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George Webb

George Webb


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Cast (feature film)

Too Hot to Handle (1938) as Mr. Rodney, lawyer
Rival newsreel photographers vie for scoops and a beautiful lady flyer.
Trapped by Television (1936) as Board of directors
An inventor looking for backing for his television invention gets involved with a crooked businessman and gangsters who try to steal his invention.
Alibi for Murder (1936) as Coroner
Break of Hearts (1935) as
An unknown composer tries to save the conductor she loves from his drinking problem.
The Lone Wolf Returns (1935) as Tarzan
She Couldn't Take It (1935) as Farmer
Love Me Forever (1935) as Gambler
A mob figure helps launch a singer's career only to lose her to a younger man.
She Couldn't Take It (1935) as Editor
If You Could Only Cook (1935) as Third inspector
An unhappy executive gets a job as a butler on a lark, only to fall for the family cook.
The Witching Hour (1934) as Assistant district attorney
Dude Ranch (1931) as Burson
Chester Carr(Stuart Erwin), owner of a dude ranch in the Rockies, caters to guests seeking the thrill of the Wild West. Among his guests are the wealthy Spruce Meadows(Charles Sellon) and his daughter Susan(June Collyer.)But the West isn't wild anymore and most of Carr's guests are bored and about to leave.He is in despair when a caravan carrying a broke-down-and-out troupe of actors---Jennifer(Jack Oakie), Judd(Eugene Pallette), Mrs. Merridew(Cecil Weston) and her daughter, Alice(Mitzi Green)---crashes down the hill and wrecks the hotel sign. Carr offers to board and lodge them free for a week if they can provide enough excitement to keep Meadows and the other guest from leaving. The actors agree. They have the properties and costumes for a Western melodrama,"Vance Kilroy's Revenge", which they proceed to adapt real-life for the occassion.That evening a woman(Mrs. Merridew)rushes into the hotel lounge with her little daughter(Alice), begging to be saved from the whip of her brutal husband Black Jud(Judd.)He cmes after them with a whip but the heroic Vance Kilroy(Jennifer)arrives and saves them. Black Jed leaves, shaking his fists, trimming his moustache and vowing to return.The visitors swallow the hoax, and edcide to return. Jeniffer(as Vance Kiroy) falls in love with Susan, but she sees through his fale baravado and snubs him. A gang of bandits, planning to rob the local bank, arrives as hotel guests.Burson(George Webb), the "ladies' man" dandy of the group takes a shine to Susan. When "Black Jed" returns, he is pursued and "strangled" by "Kilroy" but Burson openly shows his disbelief in the hero. Having being "killed" as "Black Jed", Judd re-appears the next morning as a Sioux Indian chief. When the bank robbery is committed, one of the gang wears a costume similar to Jennifers, and suspicion is cast on him.Sheriff Simonson(Guy Oliver) arrives and arrests Jennifer, but Alice sees the bandits kidnap Susan, and she convinces the wooden-headed sheriff that he has arrested the wrong man. Jennifer joins the posse in pursuit of the fleeing gangsters.The ads, in London, carried a blurb from the Sunday Times reviewer in which he called the film..."Quite the funniest and brainest satire of American cowboy Wild West stuff I have ever seen..." "Ruggles of Red Gap" in 1935 probably knocked him for a loop.Quite-ho like.
Lucky Devil (1925) as "Frenchy" Roget
My Man (1924) as Bert Glider
Little Johnny Jones (1923) as Robert Anstead
Jockey Johnny Jones is hired to ride The Earl of Bloomsburg's horse at the English Derby. Crooked gambler Robert Anstead frames Johnny as a thief and kidnaps his sweetheart in order to make Johnny throw the race. Will he succeed ?
Romance Land (1923) as Counterfeit Bill
The Man Under Cover (1922) as Jones Wiley
The Crusader (1922) as James Symonds
Fifty Candles (1921) as Dr. Parker
First Love (1921) as Harry Stanton
The Son of Wallingford (1921) as Blackie Daw
Black Beauty (1921) as Jack Beckett
Alarm Clock Andy (1920) as William Blinker
The Money-Changers (1920) as Monk Mullen
Below the Surface (1920) as James Arnold
Let's Be Fashionable (1920) as Bruce Grey
Homespun Folks (1920) as Tracy Holt
John Petticoats (1919) as Wayne Page
Miss Adventure (1919) as Albert Barth
Polly Redhead (1917) as John Ruffin
Idolators (1917) as Curtis de Forest Ralston
Come Through (1917) as Archie Craig
The Fighting Gringo (1917) as Arthur Saxon
The Little Orphan (1917) as Jerry Mathers
The Charmer (1917) as Franklin Whitney
The Bond of Fear (1917) as John McClure
Sins of Her Parent (1916) as Arthur Heatherway
The Light (1916) as Cyril Edwards
The Soul of Kura-San (1916) as Herbert Graham
Lying Lips (1916) as Sanford
The Yellow Pawn (1916) as Tom Weldon

