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John Wayne

John Wayne



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  • John Wayne Was the GREATEST!

    • Sherry Gee
    • 2017-03-09

    I always loved John Wayne when I was a kid, then drifted away as I got into my teens and 20s. Later, as I got into my 40s, I began to watch the John Wayne films on TCM and fell in love all over again. My favorite John Wayne film, by far, is The Searchers. In fact, The Searchers is my all time favorite film. Wayne's character in The Searchers is good and bad. He makes you love him and hate him and he showcases his acting in this film more than in any other, as far as I'm concerned. My second favorite John Wayne film is The Quiet Man, with Maureen O'Hara. I don't care whether the film is a western, war film, drama or comedy, Wayne is worth watching, even if it is the 30th time I've seen the same movie. I once saw John Wayne sunbathing on his boat at Balboa Harbor and wish I could have gotten his autograph. There aren't movie stars like John Wayne anymore and I miss him.

  • The GREATEST Male and Masculine Actor

    • Chuck Ball
    • 2016-01-15

    My Dad introduced me to John Wayne when I was around six. I have loved John Wayne ever since. I love westerns and introduced John Wayne to my son when he was four. He is ten now and we watch John Wayne all the time. Of course, my son's favorite is my favorite; The Searchers. John Wayne is the epitome of the masculine American Male from days gone past. My uncle worked for John Wayne during the filming of "In Harms Way". He drove "Duke" around in a jeep during the filming. He said that when they met, John Wayne said "Don't call me sir or Mr. Wayne, call me Duke or John". My uncle loved John Wayne. He got to drink beer and eat steak with the Duke almost everyday they were together. Said he was a very personal and kind man. America needs more John Waynes'.

  • The Number One Male Movie Star!

    • David Atkins
    • 2011-02-20

    John Wayne is to me the greatest male movie star of all time. An amazing actor, natural and real, John Wayne reflected the great American Male: Tough, Loyal, Fearless, Honest, Brave. In a career spanning nearly 50 years, John Wayne worked with many fine directors but most notably John Ford in a masterpiece She Wore A Yellow Ribbon. Also notable The Searchers, Red River, and later on in his career Rio Bravo, The Alamo, Hellfighters, and The Green Berets. A bankable star whose films today still reap revenues. A great leading man to many of the greatest stars of his era: Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford, Susan Hayward, Lana Turner, Lauren Bacall, Patricia Neal and Rita Hayworth, and most notably Maureen O Hara, and co star to James Stewart, Dean Martin, Rock Hudson. Kirk Douglas Oscar Winning Actor, All American, A Real American. Star!!!!

  • Amazing!

    • Drea97
    • 2011-02-18

    Mr.Wayne was the best actor in the world. He was a good man, R.I.P Mr. Wayne.

  • The Greatest

    • woody 1959
    • 2010-08-14

    I love John Wayne, how could anyone not I love all his Movies my top 2 picks are mclintock and the quiet man

  • the best ever

    • gene halford
    • 2010-02-19

    i like all of his movies he wis a dam good actor & a good man. rest in peace big john,

  • John Wayne - American

    • Barry
    • 2010-02-05

    John Wayne is the legend that shaped the ideals of several generations. John Wayne was an actor who performed in various roles as the same character. He was a great entertainer and an even greater patriot. I thank God for men like him and I wish he were here today to guide our country through these self inflicted wounds.

  • never be another Duke

    • brian
    • 2010-01-02

    As a kid back in the late 60's I had a curfew of about 10:00, but my folks would let me stay up late on friday night so I could watch a local station's (John Wayne Cinema). Still love his movies.

  • john wayne: the duke

    • robert beatty
    • 2009-06-21

    john wayne is probably the greatest of all movie stars. certainly the most popular who's movies are always on cable. a great action star of westerns and war films. wayne was also a good actor who had a good since of comedy skills as well. he was tough, rough and so damn cool. a real hero of the cinema. best films include "they were expendable", "sands of iwo jima", "rio bravo", "the longest day", "the man who shot liberty valance" and "el dorado". john wayne american legend. he is america!

