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Overview for Frederick Worlock
Frederick Worlock

Frederick Worlock



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Cast (feature film)

Spinout (1966) as Blodgett
A singing race-car driver has to choose among three amorous females.
The Notorious Landlady (1962) as Elderly colonel
A junior diplomat in London falls in love with his landlady even though she''''s a murder suspect.
101 Dalmatians (1961)
Pongo and Perdita have a litter of 15 puppies. Cruella De Vil takes a fancy to the pups, and wants to get hold of them, as well as more pups, to make herself a loveley dalmation skin coat... Cruella gets some thugs to kidnap the pups and hold them at her mansion. Will Pongo and Perdita find them in time ?
Spartacus (1960) as Laelius
The rebellious Thracian Spartacus, born and raised a slave, is sold to Gladiator trainer Batiatus. After weeks of being trained to kill for the arena, Spartacus turns on his owners and leads the other slaves in rebellion. As the rebels move from town to town, their numbers swell as escaped slaves join their ranks. Under the leadership of Spartacus, they make their way to southern Italy, where they will cross the sea and return to their homes. Meanwhile, in Rome, the slave revolt has become a deciding factor in the power struggle between two senators: the republican Gracchus and the militarist Crassus, each of whom sees the fortunes of the rebellion as the key to his own rise to power or humiliating defeat. As the two statesmen attempt to aid, hinder and manipulate the rebels for their own benefit, Spartacus and his followers press on toward freedom.
Jet over the Atlantic (1959) as Rev. Dean Halltree
FBI man Stafford is extraditing convicted killer Brett Murphy from Spain to the USA. At the last minute, Murphy's fiancée, entertainer Jean Gurney, finds he's been taken and slips on the plane. Unknown to them, a suicidal passenger has a fire and gas bomb in his luggage. As time ticks away, minor dramas are played out on board. Then the pilots succumb to the fumes, and the only available substitute is Murphy.
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1949) as Mayor
A blow to the head sends an auto mechanic back to the days of Camelot.
A Double Life (1948) as
An actor starring as Othello opposite his wife finds the character''''s jealous rage taking over his mind off-stage.
Ruthless (1948) as J. Norton Sims
Horace Vendig shows himself to the world as a rich philanthropist. In fact, the history of his rise from his unhappy broken home shows this to be far from the case. After being taken in by richer neighbours he started to exhibit an obsessive and selfish urge to make more and more money, loving and leaving women at will to further this end.
Johnny Belinda (1948) as Prosecutor
A small-town doctor helps a deaf-mute farm girl learn to communicate.
Joan of Arc (1948) as Duke of Bedford, England's regent
The life and campaigns of the Maid of Orleans.
A Woman's Vengeance (1948) as Judge
Country squire Henry Maurier is patient with his wife Emily, a neurotic invalid, but her brother surprises Henry with his young mistress Doris. The same night, Emily dies of her chronic heart disease, and Henry promptly marries Doris, to the chagrin of neighbor Janet Spence, who loves him. When a post-mortem shows that Emily's death was precipitated by arsenic, Henry is placed on trial for his life. But is he guilty?
Hills of Home (1948) as Dr. Weston
Lassie helps a Scottish doctor deal with his patients' problems.
The Macomber Affair (1947) as Clerk
A wealthy playboy and his wife hire a great white hunter to guide them to the African hunting grounds.
Forever Amber (1947) as Actor
Amber St Clair means to get on in life and despite a poor background knows she has the assets to do it. Husbands, lovers, prison and a liaison with King Charles II form a tapestry of apparently calculating ups and downs, although in fact the one love of her life, Bruce Carlton, is never far from Amber's thoughts.
The Lone Wolf in London (1947) as Inspector Broome
A reformed thief gets mixed up in blackmail and the theft of diamonds held at Scotland Yard.
