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Perc Westmore

Perc Westmore



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Cast (feature film)

Hollywood Hotel (1938) as Perc Westmore
A small-town boy wins a Hollywood talent contest.

Make-Up (feature film)

There Was a Crooked Man ... (1970) as Makeup Supervisor
A Western crook tries to break out of prison.
The Good Guys and the Bad Guys (1969) as Makeup
An aging lawman hears that his old nemesis is back in the area and planning a robbery.
Once You Kiss a Stranger (1969) as Makeup
Munster, Go Home! (1966) as Makeup
When the Munster family inherits a British Estate, they are met upon by some archcriminals who are using the place for a counterfeiting ring. The thugs try to chase them away.
The Virgin Queen (1955) as Miss Davis' makeup by
Sir Walter Raleigh wins favor with the Queen in order to get financing for a proposed voyage to the New World.
The Blue Veil (1951) as Creation of Miss Wyman's make-up and hair-styling
Storm Warning (1951) as Makeup Artist
A model on vacation discovers that her sister's husband is a murderous Ku Klux Klansman.
Backfire (1950) as Makeup Artist
A veteran tries to clear an old friend of a murder charge.
The Second Face (1950) as Miss Raines' makeup created by
A homely woman injured in a car crash awakes to find the plastic surgery has transformed her into a first class beauty.
The Great Jewel Robber (1950) as Makeup Artist
A master thief escapes from a Canadian prison farm and makes his way to New York.
Bright Leaf (1950) as Makeup Artist
Two tobacco growers battle for control of the cigarette market.
The Flame and the Arrow (1950) as Makeup Artist
Roman rebels fight against invading barbarians.
Pretty Baby (1950) as Makeup Artist
A pair of advertising executives use a woman's child to snag a client.
Caged (1950) as Makeup Artist
A young innocent fights to survive the harsh life in a women's prison.
Return of the Frontiersman (1950) as Makeup Artist
Perfect Strangers (1950) as Makeup Artist
A divorcee finds love with a married man while they both sit on a jury.
Young Man with a Horn (1950) as Makeup Artist
A young trumpet player is torn between an honest singer and a manipulative heiress.
The Glass Menagerie (1950) as Makeup Artist
This first movie version of the Tennessee Williams play about a faded, aging Southern belle, her shy, crippled daughter and her "selfish dreamer" of a son more or less sticks to the original story, except for a compromise ending which strives to be more upbeat.
Barricade (1950) as Makeup
Two fugitives try to prove the head of a mining camp is a murderer.
Montana (1950) as Makeup Artist
An Australian gets caught in the battle between ranchers and sheep men.
This Side of the Law (1950) as Makeup Artist
An unscrupulous lawyer hires a vagrant to impersonate a missing millionaire.
The Damned Don't Cry (1950) as Makeup Artist
Fed up with her small-town marriage, a woman goes after the big time and gets mixed up with the mob.
Chain Lightning (1950) as Makeup Artist
A reckless jet pilot goes to work for a demanding aviation tycoon.
Three Secrets (1950) as Makeup Artist
A five-year-old boy is the sole survivor of a devastating plane crash in the mountains of California. When the newspapers reveal the boy was adopted and that the crash occurred on his birthday, three women begin to ponder if it's the son each gave up for adoption. As the three await news of his rescue at a mountain cabin, they recall incidents from five years earlier and why they were forced to give up their son.
Colt .45 (1950) as Makeup Artist
A gun salesman tracks down the outlaws who stole his sample case.
The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady (1950) as Makeup Artist
Against her widowed father's wishes, a vaudeville star's daughter takes to the stage.
Task Force (1949) as Makeup Artist
A naval officer devotes his life to the development of the aircraft carrier.
One Last Fling (1949) as Makeup Artist
A jealous wife decides working for her husband is the best way to keep tabs on him.
Colorado Territory (1949) as Makeup Artist
An outlaw just released from prison is sucked back into a life of crime in this remake of High Sierra.
The Younger Brothers (1949) as Makeup Artist
Three law-breaking brothers try to go straight, only to be hounded by a vengeful detective.
The Inspector General (1949) as Makeup Artist
A perpetual student is mistaken for a government official in a small Eastern European village.
Flaxy Martin (1949) as Makeup Artist
Messing with a mobster's girlfriend gets a lawyer framed for murder.
Look for the Silver Lining (1949) as Makeup Artist
Musical biography of Marilyn Miller, who overcame heartache to become a Broadway star.
White Heat (1949) as Makeup Artist
A government agent infiltrates a gang run by a mother-fixated psychotic.
Adventures of Don Juan (1949) as Makeup Artist
The legendary lover saves his queen from treason.
