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William Zsigmond

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Also Known As: Died:
Born: June 16, 1930 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Hungary Profession: Cinematography ...


Director (feature film)

Long Shadow, The (1992) as Director
Upon his father's death, a Hungarian stage actor travels to Israel for the funeral and meets his stepmother for the first time.

Cast (feature film)

Side by Side (2012)
An exploration of the history of filmmaking and how new technologies are impacting the medium.
No Subtitles Necessary: Laszlo & Vilmos (2008)
Follows the lives of renowned cinematographers Laszlo Kovacs and Vilmos Zsigmond, from escaping the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary to present day. As film students in Hungary, they shot footage of the Russian invasion of Budapest and subsequently volunteered to smuggle it out of the country. Barely
Cinematographer Style (2006)
Celebrates the art of motion picture photography, and examines how and why movies look the way they do. With interviews of 110 leading cinematographers around the world, director and cinematographer Jon Fauer explores how his colleagues use technique and technology, art and lighting to tell stories
Ljuset Haller Mig Sallskap (2002)
A look at the extraordinary life and work of Swedish director of photography Sven Nykvist, famous for his collaboration with directors Ingmar Bergman and Woody Allen. Diagnosed with an illness that inhibits his speech, the 77-year-old Nykvist was forced to end his 50 year career after finishing Alle
Big Guns Talk: The Story of the Western (1997) as Interviewee
Interviews and film clips re-create the glorious history of the American western.
Maverick (1994) as Albert Bierstadt
A Western gambler tries to raise the entry fee for a high-stakes poker game.
Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography (1992) as Himself
Reknowned cinematographers discuss their influences, techniques and decisions on how to shoot films.

Cinematography (feature film)

