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Celia Weston

Celia Weston


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Also Known As: Died:
Born: December 14, 1951 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Goodbye to All That (2014)
A man is unexpectedly divorced by his wife and forced to adapt to a new life, balancing the well-being of his daughter with his newly complicated sex life.
Knight and Day (2010)
When a small-town girl meets a mysterious stranger, she thinks she's found the man of her dreams. But she soon discovers he's a fugitive super-spy, who thrusts her into a thrilling cat-and-mouse chase that spans the globe.
Extra Man, The (2010)
Louis, a lonely dreamer, strikes up an unlikely but spirited friendship with Henry, a brilliant but broke playwright forty years his senior.
After Life (2009)
After a car accident, a woman wakes up to find the local funeral director preparing her body for her funeral and the transition to the afterlife. Trapped inside the funeral home, she's forced to face her deepest fears and accept her own death.
Box, The (2009)
Push a red button on a little black box, get a million bucks. Just like that, all of Norma and Arthur's financial problems will be over. But there's a catch: someone they don't know, somewhere, will die.
Observe and Report (2009)
The self-important head of security at a shopping mall squares off in a turf war against local cops.
Happy Tears (2009)
Two dutiful daughters return to the house they grew up in to visit their aging father. The sisters end up not only monitoring their father, but are forced to take a closer look at their own not-so-perfect lives.
Invasion, The (2007)
The mysterious crash of the space shuttle leads to the terrifying discovery that there is something alien within the wreckage. Those who come in contact with it are changing in ominous and inexplicable ways. Soon Washington, DC psychiatrist Carol Bennell and her friend, Dr. Ben Driscoll, learn the shocking truth about the growing extraterrestrial epidemic: it attacks its victims while they sleep, leaving them physically unchanged but strangely unfeeling and inhuman. As the infection spreads, more and more people are altered and it becomes impossible to know who can be trusted. Now Carol's only hope is to stay awake long enough to find her young son, who may hold the key to stopping the devastating invasion.
No Reservations (2007)
Master chef Kate Armstrong lives her life like she runs her kitchen at an upscale, trendy Manhattan eatery, with a no-nonsense intensity that both captivates and intimidates everyone around her. Kate's perfectionist nature is put to the test when she "inherits" her nine-year-old niece Zoe, while con
Joshua (2007)
A successful, young Manhattan family is torn apart by the machinations of Joshua, their eight-year-old prodigy, when his newborn baby sister comes home from the hospital.
Rajapur (2006)
Two women's lives are changed forever when they set out for adventures and discover this enchanted land, Rajapur, and an enchanting man, Jai Singh
Junebug (2005) as Cast
A dealer in outsider art threatens the equilibrium of her middle-class in-laws in North Carolina. Madeline is a go-getting art gallery owner from Chicago, recently married to George, a near-perfect Southern beau. When Madeline needs to close a deal with a reclusive North Carolina artist, George intr
Infidelity (2004) as Lois
A married family therapist and lives a life that would make other women envious, destroys her marriage through her need to be with another man, who provides her with the excitement she feels she lacks in her life.
Village, The (2004) as Vivian Percy
At first glance this late nineteenth century village seems picture perfect. However, this close-knit community lives with the frightening knowledge that a race of creatures resides in the woods around them. The villagers share the fear of the evil and foreboding force that lurks outside. So frightening that one dare not venture beyond "The Village" and into the woods. Despite the advice of his elders, a curious and determined Lucius Hunt has a burning desire to step beyond the boundaries of the town into the unknown. Town leader, Edward Walker warns Lucius of the danger amongst the town's outskirts, and Lucius' mother, Alice Hunt advises him to stay at home and spare himself of the greed and desires that exist in the outside world. Lucius' strength is matched only by Ivy Walker, a beautiful and mesmerizing blind woman with an unusual wisdom beyond her years. Her fearless nature and gift-like perception are beyond anything Lucius has ever known. Both Lucius and the mischievous Noah Percy admire Ivy passionately, though her heart only has room for one of them. Her devotion eventually leads her down a forbidden path where terrifying truths are revealed. The ominous presence of the unknown boils over into chaos for the town, with one's bravery being the only thing that can save them. The truce between "The Village" and the creatures is ending.
