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The Biggest... Robert Wagner, Raquel Welch, Edward G. Robinson. Everything goes wrong when... more info $17.56was $21.99 Buy Now

The Mountain ... Retired mountain climber and guide Zachary Wheeler (Spencer Tracy) reluctantly... more info $18.71was $24.95 Buy Now

Killer By... Two cops are shot dead in cold blood, the killer is on the loose, and a woman... more info $20.95was $19.99 Buy Now

Austin Powers:... Triple feature includes the first three films in the AUSTIN POWERS series. more info $16.95was $19.98 Buy Now

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Also Known As: Died:
Born: February 10, 1930 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, USA Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)

Fair Week (1924) as Director

Cast (feature film)

What Happened to Monday? (2017)
In a world where families are allowed only one child, some resourceful, identical septuplets must avoid governmental execution while investigating the disappearance of one of their own.
Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman (2015)
Actor Paul Newman's 35-year racing career is examined.
Northpole (2014)
Making the Boys (2009)
Before Prop 8, Milk or Will & Grace, before the AIDS epidemic, gay pride parades or the Stonewall uprising, The Boys in the Band changed everything. Making the Boys explores the drama, struggle and enduring legacy of the first-ever gay play and subsequent Hollywood movie to successfully reach a main
Man in the Chair (2007)
A man named Flash longs for the days when he worked as a crew member on such cinematic masterpieces as "Citizen Kane." When Flash meets teenage film fanatic Cameron Kincaid, he becomes an unlikely mentor and agrees to help Cameron make a film to compete in a student competition where the top prize
Everyone's Hero (2006)
Set in the 1930s, the story revolves around a father and son and two legendary urban baseball teams.
Hoot (2006)
When a Montana boy moves to Florida and unearths a disturbing threat to a local population of endangered owls, three middle-schoolers take on greedy land developers, corrupt politicians, and clueless cops. Determined to protect his new environment, the boy and his friends fight to prevent the adults
Fallen Ones, The (2005)
Archaeologist Matt Fletcher uncovers a hidden tomb containing the mummy of a giant that's been buried since the time of the great flood in the Bible. Now, Matt has to stop a Fallen Angel who has come to earth to revive the giant and bring about a new age of these terrible creatures!
Hollywood Homicide (2003) as Himself
Veteran detective Joe Gavilan, a weary but tenacious police veteran at the top of his game professionally, though his personal life is rapidly unraveling. His partner, K.C. Calden, seems to be more interested in his side jobs as a yoga teacher and aspiring actor than in the high-profile gangland-sty
Sol Goode (2002) as Sol'S Dad
Sol Goode is a charismatic twenty-something whose charm carries him through life. Living by collective wits, Sol and his hip L.A. friends appear to have it all, despite struggling to attain both successful careers and steady relationships. A broke aspiring actor, Sol shares a home with Justin, an up
Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) as Number Two
It''s been three years since Austin Powers, that swinging international man of mystery, has faced his arch-nemesis, Dr. Evil. But after Dr. Evil and his accomplice Mini Me escape from a maximum-security prison, Austin is called to action once more in this third installment of the highly successful "Austin Powers" movie franchise. Teaming up with the mysterious Goldmember, Dr. Evil hatches a time-traveling scheme to take over the world, one that involves the kidnapping of Nigel Powers, Austin''s beloved father and England''s most renowned spy. As he chases the villains through time, Austin visits 1975 and joins forces with his old flame, Foxxy Cleopatra, a streetwise and stylish detective. Together Austin and Foxxy must find a way to save Nigel and stop Dr. Evil and Goldmember from their mischievous mayhem.
Becoming Dick (2000) as Edward
Aspiring New York actor Richard Breggs is a nice guy who, after years of refining his craft, has little to show for his hard work but a shabby Greenwich Village walk-up and a career that's stuck in neutral. In a last-gasp attempt at finding success, he decides to shed his nice-guy persona and don th
No Vacancy (1999)
A series of short vignettes link Lillian, a 21-year-old grifter who is locked in her Hollywood motel room with a strange man, a violinist who won't stop playing his instument, a New age fanatic addicted to colonics, and to two prostitutes harassed by their pimp.
Dill Scallion (1999) as Tony Llama
A "mockumentary" about the rise and fall of winsome country singer Dill Scallion. Scallion is a small-town school bus driver who becomes a star almost by accident, and whose famous dance style comes from an injured foot.
Crazy in Alabama (1999) as Harry Hall
It's the summer of 1965 and eccentric and glamorous Lucille is on her way to Hollywood to pursue her dreams of television stardom. With the head of her abusive husband stored safely in a tupperware container, she hits the road on a journey of self independence and becomes an unlikely catalyst for a
Tiara Tango (1999)
Lorelei, former "Miss Texas Gal 1968," and her daughter go on a road trip in search of fame with an out-of-work lounge singer.
Play it to the Bone (1999) as Hank Goody
