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Also Known As: Died: February 24, 2006
Born: June 4, 1924 Cause of Death: cancer
Birth Place: Joplin, Missouri, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Home on the Range (2004)
Set in a fanciful version of the untamed West, a musical comedy about what takes place when a group of underdog animal charters face dangerous odds and band together to achieve a common goal. A greedy yodeling outlaw named Alameda Slim schemes to take possession of the "Patch of Heaven" dairy farm f
High Noon (2000) as Mart Howe
A remake of the 1952 western "High Noon," about lawman Will Kane, who promises his young bride, Amy, that he will leave his dangerous career to start a ranch. Just as the newlyweds are about to leave town, word comes that a man whom Kane sent to prison years earlier, is coming to town on the noon tr
Virginian, The (2000) as Sam Balaam
Television movie based on Owen Wister's novel about love and justice in the old West. The Virginian is a man who has left his native state to test his fortunes in the new territories of the West. In Wyoming, he falls in love with Molly Stark, a schoolteacher who has recently moved from Vermont. Desp
Submerged (2000)
Escape From Wildcat Canyon (1998) as Martin Flint
A family trip to Wildcat Canyon turns into a wilderness survival test when young Pete and his grandfather Martin are stranded after a helicopter crash. They scour the rough terrain in search of help for their injured pilot, combating the elements and warding off wild animals. During the course of th
Seduction in a Small Town (1997) as Sam Jenks
A couple's idyllic life is shattered when authorities accuse them of child abuse and take away their three young children. When they desperately search for the source of the rumors about them, their suspicions lead them to a young woman who recently arrived in their small town, but they can't believ
Stolen Women: Captured Hearts (1997) as Captain Robert Farnsworth
Two white women are kidnapped on the plains of Kansas by Lakota Indians in 1868. They are taken to an Indian reservation and forced to live with the Lakotas. Anna falls in love with a warrior, Chief Tokalah, and adapts to their customs. The other woman is desperate to return home and after two years
Greyhounds (1994) as Chance Wayne
Three law professionals and an ex-con come out of retirement to solve a murder.
Mastergate (1992) as Vice President Burden
An adaptation of Larry Gelbart's play about the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings in 1973-74. In this political satire, it is alleged that government functionaries used a Hollywood studio to funnel money to right-wing guerrillas.
Return of Sam McCloud, The (1989) as Senator Sam Mccloud
A movie that reprises the big-city adventures of former Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud from Taos, New Mexico. Now the junior U.S. Senator from New Mexico, McCloud fights to protect the environment against chemical pollution. His crusade turns personal when he is called to London to solve the murder of h
Walking After Midnight (1988)
A docu-drama exploring the past-life experiences of various celebrities.
Disaster at Silo 7 (1988) as Sheriff Ben Harlen
An Air Force technician races against time to prevent a devastating explosion at a U.S. missile site.
Bluffing It (1987) as Jack Duggan
A story that reveals the poignant and often desperate means taken by a 50-year-old factory foreman to hide his illiteracy from his employers and his family.
Winner Never Quits, A (1986) as Mr Joseph Wyshner
Sentimental dramatization of Pete Gray's story. Keith Carradine (with one arm tied behind his back) plays the one-armed baseball player of the 1940s who not only realized his dream of playing in the major leagues (he was with the St. Louis Browns briefly) but inspired a handicapped youngster. Dennis
Going for the Gold: The Bill Johnson Story (1985) as Wally Johnson
The Bill Johnson story follows the fortunes of a tough, street-smart skiier from Oregon who put his scrapes with the law behind him and emerged a Gold Medalist at the 1984 Winter Olympics at Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. Anthony Edwards, one of filmdom's self-styled "brat pack" of the early '80s, is Johnson
Cocaine: One Man's Seduction (1983) as Eddie Gant
Dennis Weaver is a successful real estate agent whose introduction by Pamela Bellwood and her lawyer boyfriend, David Ackroyd, to cocaine during a business slump gets him hooked and threatens his marriage (to Karen Grassle), his career and his life.
Don't Go To Sleep (1982) as Phillip
The daughter of a troubled family who was killed in an automobile accident returns from the grave to take each member back with her one by one. Dennis Weaver and Valerie Harper, as the parents, previously played a married couple in "The Day the Loving Stopped".