How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)
Andie Anderson, the how-to girl for Composure Magazine, agrees to write a firsthand account of all the things women do to drive away men; she has to find a guy, make him fall in love with her, then get dumped--all in 10 days. But little does she know that her target, ad agency hottie, Benjamin Barry
Runaway Jury (2003) as Mrs Brandt
When a young widow in New Orleans brings a civil suit against the powerful corporate consortium she holds responsible for her husband's murder, she sets in motion a multi-million dollar case. But it's a suit that may be won even before it begins--based solely on the selection, manipulation and, ultimately, the attempted "theft" of the jury. Representing the widow is Wendall Rohr, a courtly Southern lawyer with a moral center and a heartfelt passion for the case he's presenting. His opponent is ostensibly the attorney representing the corporation. But in reality, defense counsel is only the front man for Rankin Fitch, a brilliant and ruthless jury consultant. At a high tech command center set up in an old French Quarter warehouse, Fitch and his team work on the surveillance and assessment of potential jurors. He will know everything about their lives, and strategically manipulate the jury selection process. The only acceptable result is the perfect jury to vote in favor of his client. Fitch and Rohr soon realize they're not the only ones out to win the jury. One of the jurors, Nick Easter, seems to have his own plan for swaying the panel. And a mysterious woman known only as Marlee contacts both Rohr and Fitch telling them the jury's for sale to either of them--and that the verdict won't come cheap. While the case is argued in court, a dangerous cat and mouse game begins to play out in New Orleans' French Quarter. Rohr's morality put to the test, and Fitch is poised to cross the line from selecting a jury to stealing it--no matter who gets hurt in the process.
Hulk, The (2003) as Mrs Krenzler
Scientist Bruce Banner has, to put it mildly, anger management issues. His quiet life as a brilliant researcher working with cutting edge genetic technology conceals a nearly forgotten and painful past. His ex-girlfriend and fellow researcher, Betty Ross, has grown tired of Bruce's cordoned off emotional terrain and resigns herself to remaining an interested onlooker to his quiet life--until a simple oversight in the lab leads to an explosive situation in which Bruce heroically saves a life by absorbing a normally deadly dose of gamma radiation. Believing himself to have emerged from the accident unscathed, Bruce can't deny he's experiencing some strange side effects--including blackouts and the feeling that there is some kind of strange and dark, yet attractive, presence within him. All the while an impossibly strong, rampaging creature, who comes to be known as the Hulk, continues its sporadic appearances, cutting a swath of destruction in his wake. But Betty Ross has her theories, she knows the shadowy figure lurking in the background, Bruce's father David, is somehow connected. She may be the only one who understands the link between the scientist and the Hulk, but her efforts may be too late to save both man and creature.
Igby Goes Down (2002) as Bunny
Meet Igby Slocumb. He's an angry, rebellious and sarcastic seventeen-year-old at war with the stifling world of "old money" privilege into which he was born. Igby's life and family seem one way on the surface, but he's figuring out things are completely different underneath. His father, Jason, is aw
Far From Heaven (2002) as Mona Lauder
It is the fall of 1957. The Whitakers, the very picture of a suburban family, make their home in Hartford, Connecticut. Their daily existences are characterized by carefully observed family etiquette, social events, and an overall desire to keep up with the Joneses. Cathy Whitaker is the homemaker,
In the Bedroom (2001) as Katie Grinnel
A doctor's comfortable family life is ripped apart by a sudden tragedy.
Hearts in Atlantis (2001) as Alana Files
A collection of five stories begins with a boy's decision to go to Vietnam or college. The other stories deal with issues of guilt and nightmares of those who went to war.
K-Pax (2001) as Mrs Archer
A psychiatrist learns about life from a patient who believes he's an alien.
Hanging Up (2000) as Madge Turner
A woman who takes care of her alcoholic father rediscovers her relationship with her two sisters.
Joe Gould's Secret (2000) as Sarah
Set in New York City during the 1940s and 50s, a time when artists and writers often gathered together in a neighborhood called Greenwich Village, this is the true story of the friendship between famed New Yorker writer Joseph Mitchell and bohemian Joe Gould, a self-proclaimed scholar of the NYC str
Ride With the Devil (1999) as Mrs Clark