South of St. Louis (1949) as Makeup Artist
It's a Great Feeling (1949) as Makeup Artist
When nobody at Warner Bros. will work with him, movie star Jack Carson decides to turn an unknown into his co-star.
Always Leave Them Laughing (1949) as Makeup Artist
A vaudeville clown neglects his family while fighting for stardom.
Homicide (1949) as Makeup Artist
Killers scare a murder witness into silence.
The Fountainhead (1949) as Makeup Artist
An idealistic architect battles corrupt business interests and his love for a married woman.
One Sunday Afternoon (1949) as Makeup Artist
A dentist in turn-of-the-century New York thinks he may have married the wrong girl.
The House Across the Street (1949) as Makeup Artist
Mob pressure sends a crusading reporter from the front page to the advice column.
The Girl from Jones Beach (1949) as Makeup Artist
An artist discovers a real-life version of the perfect woman he's been drawing for years.
John Loves Mary (1949) as Makeup Artist
A World War II veteran's marriage of convenience threatens his real wedding plans.
Beyond the Forest (1949) as Makeup Artist
Rosa Moline is bored with life in a small town. She loves Chicago industrialist Neil Latimer who has a hunting lodge nearby. Rosa squeezes her husband's patients to pay their bills so she can visit Chicago; her husband's patience is also tried: he tells her to go and never come back. Once there, Neil tells her he doesn't want her. Back home and pregnant, Neil shows up and now wants her. The caretaker at Neil's lodge threatens to reveal her pregnancy...
Flamingo Road (1949) as Makeup Artist
A stranded carnival dancer takes on a corrupt political boss when she marries into small-town society.
Night unto Night (1949) as Makeup Artist
A terminally ill scientist seeks comfort from a mentally disturbed widow.
The Lady Takes a Sailor (1949) as Makeup Artist
A woman is saved from drowning by a mysterious submarine, but nobody believes her.
The Story of Seabiscuit (1949) as Makeup Artist
Fictionalized account of the legendary racehorse's training and triumphs.
Wallflower (1948) as Makeup Artist
Two sisters compete for the same man.
Fighter Squadron (1948) as Makeup Artist
A dedicated flyer pushes himself and those around him during a perilous World War II campaign.
Rope (1948) as Makeup Artist
Two wealthy young men try to commit the perfect crime by murdering a friend.
The Big Punch (1948) as Makeup Artist
Gangsters frame a boxer for murder when he refuses to throw a fight.
Two Guys from Texas (1948) as Makeup Artist
Two vaudevillians on the run from crooks try to pass themselves off as cowboys.
Romance on the High Seas (1948) as Makeup Artist
A singer on a Caribbean cruise gets mixed up in a series of romantic problems.
The Woman in White (1948) as Makeup Artist
Classic mystery about the adventures of a young tutor sent to a ghostly country estate.
Winter Meeting (1948) as Makeup Artist
A repressed poetess and an embittered war hero help each other cope with their problems.
One for the Book (1948) as Makeup Artist
A lovelorn actress shares her apartment with a lonely soldier.
The Decision of Christopher Blake (1948) as Makeup Artist
A young man joins forces with a judge in an effort to reconcile his parents'''' broken marriage.
Key Largo (1948) as Makeup Artist
A returning veteran tangles with a ruthless gangster during a hurricane.
Embraceable You (1948) as Makeup Artist
When he accidentally injures a young girl, a gangster risks his freedom to nurse her.
April Showers (1948) as Makeup Artist
A family vaudeville act is torn apart by the father's drinking problem.
Johnny Belinda (1948) as Makeup Artist
A small-town doctor helps a deaf-mute farm girl learn to communicate.
Smart Girls Don't Talk (1948) as Makeup Artist
A society woman gets involved with a gangster only to find he has hidden plans.
Whiplash (1948) as Makeup Artist
An artist becomes a boxer but finds that it may not have been the best career choice.
June Bride (1948) as Makeup Artist
Two bickering reporters turn a small-town wedding into a battleground.
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) as Makeup Artist
Dobbs and Curtin meet up in Mexico, and go to work for a contractor, MacClane, who takes them away to remote site and tells them they will be paid when the job is finished. When they are finished, they return to town to find MacClane to get their wages. MacClane gives them a few dollars, and says he'll just go to the bank and pick up the payroll for them. Dobbs and Curtin then meet up with an old prospector, who claims the hills are still full of gold, and if they can get the cash, he'll go with them. They eventually get the cash from MacClane after a little "persuasion", and all three set off for the hills as good friends, but will they return that way?
Always Together (1948) as Makeup Artist
A dying millionaire gives his fortune to a working girl, then recovers and tries to get it back.
My Girl Tisa (1948) as Makeup Artist
To the Victor (1948) as Makeup Artist
An American blackmarketeer falls in love with the wife of Nazi collaborator.