Day the Loving Stopped, The (1981) as Aaron Danner
Divorce as seen through the eyes of a young girl on the eve of her own marriage and her teenage sister, both overwhelmed by the separation of their once-loving parents. Dominique Dunne, as the older of the two girls, played one of her last roles in this film (she subsequently was murdered).
Ordeal of Dr. Mudd, The (1980) as Dr Samuel A Mudd
Dennis Weaver is the Maryland physician condemned to prison in the Dry Tortugas in 1865 after unwittingly aiding in John Wilkes Booth's escape following Lincoln's assassination by setting Booth's broken leg, and several years later was pardoned by President Andrew Johnson for his work during an epid
Amber Waves (1980) as Elroy "Bud" Burkhardt
A rugged midwest wheat farmer (Dennis Weaver) and a male model from back East (Kurt Russell) seeking to find himself clash over their values, time-honored patriotism, and themselves. Mare Winningham, who plays Weaver's free-spirited daughter, won an Emmy Award as Outstanding Supporting Actress, and
Ordeal of Patty Hearst, The (1979) as Charles Bates
The Patricia Hearst story -- through the eyes of FBI Special Agent Charles Bates -- from her abduction on February 4, 1974, until her capture nineteen months later.
Stone (1979) as Daniel Ellis Stone
The exploits of Dan Stone, a novelist and tough homicide detective with the Metropolitan Division of the Los Angeles Police Department.
Ishi: The Last of His Tribe (1978) as Professor Benjamin Fuller
A touching dramatization of a short chapter of American history, tracing the life of the last Yahi Indian from his childhood to his death in 1917 and the story of his friendship with an anthropologist after his discovery in northern California in 1911. The late Dalton Trumbo died before finishing th
Islander, The (1978) as Gable Mcqueen
A mystery-adventure set in Hawaii. This series pilot never got anywhere. It's about a retired mainland lawyer who buys a small Honolulu hotel and finds himself in a murderous situation involving a runaway grand jury witness, a ruthless mobster, and a racket-busting U.S. Senator framed for beating up
Intimate Strangers (1977) as Donald Halston
A contemporary drama of a couple who find that their deep love for each other cannot overcome the emotions threatening to destroy their marriage, and she becomes a battered wife. Tyne Daly garnered an Emmy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actress.
Female Artillery (1973) as Deke Chambers
A comedy western that has a tough outlaw joining forces with a contingent of pioneer women against a vicious gang that wants the money he secretly hid in the ladies' wagon train.
Terror on the Beach (1973) as Neil Glynn
A family outing turns into a nightmare when a gang of young thugs begins a campaign of harassment.
Great Man's Whiskers, The (1973) as Abraham Lincoln
A comedy-drama, filmed in 1969, about how a letter from a ten-year-old girl urged President Lincoln to grow a beard and altered America's most famous face.
Rolling Man (1972) as Lonnie Mcafee
Shaken by the death of his wife and the disappearance of his young sons while he spent four years in prison, a simple man tries to rebuild his life while searching for the missing boys.
Forgotten Man, The (1971) as Lieutenant Joe Hardy
An American POW reportedly killed in action returns from Vietnam to find his wife remarried, his daughter adopted, his business sold and his life completely changed.
What's the Matter with Helen? (1971) as Linc[oln] Palmer
After their sons are convicted of murder, two women relocate to Hollywood to start a talent school.
Duel (1971) as David Mann
A cross-country motorist finds himself the object of a faceless trucker''''s irrational attacks.
Mission Batangas (1968) as Chip Corbett
Gentle Giant (1967) as Tom Wedloe
Duel at Diablo (1966) as Willard Grange
Racial tensions flair when a black officer joins a Cavalry troop fighting the Indians.
Way ... Way Out (1966) as Hoffman
The Americans and Russians each have a two-person base on the Moon The Americans have had to keep replacing their astronaut teams because they quickly go crazy; they have been using only male astronauts on the unspoken assumption that this would avoid any possibility of impropriety. The Russians, as godless Communists, are under no such constraints, and their male-female team has remained well-adjusted At the start of the film, a male and female American astronaut team is sent up to replace the sex-starved all-male team. The government insists on them being married first to preserve morality. Most of the story revolves around the eventual consummation of this marriage of convenience, and around their relationship with their Russian neighbors, who keep casually dropping by.
