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Marjorie Woodworth

Marjorie Woodworth

  • Broadway Limited (1941) September 25 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER
  • Star Is Born, A (1954) November 16 (ET) - Reminder REMINDER


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Cast (feature film)

It Should Happen to You (1954) as
A dizzy model in love with fame rents a billboard and puts her name on it.
A Star Is Born (1954) as
A falling star marries the newcomer he's helping reach the top.
Two Knights from Brooklyn (1949)
The owners of a taxi company fight off gangsters and a sinister health guru.
A Double Life (1948) as Girl in wig shop
An actor starring as Othello opposite his wife finds the character's jealous rage taking over his mind off-stage.
Devil Ship (1947) as Dolly
Captain Biff Brown (Richard Lane) owns a boat used to ferry prisoners from the mainland to Alcatraz. The police find some escape tools on his boat and, although Brown isn't involved, his contract is terminated and he goes back to tuna fishing. Brown takes his friend Sanderson (William Bishop) to his boarding house and introduces him to his sweetheart Madge Harris (Louise Campbell) and Sanderson also falls in love with her. A gang headed by Red Mason (Damian O'Flynn) and trying to escape the country bribe Brown's engineer, Venatti (Anthony Caruso), and are hiding on the boat the next time Brown and Sanderson take it out. They take over the boat but a storm is approaching...
Decoy (1946) as Nurse
Grim ^Ifilm noir^R stars British actress Gillie as one of the most vicious, heartless and cruel women ever seen in an American film. The story opens as a wounded doctor, Rudley, enters the apartment of Gillie, the beautiful but ruthless member of a gang of thieves. Gunshots are heard, and soon police sergeant Leonard arrives to find Rudley dead and Gillie dying. Gillie tells her sordid tale to the cop before she dies. In flashback we learn that Gillie fell in with gangster Armstrong who had stolen $400,000 in a robbery in which he had killed a cop. Captured and sentenced to die in the gas chamber, Armstrong tells his gang that he has hidden the dough, and, with Gillie's help, he will return to life after the state has executed him by taking an antidote to the cyanide gas, an antidote developed by Rudley. The plan works like a charm, and Armstrong is brought back long enough to give Gillie half the map before he is shot by rival gang member Norris after the latter grabs the other half of the map. Gillie and Norris force Rudley to help them find the treasure. En route, Gillie fakes a flat tire, and, when Norris gets out to fix it, she runs back and forth over him a few times to make sure he is dead. She then makes the doctor dig up the box. When Gillie opens the treasure chest, she is consumed with hysterical madness and cannot stop laughing. She grabs her gun and shoots Rudley, then runs back to her apartment, only to be tracked down by the wounded doctor. At film's end, she reveals to the cops that the box contained only a dollar bill and a note from Armstrong saying that he knew they would double-cross him. With that, Gillie laughs and dies. She is superb. Well worth seeing.
In Fast Company (1946) as Sally Turner
The Bowery Boys get wrapped up in a taxi war.
Salty O'Rourke (1945) as Lola
Salty owes money to Doc Baxter; he and his pal Smitty have one month to pay up. They get a race horse and a disbarred jockey, Johnny Cates, who must fake his identity to race. Johnny and Salty both fall in love with Barbara Brooks and, to get even, Johnny considers throwing the horserace.
You Came Along (1945) as Carol Dix
War hero flier Bob Collins goes on a war bond selling tour with two buddies, and substitute "chaperone" Ivy Hotchkiss. Bob's a cheerful Lothario with several girls in every town on the tour. After some amusing escapades, Bob and Ivy become romantically involved, agreeing it's "just fun up in the air." Then Ivy finds out the real reason why it shouldn't be anything more.
A WAVE, a WAC and a Marine (1944) as Eileen Manners
Henny (Henny Youngman), talent scout for the Margaret Ames (Sally Eilers) Film Agency in Hollywood, mistakes Judy (Anne Gillis) and Marian (Elyse Knox), the understudies, for Eileen (Marjorie Woodworth) and Betty (Ramsay Ames), the real stars of a Broadway show and signs them up for movies. Margaret, furious with Henny for the blunder, fires him---but only temporarily. Another agent, Marty Allen (Richard Lane), once married to and still in love with Margaret, signs Betty and Eileen. Henny arrives with Judy and Marian, and the nightclub manager asks Henny to emcee the show. Though he is not sure himself what they can do, Henny introduces the girls and they make a hit in a dramatic sketch. (Simmer down, it's just a Monogram movie, and their nightclub attendees can react anyway director Phil Karlstein/Karlson wants them to.) Big-time movie producer R. J. (Alan Dinehart) signs them to a film contract. So, what does this have to do with the title, "A WAVE, a WAC and a Marine"? Because Judy joins the WAVES, Marian the WACS and Marty the Marines and all have two weeks before induction, and that is more than long enough to shoot a Monogram musical-within-a-Monogram musical and have a few days to spare.
Yanks Ahoy (1943) as Phyllis
Feuding sergeants wreak havoc on the Navy.
Prairie Chickens (1943) as Lucy
A cowboy is mistaken for the owner of a profitable ranch under attack by rustlers and ghosts.
The Devil with Hitler (1942) as Linda [Kraus]
If he wants to keep control of Hell, Satan has to get Hitler to perform a good deed.
Flying with Music (1942) as Ann Andrews
A man on the run from alimony payments gets a job as a South American tour guide.
Dudes Are Pretty People (1942) as Marcia
A cowpoke falls hard for a pretty tourist.
The McGuerins from Brooklyn (1942) as Lucy Gibbs
Two cab drivers try to make a beat up cab into their ticket to success.
Brooklyn Orchid (1942) as Lucy Gibbs
The owners of a taxicab company become guardian angels to a beautiful blonde in trouble.
Niagara Falls (1941) as Margy Blake
A pair of dunces mistake squabbling strangers for fellow newlyweds.
Road Show (1941) as Alice
A playboy on the run hooks up with a sideshow's beautiful owner.
Broadway Limited (1941) as April [Tremaine]
A Hollywood publicity stunt ruins the leading lady's love life and draws the attention of federal agents.
All-American Co-Ed (1941) as Bunny
A college boy dresses as a girl to infiltrate a women's college.

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