Art Director (feature film)

Sunshine Part II (1976) as Art Direction
Pete 'n' Tillie (1972) as Art Director
A fun-loving bachelor woos and weds a secretary, but the bonds of this marriage aren't strong enough to stop his philandering from continuing.
Slaughterhouse-Five (1972) as Art Director
"Listen: Billie Pilgrim has come unstuck in time." The opening words of the famous novel are the quickest summary of this haunting, funny film. Director Hill faithfully renders for the screen Vonnegut's obsessive story of Pilgrim, whosurvives the 1945 firebombing of Dresden, then lives simultaneously in his pastas a young American POW, in the future as a well-cared-for resident of a zoo on the planet Tralfamadore, and in the present as a middle-aged optometrist in Ilium, N.Y.
The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid (1972) as Art Director
This film chronicles the most daring robbery of the James Younger gang. On September 7, 1876, the gang held up the bank in Northfield, Minnesota which was known at the time as "the biggest bank west of the Mississippi."
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966) as Art Director
To win a reporting job, a young man must spend the night in a haunted house.
The Pad (And How To Use It) (1966) as Art Director
This is about a man who lives alone in his apartment and finds his ideal woman while going to the symphony. He dates her brings her to the pad, only to find out that she came to the symphony on a ticket she got from a coworker.
Madame X (1966) as Art Director
A fallen woman on trial for murder is defended by the son she abandoned years earlier.
That Funny Feeling (1965) as Art Director
A cleaning girl tries to pass off her workplace as her home, not knowing she''s dating her boss.
The Art of Love (1965) as Art Director
A struggling artist fakes his own death to sell more paintings.
Wild Seed (1965) as Art Director
A young drifter forms an alliance with a runaway girl.
I'd Rather Be Rich (1964) as Art Director
An updated remake of It Started With Eve (1941). A young heiress is summoned to the bedside of her dying grandfather. The man's last wish is to meet her fiance, but problems arise when the fiance is delayed and a young chemical engineer is persuaded to take his place. When the grandfather suddenly (and secretly) recovers, he uses the situation to his advantage - playing matchmaker in an attempt to ensure his granddaughter's happiness.
Island of the Blue Dolphins (1964) as Art Director
In 1835, a group of white hunters slay most of an Indian tribe inhabiting an island off California, forcing the survivors to flee the island. Young Karana, realizing that her 6-year-old brother, Ramo, has been left behind, returns to the island.
The List of Adrian Messenger (1963) as Art Director
An Army officer races to save a group of former POWs from a murderous master of disguise.
Tammy and the Doctor (1963) as Art Director

Film Production - Lighting/Electrical (feature film)

Jack and Sarah (1996) as Electrician
Jack is already juggling the demands of a high pressure job and a new house, with a baby on the way. Now Jack's capable and unflappable partner has gone and he must face bringing up his daughter alone. He fends off his well-meaning family's attempts to take over, resists advice to employ a "no-nonse
Nightbreed (1990) as Electrician
A doctor who has massacred several families attempts to frame a teenage patient who''s been suffering terrible hallucinations. The teenager, pursued by the evil doctor and authorities, flees to Midian, home of the lost tribes of the moon, and is accepted into their fold.

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