The American Civil War is about to break out and best friends Jake Roedel and Jack Bull Chiles find themselves thrust into battle when Union marauders destroy Jack's family plantation. They join the Bushwackers, a skilled unit of guerilla-style fighters, and fight side-by-side until some of the memb
Getting to Know You (1999) as Bottle Lady
Judith is a 16 year old girl with many secrets, some of which are still unknown to her. However on a trip to upstate New York she meets Jimmy, an older boy who is a regular at the bus depot, and is soon transfixed by his imaginative tales of the anonymous travelers passing by. Not only does he stir
Snow Falling on Cedars (1999) as Etta Heine
A fisherman is accused of murdering a man, and a journalist tries to prove his innocence.
The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) as Aunt Joan
A con artist infiltrates a playboy's glamorous life.
Celebrity (1998) as Dee Bartholomew
Lee Simon, a journalist, has just split up with his insecure wife Robin. He launches into a series of sexual escapades that include a film star, a supermodel and an aspiring actress. Meanwhile, Robin considers plastic surgery and imagines a life on her own. However, both eventually find love again:
Flirting With Disaster (1996) as Valerie Swaney
Mel Coplin is on a mission. Though he loves his beautiful wife, Nancy, and their new baby son, he feels his life is incomplete. What's missing is knowing the two people who brought him into this world--his biological parents. Enter Tina Kalb, a psychologist from the agency where Mel was adopted. Tina is a former dancer with the legs to prove it. Her intent: to reunite Mel with his parents while videotaping the experience for her own research. The problem is, Tina seems interested in more than just the research. Meanwhile, Mel's adoptive parents are worried. Why isn't their son satisfied with the mother and father who raised him? What, exactly is he looking for, and will he make it home in time for Dad's 60th birthday? To answer these questions, Mel, Nancy, Tina and the baby set out on a cross-country trek that brings them more surprises than they bargained for.
Dead Man Walking (1995) as Mary Beth Percy
Honoring the request of a lonely and desperate man, Sister Helen Prejean writes to Matthew Poncelet, the condemned killer of two teenage lovers, and is wholly unprepared for the relationship which will follow. When the date is set for Matthew's execution, he asks Sister Helen to be his spiritual adv
Unstrung Heroes (1995) as Amelia
Steven Lidz is 12 years old and his world is fracturing. Overwhelmed by his life with an ailing mother and an emotionally distant father, Steven runs off to live with his two wildly eccentric uncles, Danny and Arthur. Baffled by the tragedies surrounding him, Steven finds solace in the idiosyncrasie
Little Man Tate (1991) as Miss Nimvel
The story of a boy genius, his relationships with his working class single mother, and the child psychologist who wants to broaden his horizons, show him off and put him in college.
Lost Angels (1989) as Felicia Marks
Story of a doctor helping troubled teenagers in the inner city of Los Angeles.
Stars & Bars (1988) as Monika
An englishman is sent to America to buy a Renoir, but befreinds a group of hicks.
New Life, A (1988) as Eleanor
After 26 years of marriage, Steve and his wife Jackie decide to call it quits. The newly divorced workaholic finds himself thrust back into the dating scene but the bars and the singles scene is not what either of them expected.
Honky Tonk Freeway (1981) as Grace
A writer, a waitress, a nun and other motorists land in a desperate Florida mayor's tourist trap.

Cast (special)

Intimate Portrait: Linda Lavin (2003) as Interviewee
A look at the life of actress Linda Lavin as told through highlighted footage of her work as well as interviews with those closest to her.
Battle of the Network Stars XVI (1984) as Cbs Team Member
The sixteenth battle in which stars from ABC, CBS and NBC compete to determine which network is number one on the athletic field.
CBS All-American Thanksgiving Day Parade (1984) as Host (Toronto)
Highlights of the 58th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, the Gimbel's Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia, the 1984 Michigan Thanksgiving Day Parade in Detroit, the 1984 Metro Santa Claus Parade in Toronto, and the Aloha Floral Parade in Hawaii.
Rock and a Hard Place, A (1981) as Sherri Crockett
The story, set in Fort Worth, Texas, follows the adventures of Hunter Crockett, a dissatisfied assembly line worker who retires to seek an easy life -- and easy money. In the pilot episode, Hunter schemes to make a small fortune by converting a friend's radio-frequency-sensitive tooth into a TV tran
Single Life, The (1980) as Stephanie
The story, set in New York City, follows the life of Barrie Shepherd, a beautiful writer for "The Single Life," a lonely-hearts column for "Manhattanite" magazine.

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