Silver River (1948) as Makeup Artist
A ruthless gambler''''s rise to power is cut short by character flaws.
Stallion Road (1947) as Makeup Artist
A veterinarian and a novelist compete for the heart of a lady rancher.
The Unsuspected (1947) as Makeup Artist
The producer of a radio crime series commits the perfect crime, then has to put the case on the air.
The Beast with Five Fingers (1947) as Makeup Artist
After a famous pianist's murder, his hand returns to wreak vengeance.
Escape Me Never (1947) as Makeup Artist
A composer forsakes his innocent bride to romance his brother's fiancee.
The Man I Love (1947) as Makeup Artist
A night-club singer gets involved with a mobster.
Nora Prentiss (1947) as Makeup Artist
An ambitious singer ruins a doctor''''s life.
That Way with Women (1947) as Makeup Artist
An elderly millionaire makes a hobby of playing cupid.
Humoresque (1947) as Makeup Artist
A classical musician from the slums is sidetracked by his love for a wealthy neurotic.
Dark Passage (1947) as Makeup Artist
A man falsely accused of his wife''s murder escapes to search for the real killer.
The Two Mrs. Carrolls (1947) as Makeup Artist
A woman slowly discovers that her artist husband is a deranged killer.
My Wild Irish Rose (1947) as Makeup Artist
Musical biography of Irish songwriter Chauncey Olcott.
That Hagen Girl (1947) as Makeup Artist
A small-town teenager thinks a lawyer is her illegitimate dad.
Love and Learn (1947) as Makeup Artist
An heiress surreptitiously helps two songwriters waiting for their big break.
Possessed (1947) as Makeup Artist
A married woman''s passion for a former love drives her mad.
Life with Father (1947) as Makeup Artist
A straitlaced turn-of-the-century father presides over a family of boys and the mother who really rules the roost.
The Unfaithful (1947) as Makeup Artist
While her husband is away, a woman gets mixed up in murder.
Deep Valley (1947) as Makeup Artist
A farmer's daughter helps an escaped convict.
Pursued (1947) as Makeup Artist
Cheyenne (1947) as Makeup Artist
A gambler falls for the wife of the outlaw he's out to catch.
Cry Wolf (1947) as Makeup Artist
A woman uncovers deadly secrets when she visits her late husband's family.
Cloak and Dagger (1946) as Makeup Artist
Near the end of World War II, the Allies must find out how much the Axis knows about building atomic bombs. The OSS recruits a physicist, Alvah Jesper, to reach his former colleague, Katerin Lodor, now in Switzerland, and bring her out for debriefing. He reaches her, but a German agent is quickly onto him, and Lodor dies. Jesper must now get into Italy, go underground with the help of Gina, a resistance leader, and convince Polda, a physicist there, to leave with him. Polda won't go until his daughter is rescued from German detention. As Jesper's pal Pinky works on rescuing Polda's daughter and as time for escape runs down, Jesper and Gina fall in love.
Shadow of a Woman (1946) as Makeup Artist
A woman suspects her husband of plotting to kill his son from a previous marriage.
Two Guys from Milwaukee (1946) as Makeup Artist
A runaway prince in disguise takes up with a taxi driver.
Devotion (1946) as Makeup Artist
The Bronte sisters and their brother fight personal demons to realize their artistic ambitions.
Her Kind of Man (1946) as Makeup Artist
A singer can''''t choose between a charismatic gangster and an honest newspaperman.
Of Human Bondage (1946) as Makeup Artist
A medical student risks his future when he falls for a low-class waitress.
Saratoga Trunk (1946) as Makeup Artist
A woman with a past returns to 19th-century New Orleans for revenge.
Janie Gets Married (1946) as Makeup Artist
A war bride helps her husband adjust to civilian life.
One More Tomorrow (1946) as Makeup Artist
A playboy and a lady photographer allow social differences to come between them.
Cinderella Jones (1946) as Makeup Artist
A woman can claim inheritance only if she marries a genius.
My Reputation (1946) as Makeup Artist
A widow generates small-town gossip when she falls in love too soon after her husband's death.
The Verdict (1946) as Makeup Artist
A Scotland Yard superintendent makes a mistake in an investigation, causing the execution of an innocent man.
The Time, the Place and the Girl (1946) as Makeup Artist
Two producers and their girls look for a backer for their big show.
The Big Sleep (1946) as Makeup Artist
Private eye Philip Marlowe investigates a society girl's involvement in the murder of a pornographer.
Deception (1946) as Makeup Artist
A woman tries to protect her refugee husband from her rich and powerful ex-lover.
Nobody Lives Forever (1946) as Makeup Artist
A con artist falls for the rich widow he's trying to fleece.