Best friends and professional boxing rivals Vince Boudreau and Cesar Dominguez haven''t worked for years. Finally, from out of the blue, they get a chance of a lifetime: an assignment to work together in Vegas. The job promises big money, but there''s a hitch: they have to be there NOW. They quickly hit he road with Grace Pasic at the wheel, embarking on a circuitous route through the sizzling desert. Sparks fly as the competitive Vince and Caesar antagonize each other to a frenzy matched only by Grace''s combative temper. The going gets rough as they pick up sultry hitchhiker Lia, whose presence throws the trio into further upheaval. A riotous race ensues as Vince and Caesar scramble to make it to Vegas for their big showdown.
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) as Number Two
The year is 1999 and Austin Powers is honeymooning with the smashing Vanessa Kensington when he receives an explosive surprise that returns him to swinging single status. To make matters worse, Dr. Evil has returned to earth from the frozen recesses of space and is hatching a new diabolical scheme to annihilate the world. It seems Dr. Evil uses a newly developed time machine to travel back to 1969, where he steals Austin Powers'' mojo, rendering Austin... powerless? Luckily British Intelligence has developed a unique time machine of their own--a psychedelic Volkswagon Beetle. In the biggest Austin Powers adventure yet, the International Man of Mystery must travel back to the Swinging Sixties, track down his mojo and thwart Dr. Evil''s plot to destroy the world. Of course, along the way, Austin meets his match in CIA operative Felicity Shagwell, a fab chick, a hot spy and a fantastic motivation for restoring his libido.
Fatal Error (1999) as Albert Teal
After a series of mysterious deaths in which the victims' bodies are instantaneously calcified, Dr. Nick Baldwin teams up with Army field agent Samantha Carter to uncover the cause. Their investigation leads them to a computer virus whose victims are unsuspecting users of a new technology being test
Overdrive (1998) as Freddie
Ever since he lost his family in a terrible car accident, racecar driver Gary Stricker has become a reckless maniac on the track. Until he meets Wendy Sheehan, who gives him a reason to live again. But Wendy has a secret past and, she's got some killers hot on her trail.
Wild Things (1998) as Tom Baxter
A high school teacher is accused of raping two of his students.
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) as Number Two
A hip secret agent frozen in the ''60s thaws out in the ''90s to face his greatest enemy.
Overview of Gable's memorable career. Hosted by Liam Neeson.
Hart to Hart: Secrets of the Hart (1995) as Jonathan Hart
Husband-and-wife crime solvers Jonathan and Jennifer Hart continue their adventures in the fifth television movie based on the ABC series "Hart to Hart," which aired from 1979 to 1984. Jonathan thinks he may have discovered some long-lost family, but questions the sincerity of his newfound "relative
Hart to Hart: Crimes of the Hart (1994) as Jonathan Hart
Jonathan and Jennifer visit New York City where Jennifer's play is being produced.
Hart to Hart: Old Friends Never Die (1994) as Jonathan Hart
While attending a lavish birthday party at an island hideaway, Jennifer overhears two men plotting the murder of a wealthy businessman.
Parallel Lives (1994) as The Sheriff
"Guided improvisation" about a group of people coming together at a fraternity/sorority reunion.
Hart to Hart: Home Is Where the Hart Is (1994) as Jonathan Hart
When Jennifer's old journalist mentor dies, the Harts discover they have inherited a quaint New England town and that the woman may have been murdered.
Hart to Hart Returns (1993) as Jonathan Hart
Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers reprise their roles as the crime-solving married team of detectives based on the series, "Hart to Hart." After the Harts' house is set on fire, the investigator is murdered and Jonathan is framed for the killing.
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993) as Bill Krieger
Biopic on the late martial arts film star, Bruce Lee.
Deep Trouble (1993) as Charles Madigan
When a million dollars worth of diamonds is stolen by a local mobster, the lives of a deep-sea treasure hunter, a provincial cop and a young woman become entangled when they try to reclaim the gems.
The Player (1992) as Himself
A rising producer tries to cover up the accidental killing of a screenwriter who was stalking him.
This Gun for Hire (1991) as Raven
A television movie remake of Frank Tuttle''s 1942 feature film, "This Gun For Hire." An assassin abducts a stripper to help him escape a police dragnet in New Orleans. They develop a strange rapport and work together to uncover the truth about a prominent defense contractor.
Delirious (1991) as Jack Gates
Comedy about a soap opera writer who wakes up after a car accident and finds himself living inside his soap opera.
William Holden: The Golden Boy (1989)
A documentary about the life and career of actor William Holden. Included are clips from many of his films as well as interviews with friends, family and colleagues, as well as an interview with Holden himself.
Indiscreet (1988) as Philip Adams
A television movie remake of the 1958 Cary Grant-Ingrid Bergman film of the same title, about a British actress whose image is compromised when she falls in love with a jet-setting diplomat who is posing as a married man.
Love Among Thieves (1987) as Mike Chambers
An elegant concert pianist-turned-jewel thief tries ransoming her kidnapped boyfriend and gets involved in the Mexican desert with a bearded, devil-may-care, cigar chomper.
The Spencer Tracy Legacy (1986)
Katharine Hepburn pays tribute to one of the screen''''s most natural actors, Spencer Tracy.
There Must Be a Pony (1986) as Ben Nichols