  • The Greatest

    • Paul
    • 2008-12-11

    A person I would have liked to have meet


    • W.G. WILSON
    • 2008-11-11


  • Got me into the movie loving club!`

    • M.T. Fisher
    • 2008-10-28

    The fact that I loved John Wayne was what got me into the movie loving business. Whether that's a blessing or curse is open to discussion. He said he wasn't an actor, but he knew better than that. Look at SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON, THE SHOOTIST, THE QUIET MAN, and scores of others. Wayne was a pro, and a heckuva actor. He's missed immensely today, and I appreciate the fact he introduced me to the movies.

  • best ever

    • jim busher
    • 2008-09-09

    in the words of the immortal roy hobbs,"the best there ever was, the best there ever will be"

  • DUKE

    • Jake Rogers
    • 2008-05-23

    Even though I'm only 14 I think John Wayne is the best actor because I have been raised on his movies.

  • what a man

    • elizabeth
    • 2008-04-15

    John Wayne was truly amazing. He can be so macho, and all of a sudden suprise you with romantic side. where have all the cowboys gone?

  • The man & his movie record

    • almore
    • 2008-03-23

    One of the most induring & profecient actors. It was his record that inspired & provided great entainment for all people in the nation. He gave to the average American a great sence of pride in being American.

  • A Lifetime with the Duke

    • Samantha Darby (Sam)
    • 2008-02-18

    I just wanted to say, I have grown up watching John Wayne movies since a small child. Today with all the "junk" that is shown on TV, I almost always go to TCM to see if John Wayne is playing. I have seen his movies which seem like a hundred times and never get tired of them. As I child I wanted to meet him so bad, then when he died I thought maybe I could me Lucy (Ball) and she could tell me about him, then it was other actors and actress. As I get older I have never lost that (crush or idol) of John Wayne and I just celebrated my 44 birthday so you can see I'm not that old either. I have a five year old Rottweiler who is a member (child) of our family named "Duke"

  • Grandfather on Screen

    • Cynthia Sherwood
    • 2007-11-21

    When I was a child I watched John Wayne movies with my grandfather. I fell in love with the characters and the slow drawl in which he spoke. John Wayne and my grandfather were so much alike in their mannerisms,looks and build. John Wayne sparks memories of my grandfather everytime I pop in one of his classics. My favorite line is "That'll be the day" from The Searchers. He sounds just like my grandfather when he says it. I Love it!

  • It is to post.

    • Jim Jarrett
    • 2007-08-29

    My Dad took me to see Rio Grande.I've been a fan of his. There isn't a day that don't go by I don't think of my Dad and The Duke. I watch him on TV and my Moives. In my home John Wayne lives on just like my Dad does when i look in the mirrow every morning and I say Hi Dad. Thanks,Jim

  • the end of an era

    • Cheryl Leask
    • 2007-08-03

    For those of us " boomers" that grew up with John Wayne Movies itÂ’s a fitting end for the duke and his movies ,as he was fighting his own war with cancer at the time . As in life he dies with dignity

  • Greatest Western Actor

    • Albert
    • 2007-07-24

    After purchasing over a 100 movies of John Wayne In my opinion he is the greatest wester actor that ever lived.

  • happy birthday and happy trails

    • dg blackburn
    • 2007-05-25

    thanks for the time spent together

  • Happy 100th Mr. Wayne

    • Chuckie
    • 2007-05-19

    May 26, 2007 would have been this great actor's 100th birthday. He is still a beloved star all over the world, and millions of fans will always enjoy his wealth of films. No other actor made as many, or made as many quality films as the Duke. Thank you Mr. Wayne. We will love him forever !

  • John Wayne

    • Craig
    • 2007-03-17

    I once heard many WWII vets resented Mr wayne for not serving during WWII. Facts are he was too old and medically not cleared? To be hes a hero and role model . If alive today he be supporting are troops better than some in Washington now.

  • Long live "The Duke"

    • Karen
    • 2007-03-09

    John Wayne is the biggest "movie star" the world has ever known. He is a star in every sense of the word, and left behind a volume of great films that no other actor could possibly ever match. His talent and hard work will forever be watched and appreciated by his millions of fans.