The Gallant Hours (1960) as Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Jefferson Lowe III
Admiral William F. Halsey fights to turn the tide against the Japanese during World War II.
Touch of Evil (1958) as The night man
A narcotics agent risks his wife's life to investigate a crooked cop.
Storm Fear (1956) as Hank
A wounded bank robber takes over his brother''''s home.
Chief Crazy Horse (1955) as Maj. Carlisle
When young Crazy Horse, of whom great things were predicted, wins his bride, rival Little Big Man goes to villainous traders with evidence of gold in the sacred Lakota burial ground. Of course, a new gold rush starts despite all treaties, and Crazy Horse becomes military leader of his people. Initial Indian victories lead to the inevitable result. Uniquely, all is told from the Indian perspective.
Ten Wanted Men (1955) as Sheriff Clyde Gibbons
A cattleman''s dream of law and order is threatened by the ambitions of a ruthless rival.
The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1955) as Air intelligence officer
Two jet pilots forge a lasting friendship while fighting the Korean War.
Seven Angry Men (1955) as John Brown, Jr.
A fanatical abolitionist leads a personal war against slave owners in Kansas.
Dangerous Mission (1954) as Pruitt
A woman flees westward after witnessing a mob killing.
Dragnet (1954) as Capt. Lohrman
Two homicide detectives try to find just the facts behind a mobster''''s brutal murder.
The Nebraskan (1953) as Capt. DeWitt
A frontier scout tries to make peace between settlers and the Sioux.
Law and Order (1953) as Frank Durling
Having cleaned up Tombstone, marshal Frame Johnson quits after an attempted lynching, and hopes to settle down on a ranch near Cottonwood with his sweetheart Jeannie. Before he can do so, it looks like he may have to clean up Cottonwood too. But how great a sacrifice will he make for law and order?
War Arrow (1953) as Pino
Army Major Howell Brady is sent by Washington to end the Kiowa uprisings in Texas. Colonel Meade, who's in charge, resents both Brady's interference and his interest in beautiful Elaine Corwin, wife of a cavalry officer who disappeared on a scouting mission.
Column South (1953) as Menguito
As Lt. Jed Sayre struggles to prevent pre-Civil War tensions and a racist commanding officer from triggering war between the U.S. Cavalry and Navajo Indians, he finds his efforts are being undermined by the machinations of Confederate sympathizers.
The Lawless Breed (1953) as Jim Clements
Released from jail, John Wesley Hardin leaves an account of his life with the local newspaper. It tells of his overly religious father, his resulting life of cards and guns, and his love for his step-sister replaced on her death during a gun fight with that for dance-hall girl Rosie.
The Mississippi Gambler (1953) as Julian Conant
Mark Fallon, with partner Kansas John Polly, tries to introduce honest gambling on the riverboats. His first success makes enemies of the crooked gamblers and of fair Angelique Dureau, whose necklace he won. Later in New Orleans, Mark befriends Angelique's father, but she still affects to despise him as his gambling career brings him wealth. Duelling, tragedy, and romantic complications follow.
The Man from the Alamo (1953) as Reb
A survivor of the battle at the Alamo returns home to find his family has been killed by a bunch of thugs disguised as Mexican soldiers. He then grows intent on enacting revenge despite the lack of support for his cause.
The Golden Blade (1953) as Rabble-rouser
Harum (Rock Hudson) is a fearless man of the people who comes to Bagdad to avenge the murder of his father and meets Krairuzan (Piper Laurie), a princess disguised as a commoner, working against a plot by a band of evil schemers trying to do away with her father, the Caliph. She gives Harum a golden sword which, in his hands, makes him invincible. Harum uses the sword in the name of justice and is doing quite well until a duplicate sword is placed in his scabbard during one of his off-guard moments, and he winds up in chains.
It Happens Every Thursday (1953) as President of Jr. Chamber of Commerce
New York reporter Bob MacAvoy is persuaded by pregnant wife Jane to buy a broken-down weekly newspaper in Eden, California. They have humorous problems with small town mores and eccentric citizens. But their schemes to increase circulation get them in over their heads.
The Redhead from Wyoming (1953) as Matt Jessup
In Wyoming Territory, a range war is brewing between entrenched cattle barons and new settlers. Cattle king Reece Duncan is opposed by ambitious gambler Jim Averell, who imports his old flame, shapely saloon queen Kate Maxwell, and sets her up as an alternative cattle buyer. As matters build toward violence, Kate finds she's being taken advantage of. But her only potential ally in staving off carnage is seemingly mild-mannered sheriff Stan Blaine...who distrusts her.
