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Steve Yaconelli

Steve Yaconelli



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Cinematography (feature film)

Rockford Files: Godfather Knows Best, The (1996) as Director Of Photography
Rockford is determined to prove his godson innocent of the murder of a famous fashion designer. Although the evidence is incriminating, Rockford knows in his heart that his godson is not guilty.
Rockford Files: If the Frame Fits, The (1996) as Director Of Photography
When Rockford is falsely accused of murdering a rival detective, he must fight to prove his innocence and stay out of jail.
Rockford Files: Punishment and Crime, The (1996) as Director Of Photography
Detective Jim Rockford rekindles an old love affair with a blind woman and tries to protect her cousin from the Russian underworld.
Terror in the Family (1996) as Director Of Photography
A rebellious teenage girl violently reacts against her parent's efforts to discipline her. As they search for an answer to their problem, the family is forced to reveal the painful truth behind their facade as an All-American family.
Rockford Files: Friends and Foul Play, The (1996) as Director Of Photography
Television movie based on the series "The Rockford Files." Rockford attempts to help his friend, Babs prove that her son was murdered by a mobster. After Babs is murdered, Rockford uses clues from her diary to help his investigation and enrolls in a Criminal Behavior Class to learn more about the ca
Rockford Files: A Blessing in Disguise, The (1995) as Director Of Photography
Angel's televangelical ministry launches a boycott against a movie entitled "Little Ezekial," and Rockford is hired to protect its star.
West Side Waltz, The (1995) as Director Of Photography
Three disparate women are united in a unique circle of friendship. Based on the play by Ernest Thompson.
Baby's Day Out (1994) as Director Of Photography (2nd Unit)
Bumbling kidnappers nab an infant, quickly lose him and then must find him.
Exit to Eden (1994) as Director Of Photography (2nd Unit)
A macho, hedonistic photographer seeks out his sexual fantasies at a resort owned by a woman. After submitting himself to sexual slavery, the two fall in love. Meanwhile, two conservative cops have gone undercover to infiltrate the establishment.
Blue Sky (1994) as Director Of Photography
A military family is forced to transfer to a new military base where they become the victims of a nuclear bomb testing cover-up.
Rockford Files: I Still Love L.A., The (1994) as Director Of Photography
Television movie based on the television series "The Rockford Files." Private Detective Jim Rockford is hired by his ex-wife Kit to investigate the murder of an aging film star.
Cabin Boy (1994) as Director Of Photography
En route to a luxury ocean cruise, an insufferably snide, spoiled rich kid mistakenly boards "The Filthy Whore," a dilapidated fishing trawler populated by a crew of scurrilous old salts who immediately enlist him as their menial cabin boy.
Dennis The Menace (1993) as Director Of Photography (2nd Unit)
Live-action film version of the comic strip, created in the early 1950s, about a young boy and his unusual view of the world.
Temp, The (1993) as Director Of Photography
A series of mysterious accidents at a food company lead a manager to suspect his impressive new temporary secretary.
Gift from Heaven, A (1993) as Director Of Photography
A dysfunctional family in early 1970s backwoods North Carolina.
Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) as Director Of Photography (2nd Unit)
Based on the Victorian horror novel written by Bram Stoker in 1897, about the vampire Dracula, who is on a quest to be eternally reunited with the one woman he ever loved. Dracula travels from Transylvania to London to find the young woman who is the double image of the love he lost centuries earlier.
Dark Horse (1992) as Director Of Photography
Story about a young girl who searches for happiness after her mother's death.
Point Break (1991) as Director Of Photography 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
A rookie FBI agent, hoping to break a bank robbery ring, infiltrates a colony of surfers in Southern California.
Payoff (1991) as Director Of Photography
A man, tormented by the memories of a shattered childhood, vows revenge on the mob figures who tricked him into carrying the bomb that ultimately killed his parents.
One Special Victory (1991) as Director Of Photography
A real estate agent, arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct, is sentenced to perform community service, coaching basketball to developmentally disabled adults.
Frankie and Johnny (1991) as Director Of Photography 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
Johnny is fresh out of jail and working at a diner when he spots tough-as-nails waitress Frankie. Johnny is determined to woo her, but the emotionally battered Frankie fights him all the way.
Aftermath: A Test of Love (1991) as Director Of Photography
A television movie based on a true story about a mother and son who are shot during a store hold-up and the effect it has on their family.
Boys, The (1991) as Director Of Photography
Two men, who are life-long friends and writing partners, are suddenly confronted with the frightening realization that one of the them is terminally ill -- perhaps as the result of breathing the other's cigarette smoke for years.
Women & Men: Stories of Seduction (1990) as Director Of Photography ("Hills Like White Elephants")
A trilogy of short story adaptations broadcast as a television movie presentation of "HBO Showcase." "Dusk Before Fireworks" is about the relationship between a woman and a gigolo who is continually interrupted by phone calls from other women. "The Man in the Brooks Brothers Shirt" is about a woman
Home Fires Burning (1989) as Director Of Photography
A television movie about the editor of a newspaper in a small Southern town in 1944 who tries to settle his differences with his estranged son and to come to terms with the fast-changing world.
Bridesmaids (1989) as Director Of Photography
Four best friends return to their hometown to reunite for the wedding of a fifth friend. As the bridesmaids prepare for the wedding, reminisce about the past and explore the town, they share some shocking secrets that bind them together -- and ultimately free them to take charge of their lives.
Gross Anatomy (1989) as Director Of Photography
An intelligent and charming young man tries to breeze through his first year of medical school.
Karate Kid Part III, The (1989) as Director Of Photography
Mr Miyagi travels to Japan to confront an enemy from his past.
David (1988) as Director Of Photography
Based on the true story of a six year-old boy who was set on fire by his abusive father, and the love between him and his mother during his agonizing recovery.
Pals (1987) as Director Of Photography
Jack Stobbs and Art Riddle, two World War II comrades, are neighbors at the Shady Knoll Trailer Park. They accidently discover a suitcase filled with more than three million dollars in cash. Stobbs rationalizes that they should keep it, so they take off with the cash, and Jack's eccentric mother, Fe
Penalty Phase (1986) as Director Of Photography
A judge ponders letting a mass murderer go free on a legal technicality. During the trial, Judge Kenneth Hoffman discovers that the prisoner's rights may have been violated by the police. Even though the jury has found the defendent guilty, Judge Hoffman could be forced to make a ruling that could
American Justice (1986) as Director Of Photography
Combat High (1986) as Director Of Photography
A television movie about two teenagers who perform a practical joke, and end up destroying a city water main. As a result, they are sentenced to serve a year at a tough military academy. However, the officers at the school find it difficult to subdue the pranksters, and the two end up creating havo
Fever Pitch (1985) as Camera Operator
A compulsive gambler gets in deep with loan sharks.
Last of the Great Survivors (1984)
A dedicated social worker joins forces with a group of senior citizens fighting City Hall to prevent the demolition of their apartment building and falls for the man she meets on a blind date at a punk rock club. She soon learns that he is the building inspector who condemned the seniors' decrepit h
Protocol (1984) as Camera Operator
A naïve waitress bumbles into a job with the diplomatic corps in the Middle East.
Hysterical (1983) as Camera Operator 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
Return Engagement (1983) as Camera Operator
Staying Alive (1983) as Camera Operator
Sequel to "Saturday Night Fever." Tony Manero strikes out for the bright lights of Broadway.
WarGames (1983) as Camera Operator
In search of the ultimate game, a young man accidentally hacks into the government''''s top military computer.
Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip (1982) as Camera Operator
The legendary comedian is seen in footage from two sold-out appearances which he performed at the Hollywood Palladium. Pryor''s material is drawn from his personal experiences and observations, and include the 1980 accident that nearly killed him.
Cat People (1981) as Camera Operator
Irina, a beautiful and mysterious young woman travels to New Orleans to meet her brother, Paul for the first time. What Irina doesn't know is that Paul harbors an ancient secret about their family. A secret that threatens to destroy them both.
Continental Divide (1981) as Camera Operator 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
Ernice is a Chicago newspaper columnist who regularly reports on the corrupt behavior of local politicians. When one of his pieces about a crooked alderman proves too controversial, the paper sends Ernie out to the Rocky Mountains to write a lightweight article about reclusive ornithologist Nell Porter. Nell wants no part of the project and orders Ernie to leave, but since his guide is gone and won''t return for weeks, she relents and allows him to stay. Forced to put up with each other''s company, the two find a way to tolerate the situation, and eventually fall in love.
Blues Brothers, The (1980) as Camera Operator
Jake and Elwood Blues endeavor to raise $5,000 for their childhood parrish by putting their old band back together uand taking their show on the road. While touring, they manage to wreak havoc on the entire city of Chicago and much of the midwest.
In God We Trust (1980) as Camera Operator
Brother Ambrose is a monk who has lived his whole life inside his monastery. Ambrose knows almost nothing about the outside world, but when he learns that the monastery is in financial trouble and might have to close down, he goes out into the world to raise the money to save it. Ambrose is asking f
Boulevard Nights (1979) as Camera Operator
A young Latino tries to escape gang life with little luck.
Barquero (1970) as Cam asst
A ferry captain fights off bandits who want him to transport stolen goods.

