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Also Known As: Died: March 5, 1998
Born: December 2, 1906 Cause of Death: cardiopulmonary failure
Birth Place: Brandon, Manitoba, CA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

No Regret (Non, je ne regrette rien) (1993)
Through music, poetry, and, at times, chilling self-disclosure, five HIV-positive black gay men speak of their individual confrontation with AIDS.
True Grit (1969) as Barlow
A young girl recruits an aging U.S. marshal to help avenge her father''''s death.
A Time To Sing (1968) as Vernon W. Carter
A singer hides his love of music to please his restrictive guardian.
Tammy and the Millionaire (1967) as John Brent
Moment to Moment (1966) as Mr. Singer
When an erring wife's supposedly dead lover turns up an amnesiac, it's her unsuspecting shrink husband who's enlisted to get those memories back.
Dimension 5 (1966) as Cane
An American intelligence agent, aided by a Chinese-American female agent, uses a time-travel belt to thwart Chinese operatives who are attempting to import to Los Angeles the materials to make an atomic bomb.
Kissin' Cousins (1964) as Gen. Alvin Donford
A singing military officer gets mixed up with his look-alike hillbilly cousin.
I'll Give My Life (1961) as Pastor Goodwin
13 Ghosts (1960) as Cyrus Zorba
A family inherits a house haunted by 13 ghosts and a living killer.
The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953) as Capt. Phil Jackson
Nuclear tests set a dormant prehistoric monster on a path of destruction.
Born to the Saddle (1952) as Matt Daggett
All That I Have (1951) as Clergyman
The Du Pont Story (1951) as Irénée du Pont
Mr. Music (1950) as Tippy Carpenter
Johnny One-Eye (1950) as Veterinarian
Big-time racketeer Martin Martin (Pat O'Brien), on the eve of his projected move into New York politics, barely escapes the District Attorney's men who attempt to arrest him for a murder committed five-years earlier by Martin and his former partner Dane Cory (Wayne Morris.) Martin, who knows that Cory has copped a plea with the D.A. to save himself, arranges a meeting. At the meeting, Cory's henchman, Cute Freddie (Harry Bronson), shoots Martin and the latter kills Freddie. Cory hides in the Greenwich Village apartment of his girl friend, burlesque queen Lily White (Dolores Moran.) With them is Lily's six-year-old daughter, Elsie (Gayle Reed), and her dog Skipper. Martin trails Cory, but weakened by his bullet wound, is forced to seek refuge in an abandoned building next to Lily's. Bad-to-the-bone Cory kicks Skipper and the dog finds shelter with Martin, where Elsie finds them sleeping. Martin is charmed by Elsie and the dog, whom he names Johnny One-Eye, and takes the animal to a vet (Donald Woods) who can't help the dog but does take the bullet slug out of Martin. Barely eluding capture, Martin returns to the building where Elsie tells him she is Lily's daughter, and that Cory is hiding in their house. Later Cory follows Elsie to where Martin is hiding. She is caught in the line of fire and, to save her, Martin exposes himself for a fatal wound from Cory but not before he kills Cory. His last words to a policeman are: "Buy Elsie another dog, and make sure he has two good eyes."
The Lost Volcano (1950) as Paul Gordon
Bomba the Jungle Boy arrives to rescue a child just as a volcano is about to erupt.
Daughter of the West (1949) as Ralph Connors
Free for All (1949) as Roger Abernathy
Barbary Pirate (1949) as Major Tom Blake, also known as Brighton
Donald Woods, Trudy Marshall, Lenore Aubert, Stefan Schnabel, John Dehner, Joe Mantell. Major Tom Blake (Donald Woods) travels to Tripoli to unmask the traitor who is selling information about U. S. boat shipments to sea pirates. Joe Mantell went on to achieve fame and a best supporting actor nomination as Ernest Borgnine''s best friend in MARTY.
Scene of the Crime (1949) as [Bob] Herkimer
A detective tries to solve a policeman's murder.
Bells of San Fernando (1947) as Michael O'Brien
Mendoza ruthlessly controls the valley of San Fernando and his men guard the only entrance. When Mendoza announces he will marry Michael's girl friend Maria, Michael plans an escape. He hopes to reach the Governor and bring back the troops.
Step-Child (1947) as Ken Bullock
