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Overview for Barbara Wooddell
Barbara Wooddell

Barbara Wooddell



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Cast (feature film)

The Great Impostor (1961) as Head nurse
Based on a true story, a bright young man who hasn't the patience for the normal way of advancement finds that people rarely question you if your papers are in order. He becomes a marine, a monk, a surgeon onboard a Canadian Warship, and a prison warden.
Go, Johnny, Go! (1959) as Mrs. Arnold
Rock-n-roll promoter Alan Freed searches for a talent contest''''s mysterious winner.
Bullwhip (1958) as Sarah Mason
Westward Ho the Wagons! (1956) as Mrs. Stephen
At Gunpoint (1955) as Mrs. Canfield
Seven Angry Men (1955) as Mrs. Doyle
A fanatical abolitionist leads a personal war against slave owners in Kansas.
Sudden Danger (1955) as Nurse
Never Wave at a WAC (1953) as Capt. Smith
A divorced socialite joins the Army hoping it will improve her love life.
The Homesteaders (1953) as Jenny [Moss]
A man faces numerous travails transporting a consignment of dynamite for a group of Oregon homesteaders.
The Flaming Urge (1953) as Mrs. Cruickshank
Red Skies of Montana (1952) as Nurse Waddell
Dead Man's Trail (1952) as Amelia Winslow
The Rose Bowl Story (1952) as Mary Hadley
The Star (1952) as Peggy Morgan
A faded film star fights to hold on to her past glamour despite failing finances.
Dreamboat (1952) as Receptionist
A college professor faces embarrassment when his past as a silent screen heartthrob is revealed.
Wild Stallion (1952) as Abigail Light
A horse hunter pursues a white colt that ran off when his parents were killed.
Montana Incident (1952) as Mrs. Hawkins
Whip Wilson (Whip Wilson) and his friend Dave Connors (Rand Brooks) survey the range for a railroad line, and are ordered to get out of the territory. The entire town and most of the land around it are owned by retired cattleman Martin (Hugh Prosser), who allows his oldest daughter, Clara (Peggy Stewart), who, unknown to Martin, has been milking the town dry with the aid of her fiancee (Bruce Edwards), over the objections of her sister Frances (Noel Neill.) Clara knows that the coming of the railroad will bring an end to her rule of the territory.
Fort Osage (1952) as Martha Woodling
Rod Cameron, Jane Nigh, Morris Ankrum, Douglas Kennedy, John Ridgely. Trail scout Rod Cameron is hired to lead a wagon train through Indian territory after two unscrupulous white men violate an important treaty with the redskins.
Paula (1952) as Specialist's nurse
A woman harbors a deadly secret when her husband brings home a child she injured in a hit-and-run accident.
Confidence Girl (1952) as
A con-artist couple pose as a detective and a psychic.
Reunion in Reno (1951) as Mrs. Doane
Oklahoma Justice (1951) as Ma Posey
Johnny Mack Brown (Johnny Mack Brown), operating out of the Marshal's office, poses as a band bandit and stage robber, aided by his friend, stage driver Clancy (James Ellison as Jimmy Ellison), in order to learn the identity of a gang that has been pulling off stagecoach and bank robberies. The gang is headed by widowed ranch owner Ma Posey (Barbara Allen) and includes Blackie Marshall (Marshall Reed), Deuce Logan (Lane Bradford), Tad (Zon Murray) and a traveling bank examiner,Fleming (I. Stanford Jolley), who tips the gang off on money movement.
Canyon Raiders (1951) as Ruth Milburn
Sam Wellman (I. Stanford Jolley), Lou Banks (Riley Hill) and Jack Marlin (Marshall Reed) have stolen horses from ranchers and have them corralled in Baxter Canyon, hoping to sell them at inflated prices to the Army with forged bill of sales. Whip Wilson (Whip Wilson) arrives in town in time to separate homesteader Texas Milburn (Fuzzy Knight) and gambler Hemingway (Bill Kennedy) from a gunfight caused by the latter's manipulation of the cards. Alice Long (Phyllis Coates), acting sheriff for her ill father, intercedes and meets Whip, who tells her he is looking for his rancher friend Jim Bannon (Jim Bannon) who has lost his horse herd to the rustlers. Texas and his wife Ruth (Barbara Woodell) arrive at their new new located at the entrance to Baxter Canyon and are driven off by the rustlers. Texas reports his plight to Alice, who arranges a posse to hide in a wagon which she drives to the canyon. The rustlers kill all but Alice, who they take prisoner. Whip, posing as an outlaw, infiltrates the gang in the hope of rescuing Alice and putting an end to the rustlers.
Little Big Horn (1951) as Mrs. Margaret Owens
Stagecoach Driver (1951) as Katie Cassidy
Highway 301 (1950) as Head nurse
A brutal bank robber fights internal divisions within his gang.
Gunfire (1950) as Emily James
The Baron of Arizona (1950) as Carry Lansing
A swindler forges documents to make himself the owner of an entire state.
Everybody's Dancin' (1950) as "Mama" Mary Berne
The Return of Jesse James (1950) as