Three Strangers (1946) as Makeup Artist
Three people who share a sweepstakes ticket travel a tangled road to collect their winnings.
A Stolen Life (1946) as Makeup Artist
A twin takes her deceased sister''''s place as wife of the man they both love.
Never Say Goodbye (1946) as Makeup art
A husband tries to win back his wife before she can divorce him.
Night and Day (1946) as Makeup Artist
Fanciful biography of songwriter Cole Porter, who rose from high society to find success on Tin Pan Alley.
Roughly Speaking (1945) as Makeup Artist
A man's wild moneymaking schemes leave his wife to raise their family.
Escape in the Desert (1945) as Makeup Artist
In this remake of The Petrified Forest, Nazi spies infiltrate a hotel in the American Southwest.
God Is My Co-Pilot (1945) as Makeup Artist
A flyer dismissed as too old fights to prove himself against the Japanese.
The Corn Is Green (1945) as Makeup Artist
A dedicated teacher sacrifices everything to send a young miner to Oxford.
Christmas in Connecticut (1945) as Makeup Artist
A homemaking specialist who can't boil water is forced to provide a family holiday for a war hero.
Confidential Agent (1945) as Makeup Artist
A Spanish spy and an American heiress battle fascists in England.
Pillow to Post (1945) as Makeup Artist
A girl pretends to be a war bride to get a hotel room in Washington.
Too Young to Know (1945) as Makeup Artist
A returning GI searches for the wife who left him and gave away their son.
Pride of the Marines (1945) as Makeup Artist
A blinded Marine tries to adjust to civilian life.
San Antonio (1945) as Makeup
A reformed rustler tracks down a band of cattle thieves and tries to reform a crooked dance-hall girl.
The Horn Blows at Midnight (1945) as Makeup Artist
An angel is sent to destroy the earth with a trumpet blast.
Rhapsody in Blue (1945) as Makeup Artist
Fictionalized biography of George Gershwin and his fight to bring serious music to Broadway.
Objective, Burma! (1945) as Makeup Artist
An American platoon parachutes into Burma to take out a strategic Japanese outpost.
Mildred Pierce (1945) as Makeup Artist
A woman turns herself into a business tycoon to win her selfish daughter a place in society.
Danger Signal (1945) as Makeup Artist
A man suspected of murder charms a secretary into helping him.
Conflict (1945) as Makeup Artist
A man murders his wife so he can be free to marry her sister.
Between Two Worlds (1944) as Makeup Artist
Passengers on a luxury liner realize they are en route to the afterlife.
The Mask of Dimitrios (1944) as Makeup Artist
A meek novelist investigates the mysterious death of a notorious scoundrel.
Mr. Skeffington (1944) as Makeup Artist
A flighty beauty marries a stockbroker for convenience and almost ruins both their lives.
The Very Thought of You (1944) as Makeup Artist
In-law problems threaten a wartime marriage.
The Last Ride (1944) as Makeup Artist
A detective suspects foul play in a series of accidental deaths.
To Have and Have Not (1944) as Makeup Artist
A skipper-for-hire's romance with a beautiful drifter is complicated by his growing involvement with the French resistance.
The Adventures of Mark Twain (1944) as Makeup Artist
Twain moves from Mississippi riverboats to the Gold Rush to literary immortality.
Passage to Marseille (1944) as Makeup Artist
Devil's Island escapees join up with the Allies during World War II.
Destination Tokyo (1944) as Makeup Artist
A U.S. sub braves enemy waters during World War II.
The Doughgirls (1944) as Makeup Artist
Honeymooners in Washington get caught up in wartime crowding, with disastrous results.
Crime by Night (1944) as Makeup Artist
Married detectives investigating a small-town murder uncover a spy ring.
The Conspirators (1944) as Makeup Artist
A guerilla leader falls in love with a mysterious woman in World War II Lisbon.
Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) as Makeup Artist
A young man about to be married discovers the two aunts who raised him have been poisoning lonely old men.
Janie (1944) as Makeup Artist
A small-town girl defies her father by falling for a soldier.
In Our Time (1944) as Makeup Artist
A Polish count and his English wife battle Nazi invaders.
Hollywood Canteen (1944) as Makeup Artist
A serviceman and a starlet find love at the star-staffed serviceman's center.
Shine on Harvest Moon (1944) as Makeup Artist
Song-filled look behind the scenes of vaudeville, based on the lives of Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth.
Make Your Own Bed (1944) as Makeup Artist
Detectives masquerade as butler and maid to get the goods on a crook.
Uncertain Glory (1944) as Makeup Artist
A French playboy gets serious when his country is threatened during World War II.
Action in the North Atlantic (1943) as Makeup Artist
A Merchant Marine crew fights off enemy attacks at the start of World War II.