Although Dale (Brenda Joyce) and Ken Bullock (Donald Woods) should be a happily married couple, their marriage is on the verge of a break-up, because Dale refuses to give up her well-paying job in order to devote more time to Ken and their two children Jimmy (Tommy Ivo), age 9, and Tommy (Grgeory Marshall), age 6. They sue for divorce and the Judge (Selmer Jackson) rules that the children be placed in the custody of their father. Dale realizes what she has lost but she is too proud to say anyhthing to Ken, whom she still loves. Ken, shopping for the perfect stay-at-home wife to take care of his children, falls for the charms of his secretary, Millie Lynch (Vivian Austin, in one of the four films she made at PRC as Terry Austin.) Not quite.
The Return of Rin Tin Tin (1947) as Father Matthew
Night and Day (1946) as Ward Blackburn
Fanciful biography of songwriter Cole Porter, who rose from high society to find success on Tin Pan Alley.
Never Say Goodbye (1946) as Rex DeVallon
A husband tries to win back his wife before she can divorce him.
The Time, the Place and the Girl (1946) as Martin Drew
Two producers and their girls look for a backer for their big show.
Voice of the Whistler (1945) as Paul Kitridge
A dying millionaire marries his nurse for companionship, only to experience a miracle cure.
Wonder Man (1945) as Monte Rossen
A murdered nightclub star possesses a mild-mannered look-alike to bring his killers to justice.
Roughly Speaking (1945) as Rodney Crane
A man's wild moneymaking schemes leave his wife to raise their family.
Enemy of Women (1944) as Dr. Hans Traeger
Young Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels (Paul Andor), an unsuccesful playright, is forced, in order to support himself, to take a position as tutor in the household of Herr Quandt (Ralph Morgan.) His first attempt to force himself upon women comes when he becomes interested in a young actress, Maria Brandt (Claudia Drake), daughter of Colonel Brandt (H.B. Warner)at whose home he is lodging. He is driven from the house by Colonel Brandt. That night, acting as an usher for a meeting of the new German Socialist Party, Goebbels hears Hitler speak, and becomes an ardent follower. He is made propaganda head, becomes known as the "Scoundrel of Berlin", and his machinations strike terror into the hearts of innocent girls. Maria Brandt, who is working as a bit player in a theatre in Hannover, again meets Goebbels. Through his efforts, although unknown to her, Maria is made an overnight star. He then procures a contract for her at the famous UFA studios of Berlin. Maria, who has become interested in a young doctor, Hans Traeger (Donald Woods), shuns Goebbels' attentions.
The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1944) as Brother Juniper
A priest pieces together the lives of five people killed crossing a perilous ravine.
Hollywood Canteen (1944) as
A serviceman and a starlet find love at the star-staffed serviceman's center.
So's Your Uncle (1943) as Steve Curtis, also known as "Uncle John"
Hi' Ya, Sailor (1943) as Bob Jackson
Corregidor (1943) as Michael
Watch on the Rhine (1943) as David Farrelly
Nazi agents pursue a German freedom-fighter and his family to Washington.
Thru Different Eyes (1942) as Ted Farnsworth
The Gay Sisters (1942) as Penn Sutherland Gaylord
A New York aristocrat marries for the money to save the family mansion.
I Was a Prisoner on Devil's Island (1941) as Joel Grant [Joseph Elmer]
Bachelor Daddy (1941) as Edward Smith
Sky Raiders (1941)
Mexican Spitfire Out West (1940) as Dennis Lindsay
To punish her inattentive husband, a Latin bombshell pretends to want a divorce.
Forgotten Girls (1940) as Dan Donahue
Love, Honor, and Oh-Baby! (1940) as Brian McGrath
In despair after breaking up with his girlfriend, a man hires a thug he has never seen to kill him. However, he changes his mind when he falls in love with another woman--but he can't stop the man trying to kill him because he doesn't know who he is.
Mexican Spitfire (1940) as Dennis Lindsay
A businessman''s aunt enlists his ex-wife to break up his marriage to a temperamental Latina.
If I Had My Way (1940) as Fred Johnson
A construction worker takes charge of the daughter of a fellow worker killed in an accident. He brings the girl to New York to try to find her uncle. When he finds him, he discovers that the uncle has spent his life savings on a restaurant that turns out to be a worthless dive. He's determined to help the girl and her uncle make the restaurant a success.
City of Chance (1940) as Steve Walker
Heritage of the Desert (1939) as John Abbott
