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Fay Wray

Fay Wray


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Also Known As: Died: August 8, 2004
Born: September 15, 1907 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Alberta, CA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Fay Wray: A Life (2008)
The story of Hollywood icon Fay Wray and the friendship that developed in the last decade of her life with the director Rick McKay as they traveled the world together.
Broadway: The Golden Age (2004) as Herself
The Golden Age of Broadway theater is brought to the screen by interviews with over 100 Broadway stars, composers, writers and notables, whose stories bring Broadway's past to life. Includes archival footage of productions from the pre-video era and vintage photographs of some of Broadway's most fam
Universal Horror (1998) as Interviewee
A look back at the movies and monsters that turned Universal into Hollywood''''s house of horror.
Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's (1996) as Herself
Capturing a behind-the-scenes look at the real life humor and drama surrounding the legendary Hollywood haunt that served the stars for 59 years. As the clock ticks toward Chasen's final day, the film captures everything from the last Oscar party to the tearful farewells of closing night. Eras colli
Joe's Apartment (1996) as Distinguished Dog
Fresh off the bus from Iowa, Joe is just trying to make it in New York, but he''s got no job, he''s got no girl and, worst of all, he''s got no place to live. However, life''s about to change for Joe. He finds an apartment--a slummy, squalid, seedy little box of a place, but it''s a pad he can call his own... or so he thinks. It seems that not all of the apartment''s former tenants have packed up and moved away. Joe discovers that he''s living with 50,000 roommates, an army of six-legged "go-go-go" Joe supporters, a veritable nation of roaches, there to stand arm-in-arm-in-arm-in-arm-in-arm-in-arm with their guy Joe in his times of need--whether he likes it or not. And what''s more, these roaches don''t just think and talk... they dance and sing! They''re around to teach Joe what life''s really all about in the big city: sex, bugs and rock ''n'' roll.
Gideon's Trumpet (1980) as Edna Curtis
In one of his final television roles, Henry Fonda stars as the semi-literate Florida drifter whose court case--being denied counsel at a breaking-and-entering trial because of his inability to afford a lawyer--drastically changed the course of American legal history. His performance won him an Emmy
Dragstrip Riot (1958) as Mrs. [Norma] Martin
Summer Love (1958) as Beth Daley
A coed summer resort camp rocks with music and romance when a group of entertainers arrives to kick off the season.
Crime of Passion (1957) as Alice Pope
An executive''s wife barters sex for her husband''s business success.
Rock, Pretty Baby (1957) as Beth Daley
Tammy and the Bachelor (1957) as Mrs. Brent
A country girl saves a pilot after a plane crash.
Hell on Frisco Bay (1956) as Kay Stanley
A cop framed for a murder he did not commit hunts the San Francisco waterfront for the Mob racketeers who are responsible.
Queen Bee (1955) as Sue McKinnon
A manipulative Southern socialite sets out to destroy the lives of all those around her.
The Cobweb (1955) as Edna Devanal
Inmates and staff at a posh asylum clash over love and lunacy.
Small Town Girl (1953) as Mrs. Gordon Kimbell
A sheriff's daughter falls for a playboy arrested for speeding.
Treasure of the Golden Condor (1953) as Annette, Marquise de St. Malo
Jean-Paul (Cornel Wilde) rebels against his bondage to his uncle, the Marquis de St. Malo (George Macready), and journeys to the far-off Mayan hills of Guatemala seeking a hidden treasure. He is the rightful heir to his uncle's title and lands, and goes to Guatemala to win his fortune and come back and claim his heritage.
Not a Ladies' Man (1942) as Miss [Pat] Hunter
Adam Had Four Sons (1941) as Molly [Stoddard]
A governess becomes the center of a wealthy family after her employer's wife dies.
Melody for Three (1941) as Mary Stanley
Wildcat Bus (1940) as Ted Dawson
A broke playboy signs on to help a young beauty save her ailing bus line.
Navy Secrets (1939) as Carol Evans, also known as Matthews
Smashing the Spy Ring (1938) as Eleanor Dunlap
The Jury's Secret (1938) as Linda Ware
Bill Sheldon (Larry J. Blake as Larry Blake) has a grudge against Midland City newspaper publisher Brandon Williams (Samuel S. Hinds) as Sheldon blames the city's recent flood against Williams for using his power and influence to hold up government flood control money. When Williams is found murdered, Sheldon is charged with the crime that was actually committed by Walter Russell (Kent Taylor), the paper's rebel editorial writer. Ney York reporter Linda Ware (Fay Wray) arrives to cover the story and finds that Russell, her old sweetheart, is on the jury hearing Sheldon's trial. She also discovers that he is the killer. Russell forces an acquittal and, before another trial can be held, realizes that his conscience will not permit him to let Sheldon be tried again.
It Happened in Hollywood (1937) as Gloria Gay
A silent Western star has trouble adjusting to the coming of sound.
Murder in Greenwich Village (1937) as ["Lucky"] Kay Cabot
An heiress enlists a photographer to help clear her name of a murder charge.
Roaming Lady (1936) as Joyce Reid
They Met in a Taxi (1936) as Mary Trenton
The Clairvoyant (1935) as Rene, his wife
A fake psychic suddenly turns into the real thing when he meets a young beauty.
Alias Bulldog Drummond (1935) as Ann Manders