Compulsion (2013)
The relationship between an embittered former child star and a chef who dreams of hosting a Food Channel show.
Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks (2013)
A Florida retiree hires an acerbic New York dance instructor, and the two learn how much they really share in common.
Summer Children (2011)
A handsome young man named West, who was born to a wealthy yet absent family, brings along some friends to sail his father's yacht to Catalina Island. As the group sets out to have a good time exploring the island, they throw caution to the wind. A competition eventually erupts between West and anot
You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010)
Two couples learn to be careful for what they wish when their passions and anxieties drive them out of their marriages as well as their minds.
Cassandra's Dream (2007)
In contemporary London, two brothers are desperate to better their troubled lives. One is a chronic gambler in debt over his head, and the other is a young man in love with a beautiful actress he has recently met. Their lives gradually become entangled into a sinister situation with intense and unfo
Black Dahlia, The (2006)
A fictional account of the notorious 1947 Los Angeles murder of actress Elizabeth Short and the obsession that develops for her between two cops investigating the case which destroys their lives.
Surrender Dorothy (2006)
After a tragic accident that claims her daughter, a loving mother joins her daughter's closest friends at a summer house in the Hamptons where they were vacationing before the accident, as they all try to grieve and cope with their loss.
Jersey Girl (2004) as Director Of Photography
Ollie Trinke is a smooth and successful Manhattan music publicist who seems to have it all. When his perfect life is suddenly tragically upended--leaving him as a single father unqualified for the role--he snaps. Before long Ollie's big city life is a memory. Out of a job and out of luck, he reluctantly moves in with his father back home to New Jersey where he was raised. It is the lowest point in his life. Just ask him. The years pass and with them Ollie's plans for his future. Stuck in an unexciting, deadend job, he sees no way out and no way back to the life he used to love. But he adores his young daughter Gertie, and she loves their life in the 'burbs. To her, Jersey is paradise. While renting Gertie's favorite movie for the zillionth time one day, Ollie meets Maya, who challenges his priorities and perspective. He begins to realize that sometimes you have to forget about who you thought you were, accept who you are and acknowledge what makes you happy.
Melinda and Melinda (2004) as Director Of Photography
Over a meal in a Chinese restaurant, Sy poses a conundrum to his fellow diners: Is the essence of life comic or tragic? For the sake of argument, he tells a story, which the others then embellish to illustrate their takes on life. The story starts as follows: A young Manhattan couple, Park Avenue pr
Ljuset Haller Mig Sallskap (2002) as Cinematographer
A look at the extraordinary life and work of Swedish director of photography Sven Nykvist, famous for his collaboration with directors Ingmar Bergman and Woody Allen. Diagnosed with an illness that inhibits his speech, the 77-year-old Nykvist was forced to end his 50 year career after finishing Alle
Bank Ban (2002) as Director Of Photography
A film adaptation of the Hungarian opera, "Bánk Bán." It is 1213, and Endre II is off fighting foreign wars, leaving his beloved Queen Gertrud. While off traveling through the countryside to ascertain the condition and needs of the people, Bánk has left his beautiful, adored young wife Melinda in th
Body, The (2001) as Director Of Photography
A Jesuit priest from the Vatican is sent to prove an archaeologist wrong. Her recent find could destroy the foundation of Christianity.
Life as a House (2001) as Director Of Photography
George Monroe has had a lifelong ambition to achieve one of the great American Dreams: to build his own home, a refuge set on a cliff at the end of the sea. But it's a dream that George has put off again and again while he's sunk lower and lower--ending up divorced, overworked and estranged not only from friends and family, but from himself. Now George has hit rock bottom and there's nowhere to go... except out onto the edge. His neighbors despise his sagging, dilapidated shack. His teen-aged son would rather stare into space than raise a finger to help him. His ex-wife, who once shared his dream, is now emotionally distant from him. Local city officials want to sabotage his plans. It seems there is no one left with any faith in him. But George is determined to build this house--even if it means refurbishing his entire life. He begins the project alone, but soon attracts a disparate group of people. What begins as a way for George to redeem his own dreams turns into something much bigger...
Playing By Heart (1998) as Director Of Photography
Set in Los Angeles a chorus of talkers discuss the ups and downs of love, marriage and breaking up: the 40th anniversary of Hannah and Paul is darkened by jealousy; Joan meets Keenan in a phone booth while breaking up with her current boyfriend; Meredith is an overachiever who sends Trent packing be
Ghost and the Darkness, The (1996) as Director Of Photography
Set in 1896 East Africa, a big-game hunter and a construction engineer hunt down two lions on a man-eating rampage. But, in this tale of man against beast, the hunters become the hunted.
Girl From Petrovka, The (1996) as Director Of Photography
The offbeat story of a nonconformist Russian ballerina and a U.S. newspaper correspondent assigned to the Soviet Union who fall in love in enchanting but dangerous Moscow.
Assassins (1995) as Director Of Photography
Robert Rath is a professional hit man who, despite his stature as the best in the business, has grown disillusioned about his work and his life. But as he contemplates a way out of the shadowy world he inhabits, Rath is shocked to discover that he himself is the target of assassination. A ruthless, ambitious young killer named Miguel Bain wants to become the number one assassin and knows he must remove Rath to do so. The two men's lives and careers intersect when both of them are sent to eliminate Electra, a beautiful "information assassin"--an electronic surveillance expert who possesses valuable secrets on a computer disk. Rath and Electra team up to make a break for freedom--but they have to get past Bain first.
Crossing Guard, The (1995) as Director Of Photography
It's been six years since the lives of Freddy Gale and John Booth collided in a single act of destiny--a chance incident that sentenced Booth to prison, and turned Freddy's life into a living hell driven by a single objective: revenge. Booth is set free and Freddy springs into action. As the clock ticks toward their imminent confrontation, Freddy sorts out his relationship with his ex-wife, who has traveled a different path to cope with her ruined marriage, while Booth, struggling to justify his own right to go on living, finds solace in the gentle spirit of a young painter.
Intersection (1994) as Director Of Photography
Award-winning architect Vincent Eastman has to choose between his icy wife or his fiery mistress. As the story unfolds in flashback, Eastman's car careens towards calamity.
Maverick (1994) as Director Of Photography
A Western gambler tries to raise the entry fee for a high-stakes poker game.
Sliver (1993) as Director Of Photography
A woman grows suspicious of her landlord who has an affinity for voyeurism.