  • John Wayne is an American Icon

    • Janet Opalanko
    • 2007-02-19

    American's usually say: Baseball, Apple-pie, John Wayne... That is such an American Statement....there is no one like John Wayne

  • A Legend

    • Bruce Agar
    • 2006-11-08

    If I could meet anyone in history, besides Jesus Christ himself, it would be without a doubt John Duke Wayne. Duke has been my idol since childhood and influenced the way I live my life in many ways. To be able to sit and meet with him would truly be an honor and a privelege.

  • A wonderful american

    • june
    • 2006-10-28

    A great man that is missed.

  • one of the best

    • milton p hensley
    • 2006-10-07

    i grew up on jw the duke. lived in germany in the 50's when the high and rhe mighty came out. my dad was army,and he ran the movie theather on base . saw every movie at the time 52 to 55, that jw made ,but the high and the mighty saw 21 times in that week it ran.but my favoit is rio bravo without a doupt.

  • Opinion Forged By Poltics

    • Servmgr
    • 2006-09-10

    John Wayne's image in the eyes of most is likely part and parcel of you vision of America and his iconic image of his vision and beliefs. He likely falls in to that catagory that includes Charleon Heston, Susan Sarandon, or Micheal Moore. John Wanyn, right or wrong, clearly represents that strong, silent, value driven, code of honor image that represented American males from the great depression through Vietnam. All that aside, I still see him as a fine actor in a lot of films; Red River, The Searchers, Rio Bravo, and The Shootist come to mind. There is a lot of fluff in there too, but the same can be said for many others.

  • The Macho man

    • Ann
    • 2006-09-02

    There is no doubt that John Wayne is an American Icon. His striking figure and his macho attitude just made him famous, as well as being so natural in the camera. It is also known that he was very beloved in the Central Americas during their Golden Age of Cinema... I'm not sure, but I am sure that when people think of westerns during our golden age, John Wayne's name pops up.

  • Don't See the Appeal

    • DC
    • 2006-08-26

    I'll never understand how Billy Bob Thornton regards John Wayne as a great actor. His wooden persona, the artificial cadence to his delivery in role after role, and his off-screen political and personal behavior make him a "must-miss" for me. Said Robert Flynn of Wayne: "St. John had the answer. St. John taught us, big and powerful is good. Small and weak is bad and must be killed. Or at least exploited."

  • name that film!

    • pat kenny
    • 2006-08-22

    am trying to recall film that starred john wayne and clark gable. would like to know when it will be seen on tv again.

  • Answer to Patty Cox

    • Hannah
    • 2006-08-20

    Your friends are wrong, Patty. When I was 8 years old and John Wayne came to San Antonio, I was one of the lucky few who got to shake his hand out of hundreds of people who jammed the airport terminal. I stood up on a table and still had to tip-toe and reach up to touch his shoulder. He turned around, looked down at me and said, "Well, hi there little lady," and shook my hand.

  • John wayne American Patriot

    • craig brewster
    • 2006-08-08

    Many WW II vets complained about Mr Wayne not going into the service during WW II. I feel hes more of an american than some in Washington , and loosers like Cindy Sheehan. I think hed spin her head around if alive to day.

  • Physical appearance

    • Patty Cox
    • 2006-07-13

    I have friends who insist that John Wayne was actually a short man in stature. I have argued incessantly that he was in fact quite a tall man. Am I crazy? or are they? Would really appreciate an answer to this query.

  • Best there ever was.

    • Donald P Brent
    • 2006-05-03

    What kine I say, he was great, in every way. A real American.

  • an american legend

    • don jackson
    • 2006-03-14

    As a kid growing up on westerns, John Wayne was bigger than life. He most of all epitomized all that was the hero, the one that stood for what was right and just to millions of movie viewers. I am sure that what ever I am saying here as been said before. John Wayne protrayed a man;s man. All other men looked up to him in more ways than one. Having read about the life of this fine actor who was dedicated to his craft, I find his loyalty to those he worked with to be one of his strongest qualities. i still enjoy just about every film he ever made. We will not see the likes of him again in the film industry.

  • He was the GREATEST

    • Glenda
    • 2006-03-11

    There will never be another like him on the screen.. He could move you


    • jeannie & jay simmons
    • 2006-03-02

    John Wayne is my husbands ultimate favorite. I did not know I was a fan till I started watching The Duke with him. The Quiet Man is "our" movie and my favorite John Wayne movie. John Wayne is "The Man".

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