Last of the Redmen (1947) as General Webb
Singapore (1947) as Cadum
After the war, Matt Gordon returns to Singapore to retrieve a fortune in smuggled pearls. Arrived, he reminisces in flashback about his prewar fiancée, alluring Linda, and her disappearance during the Japanese attack. But now Linda resurfaces...with amnesia and married to rich planter Van Leyden. Meanwhile, sinister fence Mauribus schemes to get Matt's pearls.
The Imperfect Lady (1947) as Henderson
Love from a Stranger (1947) as Inspector Hobday
Cecily Harrington (Sylvia Sidney), struggling along on a small allowance, wins a fortune in a lottery. She decides to travel rather than marrying her fiance Nigel Lawrence (John Howard.) A stranger, Manuel Cortez (John Hodiak), comes to rent her flat and she falls in love with him, and they are married. For their honeymoon, they go to an isolated English college where she, unlike the audience, doesn't realize she has married a fortune-hunting Bluebeard with a few murdered wives in his past. The question is will she be able to repent in leisure her decision to marry in haste.
The Locket (1946) as First doctor
A dark personal secret drives a young woman to use every man she encounters.
She-Wolf of London (1946) as Constable
London is shaken by a series of grisly murders. Suspicion falls on an attractive young woman who is rumored to have werewolves in her family tree.
Dressed to Kill (1946) as Colonel Cavanaugh
A convicted thief in Dartmoor prison hides the location of the stolen Bank of England printing plates inside three music boxes. When the innocent purchasers of the boxes start to be murdered, Holmes and Watson investigate.
Terror by Night (1946) as Professor Kilbane
Sherlock Holmes signs on to protect a priceless diamond from jewel thieves.
Sherlock Holmes in Dressed to Kill (1946)
Sherlock Holmes sets out to find why people are killing each other over a seemingly inexpensive music box.
The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) as Francis
A man remains young and handsome while his portrait shows the ravages of age and sin.
Captain Kidd (1945) as
An infamous pirate tries to double cross the King of England.
Scotland Yard Investigator (1945) as Colonel Brent
The Woman in Green (1945) as Onslow
Sherlock Holmes investigates a series of seemingly unrelated murders.
Hangover Square (1945) as Superintendent Clay
A composer who can't control his creative temperament turns to murder.
The Fatal Witness (1945) as Sir Humphrey Mong
National Velvet (1945) as Stewart
A British farm girl fights to train a difficult horse for the Grand National Steeplechase.
Pursuit to Algiers (1945) as Prime minister
Sherlock Holmes tries to protect a foreign leader traveling on an ocean liner.
Jane Eyre (1944) as Waiter
A governess at a remote estate falls in love with her brooding employer.
The Lodger (1944) as Sir Edward Willoughby
The inhabitants of a boarding house fear the new lodger is Jack the Ripper.
Wing and a Prayer (1944) as Admiral
An aircraft carrier is sent on a decoy mission around the Pacific, with orders to avoid combat, thus lulling Japanese alertness before the battle of Midway. All the men have their individual worries and concerns, but become increasingly frustrated at their avoidance of combat, for reasons unknown to them. But in the end, all get their chance to fight.
Secrets of Scotland Yard (1944) as Mason
Madame Curie (1944) as Businessman
The famed female scientist fights to keep her marriage together while conducting early experiments with radioactivity.
The Mantrap (1943) as Patrick Berwick/Thomas Berwick
Air Raid Wardens (1943) as Otto
A pair of bumblers stumble upon Nazi spies on the home front.
Thumbs Up (1943) as Kendrick
London Blackout Murders (1943) as Eugene Caldwell
Passport to Suez (1943) as Sir Roger Wembley
A reformed thief goes undercover to stop Nazi agents from hijacking planes.
Sherlock Holmes Faces Death (1943) as Geoffrey Musgrave
Sherlock Holmes investigates murders at a rest home where Watson volunteers.
Appointment in Berlin (1943) as Von Ritter
A British secret agent poses as a radio personality for the Nazi's.