John Abbott (Donald Woods) returns to the desert land he owns, and after being wounded by hired gunman Chick Chance (Paul Fix), he is befriended by rancher Andrew Naab (Robert Barrat) and his son, Marvin (Russell Hayden). Naab's daughter, Marian (Evelyn Venable), falls in love with John but is about to marry Snap Thornton (Paul Guilfoyle) to keep a promise made by her father. She runs away on her wedding day but is captured and held hostage by outlaw Henry Holderness (c. Henry Gordon). John, the Naabs and fellow ranchers rush to her rescue.
Beauty for the Asking (1939) as Jeffrey Martin
A jilted woman makes her fortune in cosmetics.
The Girl from Mexico (1939) as Dennis Lindsey
An ad man tours Mexico trying to cast a new radio show.
Romance on the Run (1938) as Barry Drake
The Black Doll (1938) as Nick Halstead
Nicholas Rood (C. Henry Gordon), dishonest mine owner, finds a Black Doll on his desk and knows that vengeance is about to overtake him for murdering his former partner. He is knifed as he talks to his daughter Marian (Nan Grey). She summons her fiance Nick Halstead (Donald Woods), a private detective. He finds that six people had a motive for the murder; Rood's sister Mrs.Laura Leland (Doris Lloyd); her son Rex (William Lundigan); Rood's associates Mallison(Addison Richards) and Walling (Arthur Hohl); Esteban (Fred Malatesta), a servant and Dr. Giddings (Holmes Herbert.) Sheriff Renick (Edgar Kennedy) and his deputy Red (Syd Saylor) get the clues all mixed up, but Nick finally narrows the search down to one suspect...
Danger on the Air (1938) as [Benjamin Franklin] Butts
Sea Devils (1937) as Steve Webb
A feud between Coast Guardsmen heats up when one falls for the other's daughter.
The Case of the Stuttering Bishop (1937) as Perry Mason
Perry Mason tries to find out if a long-lost heiress is the real thing.
Talent Scout (1937) as Steve Stewart
A Hollywood heartthrob helps a small-town girl achieve stardom.
Big Town Girl (1937) as Mark Tracy
Once a Doctor (1937) as [Dr.] Steven Brace
Two foster brothers studying medicine fall for the same woman.
Charlie Chan on Broadway (1937) as Speed Patten
A New York nightclub singer plans to reveal gangsters named in her private diary. The diary disappears and the singer is murdered. Charlie Chan is called into to investigate.
Road Gang (1936) as James Larrabie
A reporter exposes corruption on a southern chain gang.
The White Angel (1936) as Charles Cooper
In this true story, Florence Nightingale defies military leaders to organize humanitarian nursing services during the Crimean War.
The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936) as Dr. Jean Martel
True story of the French scientist''''s battle to establish modern medical methods.
Isle of Fury (1936) as Eric Blake
A man on the run in the South Seas gets caught up in a romantic triangle.
Anthony Adverse (1936) as Vincent Nolte
An orphan runs off to a life of adventure, then returns to France in search of the girl he left behind.
A Son Comes Home (1936) as [Paul Connolly, also known as] Denny
The Frisco Kid (1935) as Charles Ford
A shanghaied sailor turns himself into the king of San Francisco's rough-and-tumble Barbary Coast.
A Tale of Two Cities (1935) as Charles Darnay
Charles Dickens'''' classic story of two men in love with the same woman during the French Revolution.
The Case of the Curious Bride (1935) as Carl [Montaine]
Perry Mason helps a young woman whose supposedly dead husband suddenly returns to life.
Stranded (1935) as John Wesley
A Traveler's Aid worker who delights in solving people's problems gets mixed up with gangsters.
The Florentine Dagger (1935) as [Juan] Cesare
A playwright descended from the Borgias becomes a murder suspect.
Merry Wives of Reno (1934) as Frank [Hammond]
Three couples raise a ruckus when they travel to Nevada for quickie divorces.
Sweet Adeline (1934) as Sid Barnett
A gay nineties waitress rises from beer gardens to Broadway.
Charlie Chan's Courage (1934) as Bob Crawford
Charlie is hired to deliver a pearl necklace to a millionaire at his ranch. When murder intervenes he disguises himself as a Chinese servant and begins sleuthing.
Fog over Frisco (1934) as Tony [Sterling]
A San Francisco heiress discovers her sister is hanging out with gangsters.
As the Earth Turns (1934) as Stan [Janowski]
A young couple face the hardships of farm life in Maine.
She Was a Lady (1934) as Tommy Traill