After suffering a nervous breakdown, an actress makes a successful comeback in Hollywood.
To Catch a King (1984) as Joe Jackson
In this espionage thriller that tries in its own way to emulate "Casablanca," Robert Wagner plays an American who owns a Lisbon nightclub and Teri Garr is a slightly dippy chanteuse who has stumbled across a Nazi plot to kidnap the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, living at the time (1942) in Portugal.
Curse of the Pink Panther (1983) as George Litton
The world''''s worst detective investigates the disappearance of Inspector Clouseau.
I Am the Cheese (1983) as Dr Brint
Concorde--Airport '79, The (1979) as Dr Kevin Harrison
A plane carrying people to the Moscow Olympics has a bomb onboard. When missiles are fired on it, it becomes necessary to fly the plane upside-down.
Hart to Hart (1979) as Jonathan Hart
Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers are happily married jet-set investigators and Lionel Stander is their jack-of-all-trades right hand in this pilot to the hit series, co-produced by Wagner and wife, Natalie Wood, under their Rona II banner. Here, the Harts look into the mysterious death of a close f
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1976) as Brick
This was the premiere of Laurence Olivier's "Tribute to American Theatre," offering an adaptation of Tennessee Williams' 1955 Pulitzer Prize-winning play about the conflicts, weaknesses, and strengths of a Mississippi family, portrayed, with three exceptions -- Wood, Wagner, and Stapleton -- by an a
Midway (1976) as Lieutenant Commander Ernest L Blake
The summer of 1942 brought Naval stalemate to the Pacific as the American and Japanese fleets stood at even numbers each waiting for the other to begin a renewed offensive. "Midway" tells the story of this historic June battle where a Japanese carrier force, in an attempt to occupy Midway island and lure the American fleet to destruction, was meet valiently by US forces operating off of three aircraft carriers and numerous escort ships. It was the first battle in which naval air power was extensivly used, and at its conclusion the Japanese Carrier force had been completly destroyed which lead the way for the US 1943 and 44 offensives which would eventually bring the Pacific War to a close.
Death at Love House (1976) as Joel Gregory Jr; Joel Gregory Sr
Curious over the relationship that his artist-father had with a famous film queen in the 1930s, a young writer and his wife accept the challenge of writing a movie script about the legendary star, gain access to her old mansion, occupied by a lone caretaker, and find themselves menaced by her spirit
Switch (1975) as Pete Ryan
An ex-con and a retired cop, partners in an investigation agency, try to prove that a safecracker with a previous record is innocent of a diamond heist and pin the crime on the police by laying an intricate trap. Wagner and Albert went on to recreate their roles in the later series (1975-77).
Abduction of Saint Anne, The (1975) as Dave Hatcher
A cynical detective and a Roman Catholic bishop from the Vatican team up to investigate the reported miraculous powers of a beautiful seventeen-year-old girl being held captive in the home of her father, an ailing syndicate kingpin, whose associates will stop at nothing to keep her imprisoned.
The Towering Inferno (1974) as Bigelow
A fire chief and an architect join forces to save victims of a burning skyscraper.
Madame Sin (1972) as Tony Lawrence
In her initial movie for television, Bette Davis is a ruthless, all-powerful mystery woman who abducts an ex-CIA agent and forces him to help her steal an ultra-modern Polaris submarine. This pilot to a prospective series was a personal project of co-star Robert Wagner, here acting as the film's exe
Killer By Night (1972) as Dr Larry Ross
A doctor's battle to stem a diphtheria outbreak puts him in conflict with a police captain who is using all his manpower to track down a cop-killer. Many elements of this pilot film revive memories of Elia Kazan's stunning "Panic in the Streets" (1950). The original title until the eve of airing: "T
Streets Of San Francisco, The (1972) as David J Farr
A street-smart veteran cop and his young college educated partner go after the killer of a girl by systematically piecing together her last moves and come upon her junkie brother, a closed-mouth corporation lawyer and someone claiming to be her uncle. This pilot to the hit series (1972-77) marked Ka
Crosscurrent (1971) as Howard Mcbride
A syndicate contract killing in broad daylight of a shipping tycoon's son on a San Francisco cable car leads two police detectives into a complex search for the killer, involving a drug kingpin, the victim's sister, a family business associate, the dead man's physician friend, and the impatient capt
City Beneath The Sea (1971) as Brett Matthews
Presumably intended as a follow-up to his successful "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" TV series, this elaborate Irwin Allen pilot has a group of 21st-century colonists inhabiting earth's first underwater city, called Pacifica, and pitting the predictable good guys against various alien forces. In i
Winning (1969) as Luther Erding
A racecar driver risks his marriage in pursuit of speed and success.
Don't Just Stand There! (1968) as Lawrence Colby
The Biggest Bundle of Them All (1968) as Harry
A kidnapped gangster turns his captors into a crack band of crooks.
Banning (1967) as Mike Banning
Wagner plays a playboy golf pro down on his luck. Kicked off the circuit for alleged cheating he is forced to hustle for a living. Moving from one Country Club to another Wagner uses his talents to hustle golf and women while trying to stay one step ahead of an irate loan shark.