The Raiders (1952) as Dick Logan
Horizons West (1952) as Dandy Taylor
Brothers Dan and Neil Hammond return to Texas after the Civil War. Ambitious Dan turns to rustling and then shady land deals to build an empire. Being held for a murder, he is rescued from a lynch mob by Neil, who is now the Marshal, but there is eventually a falling out between the brothers, good triumphing over evil.

Producer (feature film)

Return of Sam McCloud, The (1989) as Co-Executive Producer
A movie that reprises the big-city adventures of former Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud from Taos, New Mexico. Now the junior U.S. Senator from New Mexico, McCloud fights to protect the environment against chemical pollution. His crusade turns personal when he is called to London to solve the murder of h
Return of Sam McCloud, The (1989) as Producer
A movie that reprises the big-city adventures of former Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud from Taos, New Mexico. Now the junior U.S. Senator from New Mexico, McCloud fights to protect the environment against chemical pollution. His crusade turns personal when he is called to London to solve the murder of h

Music (feature film)

Amber Waves (1980)
A rugged midwest wheat farmer (Dennis Weaver) and a male model from back East (Kurt Russell) seeking to find himself clash over their values, time-honored patriotism, and themselves. Mare Winningham, who plays Weaver's free-spirited daughter, won an Emmy Award as Outstanding Supporting Actress, and
Stone (1979)
The exploits of Dan Stone, a novelist and tough homicide detective with the Metropolitan Division of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Cast (special)

Intimate Portrait: Linda Gray (2003) as Interviewee
Portrait of actress Linda Gray as told through interviews and archival footage.
Hopalong Cassidy: Public Hero #1 (2001) as Narration
Documentary that explores the life of actor William Boyd, best known as Hopalong Cassidy, the cowboy/hero of 66 movies made between 1935 and 1948.
2001 Genesis Awards, The (2001) as Presenter
Coverage of the 15th annual Genesis Awards presentation honoring outstanding individuals in the major news and entertainment media for spotlighting animal issues with courage, creativity and integrity.
14th Annual Genesis Awards (2000) as Presenter
Coverage of the 14th annual Genesis Awards presentation from the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. The Genesis Awards honor individuals in the major media whose coverage and integrity have increased awareness of animal-protection issues. The theme of the 14th annual Genesis Awards was "On
SAG Awards Show (1999) as Presenter
Live presentation of the 7th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards from the Shrine Exposition Center in Los Angeles. Honors performances in five film categories and eight television categories. In addition, SAG presents its Life Achievement Award, celebrating career achievement as well as humanitarian a
Reconstructing Evil (1999) as Interviewee
Documentary about the history of the making of Orson Welles' 1958 film "Touch of Evil."
At Home With Dennis Weaver (1999)
Marcia Brandwynne visits actor Dennis Weaver and wife Gerry at their environmentally friendly home in Colorado. Weaver gives a tour of his home and discusses his involvement as an active advocate of environmental awareness.
CBS: The First 50 Years (1998) as Interviewee
Special celebrating the CBS Television Network's Golden Anniversary as a television broadcaster.
Colorado Christmas, A (1998)
A western-style Yuletide celebration features musical performances by Bob Carlisle, Jaci Velasquez, Rosey Grier and Debby Boone. Actor Dennis Weaver reads the story "The Christmas Waltz."
Steven Spielberg: An Empire of Dreams (1998) as Interviewee
Profile of director Steven Spielberg.
John Denver: The E! True Hollywood Story (1998) as Interviewee
Profile of Grammy Award-winning singer John Denver, who died in a plane crash in October 1997. Includes an interview with Denver, done less than a month before his death.
50 Years of Television: A Celebration of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Golden Anniversary (1997)
Documentary celebrating 50 years of television history. Featuring a large collection of television clips introduced by legendary and current television stars. The documentary, also shown at a Hollywood gala, launches the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences new Archive of American Television.
American Film Institute Salute to Steven Spielberg, The (1995)
Tribute to Steven Spielberg, the 23rd recipient of the American Film Institute's career achievement award.
