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Billie Whitelaw

Billie Whitelaw


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Also Known As: Died: December 21, 2014
Born: June 6, 1932 Cause of Death: Undisclosed
Birth Place: Coventry, England, GB Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Hot Fuzz (2007)
A top London cop is transferred to a less threatening rural town in England full of garden parties and neighborhood-watch meetings. But the seemingly idyllic burg is soon rocked by a tough case.
Lost Son, The (2001) as Mrs Spitz
Xavier, a French private detective in London, is asked to find the missing 30-year old son of a wealthy elderly couple. His investigation takes him on a journey into the darkest parts of both the city and his own soul. He finds the seaside hotel where the missing Leon has been, but now there is only
Last of the Blonde Bombshells, The (2000) as Evelyn
After the death of her husband, Elizabeth realizes for the first time that, after 50 years of a conventional marriage and a safe, respectable life, the only time she felt truly alive was when she was a teenager, playing in an (almost) all-girl band as London was being bombed during the darkest hours
Quills (2000) as Madame Leclerc
About the Marquis de Sade, an inmate at an insane asylum who defies all attempts to keep him from writing and publishing pornographic prose.
MERLIN (1998) as Ambrosia
Miniseries set in medieval times, focusing on Merlin, the legendary teacher-court magician of King Arthur, from Sir Thomas Malory's novel "Morte d'Arthur." Merlin uses his powers to travel in time; battle Mab, the Queen of Darkness, and the evil, bewitching Morgan Le Fey; educate a future king; and
Jane Eyre (1996) as Grace Poole
As a child, young Jane is a poor orphan who is mistreated by her relatives. Cast out of Gateswood, her cruel Aunt Reed's house, she's sent to the grim Lowood School. Jane, who is spirited and outspoken, becomes the unfortunate scapegoat of Mr. Brocklehurst, the school's headmaster, and Miss Scatcher
Deadly Advice (1994) as Kate Webster
Jodie's mom is driving her to an early grave, until Jodie decides that's just where Mom belongs. Inspired by a book on legendary murderers, Jodie gets some lethal lessons from the masters of mayhem. Soon, Jack the Ripper and his friends are appearing before her and teaching her how to take Mom out o
Lorna Doone (1994)
Based on the 19th-century novel, relates the love story of Lorna Doone and Charles Ridder, who were members of rival clans in 17th- century Scotland.
Skallagrigg (1994) as Margaret
Arthur, a disabled boy in the early twentieth century, and Esther, a young woman in the present with cerebral palsy, search for the elusive, mysterious Skallagrigg. Esther, her two disabled friends and her father go on a road trip through rural Britain's institutions for the disabled, looking for pi
Freddie as F.R.O.7 (1992) as Voice Of Messina
Prince Frederic is turned into a frog by his wicked aunt Messina and hired by British Intelligence to solve the mysterious disappearances of some of Britain's greatest monuments.
Duel of Hearts (1992) as Dorcas
A television movie, set in 1821, about a London debutante and her determination to save the man she loves from his evil cousin.
Krays, The (1990) as Violet Kray
The rise and fall of two of Britain's most famous gangster-brothers.
Dressmaker, The (1988) as Aunt Margo
A Liverpool family of women is torn apart when the youngest becomes infatuated with an American soldier during World War II.
Joyriders (1988) as Tammy O'Moore
The growing relationship of two people who travel through Ireland in a series of stolen cars.
Shadey (1987) as Dr Cloud
Samuel Beckett: Silence to Silence (1987) as Extracts From Beckett'S Plays
Maurice (1987) as Mrs Hall
A young Englishman struggles to build a life as a gay man.
Secret Garden, The (1987) as Mrs Medlock
An adaptation of the well-known children's story by Frances Hodgson Burnett about a selfish girl who is suddenly orphaned while living in India, then sent to rural England to stay at imposing Misselthwaite Manor. After arriving, she discovers a long-abandoned secret garden, and its magic changes her
Chain, The (1985) as Mrs Andreos
Several stories are linked by a series of house moves. As one couple moves out of a home for something bigger and better, another couple moves in, and so it goes all the way up to the lavish mansion owned by a self-made millionaire. When he decides to move back to the working-class area he came from
Slayground (1984) as Madge
Camille (1984) as Prudence Duvorney
A sumptuous refilming of Dumas' tragic tale of a young Parisian courtesan and her passionate but doomed love affair with a rich young man who showers her daily with white camellias. This was the 25th (at least) movie version dating back to a Danish adaptation in 1907 and including several movies of
Unsuitable Job For a Woman, An (1983) as Elizabeth Leaming
Dark Crystal, The (1982) as Voice Of Aughra
The last of the Gelfings, Jen and Kira join forces and embark on a dangerous journey to "heal" a precious Dark Crystal and restore order to their planet.
TALE OF TWO CITIES, A (1980) as Madame Defarge
Dickens' historical romance set against a backdrop of the French Revolution gets its seventh filming, and probably its most lavish, with Chris Sarandon in the dual roles of Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay. Kenneth More plays one of his last roles as Jarvis Lorry, an agent for the Franco-British ban
Water Babies, The (1979) as Mrs Doasyouwouldbedoneby
Omen, The (1976) as Mrs Baylock
The young son of an American diplomat and his wife, living in London, turns out to be marked with the sign of Satan, the infamous "666". It soon becomes apparent that he could be the Anti-Christ incarnate and possesses the evil powers to stop anyone who stands in his way.
Night Watch (1973) as Sarah Cooke
A woman recovering from mental problems witnesses a murder, but nobody believes her.
Frenzy (1972) as Hetty Porter
When a temperamental man's ex-wife falls victim to a serial killer, he becomes the number one suspect.