Bulldog Drummond is injured when his sabotaged car crashes and Jack Pennington agrees to masquerade as the sleuth. He is enlisted to help Ann Manders find her jeweler grandfather who has been kidnapped by a gang of crooks who want him to copy a valuable necklace they want to steal. Their plan backfires in the British Museum and the film climaxes in an exciting chase on a runaway train in the London Underground.
White Lies (1934) as Joan [Mitchell]
Once to Every Woman (1934) as Mary Fanshawe
Black Moon (1934) as Gail
A woman returning to her island birthplace finds herself drawn to a voodoo cult.
Mills of the Gods (1934) as Jean Hastings
Woman in the Dark (1934) as Louise Loring
Cheating Cheaters (1934) as Nan Brockton
The Palmers, an apparently wealthy family, move into the house next- door to the Lazarres. However, the Palmers are actually a gang of thieves plotting to rob the Lazarres. What the Palmers don't realize is that the Lazarres are also a criminal gang, and they are planning to rob their new wealthy neighbors, the Palmers!
Madame Spy (1934) as Maria
The Countess of Monte Cristo (1934) as Janet Krueger
The Richest Girl in the World (1934) as Sylvia [Lockwood]
To put off fortune-hunters, an heiress trades places with her secretary.
Viva Villa (1934) as Teresa
Rousing biography of the bandit chief who led the battle for Mexican independence.
The Affairs of Cellini (1934) as Angela
Master of Men (1933) as Kay Walling
Below the Sea (1933) as Diana [Templeton]
Criminals threaten a wealthy woman''''s underwater expedition.
The Big Brain (1933) as Cynthia Glennon
Ann Carver's Profession (1933) as Ann [Carver]
A female lawyer is torn between her career and her husband''''s ego.
The Woman I Stole (1933) as Vida Corew
One Sunday Afternoon (1933) as Virginia Brush
A small-town dentist longs to avenge an old friend who stole his love, but discovers there''''s no need.
The Vampire Bat (1933) as Ruth Bertin
Villagers suspect the town simpleton of being a vampire.
Shanghai Madness (1933) as Wildeth Christie
In the 1920s Pat Jackson destroys a Chinese post and is discharged from the Navy. Li Po Chang hires him to run a gunboat up the river. He drops Wildeth off at a mission for safety, but when his boat returns the mission is being attacked by communists. If he can drive off the communists he may be restored to the Navy and receive permission to marry Wildeth.
King Kong (1933) as Ann Darrow
A film crew discovers the "eighth wonder of the world," a giant prehistoric ape, and brings him back to New York, where he wreaks havoc.
Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933) as Charlotte Duncan
A disfigured sculptor turns murder victims into wax statues.
The Bowery (1933) as Lucy Calhoun
"In the Gay Nineties New York had grown up into bustles and balloon Sleeves ... but The Bowery had grown younger, louder and more rowdy until it was known as the 'Livest Mile on the face of the globe' ... the cradle of men who were later to be famous." The scene opens in a saloon named "Nigger Joe's" ...
Doctor X (1932) as Joan Xavier
A reporter investigates a series of cannibalistic murders at a medical college.
The Most Dangerous Game (1932) as Eve [Trowbridge]
A big game hunter decides to stalk human prey.
Stowaway (1932) as Mary Foster
Not Exactly Gentlemen (1931) as Lee Carleton
The Conquering Horde (1931) as Taisie Lockhart
The Finger Points (1931) as Marcia Collins
A naive reporter takes payoffs for keeping a prominent gangster out of the papers.
The Lawyer's Secret (1931) as Kay Roberts
Dirigible (1931) as Helen Pierce
Romantic rivals vie to be the first to fly to the South Pole.
The Unholy Garden (1931) as Camille de Jonghe
A gentleman thief falls for the daughter of the man he's trying to rob.
The Texan (1930) as Conseulo
The Border Legion (1930) as Joan Randall
Cowhand Jim Cleve is wrongly accused of murder and rescued by Jack Kells, leader of a band of Idaho outlaws known as the Border Legion. But when the Legion takes Joan Randall prisoner and leaves Cleve to guard her, he realizes that he cannot remain part of an outlaw band and decides to rescue Joan.
The Sea God (1930) as Daisy
Behind the Make-Up (1930) as Marie
Captain Thunder (1930) as Ynez Domínguez
A Mexican bandit kidnaps a wedding party.
Pointed Heels (1929) as Lora Nixon
The Four Feathers (1929) as Ethne Eustace
Thunderbolt (1929) as "Ritzy"
A death-row convict plots to kill the man who stole his girl.
The Wedding March (1928) as Mitzi Schrammell
An Austrian Army officer falls for a bourgeois girl to the dismay of both their parents.
The Street of Sin (1928) as Elizabeth
Legion of the Condemned (1928) as Christine Charteris
The First Kiss (1928) as Anna Lee
Spurs and Saddles (1927) as Mildred Orth
A One Man Game (1927) as Roberts
Loco Luck (1927) as Molly Vernon
The Wild Horse Stampede (1926) as Jessie Hayden
Lazy Lightning (1926) as Lila Rogers
The Man in the Saddle (1926) as Pauline Stewart
Isn't Life Terrible (1925)
In this silent short, a family camping trip turns into a disaster.
What Price Goofy? (1925)
In this silent short, a man tries to keep his jealous wife from discovering a ladies' undergarment innocently left in their home.
The Coast Patrol (1925) as Beth Slocum

Cast (special)

70th Annual Academy Awards, The (1998)
Live presentation of the 70th annual Academy Awards.
It's Always Sunday (1956) as Mary Parker; Charles'S Wife
The story of Charles Parker, a soft-touch minister whose kind reputation constantly causes trouble. The pilot episode relates Reverend Parker's efforts to help George and Eddie, a pair of itinerants who have just arrived in town.

Cast (short)

Just a Good Guy (1924)
A pawn shop employee must substitute for a robot in this short silent comedy.

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