Johnny looks so much like the real Jesse, he is mistaken for him by a grizzled old member of the now deceased James gang. Johnny is talked into leading a new gang to rob banks using the same modus operandi as the famed outlaw. Jesse's brother Frank decides to put a stop to the defamation of his dead brother's name. Johnny and his gang run into trouble when they try to rob the same two banks, simultaneously, that proved to be the downfall of the original gang.
Walk Softly, Stranger (1950) as Secretary
A small-time crook on the run is reformed by the love of a crippled woman.
My Foolish Heart (1950) as Red Cross receptionist
A young innocent's life is shattered when she falls for a World War II flyer.
The Stratton Story (1949) as Mrs. Shea
True story of Monty Stratton, the baseball star who fought to continue his career after losing a leg.
And Baby Makes Three (1949) as Mrs. Carter
A woman on the verge of divorce and re-marriage discovers she''''s pregnant by her husband.
Bad Boy (1949) as Mrs. Strawn
A lawman tries to find the source of a juvenile delinquent's bad behavior.
I Shot Jesse James (1949) as Mrs. Zee James
After shooting his best friend, an outlaw tries to cope with guilt.
Force of Evil (1949) as Mary
A crooked lawyer tries to protect his numbers running brother from a ruthless crime boss.
State Department File 649 (1949) as Carrie
Gentleman's Agreement (1948) as
A reporter pretends to be Jewish in order to cover a story on anti-Semitism.
Arch of Triumph (1948) as Eugenie
In winter of 1938, Paris is crowded with refugees from the Nazis, who live in the black shadows of night, trying to evade deportation. One such is Dr. Ravic, who practices medicine illegally and stalks his old Nazi enemy Haake with murder in mind. One rainy night, Ravic meets Joan Madou, a kept woman cast adrift by her lover's sudden death. Against Ravic's better judgement, they become involved in a doomed affair; matters come to a crisis on the day war is declared.
Joan of Arc (1948) as Woman with baby
The life and campaigns of the Maid of Orleans.
The Millerson Case (1947) as Mrs. White
While on vacation, a criminal psychologist investigates a murder during a typhoid epidemic.
Framed (1947) as Jane Woodworth
A femme fatale lures an unemployed man into helping her with a criminal scheme.
Smash Up--The Story of a Woman (1947) as Girl
A singer''''s wife turns to the bottle when she fears she''''s lost her husband to success.
Curley (1947) as Mrs. Benson
When their favorite teacher marries, a gang of kids tries to scare her replacement away.
The Unsuspected (1947) as Roslyn White
The producer of a radio crime series commits the perfect crime, then has to put the case on the air.
The Mysterious Mr. Valentine (1946) as Rita Armstrong
A young girl gets a flat tire, and ends up with her car being stolen. Her car is involved in an accident resulting in a man's death, and the body is planted in her car by gangsters to make it look like she was driving. The gangsters soon try to blackmail her about the body, then force her into helping them in their criminal activities.
The Secret of the Whistler (1946) as Nurse
An artist plots murder when his rich wife when she catches him in an affair with one of his models.
Little Miss Big (1946) as Secretary
Wife Wanted (1946) as Miss Sheldon
Career-slipping movie star Carole Raymond (Kay Francis) buys in as a real estate partner of Jeff Caldwell (Paul Cavanagh). Actually, through his secretary, Nola Reed (Veda Ann Borg), Caldwell runs a matrimonial bureau and, with the aid of his associate, Lee Kirby (John Gallaudet), they defraud and blackmail a large group of lonely people. Carole, unknowingly, is used as bait for one of their victims, Walter Desmond (Barton Yarborough), who "commits suicide." Reporter William Tyler (Robert Shayne) thinks otherwise and, posing as a rich rancher, contacts Miss Raymond. The latter, now being blackmailed by Caldwell, is forced to persuade Tyler to invest in a fraudulent oil deal. In her own attempt to break the racket, Carole uncovers Mildred Hayes (Teala Loring), another innocent victim of the Desmond case. Despite leading each other on for their own purposes, Carole and Tyler fall in love and combine their efforts.
The Return of Rusty (1946) as Mrs. Mitchell
Samurai (1945) as Mrs. Morrey
A young Japanese-American orphan in California is taken in by a priest who is actually a Japanese secret agent and a samurai warrior. Due to the samurai's training, the boy murders his English teacher, kills the American parents who have adopted him, smuggles Japanese secret plans into the country, and eventually becomes the governor of California with plans to infiltrate Japanese spies into the state so they can take over.
The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) as
A man remains young and handsome while his portrait shows the ravages of age and sin.
Lady, Let's Dance! (1944) as Dolores
Leave It to the Irish (1944) as Mrs. Hamilton
A private eye investigating one murder is framed for another.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1941) as Secretary to David
A quarrelsome couple discovers their marriage isn''t legal.

Cast (short)

Engagement Party (1956)
In this short film, a man worries about his financial security when pressured into marriage.

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