Watch on the Rhine (1943) as Makeup Artist
Nazi agents pursue a German freedom-fighter and his family to Washington.
Adventure in Iraq (1943) as Makeup Artist
Americans are captured by Arabs working for the Nazis.
Background to Danger (1943) as Makeup Artist
An American gets caught up in wartime action in Turkey.
Air Force (1943) as Makeup Artist
A bomber crew sees World War II action over the Pacific.
The Constant Nymph (1943) as Makeup Artist
A composer finds inspiration in his wife's romantic cousin.
The Desert Song (1943) as Makeup Artist
Edge of Darkness (1943) as Makeup Artist
Resistance fighters battle the Nazis in occupied Norway.
Find the Blackmailer (1943) as Makeup Artist
A private eye hunts for the talking bird that holds the key to a murder.
The Gorilla Man (1943) as Makeup Artist
A wounded soldier discovers his hospital is secretly run by the Nazis.
The Hard Way (1943) as Makeup Artist
An ambitious woman doesn't care who she hurts in her drive to make her sister a star.
Murder on the Waterfront (1943) as Makeup Artist
Nazis and entertainers are involved in an inventor''''s murder.
The Mysterious Doctor (1943) as Makeup Artist
Nazi agents use a headless ghost as a front.
Northern Pursuit (1943) as Makeup Artist
A Mountie tracks a downed Nazi flyer through the Canadian wilderness.
Old Acquaintance (1943) as Makeup Artist
Two writers, friends since childhood, fight over their books and lives.
Princess O'Rourke (1943) as Makeup Artist
A flying ace's romance with a princess creates diplomatic problems.
Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943) as Makeup Artist
An Eddie Cantor look-alike organizes an all-star show to help the war effort.
This Is the Army (1943) as Makeup Artist
A song-and-dance man's son stages a big show starring World War II soldiers.
Truck Busters (1943) as Makeup Artist
An independent driver organizes other truckers to fight a corrupt executive.
Sarong Girl (1943) as Hair
A burlesque queen decides to get back at the cop who busted her by making a play for his son.
Escape from Crime (1942) as Makeup Artist
An ex-con becomes a daredevil photojournalist.
Casablanca (1942) as Makeup Artist
An American saloon owner in North Africa is drawn into World War II when his lost love turns up.
Bullet Scars (1942) as Makeup Artist
Hoods kidnap an honest doctor to patch up one of their own.
The Gay Sisters (1942) as Makeup Artist
A New York aristocrat marries for the money to save the family mansion.
The Big Shot (1942) as Makeup Artist
A mob leader escapes prison and flees with his love to a mountain hideaway, where he tries to atone for his sins.
George Washington Slept Here (1942) as Makeup Artist
A pair of New Yorkers face culture shock when they buy a dilapidated country house.
Larceny, Inc. (1942) as Makeup Artist
An ex-convict and his gang try to use a luggage store to front a bank robbery, but business keeps getting in the way.
Secret Enemies (1942) as Makeup Artist
The FBI tracks Nazi agents to a luxury hotel.
Gentleman Jim (1942) as Makeup Artist
Fanciful biography of 19th-century boxing champion Jim Corbett.
The Hidden Hand (1942) as Makeup Artist
The body count rises during the competition for a family inheritance.
Juke Girl (1942) as Makeup Artist
A migrant laborer becomes a champion of farm workers'' rights.
Kings Row (1942) as Makeup Artist
Small town scandals inspire an idealistic young man to take up psychiatry.
Murder in the Big House (1942) as Makeup Artist
Two reporters take on a murder ring at the state pen.
In This Our Life (1942) as Makeup Artist
A neurotic southerner steals her sister's husband then vies with her for another man.
Always in My Heart (1942) as Makeup Artist
A convict returns home to find his family has forgotten him.
Captains of the Clouds (1942) as Makeup Artist
A mail flyer joins the Canadian air force for fun but has to prove his worth when he goes to war.
Desperate Journey (1942) as Makeup Artist
American pilots stranded in Germany during World War II fight their way to freedom.
You Can't Escape Forever (1942) as Makeup Artist
Although she''''s been demoted to writing the advice column, a newspaper woman still tries to expose a racketeer.
I Was Framed (1942) as Makeup Artist
A news man''''s political investigations land him in prison.
Spy Ship (1942) as Makeup Artist
A flighty society girl sells secrets to the enemy.
The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942) as Makeup Artist
An acerbic critic wreaks havoc when a hip injury forces him to move in with a midwestern family.
Busses Roar (1942) as Makeup Artist
A saboteur rigs a bomb to destroy a strategic oil field.
Wings for the Eagle (1942) as Makeup Artist
Dedicated aircraft workers compete for the same girl.
Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) as Makeup Artist
A musical portrait of composer/singer/dancer George M. Cohan. From his early days as a child-star in his family's vaudeville show up to the time of his comeback at which he received a medal from the president for his special contributions to the US, this is the life- story of George M. Cohan, who produced, directed, wrote and starred in his own musical shows for which he composed his famous songs.
The Male Animal (1942) as Makeup Artist
A college professor fights censorship and an amorous football player who's after his wife.
Wild Bill Hickok Rides (1942) as Makeup Artist
The Western hero takes on a ruthless land baron whose henchmen killed his best friend.
All Through the Night (1942) as Makeup Artist
A criminal gang turns patriotic to track down a Nazi spy ring.
Across the Pacific (1942) as Makeup Artist
An American agent tries to keep Axis spies from blowing up the Panama Canal.
They Died with Their Boots On (1942) as Makeup Artist
Romanticized biography of General George Armstrong Custer and his last stand.
Now, Voyager (1942) as Makeup Artist
A repressed spinster is transformed by psychiatry and her love for a married man.
The Great Mr. Nobody (1941) as Makeup Artist
An accident-prone reporter stumbles into love and a big story.
The Little Foxes (1941) as Miss Davis' Makeup
An ambitious woman takes on her corrupt brothers and honest husband in her drive for wealth.
Strange Alibi (1941) as Makeup Artist
An undercover cop finds himself on the wrong side of the law when the mob discovers his true identity.
The Maltese Falcon (1941) as Makeup Artist
Hard-boiled detective Sam Spade gets caught up in the murderous search for a priceless statue.
One Foot in Heaven (1941) as Makeup Artist
A minister and his wife cope with the problems of church life in the 20th century.
Steel Against the Sky (1941) as Makeup Artist
Steel-worker brothers compete for the same woman.
Underground (1941) as Makeup Artist
Resistance leaders in Germany plot to broadcast Nazi secrets over the radio.
Here Comes Happiness (1941) as Makeup Artist
An heiress ditches her fortune-hunting fiance to find happiness living on her own.
International Squadron (1941) as Makeup Artist
A hotshot flyer endangers his colleagues in the Royal Air Force as they fly against the Nazis.
Dangerously They Live (1941) as Makeup Artist
A doctor tries to rescue a young innocent from Nazi agents.
You're in the Army Now (1941) as Makeup Artist
Two incompetent door-to-door salesmen enlist by accident.
High Sierra (1941) as Makeup Artist
An aging ex-con sets out to pull one more big heist.
Navy Blues (1941) as Makeup Artist
Honolulu days are far from peaceful for a boatload of amorous sailors.
Dive Bomber (1941) as Makeup Artist
A crusading scientist fights to prevent bomber pilots from blacking out.
The Case of the Black Parrot (1941) as Makeup Artist
A newspaperman sets out to catch a sea-going thief.
Passage from HongKong (1941) as Makeup Artist
A thriller writer tries to impress a young woman by pretending to be tied to a murder.
Knockout (1941) as Makeup Artist
A prizefighter's swelled head endangers his marriage.
The Bride Came C.O.D. (1941) as Makeup Artist
A pilot and a temperamental heiress are stranded in the desert together.
Bad Men of Missouri (1941) as Makeup Artist
The Younger Brothers become outlaws to fight off carpetbaggers.
Footsteps in the Dark (1941) as Makeup Artist
An aspiring mystery writer stumbles on to a real murder.
Bullets for O'Hara (1941) as Makeup Artist
A gangster's wife helps the FBI nail her husband.
The Wagons Roll at Night (1941) as Makeup Artist
A circus manager turns a young farm boy into a star lion tamer.
Law of the Tropics (1941) as Makeup Artist
A night-club singer on the lam marries a South American rubber planter to escape the law.
Out of the Fog (1941) as Makeup Artist
A racketeer terrorizes a small fishing community until he falls in love with a fisherman's daughter.
The Body Disappears (1941) as Makeup Artist
A scientist's invisibility formula gets him in trouble with the police.
Highway West (1941) as Makeup Artist
A woman discovers her respectable husband is a notorious gangster.
Affectionately Yours (1941) as Makeup Artist
A foreign correspondent hurries home to stop his wife from getting a divorce.
Blues in the Night (1941) as Makeup art
The members of a traveling jazz band try to keep their leader from drinking himself to death.
Thieves Fall Out (1941) as Makeup Artist
A young man tries to rescue his grandmother from kidnappers.
Three Sons O'Guns (1941) as Makeup Artist
Three reckless brothers dodge the draft then sign up and become men.
Honeymoon for Three (1941) as Makeup Artist
A novelist pretends to be married to hold his fans at bay.
Flight from Destiny (1941) as Makeup Artist
An elderly professor with six months to live plots a murder to reunite two young lovers.
