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Overview for Clarence Williams III
Clarence Williams III

Clarence Williams III



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George... Gary Sinise, Angelina Jolie. A compelling biopic following the life of the... more info $20.95was $24.98 Buy Now

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The Legend of... Based on a dramatic monologue by Italian novelist Alessandro Baricco, the Legend... more info $10.95was $14.98 Buy Now

The Mod Squad:... The Mod Squad involved three hipper-than-hip undercover cops with a touch of... more info $13.95was $24.98 Buy Now

The Mod Squad:... The Mod Squad involved three hipper-than-hip undercover cops with a touch of... more info $13.95was $24.98 Buy Now

Also Known As: Died:
Born: August 21, 1939 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Way of War, The (2009)
A paramilitary operative goes on a rampage after he discovers a war conspiracy.
Blue Hour, The (2008)
Happy is a talented teenage graffiti muralist with a passion for spray paint and Hip Hop. Her playground is the concrete banks of the Los Angeles River. While painting a mural of her trademark Payasa, a sad-faced Lady Clown, she encounters Sal, a mentally challenged homeless man who attempts to make
Constellation (2007)
Returning to the Deep South to a town that once held back their opportunities but now glistens as a modern, sexy city, the Boxer family and its extended members discover in the memory of a loved one what binds them together. The tale chronicles the lives and loves of this African-American family as
X-Team (2003) as Pat Zachary
Television movie about five of the best extreme sport athletes who are recruited as members of the National Security Administration Extraction and Rescue Team, a select group of secret agents.
Blue Hill Avenue (2001) as Benny
Chronicles the lives of four neighborhood friends who, through a series of events, choose the fast life and grow up to be South Boston's most ruthless and successful drug dealers. Later, they find themselves haunted by their choices as their empire begins to crumble.
Mindstorm (2001) as Walter Golden
Tracy Wellman, a driven investigator with powerful psychic abilities, has a secret. Ever since she was nine years old, something has been missing from her life -- her past. Now that's all about to change. When Senator Armitage, a leading presidential candidate, hires her to find his missing daughter
Reindeer Games (2000) as Merlin
Just released from prison, all Rudy Duncan wants is to start a new life with Ashley, the girl of his dreams, whom he met through pen pal letters in prison. But between them and happiness stands her crazy brother, Gabriel, and his motley crue of deadly criminals who think Rudy has some inside information about a casino where he once had a job, a casino Gabriel and his short-fused posse plan to take down.
Ali: An American Hero (2000) as Marcellus Clay
Television movie based on the life of boxing great Muhammad Ali. Chronicles the life of Ali through 1974 when he regained the Heavyweight Championship Title in the "Rumble in the Jungle" fight against George Forman in Zaire.
General's Daughter, The (1999) as Colonel Fowler
When warrant officer Paul Brenner, a top investigator from the Army's Criminal Investigation Division, is assigned to look into the murder of Capt. Elisabeth Campbell, he inadvertently uncovers a scandal of immense proportions. Armed with the power to arrest any military person, whatever the rank, anywhere in the world, Brenner is determined to solve the crime, no matter where his pursuit leads, even if the clues point to his hero, Gen. "Fighting Joe" Campbell.
Mod Squad, The (1999) as (Cameo Appearance)
Three teens are co-opted by the police into becoming undercover agents instead of going to prison. Julie is a former vagrant and herion addict, Pete a rich kid gone wrong and Linc is a young arsonist. The police figure that with their street-cred the mod squad can get in places that more official co
Legend of 1900, The (1999) as 'Jelly Roll' Morton
An orphan is born on a cruise ship in 1900, and left in a lemon crate in the ballroom. The baby is raised by a machinist on the ship, Danny Boodman, who hides him in the great ship's belly. The boy becomes known simply as 1900. Knowing nothing of the world beyond the coal room and his porthole view
Life (1999) as Winston Hancock
In 1930s Harlem, fast talking hustler Ray scams straightlaced Claude into traveling south together to pick up some moonshine and make some quick cash. Instead, they are arrested for a murder actually committed by a corrupt local sheriff, and sentenced to life in prison in Mississippi. Over the years, the pair form a bond, despite being very different and frequently fighting. They scheme to escape, and keep hoping for justice.
Frogs for Snakes (1998) as Huck
A group of aspiring New York theater actors moonlight as debt collectors, maiming those who won't pay up. The only really talented member of the group, Eve, wants to quit and leave town with her child. But her employer and ex-husband has other ideas, and promises U B a plum role in a Mamet productio
Half Baked (1998) as Samson Simpson
A group of three friends turn to pot dealing in order to raise money for their friend who has been imprisoned for killing a police horse.
Hoodlum (1997) as Bub Hewlett
The story of two rival gangs, one black one white. Fighting over illlegal gambling and gaming in Harlem during the 1930s.
Sprung (1997) as (Cameo Appearance)
A couple plan the perfect wedding for their friends despite complications that arise.
Silencers, The (1997) as General Greenboro
When gunfire erupts around Secret Service Agent Chuck Rafferty, he discovers a terrifying adversary...killer aliens who look human and have a single purpose: to conquer Earth. As the murderous Men in Black attempt to silence the only humans who know they exist, Rafferty teams with a mysterious peace officer from another galaxy, Comdor, to save the planet.
Love Bug, The (1997) as Chuck
A remake of the 1968 feature film, "The Love Bug," featuring the updated adventures of Herbie, a Volkswagen with a mind of its own. Herbie the Volkswagen befriends failed race car driver turned auto mechanic Hank Cooper. Cooper doesn't quite comprehend Herbie's incredible powers, but his former riva
Brave, The (1997) as Father Stratton
A poor, unemployed father gives the ultimate gift of love to change the quality of life for his poverty-stricken family - he agrees to star in a "snuff" film in exchange for $50,000.