Pierre of the Plains (1942) as Inspector Cannody
A French-Canadian trapper''''s adventures jeopardize his romance with an innkeeper.
The Black Swan (1942) as Speaker
When he's named governor of Jamaica, a former pirate sets out to clean up the Caribbean.
Captains of the Clouds (1942) as President of court-martial
A mail flyer joins the Canadian air force for fun but has to prove his worth when he goes to war.
Pacific Rendezvous (1942) as Dr. Jackwin
An expert at deciphering codes takes on an enemy spy ring.
Eagle Squadron (1942) as Grenfall
Random Harvest (1942) as Paula's lawyer
A woman''s happiness is threatened when she discovers her husband has been suffering from amnesia.
Down in San Diego (1941) as Eric Kramer
Teenagers take on enemy spies at a Navy base.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941) as Dr. Heath
A scientist's investigations into the nature of good and evil turn him into a murderous monster.
A Yank in the R.A.F. (1941) as Canadian Major
A hot shot flyer discovers the hero within when he joins the British Air Force during World War II.
Free and Easy (1941) as Manager
A father and son compete in the search for rich wives.
Hudson's Bay (1941) as English governor
Highly fictionalized early history of Canada. Trapper/explorer Radisson imagines an empire around Hudson's Bay. He befriends the Indians, fights the French, and convinces King Charles II to sponsor an expedition of conquest.
Man Hunt (1941) as Lord [Gerald] Risborough
An Englishman goes behind enemy lines to assassinate Hitler.
How Green Was My Valley (1941) as Dr. Richards
A Welsh mining family faces the struggles of life together.
Rage in Heaven (1941) as Soliciter-General
A jealous man plots to fake his death and incriminate his wife's suspected lover.
International Lady (1941) as Sir Henry
Strange Cargo (1940) as Grideau
Devil's Island escapees are changed forever by a prisoner who thinks he's Jesus.
Moon over Burma (1940) as Stephen Harmon
He Stayed for Breakfast (1940) as Communist president
Little Nellie Kelly (1940) as Lord Cavelstoke
The daughter of Irish immigrants patches up differences between her father and grandfather and rises to the top on Broadway.
The Earl of Chicago (1940) as Lord Elfic
A Chicago gangster inherits a British title.
Murder over New York (1940) as Hugh Drake
When Charlie attends a police convention in New York he learns of sabotage slowing down production in aircraft plants. He, of course, enters the case.
Northwest Passage (Book I--Rogers' Rangers) (1940) as Sir William Johnson
South of Suez (1940) as Defense counsel
A murder defendant falls for his alleged victim's daughter.
Balalaika (1939) as Ramensky
Refugees from the Russian Revolution build a new life in Paris.
Miracles for Sale (1939) as Doctor Sabbatt
A magician turns detective to investigate murder and a phony seance.
Lady of the Tropics (1939) as Colonel Demassey
An American playboy in Saigon has to fight to get his Eurasian wife out of the country.

Cast (special)

Reunion in Vienna (1955) as General
While in Vienna on a holiday, Elena Krug, the happily married wife of a psychiatrist, meets Rudolf Maximillan, an old flame who is now the Archduke of Austria. The story, in which Greer Garson makes her dramatic TV debut, relates the problems that arise when Elena realizes she still loves Rudolf.
Richard II (1954) as John Of Gaunt
An adaptation for television of Shakespeare's play about the ineffectual king's pathetic efforts to hold onto power in the face of an insurrection led by the usurper Lord Bollingbroke.

Cast (short)

Portrait of a Genius (1943)
This short film sheds some light on Leonardo Da Vinci''''s genius as an inventor.
Madero of Mexico (1942)
This short film chronicles the political life of Francisco Madero.
Keep 'Em Sailing (1942)
In this short film, an FBI agent goes undercover to investigate the sabotage of American cargo ships.
The Story That Couldn't Be Printed (1939)
This short film focuses on the story of John Peter Zengler, who was tried for sedition based on what he printed in his newspaper.

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