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Bill Brame

Bill Brame


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Director (feature film)

Jive Turkey (1976) as Director
Harlem erupts into violence when the Italian mob and some African American thugs begin a turf war. When both sides are at a stalemate in spite of the fact that they are using their best assassins, the infamous crime boss Big Tony is forced to engage his most unpredictable killer, a psychotic transve
Miss Melody Jones (1974) as Director
The Cycle Savages (1969) as Director
Free Grass (1969) as Director

Writer (feature film)

Miss Melody Jones (1974) as Writer
The Cycle Savages (1969) as Screenwriter

Producer (feature film)

Miss Melody Jones (1974) as Producer

Editing (feature film)

Trancers (1985)
A psychic cult of zombie-like creatures with a mission to murder is terrorizing the inhabitants of Angel City.
Prodigal, The (1984) as Editor
This Is Kate Bennett... (1982) as Editor
In this pilot to a prospective series about the adventures of a TV investigative news reporter and single mother, fictional Kate Bennett finds her life imperiled, along with that of her daughter, when she doggedly pursues the story of a sniper attack on several nurses.
Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979) as Editor
Rival salvage parties enter an upside down ocean liner in search of treasure.
Amazing Captain Nemo, The (1978) as Editor
Navy scientists find the legendary Captain Nemo living in suspended animation in his Nautilus on the bottom of the sea. He is revived and soon becomes involved in a war started by the King of Atlantis.
Fire! (1977) as Film Editor
A forest fire started by a convict to cover his escape from a road gang threatens to destroy a mountain community. Later (6/11/78) this two-hour movie was cut to ninety minutes and put on TV's first disaster double bill, teamed with Irwin Allen's "Flood."
Flood! (1976) as Film Editor
Irwin Allen''s first made-for-TV disaster movie follows the course charted by its wide-screen big brothers, only this time it''s a small town about to be devastated by a flood when a faulty dam bursts. At a reported cost of $2.5 million, this was, according to network publicity, the most expensive film made to that time for television. A companion Irwin Allen movie called "Fire" was aired several weeks later, and then each was trimmed to ninety minutes and rerun as a TV double bill subsequently. This movie''s formal title was "Irwin Allen''s Production of ''Flood''."
Time Travelers (1976) as Editor
A pilot movie in which Irwin Allen, recycling his earlier hit series "The Time Tunnel," has a young doctor and a research scientist, in search of a cure for a deadly epidemic, being whisked back through time to Chicago in 1871 on the eve of the great Chicago fire hoping to find the physician who the
Adventures of the Queen (1975) as Editor
A luxury cruise ship is threatened with destruction -- with all aboard -- as part of a deadly vendetta against a multi-millionaire passenger in true Irwin Allen seagoing disaster style. The liner Queen Mary provided the backdrop for this suspense movie.
Swiss Family Robinson, The (1975) as Editor
A new version, and a pilot for the 1975-76 series, of the adventure classic about a family striving together to survive on a remote island following a shipwreck and facing an invasion by pirates in search of a golden idol.
Miss Melody Jones (1974) as Film Editor
Harrad Summer, The (1974) as Editor
Stanley, Harry, Sheila, and Beth have just completed their first year at Harrad College, the experimental school where sexual freedom is encouraged. The four friends have decided to spend their summer break together, visiting with old friends and spending time with each others families. They quickly learn that not everyone approves of their college,which results in some strain on their beliefs and on their relationships.
Harrad Experiment, The (1973) as Editor
Harrad College was created as an experiment in pre-marital sex, which is overseen by Professor Philip Tenhausen and his wife Margaret. The school pairs male and female students for a month, who are then free to change partners once a month if they choose to do so. Shy Sheila is initially paired with a cocky boy named Stanley, and the outgoing and sexy Beth is matched up with an awkward boy named Harry. These seemingly unfortunate pairings create tension and jealousy among the students, whose reactions are discussed in group sessions led by the professor and his wife.
Key West (1973) as Editor
An ex-CIA operative, running a boat service in Florida with an old buddy, finds himself the target of an ailing tycoon with a score to settle and becomes involved in a chase for evidence incriminating a U.S. Senator in this pilot for a prospective series.
Couple Takes a Wife, The (1972) as Editor
An independent-minded couple, each insisting on a business career, decide to hire a second "wife" -- someone who looks like a model and works like a scrub-woman -- to take care of the house and kids, but the three-way arrangement threatens to break up the marriage.
Search (1972) as Editor
In this chase thriller, the pilot for the TV series "Search" (1972-73), a space-age detective, monitored and directed by mission control center, investigates the disappearance of a fabulous gem collection. O'Brian, Meredith and Angel Tompkins continued in the short-lived series, and were joined by T
Pretty Maids All in a Row (1971) as Film Editor
A young man''s first sexual explorations are threatened by a string of murders.
Red Line 7000 (1965) as Film Editor
The story of three racing drivers and three women, who constantly have to worry for the lives of their boyfriends. Jim Loomis and Mike Marsh drive for Pat Cassarian. Jim expects his fiancée Holly, but before she arrives, he dies in a race. Since she hasn't got the money to travel back, she stays. The young and very ambitious talent Ned Arp joins the team and immediately starts wooing Pat's sister Julie. Third in the team is womanizer Dan McCall, who brings with him his current girlfriend Gabrielle from Paris. So the basic theme of this soap is "Who with whom?"
Seven Days in May (1964) as Asst film ed
An American military officer discovers his superiors are planning a military coup.

Production Companies (feature film)

Miss Melody Jones (1974) as Company

Editing (special)

Last Electric Knight, The (1986) as Editor
The story of Ernie, a young karate champion, who takes care of his aging, dying grandfather. The grandfather, realizing death is near, chooses an unknowing neighbor, Police Sergeant Rizzo, to care for his grandson. Reluctantly accepting his charge, Rizzo discovers that the boy possesses special mart

Editing (TV Mini-Series)

John Steinbeck's "East of Eden" (1981) as Editor
This three-part, eight-hour exploration of the John Steinbeck novel about the Trask family and the women who haunted their lives for two generations covered far more ground than did the 1955 feature film that starred James Dean, Julie Harris and Raymond Massey. Timothy Bottoms and Bruce Boxleitner a

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