Producer (feature film)

Gift from Heaven, A (1993) as Co-Producer
A dysfunctional family in early 1970s backwoods North Carolina.

Cinematography (special)

Owl, The (1991) as Director Of Photography
A pilot for an unsold CBS series. After the violent murder of his family, a man who is then unable to sleep works 'round-the-clock as a highly selective vigilante killer, dispensing his own unique brand of justice on behalf of people in desperate need.

Cinematography (special)

Phantom of the Opera (1990) as Director Of Photography
A two-part miniseries based on Gaston Leroux's now-classic novel, "The Phantom of the Opera." A masked figure haunts the Paris Opera House and risks his life to win the heart of the only woman he ever loved.
Shadow on the Sun (1988) as Director Of Photography
A miniseries for CBS detailing the life of Beryl Markham, famed adventurer, pilot, and horse trainer who was linked romantically with some of the most celebrated people of her time.
Echoes in the Darkness (1987) as Director Of Photography
A two-part, five-hour miniseries based on the true story of the 1979 "Main Line" murder case which involved the murder of a teacher and the disappearance of her two children. The story also involves the seven-year investigation that led to the conviction of two of the teacher's colleagues. --BASELIN
Long Hot Summer, The (1985) as Director Of Photography
A two-part miniseries about a young, ambitious drifter with a reputation for trouble who arrives in a small Southern town and has a profound effect on a wealthy tyrant and his rebellious family.

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