The Nurse's Secret (1941) as Makeup Artist
When her patient is murdered, a private-duty nurse investigates the crime.
Nine Lives Are Not Enough (1941) as Makeup Artist
A reporter tries to solve a series of boardinghouse murders.
Kisses for Breakfast (1941) as Makeup Artist
An amnesiac groom unknowingly marries a second time.
The Strawberry Blonde (1941) as Makeup Artist
A man''''s infatuation with a gold-digging beauty continues after his marriage.
The Great Lie (1941) as Makeup Artist
Believing her husband to be dead, a flyer's wife bargains with his former love to adopt the woman's baby.
The Sea Wolf (1941) as Makeup Artist
Shipwrecked fugitives try to escape a brutal sea captain who's losing his mind.
Sergeant York (1941) as Makeup Artist
True story of the farm boy who made the transition from religious pacifist to World War I hero.
Four Mothers (1941) as Makeup Artist
Four married sisters face financial problems as motherhood approaches.
Shadows on the Stairs (1941) as Makeup Artist
A series of mysterious murders haunts the inhabitants of a boarding house.
Father's Son (1941) as Makeup Artist
A banker's son gets into a variety of comic scrapes in an effort to catch his father's attention.
Million Dollar Baby (1941) as Makeup Artist
A young innocent's surprise inheritance causes problems with her poor but proud boyfriend.
A Shot in the Dark (1941) as Makeup Artist
A reporter and a police detective sort through the clues in a night-club owner''''s murder.
Manpower (1941) as Makeup Artist
Power linemen feud over the love of a sultry nightclub singer.
The Smiling Ghost (1941) as Makeup Artist
A newswoman investigates a haunted house.
Shining Victory (1941) as Makeup Artist
A psychiatrist sacrifices everything for his research.
Singapore Woman (1941) as Makeup Artist
A woman who believes she''''s cursed, takes refuge on a rubber plantation.
Flowing Gold (1940) as Makeup Artist
A fugitive from justice tries to get work in a western oil field.
The Man Who Talked Too Much (1940) as Makeup Artist
A defense lawyer sets out to topple a powerful gangster.
The Letter (1940) as Makeup
A woman claims to have killed in self-defense, until a blackmailer turns up with incriminating evidence.
Brother Orchid (1940) as Makeup
After a failed hit, a mob chief recuperates in a monastery.
City for Conquest (1940) as Makeup
A truck driver risks his eyesight when he boxes to pay for his brother''''s education.
No Time for Comedy (1940) as Makeup
A wealthy culture vulture tries to steal a playwright from his actress wife.
The Sea Hawk (1940) as Makeup
A British buccaneer holds the Spanish fleet at bay with the covert approval of Elizabeth I.
'Til We Meet Again (1940) as Makeup
A dying woman shares a shipboard romance with a criminal on his way to the gallows.
Torrid Zone (1940) as Makeup
A Central American plantation manager and his boss battle over a traveling showgirl.
Money and the Woman (1940) as Makeup
An embezzler''''s wife begs his boss for forgiveness, only to fall in love with him.
River's End (1940) as Makeup Artist
In the Canadian wilderness, an accused murderer takes the place of a dead Mountie.
She Couldn't Say No (1940) as Makeup
Opposing lawyers face off in court over a land deal only to wind up in each other''''s arms.
A Child Is Born (1940) as Makeup
A pregnant prison inmate shares her problems with the patients in a maternity ward.
An Angel from Texas (1940) as Makeup
A pair of slick Broadway producers con a wealthy cowboy into backing their show.
Saturday's Children (1940) as Makeup
A young inventor''s new marriage is jeopardized by financial problems.
Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet (1940) as Makeup Artist
True story of the German scientist who devoted his life to curing syphilis.
Flight Angels (1940) as Makeup
Airline stewardesses vie for the love of a dashing pilot.
Brother Rat and a Baby (1940) as Makeup
Three naval cadets graduate and help each other find jobs.
Lady with Red Hair (1940) as Makeup
An actress hopes to regain her lost son by making it to the top.
Tugboat Annie Sails Again (1940) as Makeup
A veteran lady captain fights off competition.
They Drive by Night (1940) as Makeup Artist
Truck driving brothers are framed for murder by a lady psycho.
Virginia City (1940) as Makeup
A rebel spy poses as a wild West dance hall girl.
It All Came True (1940) as Makeup
A gangster hides out in a boardinghouse full of eccentrics.
A Dispatch from Reuters (1940) as Makeup Artist
An entrepreneur builds an international news agency.
The Fighting 69th (1940) as Makeup
A braggart soldier learns the true meaning of heroism when he joins World War I's all-Irish unit.
East of the River (1940) as Makeup
A young gangster and his honest brother fall for the same woman.