Road to Galveston, The (1996) as Christopher
A widow devastated by the death of her husband tries to rebuild her life and save her farm by turning the homestead into a nursing home for three women with Alzheimer's disease.
Rebound: The Legend Of Earl The Goat (1996) as Coach Pratt
Based on the true story of Harlem street basketball legend Earl "The Goat" Manigault, whose drug addiction destroyed his hopes of a professional basketball career, but who went on to become one of Harlem's most influential citizens after his recovery from drug abuse.
Encino Woman (1996) as Javier
When a prehistoric frozen cavewoman is unearthed and defrosted after a California earthquake, an advertising executive turns her into a superstar model for a cosmetics company.
Immortals, The (1995) as Benny Hayes
An elaborate heist unites eight strangers in a simultaneous assault on targets all over the city. Recruited by a nightclub owner, four teams launch a brutal cross-town attack to retrieve suitcases full of cash. But as the violence escalates, the team members discover just who their real target has b
Ritual (1995) as Leron Becker
Leron Baker is a wealthy lawyer focused on his relentless pursuit of the American Dream. In the process, he becomes completely unaware that is family is falling apart at the seams.
Tales From the Hood (1995) as Mr Simms
Three young hustlers searching for a stash of lost drugs learn the perils of dealing in darkness when they are led by a creepy undertaker on a tour of a nightmarish, supernatural underworld.
Against the Wall (1994) as Chaka
Story of the September 1971 Attica prison riot as told from the point of view of Michael Smith, a rookie guard who was taken hostage.
Deadfall (1993) as Dean
A young con artist accidentally kills his father on an elaborate sting operation. While dying, father tells son to find long-lost uncle who happens to be the father's twin, an expert con artist himself. When he does, the young man, his partner and the uncle embark on a major con, only to have the un
Sugar Hill (1993) as A R Skuggs
Two brothers build a drug empire in New York City.
Deep Cover (1992) as Ken Taft
An undercover black narcotics cop begins to lose sight of which side of the law he is on, and teams up with a crooked attorney to build a drug empire.
On the Streets of L.A. (1992) as Raymond
A father and son who meet for the first time in prison are paroled into one another's custody.
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (1991) as Virgil
A family drama involving an aging cowpoke's attempt to repatch strained relationships with his father and former girlfriend.
Kill or Be Killed (1990) as John Culver
A television movie based on the true story of a special crime-fightng unit of five undercover vice agents, the North Las Vegas "Nasty Boys," who wear Ninja-style hoods to maintain their anonymity. The unit goes undercover to investigate a drug operation. Two of the Nasty Boys are targeted for death
Maniac Cop 2 (1990) as Blum
To serve, protect and kill! The undead lunatic with the badge and the gun is back. This time he's teamed up with a serial killer on a quest for blood-splattered revenge.
Perfect Victims (1988) as Lieutenant Kevin White
Two models are the targets of an obsessed rapist with AIDS.
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988) as Kalinga
In this parody of blaxploitation movies, one hero recruits former heroes from the 70s to fight the system.
Tough Guys Don't Dance (1987) as Bolo
A man awakens after a night of drinking to find blood on his clothing and a series of murders committed; he cannot recall the previous evening in detail and believes he is being framed.
Last Innocent Man, The (1987) as D J Johnson
Harry Nash, a criminal defense attorney at the peak of his career, is tired of dealing with guilty clients and decides to quit his profession. His resolve weakens when he has a torrid affair with a woman who convinces him to defend her estranged husband against a murder charge. Harry's search for th
52 Pick-Up (1986) as Bobby Shy
Harry Mitchell is a successful Los Angeles manufacturer whose wife is running for city council. His life is turned upside down when three blackmailers confront him with a video tape of him with his young mistress and demand $100,000. Fearing that the story will hurt his wife's political campaign if
Purple Rain (1984) as Father
Semi-autobiographical account of a young rock star''s setbacks amidst his meteoric rise to fame.
Return Of The Mod Squad (1979) as Linc Hayes
With an eye toward reviving the hit series that ran from 1968 to 1973, "Mod Squad" producers Danny Thomas and Aaron Spelling joined forces once again after going their separate ways for many years to call ex-undercover cops Pete, Linc and Julie back to the force when a series of sniper attacks are m
The Cool World (1964) as Blood
A young Harlem man rises to power in his street gang after taking inspiration from a Black Muslim preacher who spreads a dogma of hate against white oppressors.

Cast (special)

All Star Party For Aaron Spelling, An (1998)
A tribute to successful television producer Aaron Spelling, featuring clips and cast reunions to commemorate over three decades of primetime series.
Screen Actors Guild Awards, The (1997) as Presenter
Live presentation of the 33rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, presented to actors by their peers for outstanding performances in motion pictures and television.
Maniac at Large (1992)
An episode of "Tales From the Crypt," the horror anthology series for HBO. A librarian becomes very suspicious when she gets a tip about a serial killer's next victim.
Hero Who Couldn't Read, The (1984) as Mr Simpson
An "ABC Afterschool Specials" presentation that focuses on a high school student who is illiterate and relies on his skills in basketball to assure his future. When he is involved in a near-fatal car accident caused by his inability to read traffic signs, he realizes it's time to learn how to read.
House of Dies Drear, The (1984)
A black family moves into an old house that hides several mysteries, including one involving a ghost.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Last Rites (1998) as Warden Pierce
Starstruck (1998) as Jarry Wallace
George Wallace (1997) as Archie
Following Alabama governor George Wallace through segregation, presidential elections, an assassination attempt, and personal trauma.

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