How I Spent My Summer Vacation (1967) as Jack Washington
An offbeat thriller (well received in Great Britain where it was shown theatrically under the title "Deadly Roulette") tells of a ne'er-do-well with an obsession that he is the victim of a conspiracy after compiling a dossier on the activities of a mysterious billionaire.
Harper (1966) as Alan Taggert
A broken-down private eye sets out to find a rich woman''s missing husband.
The Pink Panther (1964) as George Lytton
In the first Inspector Clouseau film, the bumbling French police detective tries to stop a notorious jewel thief from nabbing a princess'' diamond.
The Condemned of Altona (1963) as Werner
The Longest Day (1962) as Ranger
The Allied forces launch the D-Day invasion of German-occupied France.
Sail a Crooked Ship (1962) as Gilbert Barrows
Foolish robbers steal and board a ship they can''''t sail.
The War Lover (1962) as Ed Bolland
A WWII bomber pilot succeeds at flying but the rest of his life isn''''t so under control.
All the Fine Young Cannibals (1960) as Chad Bixby
An ambitious farm girl rushes into marriage with a rich man, almost destroying four lives in the process.
Say One for Me (1959) as Tony Vincent
Father Conroy (Crosby) has a parish which serves the acting and performance community. When one of his parishoners gets too sick to work, his daughter Holly (Reynolds) finds a job working for a dance club of questionable character, which is run by Tony Vincent (Wagner). Vincent never made the big time, and Father Conroy tries to look after Holly. There are many musical numbers, and the conclusion is a televised benefit show hosted by Father Conroy, and Tony must choose between Holly and national fame.
The Hunters (1958) as Lt. Ed Pell
Three American pilots are assigned to dogfight during the Korean War.
Mardi Gras (1958) as Himself
A military school cadet wins a date with a French movie goddess, who happens to be the queen of the Mardi Gras Parade. The two fall in love, but then the movie studio wants to capitalize on it for publicity.
In Love and War (1958) as Frankie O'Neill
Three marines take shore leave in San Francisco during World War II: Wagner to a lower class dysfunctional family, Hunter to his pregnant fiancée, and the upper class Dillman to a high-living playgirl. Each must decide whether to make the best of their situation, or break out of it. Wagner drowns his troubles in alcohol, losing the respect of a potential lover; Hunter marries his fiancée but realizes he may not survive the war to see his child; while Dillman sheds his decadent girlfriend for a pure-hearted Hawaiian nurse. Later in battle, a heroic act costs one of the marines his life.
Stopover Tokyo (1957) as Mark Fannon
The True Story of Jesse James (1957) as Jesse James
The young Rebel turns to crime after the Civil War''''s end.
The Mountain (1956) as Chris Teller
Brother mountain climbers clash over how to deal with the survivor of a plane crash.
A Kiss Before Dying (1956) as Bud Corliss
A college student tries to get rich quick by wooing two wealthy sisters.
Between Heaven and Hell (1956) as Sam Francis Gifford
A wealthy, bigoted Southerm man enters the service shortly after Pearl Harbor and learns some lessons about racism and survival from an aging sharecropper.
White Feather (1955) as Josh Tanner
The story of the peace mission from the US cavalary to the Cheyenne Indians in Wyoming during the 1870s. The mission is threatened when one the officers falls for the chief's daughter.
Prince Valiant (1954) as Prince Valiant
A young Viking prince strives to become a knight in King Arthur''''s Court and restore his exiled father to his rightful throne.
Broken Lance (1954) as Joe Devereaux
Cattle baron Matt Devereaux raids a copper smelter that is polluting his water, then divides his property among his sons. Son Joe takes responsibility for the raid and gets three years in prison. Matt dies from a stroke partly caused by his rebellious sons and when Joe gets out he plans revenge.
The Silver Whip (1953) as Jess Harker
A stagecoach driver takes the law into his own hands after he''s robbed.
Beneath the 12-Mile Reef (1953) as Tony Pertakis
Love brings together two families of rival sponge fishers.
Titanic (1953) as Gifford Rogers
An unhappily married couple realize their problems seem minor when the ship hits an iceberg.
With a Song in My Heart (1952) as Paratrooper
This film focuses on the rise of an aspiring songstress.
What Price Glory (1952) as Lewisohn
A marine captain and his top sergeant are assigned to take their company from a small village to the brutal reality of war in the trenches.
Stars and Stripes Forever (1952) as Willie Little
A film biography of the composer John Philip Sousa.
The Frogmen (1951) as Lt. J. G. Franklin
Halls of Montezuma (1951) as Coffman
The marines attack a strongly held enemy island in the Pacific. We follow them from the beach to a Japanese rocket site through enemy infested jungle as their ex-school teacher leader is transformed into a battle veteran and his squad becomes a tight fighting unit.
Let's Make It Legal (1951) as Jerry Denham
The divorce of Hugh and Miriam Halsworth becomes final at midnight. Hugh wouldn't dream of calling it off, but can't abandon his rose garden. Things change that afternoon, though, when Miriam's old suitor Victor Macfarland checks into the hotel where Hugh is publicity man. With Miriam's daughter Barbara rooting for Hugh and son-in-law Jerry rooting for Victor, things are unlikely to be resolved by midnight...
The Happy Years (1950) as Adams
Friends and family try to tame an unruly student at the turn of the century.

