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Director (feature film)

Emanon (1987) as 2nd Unit Director (2nd Unit)
Hollywood High (1976) as Director
Four high school girls at Hollywood High are looking for fun. Together they frolic on the beach and cavort with their guys. In their search for a little privacy they meet up with a retired movie star whose mammoth house offers 10 private bedrooms. But, there's a catch. Life is good at Hollywood High.

Cast (feature film)

Million to Juan, A (1994)
An impoverished orange vendor's life changes when a stranger offers him a check for one million dollars.
Little Big League (1994) as Twins Team Member
Billy Heywood, a twelve-year-old baseball fan, has just inherited the Minnesota Twins from his grandfather. As the new owner and manager, the first since the days of the Philadelphia Athletics, it's up to Billy to pull the team out of its slump, negotiate with some very large egos and somehow get the Twins into the playoffs. Despite the pressure, Billy executes the smartest strategy in the majors--he convinces his players to have fun, and in the process, Billy is forced to rediscover his youth as well.
Fate (1989) as Louie
A man falls in love with a fashion model and takes her on an adventurous journey with some help from a mystical source.
Maniac Cop (1988) as Prison Guard
A legendary NYPD officer, now dead, rises from the grave to terrorizes Manhattan.
Emanon (1987) as Max
Slapstick Of Another Kind (1984) as Drill Instructor
Dan's Motel (1982)
Three stories that take place in three rooms in Dan's Motel are told. In the first, a man who is beginning to retreat into his own world decides that he never needs to leave his motel room and relies on a friend to tell him what is happening outside. In the second story, a woman who is seriously de
Agatha Christie's Murder Is Easy (1982) as Attendant
The first in a network TV cycle of Agatha Christie movies by producers David L. Wolper and Stan Margulies, this version of Dame Agatha's "Easy to Kill" brings together veteran actress Helen Hayes and Olivia de Havilland (although they share no scenes) -- the former playing a dotty old country lady e
Carbon Copy (1981) as Truck Driver
An executive's life takes an unexpected turn when his illegitimate son shows up.
Triangle Factory Fire Scandal, The (1979) as Policeman Rafferty
A dramatic retelling of the 1911 tragedy in which 146 workers died in New York's garment district and ultimately laid the groundwork for the establishment of the ILGWU. The real-life catastrophe took a mere eleven minutes; the movie, with its soap opera plots and assorted inaccuracies (like several
Roller Boogie (1979) as Sergeant Danner
When her favorite roller disco is threatened with closing, a girl organizes the skaters to save it.
Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens (1979) as Mr Peterbuilt
Believe it or not even in Smalltown USA there are still people who are unfulfilled and unrelieved in the midst of plenty. Levonna & Lamar could have the perfect relationship if it were not Lamar's obsession with rear entry. After submitting to the one last time Levonna comes up with a plan. While Lamar is trying find other tail to try his technique on, Levonna becomes Lola with aid of a wig and a Mexican accent. A Mexican cocktail later Lola finally has Lamar straight, but he wasn't awake for it. The gay marriage counselor, attracted to Lamar's problem, couldn't help them and Lemar must finally seek redemption at the church of Rio Dio Radio and the laying on of hands by Sister Eufaula Roo.
One Man Jury (1978)
Officer Jim Wade is a loose cannon on the force with a reputation roughing up suspects, informants, witnesses, and just about everybody else who rubs him the wrong way. When women start being killed by mysterious serial murderer called The Slasher, Wade vows to put a stop to the killing spree, regardless of whether through legal means or not.
Young Lady Chatterley (1976) as Original Gardener
Cynthia inherits her aunt's large estate and moves in. She reads her aunt's diary and finds out (and graphically imagines) how she was teached in love by her gardener in 1901 at the age of 21. She decides to continue the fruitful relationship to the personnel and gets it on with the handsome young gardener herself.
Track Of The Moonbeast (1976)
Professor "Johnny Longbow" Salina, a man who really knows his stews, introduces Paul Carlson to the practical-joking Kathy Nolan. Paul and Kathy seem to hit it off rather well but, during a meteor storm, a meteorite fragment strikes Paul, burying itself deep in his skull, which has the unpleasant side-effect of causing Paul to mutate into a giant reptilian monster at night and go on murderous rampages. It turns out that this sort of thing has happened before, when Professor Salina rediscovers ancient Native American paintings detailing a similar event many centuries ago. Kathy, however, still loves Paul, and tries to save him.
Revenge of the Cheerleaders (1976)
The tale of the Aloha Cheerleaders' struggle against Lincoln high. High points include such events as the Aloha girls raiding a Lincoln classroom to get drugs, then putting aforementioned drugs in the cafeteria food while the state school inspectors are present. Worth the rental price just so if you ever meet David Hasselhoff, you can say "Hey, I loved your work as Boner!"
Cannonball (1976)
This is another story of the secret Coast to Coast auto race across America The only rule is, the first to finish is the winner. Naturally, anyone driving 55 isn't going to win. They'll need to drive a little faster than that. Well actually, they will need to drive a LOT faster that 55.
Caged Heat (1974)
A girl is caught in a drug bust and sent to the hoosegow. The iron-handed superintendent takes exception to a skit performed by the girls and takes punitive steps, aided by the sadistic doctor who is doing illegal electroshock experiments and raping drugged prisoners. After a while the prisoners put away their petty differences and plan the Big Prison Escape.
18 Year Old Schoolgirls, The (1972) as Coach Pat Gannon
Some high school cheerleaders support the team by sleeping with their opponents on the nights before games to wear them out.
Abductors, The (1971) as Jablon
Someone is stealing cheerleaders and other pretty girls and selling them to the highest bidder. Female super sexy spy Ginger is soon employed to investigate the disappearances. She does so by going undercover with a fellow agent and doing whatever is necessary to put an end to the operation and take down the leaders.
The Seven Minutes (1971) as 1st detective
The Seven Minutes is a steamy book written in the 20s. To help with an upcoming election, a bookstore clerk is indited for selling obscene material and most of the film centers about the trial. The defense atorneys need to find the mystery of the original publication of the book.
The Looking Glass War (1969) as Vopo
British Intelligence calls in a retired agent to investigate Soviet missiles near the German border.
Project X (1968) as Stover
A spy from the future is sent back in time to 1968 so that he might prevent the Earth''s destruction by Asian terrorists. An intriguing low-budgeter from producer/director William Castle ("The House on Haunted Hill"). Features an animated sequence from Hanna-Barbera Productions!

Producer (feature film)

Never Too Young to Die (1986) as Set Producer
When his father is murdered, a high school gymnast seeks out the gang leader who killed him.
Frightmare (1983) as Producer
Conrad Radzoff was a famous horror movie star. Shortly after his death, some drama student fans rob his tomb and take his body to a party to honor him. But opening the crypt released a supernatural power that revives the late Conrad, who is still seeking adoration, and now, revenge.
Falling in Love Again (1980) as Co-Producer
When Harry begins to miss his roots, he packs his family and heads to his old neighborhood to recapture the memories of growing up in the "good old days." The heartwarming romance with his first love rekindles old feelings.

Assistant Direction (feature film)

Midnight (1988) as Assistant Director
Sounding a lot like the life of Elvira, a television personality known for her macabre makeup struggles for fame and power.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Slapstick Of Another Kind (1984) as Line Producer

Film Production - Construction/Set (feature film)

Aloha Summer (1988) as Props Assistant
Six boys from radically different cultural and economic backgrounds come together during 1959, the year Hawaii became the 50th State.

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