Writer (feature film)

Cry Freedom (1987) as From Books ("Biko" "Asking For Trouble")
The true story of murdered, black, South African, "Black Consciousness Movement" activist Stephen Biko, and his friendship with the white, South African newspaper editor Donald Woods.

Music (feature film)

Plates (1990)
Detective B.L. Stryker becomes involved with a beautiful model who ocassionally denies who she really is. Meanwhile, he encounters bike-riding UFOs, a crooked car-towing service and a corrupt DEA agent. A presentation of "The ABC Saturday Mystery."
Grand Theft Hotel (1990)
At a jewelers' convention in the Bahamas, B.L. Stryker, Oliver, and Chief McGee try to keep a thief from stealing a priceless necklace.
Winner Takes All (1990)
A detective named B.L. Stryker seeks the murderer of the father of a high school football star.
Night Train (1990)
Two mob assassins pursue the little girl detective B.L. Stryker is escorting on the train to Manhattan.
King of Jazz, The (1989)
A Middle Eastern terrorists finds a target in an exclusive part of Palm Beach -- a monarch who has sought refuge in the United States. Meanwhile, Detective B.L. Stryker accidentally discovers that he is in the middle of an intricately planned FBI undercover operation.
High Desert Kill (1989)
A television movie in which three sportsmen take off for a wilderness area in New Mexico for their annual hunting trip. The expedition quickly turns into a nightmare when a malevolent alien scientist encapsulates them in an enormous outdoor cage. They become human guinea pigs for grisly behavioral s
Trapped (1989)
A woman is terrorized by a psychopath while she is trapped in an office building overnight. While hiding from the crazed intruder, she joins forces with an industrial spy who is also hiding in the building. For purposes of mutual protection, the two attempt to remain one step ahead of the determined killer.
Die Laughing (1989)
Detective B.L. Stryker saves the life of Toby Beaumont, a once-top rated television comedian, now in the downside of his career. The near-misses on Beaumont's life continue and Stryker, hoping the past will be revealing, looks into Beaumont's beginnings as a Catskill Mountains comic.
I Saw What You Did (1988)
Two girls make crank phone calls, and end up living through a night of terror as they are menaced by a psychotic killer.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Tongues Untied (1989) as Production Assistant
An account of the struggle to come to terms with being a gay Black male in contemporary America.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Tongues Untied (1989)
An account of the struggle to come to terms with being a gay Black male in contemporary America.
Tongues Untied (1989)
An account of the struggle to come to terms with being a gay Black male in contemporary America.
Cry Freedom (1987) as Principal Consultant
The true story of murdered, black, South African, "Black Consciousness Movement" activist Stephen Biko, and his friendship with the white, South African newspaper editor Donald Woods.

Cast (special)

Alcatraz: The Escape (1993)
Examination of the 1962 breakout of three inmates from Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco Bay. Includes interviews with former inmates, prison officials and guards; animation and dramatic reenactments.
South Africa: Steps Toward Freedom (1990)
A documentary examining recent developments in South Africa as well as possibilities for the nation's future. Includes footage of Nelson Mandela's release.

Cast (short)

The Song of a Nation (1947)
This short film dramatizes the events that led to Francis Scott Key writing the words to "The Star-Spangled Banner." Vitaphone Release 7557-7558.
Things You Never See on the Screen (1935)
This short film presents a series of bloopers from various Warner Bros. productions.
A Dream Comes True The Making of an Unusual Motion Picture (1935)
This short film promotes the film "A Midsummer Night''''s Dream" (1935), and offers behind-the-scene footage of the creation of the film.
Hollywood Newsreel (1934)
A variety of stories from "behind the scenes" in Hollywood are the focus in this short film that may have been a publicity vehicle for "Harold Teen" (1934). Vitaphone Release 6170.

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