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Also Known As: Died: May 19, 2016
Born: November 19, 1919 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: North Shields, England, GB Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Time Machine, The (2002) as Flower Store Worker
Scientist and inventor Alexander Hartdegen is determined to prove that time travel is possible. His determination is turned to desperation by a personal tragedy that now drives him to want to change the past. Testing his theories with a time machine of his own invention, Hartdegen is hurtled 800,000 years into the future. There he finds a post-apocalyptic world where he discovers that mankind has been divided into the hunter... and the hunted.
Hart to Hart: Home Is Where the Hart Is (1994) as Charley Loomis
When Jennifer's old journalist mentor dies, the Harts discover they have inherited a quaint New England town and that the woman may have been murdered.
Beverly Hills Cop III (1994) as Uncle Dave Thornton
Axel Foley is back in California following up on clues in a murder investigation, which leads him to the criminal underbelly of a popular amusement park known as Wonderworld.
Earth Angel (1991) as Norman
In 1962, a high-school girl is killed in a car accident. In 1990, she is sent back to Earth to set her high-school classmates' problems right and teach the man she left behind to love again, so that she may gain admittance to heaven.
DuckTales: The Movie (1990) as Voice Of Scrooge Mcduck
Miserly Scrooge McDuck, along with his goofy pilot Launch Pad and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie, search the pyramids of Egypt for the fabled lost treasure of Collie Baba. They find the treasure, along with a magic lamp that holds an imprisoned genie. But while McDuck and the boys celebrate their
Mickey's Christmas Carol (1988) as Voice Of Scrooge Mcduck
Great Mouse Detective, The (1986) as Voice Of Flaversham
Basil is a mouse who dresses like Sherlock Holmes and solves crimes with his friend and biographer, Dr. Dawson. They are engaged by the daughter of a mouse toymaker who find her father who was kidnapped by the villainous Ratigan. Ratigan intends to coerce the toymaker to fashion a facsimile of the
Fantasy Film World of George Pal (1986) as Himself
Film is a tribute to the animation world of George Pal.
Cat From Outer Space, The (1978) as Dr Wenger
A UFO is stranded on earth and impounded by the US government. Its pilot, a cat with a collar that has special powers, including the ability to allow the cat to communicate with humans, has eluded the authorities and needs the help of a man named Frank in order to reclaim and repair his ship to get back home.
Baker's Hawk (1976) as Mr Carson
The Time Machine (1960) as David Filby/James Filby
A turn-of-the-century inventor sends himself into the future to save humanity.
tom thumb (1958) as Woody
A six-inch-tall boy takes on a pair of comical crooks.
Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (1955) as Charles Biddle/Mrs. Biddle/Henry Biddle
A sister act in Paris tries to top their aunts' escapades there during the roaring twenties.
Androcles and the Lion (1953) as Androcles
Androcles is a Christian who follows that religion's teachings even as they apply to the treatment of animals. Seeing a lion in pain, he removes a huge thorn from the beast's paw, creating a friend for life. Androcles and a number of other Christians are evenutally arrested and condemned to death in the arena. They are to die by being eaten by lions. Is it too much to hope that one of the lions may have a paw that has healed recently and might remember who helped heal it?
Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick (1952) as Aaron Slick
Country bumpkin Aaron Slick (Alan Young) has been unsuccessfully courting pretty young widow Josie Beery (Dinah Shore) for years. Josie yearns for a fling in the big city. With $20,000 from a crooked deal stashed in their trunk, Bill Merridew (Robert Merrill) and his "kissing cousin" Gladys (Adele Jergens), stars, in a relative sense, of a touring tent show stop at Josie's farm. Merridew, actually hiding out, thinks there is oil on the farm and Aaron, knowing otherwise, tricks him into buying the farm for a large sum. Josie takes the money and runs to Chicago, with Merridew, realizing he was tricked, in hot pursuit. Aaron arrives in time to keep Josie from letting Merridew "invest" her money.
Mr. Belvedere Goes to College (1949) as Avery Brubaker
A middle-aged genius goes to college for the first time.
Chicken Every Sunday (1949) as Geoffrey Lawson
A woman takes in boarders to support her husband''''s harebrained financial schemes.
Margie (1946) as Roy Hornsdale
A brainy school girl falls apart over a new, handsome teacher.

Writer (feature film)

Trial at Fortitude Bay (1996) as Story Consultant
An Inuit community and the Canadian justice system come into conflict over the issue of crime and punishment after a young Inuit man is charged with committing a violent crime.
Mickey's Christmas Carol (1988) as Screenplay Adaptation

Visual Effects (feature film)

Black Hawk Down (2002) as Spec eff senior tech
The true story of the United States' involvement in Somalia during an ill-fated humanitarian mission. On October 3, 1993, U.S. soldiers entered Somalia on an exercise that was supposed to take less than an hour. The mission turned into a nightlong battle against thousands of heavily armed Somalians.
Gladiator (2000) as U.K. unit, spec eff
A Roman officer betrayed by the emperor leads a gladiator''''s rebellion.

Cast (special)

1998 Creative Arts Emmy Awards (1998) as Presenter
Presentation of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' annual Creative Arts Awards. Among the 54 categories presented are: "Outstanding Guest Actors and Actresses in Comedy and Drama Series;" "Outstanding Commercial;" "Outstanding Directing For a Comedy and Drama Series;" and "Outstanding Music
DuckTales Valentine, A (1990) as Voice Of Scrooge Mcduck
An animated special in which Scrooge McDuck is stung by Cupid's arrow while conducting an undersea search for the Lost Temple of Aphroducky.
Beauty and the Beast (1983) as Voice Of Rene
An animated special based on Madame Leprince de Beaumont's classic story of an ugly beast and the beautiful girl he loves.
Sitcom (1983) as Bronco Gooseberry; The Father
A spoof of network television situation comedies as seen through the eyes of the Gooseberrys, a less-than-intelligent American family fraught with problems. The pilot episode depicts the efforts of the father, Bronco, to start up his own business -- making decoy ducks -- after he is laid off form hi
Black Beauty (1978) as Voice
An animated adaptation of Anna Sewell's cherished tale of Black Beauty, a proud but gentle horse who learns the perils of life lived at the mercy of human masters.
Ray Conniff Christmas Special, The (1971)
An hour of Christmas music and popular songs with bandleader Ray Conniff.
Tennessee Ernie Ford Meets King Arthur (1960) as Clarence
When a clause in his contract forces him to become the guinea pig of a scientist demonstrating a time machine on TV, Tennessee Ernie Ford is whisked back into time--to England and the days of King Arthur. The story, adapted from "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" by Mark Twain, relates E
Life of Vernon Hathaway, The (1955) as Vernon Hathaway
The misadventures of Vernon Hathaway, a meek watch repairman who daydreams himself into exciting adventures.

Sound (special)

Execution at Camp 21 (2000) as Sound
Wolfgang Rosterg was a German sergeant and Allied prisoner who held anti-Nazi views. Through a paperwork problem, he was inadvertantly moved from one Allied prison camp, set up for anti-Nazi ordinary soldiers, to a camp housing the most fervent Nazis. Within two days he was murdered by fellow POWs,

Cast (special)

Essence of Brainy (1986) as Farmer Smurf
Bookworm Smurf (1986) as Farmer Smurf
Things That Go Smurf In The Night (1985) as Farmer Smurf
Alarming Smurfs (1985) as Farmer Smurf
Lazy's Slumber Party (1984) as Farmer Smurf
Papa's Worrywarts (1984) as Farmer Smurf

Cast (special)

Bad Cat (1984)
Scruffy (1980)

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