Stalin (1992) as Director Of Photography
A biopic about Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.
Two Jakes, The (1990) as Director Of Photography
'Chinatown' private eye Jake Gittes returns to investigate corruption involving oil.
Bonfire Of The Vanities, The (1990) as Director Of Photography
Story of New York City bond salesman, Sherman McCoy, who accidentally hits a young black man with his car during an unexpected foray into the Bronx.
Fat Man and Little Boy (1989) as Director Of Photography
A general and a physicist work together on the most powerful weapon ever created by man during World War II. J. Robert Oppenheimer and Gen. Leslie R. Groves butt heads as they work side by side on the top-secret Manhattan Project that will introduce nuclear weapons into a war-weary world.
Journey to Spirit Island (1988) as Director Of Photography
A young girl comes to terms with her heritage, when a conflict arises regarding the development of tribal burial grounds.
Witches of Eastwick, The (1987) as Director Of Photography
An adaptation of John Updike's best-selling novel, THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK is a star-studded special-effects extravaganza about the battle of the sexes. A trio of bored, sexually repressed New England women--Alex (Cher), Jane (Susan Sarandon), and Sukie (Michelle Pfeiffer), each of them left to live without their respective husbands--innocently conjures up a mysterious stranger who, they are convinced, will relieve their frustrations. This mystery man is Daryl Van Horne (Jack Nicholson), the filthy rich, wild-eyed Devil incarnate, who buys a local mansion.
Real Genius (1985) as Director Of Photography
Two teenage geniuses cope with their abilities while inventing a laser.
River, The (1984) as Director Of Photography
A family tries to save their farm from the swelling waters of an adjacent river.
No Small Affair (1984) as Director Of Photography
A precocious young teenager with a talent for photography meets a struggling, but older, rock singer and does everything he can to get her to fall for him.
Table For Five (1983) as Director Of Photography
Jinxed! (1982) as Director Of Photography
After Don Siegel suffered a heart attack during production, Sam Peckinpah directed some of the film without credit. Screenwriter Frank D Gilroy removed his name from the finished film.
Blow Out (1981) as Director Of Photography
When audio technician Jack Terri is recording sound effects for a movie, he hears a car crash. Just as the car is sinking in the river, Jack pulls the woman inside to safety, but cannot save the other passenger. When he learns that man who drowned was a presidential candidate, he suspects that the w
Heaven's Gate (1980) as Director Of Photography
A Wyoming sheriff tries to protect immigrant farmers from ruthless ranchers.
Winter Kills (1979) as Director Of Photography
Nick Kegan is the younger brother of a President of the United States who was assassinated. Nineteen years after the crime, Nick decides to learn who was reponsible for his brother's death. Nick's wealthy father and his staff, and the odd assotrment of survivors from the era, are helpful, but are also impediments in the process of uncovering the truth.
Rose, The (1979) as Director Of Photography
The tragic story of a self destructive rock star, modeled after Janis Joplin.
The Last Waltz (1978) as Cinematographer
Legendary back-up group The Band teams with rock greats for a farewell concert.
The Deer Hunter (1978) as Director Of Photography
Three young men fight to survive the Vietnam War and its aftermath.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) as Director Of Photography
A blue-collar worker's encounter with a UFO leaves him a changed man.
Death Riders (1976) as Director Of Photography
Documentary about fairground motorcycle stunt riders.
Obsession (1976) as Director Of Photography
A businessman falls in love with a double for his murdered wife.
The Sugarland Express (1974) as Director Of Photography
An ex-convict springs her husband from prison to keep their child from being adopted.
The Long Goodbye (1973) as Director Of Photography
Detective Phillip Marlowe investigates shady characters involved in a long-lost friend's murder.
Cinderella Liberty (1973) as Director Of Photography
A lonely Navy sailor falls in love with a hooker and becomes a surrogate father figure for her son during an extended liberty due to his service records being lost.
Scarecrow (1973) as Director Of Photography
Two hitchhikers with wildly different backgrounds become fast friends.
Horror of the Blood Monsters (1970) as Director of Photography
In the near future with a intergalactic vampire plague threatening earth, an expedition is sent to a distant galaxy in hopes of discovering the plague^-s source. Landing on a mysterious planet they discover that Spectrum radiation has turned the atmosphere into a one-color tint. Exploring further, the group discovers living dinosaurs, a race of vampire cavemen, and other strange creatures.
Hot Rod Action (1969) as Director of Photography
Five Bloody Graves (1969) as Director of Photography
A lone gunman hunts the fearsome Apache Satago across the plains of the Wild West. When Satago's marauders ambush a stagecoach, the gunman rides to the rescue of the trapped passengers and helps them in their last stand against the deadly Indians.
The Monitors (1969) as Camera
Unusual sci-fi invasion film, with a black-comedy twist: The Earth is taken over by The Monitors, aliens who run it like hall monitors in a 1950's high school, with overtones of Big Brother. The film follows the progress of the human underground rebellion. The twist is that as the film goes on, the audience's sympathies shift to the aliens, who are basically benevolent. When the humans manage to oust them, it's back to corruption and bribery by the usual suspects.
Jennie, Wife/Child (1968) as Director of Photography
The Name of the Game Is Kill! (1968) as Director of Photography
Mondo Mod (1967) as Director of Photography
Road to Nashville (1966) as Addl photog
A Hot Summer Game (1965) as Director of Photography
Deadwood '76 (1965) as Director of Photography
Psycho A Go-Go! (1965) as Director of Photography
Rat Fink (1965) as Camera
Tales of a Salesman (1965) as Director of Photography
The Nasty Rabbit (1965) as Director of Photography
The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Crazy Mixed-Up Zombies (1964) as Director of Photography
A gypsy fortune teller turns young men into mindless killers.
What's Up Front (1964) as Director of Photography
The Time Travelers (1964) as Director of Photography
A time travel experiment that was supposed to produce a window into time turns out to be a portal instead. One of the experimenters steps through into a not-too-distant-future world that has been destroyed by nuclear war. Some of the others follow, but then the portal phases out and they can't get back. Things just get worse after that. They run across a rocket that has landed to escape pursuing enemies, bearing scientists who survived the war, and many android "slaves." The time travellers are invited to escape when the ship is again ready to blast off - but just before that happens, the scientits' enemy returns and fires on the sitting-duck ship. A very bad day for the scientists turns terminal at that point, and the 20th-century Earthlings barely escape with their skins.
Living Between Two Worlds (1963) as Director of Photography
The Sadist (1963) as Director of Photography
A psychotic killer and his equally depraved girlfriend hold three travelers hostage.