Writer (feature film)

Anybody Here Seen Kelly? (1928) as Adaptation
Ladies at Ease (1927) as Scen
Ladies at Ease (1927) as Cont
Heads Up (1925) as Cont
Smilin' at Trouble (1925) as Story
Is a Mother To Blame? (1922) as Scen
Smudge (1922) as Story
Smudge (1922) as Scen
R. S. V. P. (1921) as Story
Richard Morgan is a starving artist, painting away in the traditional garret. He falls in love with a beautiful artist's model, but loses hope of winning her when it turns out she is wealthy. But Richard's talent helps to save the day.
A Yoke of Gold (1916) as Story

Producer (feature film)

Hart to Hart: Secrets of the Hart (1995) as Executive Producer
Husband-and-wife crime solvers Jonathan and Jennifer Hart continue their adventures in the fifth television movie based on the ABC series "Hart to Hart," which aired from 1979 to 1984. Jonathan thinks he may have discovered some long-lost family, but questions the sincerity of his newfound "relative
Hart to Hart: Home Is Where the Hart Is (1994) as Executive Producer
When Jennifer's old journalist mentor dies, the Harts discover they have inherited a quaint New England town and that the woman may have been murdered.
Hart to Hart: Old Friends Never Die (1994) as Executive Producer
While attending a lavish birthday party at an island hideaway, Jennifer overhears two men plotting the murder of a wealthy businessman.
Hart to Hart: Crimes of the Hart (1994) as Executive Producer
Jonathan and Jennifer visit New York City where Jennifer's play is being produced.
Hart to Hart Returns (1993) as Executive Producer
Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers reprise their roles as the crime-solving married team of detectives based on the series, "Hart to Hart." After the Harts' house is set on fire, the investigator is murdered and Jonathan is framed for the killing.
There Must Be a Pony (1986) as Executive Producer
After suffering a nervous breakdown, an actress makes a successful comeback in Hollywood.
Madame Sin (1972) as Executive Producer
In her initial movie for television, Bette Davis is a ruthless, all-powerful mystery woman who abducts an ex-CIA agent and forces him to help her steal an ultra-modern Polaris submarine. This pilot to a prospective series was a personal project of co-star Robert Wagner, here acting as the film's exe

