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Claude Brasseur

Claude Brasseur


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Band of... Two restless young men enlist the object of their desire to help them commit a... more info $22.95was $29.95 Buy Now

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Also Known As: Died:
Born: June 15, 1936 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Paris, FR Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Quand je serai petit (2012)
When Mathias was quite young, his father died of leukemia. To spare his feelings, however, Mathias was shielded from his father's illness and death and, thus, never truly mourned him. Now 40 and happily married with a daughter, Mathias spots a 10-year-old boy whom he believes is his earlier self and
Legitime Defense (2011)
Benedict lives a happy and uneventful live until his father, a private detective, disappears mysteriously. Benedict discovers the dark side of a father he thought he knew.
Toreros (2007)
His Majesty Minor (2007)
Set on an isolated island in the Aegean Sea during the second millennium B.C., revolves around the gods and myths of the ancient world.
J'Invente Rien (2006)
Paul has no precise goal in life, and Mathilde, who provides for the needs of their household, despairs that he will never find one. If things go on like that, she is likely to give it up. So Paul decides that he will invent something, find the idea which will bring him glory, money and beauty witho
Avenue Montaigne (2006)
Jessica, a beautiful and spirited young woman from the provinces, comes to Paris to experience life in its infinite variety. She talks her way into a job waiting tables at a chic bistro on fabled Avenue Montaigne, the city's nexus for art, music, theater and fashion. Jessica's customers include a
Le Heros De La Famille (2006)
The death of a cabaret owner and drag artist, and his decision to leave his establishment not to his protege of the past 40 years, Nicky Guazzini, but rather to Nicky's children by different mothers, leaves all concerned with difficult decisions to make.
Camping (2006)
Plastic surgeon Michel Saint-Josse brings his daughter Vanessa on holidays to Marbella in his Aston Martin, which breaks down on the way, forcing the two to go to a camping site. There, Michel will make an unexpected encounter with Patrick Chirac, a Dijon playboy who has been unlucky in love.
L' Amour aux trousses (2005)
Franck and Paul are working as team buddies in their Paris police unit. They are sent on a mission in Toulon to solve a drug traffic mystery, but things get out of hand when Paul learns that Franck has an affair with Valeria, his wife, who also happens to work in the police force.
Malabar Princess (2004)
Tom, a young boy, is sent to live with his Grandfather in the French Alps after his mother dies in a skiing accident. While there, he befriends Benoit, a boy just slightly his senior. The two search for the remains of the Malabar Princess, a plane which crashed into Mont Blanc in 1950.
Le Lait de la tendresse humaine (2001) as Doctor Gerard Caffareli (Cameo Appearance)
One day, Christelle is seized with panic and runs out of the house. Her husband, Laurent, looks for her everywhere, questions her father, mother, sister and friends. Christelle, in fact, is not far - she is holed up in the flat of her upstairs neighbour, who has taken her in. Christelle's terror sho
Debandade, La (2000) as Paul-Edouard
Claude and Marie have been married for 15 years and are still very in love. Claude, now in his 60s, becomes distressed when he finds himself increasingly impotent. Visiting a specialist provides him with no answers, but Claude hears about Viagra and decides that is the solution. Because Viagra is st
Taule, La (2000) as Chief Guard
After his cellmate manages to escape one night, the Chief Guard and Warden put all their pressure on the Mute to explain what happened. The Mute, silent but not deaf, refuses to speak and is subjected to a number of extortionary techniques at the hands of these prison officials. The Chief Guard atte
Les Acteurs (2000) as Himself
A savvy mix of formal declarations and heartfelt setpieces, this freeform cinematic romp from celebrated filmmaker Bertrand Blier is dedicated to the twin conceits that actors -- including this film's Gallic all-star cast -- aren't necessarily equipped with an "off" switch and that anything is possi
Fait d'hiver (1999)
A divorced man barricades himself into his house with his children in an attempt to prevent his ex-wife from taking them back. The police officer in charge knows him from the Algerian war, and knows how to deal with him: patience is needed and he is sure he can persuade him to come out safely. But t
Plus Beau Pays du Monde, Le (1999) as Delabit
Paris in 1942. With the Occupation people needed diversions and the theaters and cinemas had never done better business. But as Jews were banned from working in filmmaking, more and more compromises had to be made by those still working. A documentary crew agree to change their film on a real flying
Matrimoni (1998) as Alessio
Christmas is approaching, and apparently perfect wife and mother Giulia snaps, abandons her squabbling family, and heads south to her home town of Trani. There, her mother is planning her annual tryst with her French lover, and Giulia meets an old flame. Soon, the whole family comes to Trani to conf
Autre cote de la mer, L' (1997) as Georges Montero
In the summer of 1994, Georges Montero, a pied noir--a Frenchman born and raised in North Africa--sets foot in France for the first time to undergo a cataract operation in Paris. The young eye surgeon who treats him, Tarek Timzert, is of North African heritage, but considers himself French; he doesn
Delit Mineur (1994) as Guerin
Un, Deux, Trois, Soleil (1993) as L'Enfoire
A young woman living in the slums of Marseille with her husband, watches her life pass by while thinking of her alcoholic father and cynical mother.
Supper, The (1993) as Fouche
French historical figures Talleyrand and Fouche have dinner and converse.