Eagle in a Cage (1972) as Madame Bertrand
Gumshoe (1971) as Ellen [Ginley]
A would be private eye gets mixed up in a smuggling case.
Start the Revolution Without Me (1970) as Marie Antoinette
Two mismatched sets of identical twins mistakenly exchange identities on the eve of the French Revolution.
Leo the Last (1970) as Margaret
Prince Leo (Marcello Mastroianni), last in the line of rulers of a long-deposed monarchy on continental Europe and jaded with the frenetic search for kicks with the European jet-set, returns to his father's London town house for rest. With him are social-climber Margaret (Billie Whitelaw), to whom he is engaged, and Laszlo (Vladek Sheybal), who is planning a counter revolution which will restore Leo to the kingship of the monarchy. Leo is shocked to discover the one exclusive neighborhood has degenerated into a ghetto inhabited mainly by poor blacks on the brink of desperation. His nearest neighbors are the Mardi family and their beautiful daughter, Salambo (Glenna Forster Jones), who catches his eye as does her boy friend the procurer Roscoe (Calvin Lockhart.) Using the excuse of watching birds he watches them closely through field glasses with the coolness and detachment of a scientist watching insects under a magnifying glass. When Salambo is forced to become a whore in order to keep her family together, Leo, despite the pleadings of Margaret and Laszlo who has just about finished the steps toward the restoration, does something of which he always though himself incapable.
The Adding Machine (1969) as Daisy Devore
Twisted Nerve (1969) as Joan Harper
Martin is a troubled young man. With a mother who insists on treating him like a child, a stepfather who can't wait to see the back of him, and a mongoliod brother shut away in an institution, is it any wonder he retreats into an alternate personality...that of six year old Georgie? It is Georgie who befriends Susan Harper, but friendship soon turns into obsession. When Susan begins to distance herself, something inside Georgie snaps and he embarks on a killing spree, with Susan as the next target.
Charlie Bubbles (1968) as Lottie Bubbles
A successful, married businessman grows bored with his life and begins an affair with his younger secretary.
I Like Money (1962) as Ernestine
Mr. Topaze (Peter Sellers) is an unassuming school teacher in an unassuming small French town who is honest to a fault. He is fired when he refuses to give a passing grade to a bad student, the grandson of a wealthy Baroness (Martita Hunt). Castel Benac (Herbert Lom), a government official who runs a crooked financial business on the side, is persuaded by his mistress, Suzy (Nadia Gray), a musical comedy actress, to hire Mr. Topaze as the front man for his business. Gradually, Topaze becomes a rapacious financier who sacrifices his honesty for success and, in a final stroke of business bravado, fires Benac and acquires Suzy in the deal. An old friend and colleague, Tamise (Michael Gough) questions him and tells Topaze that if what he now says and practices indicates there are no more honest men.
Payroll (1962) as Jackie Parker
No Love for Johnnie (1961) as Mary
A British politician is torn between winning an election and being true to the woman he loves.
Mania (1961) as Mary Patterson
Edinburgh surgeon Dr. Robert Knox requires cadavers for his research into the functioning of the human body; local ne'er-do-wells Burke and Hare find ways to provide him with fresh specimens...
Bobbikins (1960) as Lydia Parker
Hell Is a City (1960) as Chloe Hawkins
Committed but seen-it-all police inspector Martineau rightly guesses that after a violent jailbreak a local criminal will head home to Manchester to pick up the spoils from his last job. Martineau is soon investigating a murder during a street robbery which seems to lead back to the same villain. Concentrating on the case and using his local contacts to try and track the gang down, he is aware he is not keeping his own personal life together as well as he might.
Make Mine Mink (1960)
An ex-military man leads a gang of misfits on a mink coat robbing spree, making a trio of women very happy in the process.
Gideon of Scotland Yard (1959) as Christine
A Scotland Yard inspector struggles to get through a typical day on the job.
Carve Her Name With Pride (1958) as Winnie
When her husband is killed in World War II, an Englishwoman risks her life as a spy.
Miracle In Soho (1957)
In London's colourful but seedy Soho Michael Morgan is working mending the road. he is unhappy, with little hope of finding happiness. Then he meets Julia Gozzi, a barmaid, and "The Miracle" happens ...
The Sleeping Tiger (1954) as Receptionist
A petty thief breaks into the home of a psychiatrist and gets caught in a web of a doctor who wishes to experiment on him and a doctor's wife who wishes to seduce him.
The Fake (1953) as Waitress
An American investigator in London discovers that a posh museum''''s da Vinci is a fake.

Cast (special)

Canterbury Tales, The (1999) as Voice Of Wife Of Bath
Animated adaptation of "The Canterbury Tales," about a group of pilgrims from London who travel to Canterbury and tell their tales. Part one, "Leaving London," features "The Nun's Priest's Tale," "The Knight's Tale" and "The Wife of Bath's Tale." Part two, "Arriving at Canterbury," features "The Mer
Shooting the Past (1999) as Veronica
A London mansion housing a huge library of old photos gets a new owner -- Christopher Anderson, an American millionaire bent on chucking the pictures and remaking the house as a business college. Marilyn Truman, the library's manager is determined to save the collection with the help of Oswald Bates
Murder of Quality, A (1991) as Mad Janie
On leave from British intelligence, George Smiley is pressed into service to investigate a brutal murder at one of England's leading schools.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)


Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Jamaica Inn (1985) as Aunt Patience

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