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Harry White

Harry White



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Music (feature film)

Jazz Ball (1958) as Composer

Art Director (feature film)

Oh! What a Lovely War (1969) as Art Director
This film offers a series of vignettes based on British involvement in World War I, as seen through the eyes of a working-class family.
The Trap (1967) as Art Director
After spending several winters alone in the Canadian wilderness, a lusty trapper returns to the trading post and buys a wife, a young mute orphan.
The Murder Game (1966) as Art Director
The Return of Mr. Moto (1965) as Art Director
Spaceflight IC-1 (1965) as Art Director
Curse of the Fly (1965) as Art Director
Remember that scientist that was trying to perfect a matter transportation machine but got fused with a fly when one of the little critters got into the transporter with him? Well, this story is about three of his descendents (a son, Henri Delambre, played by Brian Donlevy and two grandsons). Seems the son wants to continue and perfect the machine while his two sons want to get out of the scientist business and live "normal" lives. The oldest son, Martin, decides to take a wife (who just happens to have escaped from a mental hospital after her parents died). Martin's father is not happy with this intrusion but finally gives in because he understands him son's needs. They all try to be a happy family until humans used in botched experiments are discovered by the new bride and the police nearly discover the lab while looking for Martin's wife. Everyone tries to get out of there via the transporter but things just don't go according to plan ...
Master Spy (1964) as Art Director
Walk a Tightrope (1964) as Art Director
The Horror of It All (1964) as Art Director
American salesman Jack Robinson (Pat Boone) falls in love with Englishwoman Cynthia Marley (Erica Rogers) and they visit her family so he can ask for permission to marry her. She points out to him that her relatives are rather eccentric and, by the way, a cousin has just died. The remaining members of the clan are; the sinister Reginal (Velentine Dvall); Percival (Jack Bligh), an inventor who has recently discovered electricity, the phonograph, and several other handy items; Natalia (Andree Melly), a macabre, vampire-like creature; Cornwallis (Dennis Price), a hammy and dapper ex-actor; Grandfather (Erik Chitty), who lies bedridden upstairs; and, by the way, Muldoon (Archie Duncan), who is kept locked up in the fear that he will harm someone. Several attempts are made on his life which leads Jack to believe that the Marleys are a shade past eccentric. He becomes convinced that he is just in the way of one of the Marley's attempts to do away with the other Marleys, especially, during his investigation of the vanishing Marleys, when he learns that the family fortune consists of one million dollars and one of the Marleys intends to end up with all of it. He wants to contact the police but there is no phone or car on the premises.
The Wrong Arm of the Law (1963) as Art Director
The crooks in London know how it works. No one carries guns and no one resists the police. Then a new gang appears that go one better. They dress as police and steal from the crooks. This upset's the natural order of the police/criminal relationship and the police and the crooks join forces to catch the IPOs (Impersonating Police Officers), including an armored car robbery in which the police must help the gangs to set a trap.
Ladies Who Do (1963) as Art Director
Kill or Cure (1962) as Art Director
A detective bumbles through the investigation of murders at a spa.
Malaga (1962) as Art Director
When his partners double-cross him, a jewel thief plots revenge.
Follow That Horse! (1961) as Art Director
The Millionairess (1961) as Art Director
When the world's richest woman falls for an ascetic Indian doctor, they plan a test to decide whose dreams will come true.
Murder She Said (1961) as Art Director
When nobody will believe she witnessed a murder, elderly sleuth Miss Marple takes a job as a maid to ferret out clues.
The Giant Behemoth (1959) as Art Director
A radioactive dinosaur plots a deadly path to London.
Man Without a Body (1958) as Art Director
A wealthy business man discovers he has a brain tumor and seeks medical help. The business man finds a scientist experimenting with transplanting monkey heads on different monkey bodies. The business man decides to steal the head of Nostradamus from the prophet's crypt.
Lady of Vengeance (1957) as Art Director
When he hires a killer to avenge an innocent girl''s death, a man gets caught up in a string of killings.

Art Department (feature film)

Kill Her Gently (1958)
When he realizes the hitchhikers he''''s just picked up are escaped convicts, a man tries to get them to kill his wife.
The Warriors (1955) as Set Decoration
The "Black Prince" of England remains in France to guard the lands taken by his predecessor-father.

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