Linha Do Horizonte, A (1993)
Spino, who works the night shift in a lisbon mortuary, begins a bizarre and mysterios investigation when a body is brought in that resembles his youthful self--down to his favorite jacket.
Le Bal des Casse-Pieds (1993) as The Seducer
A tolerant veterinarian turns the other cheek when annoyed but changes his nature when he falls in love.
Sale Comme un Ange (1991) as Georges Deblache
A 50-year-old police inspector begins an affair with the wife of his younger partner.
Etat sauvage, L' (1990) as Antoine Gravenoire
Dancing Machine (1990) as Inspector Eparvier
A hardboiled inspector investigates the suspicious deaths of several young female dancers who were fellow students at a studio run by an embittered, autocratic former superstar.
Union sacree, L' (1989) as Revers
An Arab undercover agent and a Jewish vice cop join forces.
L'Orchestre Rouge (1989) as Treeper
Radio Corbeau (1989) as Paul Maurier
Dandin (1988) as Georges Dandin
A rich peasant forces a young woman to marry him and she struggles against his control.
Descente aux enfers (1986) as Alan Kolber
Taxi Boy (1986) as Petrus
Palace (1985) as Robert Morland
Gitane, La (1985) as Hubert Durieux
Les Loups entre eux (1985) as Larcier
Détective (1985) as Emile Chenal
There is a lot of intrigue behind the scenes at the Hotel Concorde at St. Lazare. Hotel detective Inspector Neveu is spending his time working on a two-year-old murder case. Unhappily married guests Françoise and Emile Chenal are there to collect a large debt from boxing manager Jim Fox Warner. And
Souvenirs, Souvenirs (1984) as Firmane
Leopard, Le (1983) as Lartigue
Crime, La (1983) as Commissioner Martin Griffin
Guy De Maupassant (1982) as Guy Demaupassant
Biopic about the last tragic months in the life of the 19th century writer.
La Boum 2 (1982) as Francois
Ombre Rouge, L' (1981) as Anton Kovetz
Une Affaire d'Hommes (1981) as Servolle
Une Robe noire pour un tueur (1981) as Simon Risler
Josepha (1981) as Michel
Drama about a marriage gone wrong for two struggling actors, who do not want to hurt each other.
La Boum (1980) as Francois
La Banquiere (1980) as Largue
Au revoir, a lundi (1979) as Arnold
Argent des autres, L' (1978) as Chevalier D'Aven
Bank executive Rainier allows his firm to deliver adventurous investor Chevalier d'Aven a huge loan, with what he thinks is his employer Mirement's total backing. Chevalier's business proves indeed to be disastrous, which forces the bank to cover up its high deficits. News of the scandal breaks out, and the bank now sees Rainier as the one being responsible for it - he is laid off. Wife Celine and union representative Arlette suggest he should sue his former boss.
Une Histoire simple (1978) as Serge
A simple story about simple people. A 38 old divorced woman (Marie), who now has a lover (Serge) but decides to leave him, abort his baby, and then returns with her ex-husband (Georges). Their daily life and of their friends, who have the same typical problems.
Nous irons tous au paradis (1977) as Daniel
Grand Escogriffe, Le (1977) as Aristide
Monsieur Papa (1977) as Frank Lanier--
Barocco (1976) as Friend
The story of Barocco is about a girl (Adjani) that is in love with a boxer (Depardieu). They plan to went abroad after making a lot of money by cheating in a match. But the boxer is killed before, and the killer (Depardieu), little by little, fall in love with the girl (Adjani) that accept him finally at the condition that he looks like the boxer he killed.
Pardon Mon Affaire (1976) as Daniel
Quatre amis, Etienne, Daniel, Simon et Bouly ont du mal à grandir et, la quarantaine révolue, continuent de se jouer des tours. Etienne, qui est toujours resté fidèle à sa femme, tombe amoureux de Marthe après ne l'avoir vue qu'une seule fois et met le paquet pour la conquérir, avec l'aide de ses amis, entre équivoques et situations à la limite de la farce. A la fin, il va se retrouver sur une corniche au huitième étage, en robe de chambre devant la foule, la télévision et les sapeurs pompiers...
Attention les yeux (1975) as Manuel
A bumbling film crew attempts to make a porno movie. Unfortunately, the cast are all egomaniacs or incompetents, and the set manager is too shy to purchase any equipment from the sex shops. Nevertheless, they make do with what they have.
Guepier, Le (1975) as Renaud
Les Seins de Glace (1974) as Writer
On a beach in Nice, François meets the mysterious Peggy and falls in love with her. Following her to a villa, he meets Marc, a lawyer who has a strange relationship with the girl. Marc tells François that Peggy is a drug addict: she kills men who approach her.
Agression, L' (1974) as Ducatel
Bel Ordure (1973) as Magico
Viager, Le (1972) as Noel
Gli Eroi (1972)
Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me (1972) as Murene--Lawyer
A black comedy about a beautiful woman and her hold on men.
Un Cave (1972) as Cave
Shock Troops (1968) as Groubac
A group of Frenchmen freed by the Resistance are running from the Germans and suspect that one among them could be a traitor.
The Upper Hand (1967) as Giulio
Band of Outsiders (1966) as Arthur
Two crooks obsessed with Hollywood crime movies plot a big heist.
Banana Peel (1965) as Charlie
The Liars (1964) as Dominique
Sweet and Sour (1964) as Plumber
Seven Capital Sins (1963) as Riri
Seven vignettes depict the comic side of the seven deadly sins.
The Elusive Corporal (1963) as Pater
An upper-class corporal from Paris is captured by the Germans when they invade France in 1940. Assisted and accompanied by characters as diverse as a morose dairy farmer, a waiter, a myopic intellectual, a working-class Parisian, and a German dental assistant, the corporal tries to escape from prison camps, sometimes making it a few yards, sometimes reaching the French border.
Please, Not Now! (1963) as Claude
When she discovers her boyfriend is having an affair, a Parisian model plots her revenge.
Eyes Without a Face (1959) as
A surgeon steals young women's faces hoping to heal his daughter's scars.

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