Santa Fe Trail (1940) as Makeup
Romantic rivals get caught in the battle to stop abolitionist John Brown.
Three Cheers for the Irish (1940) as Makeup
A Scottish lad and Irish lass risk their families' wrath by marrying.
Knute Rockne--All American (1940) as Makeup
Biography of the famed Notre Dame coach and his fight to "win one for the Gipper."
Ladies Must Live (1940) as Makeup Artist
A country bumpkin tries to save his millionaire pal from a gold-digging singer.
My Love Came Back (1940) as Makeup
A millionaire helps a pretty lady violinist with her career.
South of Suez (1940) as Makeup
A murder defendant falls for his alleged victim''''s daughter.
Castle on the Hudson (1940) as Makeup
A hardened crook behind bars comes up against a reform-minded warden.
Calling All Husbands (1940) as Makeup
A henpecked husband confronts the man his wife thinks she should have married.
Always a Bride (1940) as Makeup
A society girl pushes her working class boyfriend into politics.
All This, and Heaven Too (1940) as Makeup Artist
A French nobleman falls in love with his children's governess.
The Old Maid (1939) as Makeup
An unmarried mother gives her illegitimate child to her cousin.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) as Makeup
A deformed bell ringer rescues a gypsy girl falsely accused of witchcraft and murder.
Invisible Stripes (1939) as Makeup
On his release from prison, a crook tries to stop his brother from following in his footsteps.
The Return of Dr. X (1939) as Makeup
A murderer returns from the grave with a thirst for blood.
Espionage Agent (1939) as Makeup Artist
American spies try to steal Nazi secrets from a moving train.
Four Wives (1939) as Makeup
Three married women play matchmaker for their widowed sister.
Juarez (1939) as Makeup
True story of Mexico's Abraham Lincoln and his fight against Napoleon's empire.
We Are Not Alone (1939) as Makeup
A British doctor hires an injured ballerina as a nanny for his son.
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939) as Makeup Artist
Elizabeth I''''s love for the Earl of Essex threatens to destroy her kingdom.
Dodge City (1939) as Makeup
A soldier of fortune takes on the corrupt boss of a Western town.
Daughters Courageous (1939) as Makeup
A father returns to the family he left years earlier and tries to solve their problems.
The Roaring Twenties (1939) as Makeup Artist
Three WWI Army buddies get mixed up with the mob in peacetime.
Father Is a Prince (1939) as Makeup
An industrialist values money over his family''''s happiness.
On Your Toes (1939) as Makeup
A hoofer gets mixed up with a ballet dancer, triggering backstage jealousy.
Heart of the North (1938) as Makeup
A Canadian Mounted Policeman searches for the outlaws who robbed a freighter.
Valley of the Giants (1938) as Makeup Artist
A lumberman takes on pirates out to plunder the forest.
The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) as Makeup
The bandit king of Sherwood Forest leads his Merry Men in a battle against the corrupt Prince John.
Gold Is Where You Find It (1938) as Cosmetician
A gold strike in California triggers a bitter feud between farmers and prospectors.
The Life of Emile Zola (1937) as Makeup
The famed writer risks his reputation to defend a Jewish army officer accused of treason.
The Great Garrick (1937) as Makeup
French actors set out to deflate the ego of legendary stage star David Garrick.
Anthony Adverse (1936) as Cosmetician
An orphan runs off to a life of adventure, then returns to France in search of the girl he left behind.
'G' Men (1935) as Makeup
A mob protege joins the FBI when a friend is gunned down.
A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935) as Cosmetician
Shakespeare's classic about two pairs of lovers and an amateur actor who get mixed up with fairies.
I Loved a Woman (1933) as Makeup
A Chicago meat-packer tries to keep a rein on his social-climbing wife.
The Public Enemy (1931) as Makeup
An Irish-American street punk tries to make it big in the world of organized crime.

Costume-Wardrobe (feature film)

East Lynne (1931) as Lace hairpieces des by

Make-Up (short)

Old Hickory (1940)
This short film presents four key incidents in the public life of Andrew Jackson. Vitaphone Release 9590-9591.
The Lady and the Lug (1940)
In this comedic short, a reporter wins a boxer''''s contract and decides to stage a fight. Vitaphone Release 9860-9861.
Short subject on the part that the pony express played during the election of President Lincoln and the news of the Civil War.
The Bill of Rights (1939)
This short film dramatizes the birth of the American Bill of Rights. Vitaphone Release 9300-9301.
The Royal Rodeo (1939)
In this short film, a young monarch invites a traveling rodeo show to perform at his palace. Vitaphone Release 9539-9540.
The Monroe Doctrine (1939)
This short historical film focuses on the creation of the Monroe Doctrine. Vitaphone Release 9436-9437.

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