Earth and the American Dream (1993) as Voice
A documentary chronicling how the pursuit of the American Dream has changed the environment. Makes use of first-person accounts of writers, politicians, historians, business people, Native Americans and other citizens. Combines archival footage and original photography.
Tribute to the Singing Cowboy, A (1993) as Host
Special honoring singing cowboys and the music of the West. Includes vintage clips, nostalgic anecdotes and tribute performances to the singing legends.
Ancient Secrets of the Bible, Part II (1993) as Host
A special hosted by Dennis Weaver which features re-enactments, analysis, and commentary from religious scholars and scientists about events depicted in the Bible.
What About Me? I'm Only 3! (1992)
A variety special in which celebrities address environmental concerns by using questions posed by young children.
Miracles and Other Mysteries (1991) as Host
A special featuring the reenactment of four unexplainable, fortuitous events. In "Miracle on Highway 5," the operator of an earth-moving machine in San Diego assists a police officer and unknowingly saves his own son's life in the process. In "The Giant Beside Our House," a father prunes a massive t
Farm Aid IV (1990) as Host
A live, twelve-hour telecast of the fourth annual Farm Aid fund-raiser, held at the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Earth '90: Children and the Environment (1990)
A live special celebrating the culmination of the United Nations' effort to focus world attention on our environmental future. Features international musical stars and celebrities performing from locations around the world.
Great Adventurers and Their Quests: Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade (1989) as Narration
A special examining the appeal of real-life daredevils and heroic figures compared with their fictional counterparts as portrayed in adventure films.
Memories Then & Now (1988)
A special that focuses on the people, places, social trends, historical moments and scandalous events, past and present, that continue to leave memorable images in our minds. Based on the format of the newly published magazine "Memories."
Sea World's All-Star, Lone Star Celebration (1988)
A special from Sea World of Texas in San Antonio, featuring the famed marine mammals -- killer whales, dolphins, etc. -- and celebrity performers in a commemoration of the cultural heritage of the Texas hill country.
Star-Spangled Celebration, A (1987)
A three-hour live-and-taped telecast on the Fourth of July celebrating the holiday and the continuation of "Project Literacy U.S." The program highlights concerts in Busch Stadium and under Gateway Arch on the Mississippi River in St. Louis, and musical performances around the country by well-known
Sex Symbols: Past, Present and Future (1987)
The program explores America's fascination with sex symbols. Included are interviews and film clips.
38th Annual Emmy Awards, The (1986)
A live three-hour telecast from Pasadena, California, of the thirty-eighth Annual Emmy Awards which honors excellence in the television industry. David Letterman and Shelley Long are this year's co-hosts. Veteran comedian Red Skelton, recipient of this year's coveted Governor's Award by the Board of
Wildest West Show of the Stars, The (1986) as Host
Stars from television, film, and music recreate the color, fun, games, and excitement of a classic Wild West Show, from Pony Express relay races to quick-draw contests to trick-riding displays. Taped at the Equestrian Center in Burbank, California, and at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park.
Amy Grant... Headin' Home For the Holidays (1986)
Contemporary singer Amy Grant stars in her first television special. She combines traditional Christmas music with her own distinctive gospel hits.
CBS Tournament of Roses Parade (1984) as Host
Live coverage of the 95th annual Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade.
Country Top 20 (1981) as Host (Part 1)
A two-part special that surveys the top twenty country and western hits for the first and last six months of 1981.
John Denver Special, The (1976)
An hour of music with singer/songwriter John Denver and friends.
Lola (1976)
A music and comedy special featuring performer Lola Fulana and friends.
Swing Out, Sweet Land (1976)
John Wayne hosts this historical survey of the growth of the United States by means of military conquest and politial finagling. Sundry entertainers join him to add song, dance, and comedy to the analysis.
OPRYLAND USA (1975) as Host
An hour of country and western music from Opryland in Nashville.

Music (special)

Amy Grant... Headin' Home For the Holidays (1986) as Song Performer ("Sleighride")
Contemporary singer Amy Grant stars in her first television special. She combines traditional Christmas music with her own distinctive gospel hits.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Pearl (1978) as Colonel Jason Forrest
A romantic drama looking suspiciously like "From Here to Eternity" (a miniseries version of which turned up some weeks after this one premiered) and interweaving the lives and passions of three military couples living in Honolulu in December 1941.

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