For Scandal, The (1975) as Lady Teazle
The Guthrie Theater of Minneapolis performs Sheridan's comedy about two brothers, one compulsively phony, the other brutally unaffected and honest.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Season in Purgatory, A (1996) as Grace Bradley
When a young girl in a prominent New England family is murdered, a 21-year cover-up ensues. Based on Dominick Dunne's novel "A Season in Purgatory."
James A. Michener's "Space" (1985) as Penny Pope
James A. Michener's epic best-selling fictional account of America's space program, spanning the years from the end of World War II to the exploration of the moon in the early 1970s and a fictional expedition to the "dark" side, was the basis of this well-received 13-hour miniseries with a stellar c
Kennedy (1983) as Jacqueline Kennedy
A three-part miniseries based on the life of President John F. Kennedy.
Captains and the Kings (1976) as Elizabeth Healey
The nine-hour serialization of Taylor Caldwell's novel about an Irish immigrant and the establishment of his family name through the accumulation of wealth and power during the years from 1857 to 1912, along with his goal of having his son elected the first Catholic President of the United States, g
Captains and the Kings Part 5 & 6 (1976) as Elizabeth Healey
The nine-hour serialization of Taylor Caldwell's novel about an Irish immigrant and the establishment of his family name through the accumulation of wealth and power during the years from 1857 to 1912, along with his goal of having his son elected the first Catholic President of the United States, g

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Hamlet (2000) as Gertrude
Hands of a Stranger (1987) as Diane Benton
An ambitious, recently-promoted narcotics inspector becomes obsessed with discovering the truth about the rape of his pretty, neglected wife, while becoming involved romantically with an equally ambitious woman DA. Filmed in Vancouver with, aside from the three leads and one or two others, an all-Ca
Arthur Hailey's "Wheels" (1978) as Barbara Lipton
The slick Hailey novel about passion and intrigue at the corporate level of the automotive industry emerged an elegantly produced soap opera in this project, the biggest ever handled by a single director and highlighted by the Emmy-nominated performance of Lee Remick as the bored wife who finds that

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