Producer (feature film)

Maiden Danced to Death, The (2011)
Two brothers, Steve and Gyula, were dancers in Communist Hungary. Steve defected, his brother decided to stick it out. Steve gave his soul to commerce, while Gyula gave his to the Party. Twenty years later after the Communist regime is gone, they meet again and the dance begins.
Torn from the Flag (2007)
About Hungary's struggle for a national identity against the domination of Soviet Communism with special focus on the successful armed popular rebellion of October 1956 that was put down when the Soviets invaded Budapest. A handful impassioned survivors tell how they went from being idealistic commu

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Border, The (1981) as Additional Photography
United States border patrol guard Charlie agrees to his wife Marcie's wishes to move to El Paso where they will have a higher standard of living. They move into a duplex that they share with his wife's friend Savannah and her husband, Cat, another border patrol guard. Charlie is horrified when he sees how much corruption there is by the guards in El Paso, which Cat is involved in, and decides to stay out of it. But when Marcie runs up a large amount of debt decorating their new home, he realizes that he will have to sell out and go on the take himself. However, when an illegal immigrant's baby is kidnapped and sold to Cat so that he can resell the child to adoptive parents for a profit, Charlie takes a stand and acts to help the woman.

Cinematography (feature film)

Mists of Avalon, The (2001) as Director Of Photography
2 part miniseries.
Flesh And Blood (1979) as Director Of Photography
Young street-tough-turned-boxer struggles to reach the top while finding his romance with an attractive TV reporter is complicated by an incestuous relationship with his mother. This was Berenger's first important television role and offered a surprising change of pace for Pleshette in her being cas

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