Cast (special)

Intimate Portrait: Elizabeth Taylor (2002) as Interviewee
Portrait of actress, spokesperson and businesswoman Elizabeth Taylor.
Lana Turner: A Daughter's Memoir (2001) as Narration
A rare behind the scenes look at the tragedies and bitter disappointments that plagued one of MGM''''s most popular leading ladies.
Story of the Masters, The (2001) as Narration
Chronicles the history of golf's most prestigious tournament, the Masters. Part one focuses on the origins of the Masters through the mid-1960s, and part two takes viewers to the present. The program features archival and contemporary interviews with Gene Sarazen, Valerie Hogan, Runyan, Byron Nelson
Dominick Dunne: Murder He Wrote (2001) as Interviewee
Profile of author/actor Dominick Dunne.
Intimate Portrait: Sharon Gless (2001) as Interviewee
Portrait of actor Sharon Gless.
3rd Annual Family Television Awards, The (2001)
Awards special that recognizes outstanding programming for family viewing. Eight awards are given to television shows and actors who best represent family programming and values. The catagories and honorees are: Actor (Tom Cavanaugh from "Ed"); Actress (Lauren Graham from "Gilmore Girls" and Jane Ka
Eddie Albert: A Passion For Life (2001) as Interviewee
Profile of actor Eddie Albert.
Paul Newman - Bravo Profile (2001) as Interviewee
Bravo profile of actor Paul Newman.
Richard Widmark: Strength of Characters (2000) as Interviewee
Profile of actor/producer Richard Widmark.
Spencer Tracy: Triumph and Turmoil (1999) as Interviewee
Profile of actor Spencer Tracy.
Intimate Portrait: Stefanie Powers (1999) as Interviewee
Profile of the life and career of actress Stefanie Powers.
Canned Ham: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) as Interviewee
Behind-the-scenes look at the film "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me." The program also examines the life of Austin Power's nemesis, Dr. Evil. Includes footage from the film and interviews with Mike Myers (in character as Dr. Evil) and other superhero menaces, such as The Riddler, Catwoman and
James Bacon: The E! True Hollywood Story (1999) as Interviewee
Profile of Hollywood Associated Press Correspondent James Bacon.
Steve McQueen: King of Cool (1998) as Interviewee
Documentary telling the story of actor Steve McQueen through film clips, photographs and interviews with family, friends and colleagues.
Barbara Stanwyck: Straight Down the Line (1997) as Interviewee
Biographical documentary of actress Barbara Stanwyck.
Joan Collins: A Personal Dynasty (1997) as Interviewee
Profile of actress Joan Collins.
20th Century Fox: The First 50 Years (1997) as Interviewee
Documentary tracing the history of the 20th Century Fox film studios. Includes movie clips, rare historical footage and interviews.
Intimate Portrait: Natalie Wood (1996) as Interviewee
Documentary portrait of actress Natalie Wood.
Intimate Portrait: Bette Davis (1996) as Interviewee
Documentary exploring the life and career of actress Bette Davis.
Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen, The (1995) as Interviewee
Documentary about science fiction TV producer Irwin Allen and his various works. Set on a recreation of the Jupiter II rocket from his series "Lost in Space" and hosted by its stars June Lockhart, Billy Mumy, and the Robot.
Debbie Reynolds (1995) as Interviewee
Profile of the life and career of entertainer and actress Debbie Reynolds.
Darryl F. Zanuck: 20th Century Filmmaker (1995) as Interviewee
Profile of the life and career of writer and producer Darryl F. Zanuck.
Sinatra: 80 Years My Way (1995)
Special celebrating Frank Sinatra's 80th birthday.
51st Annual Golden Globe Awards (1994) as Presenter
Live presentation of the Golden Globe Awards for achievement in television and film by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.
TV Guide: 40th Anniversary Special (1993) as Host
Special highlighting 40 years of television and "TV Guide." Includes clips of some memorable moments from television and explores the medium's impact on American and world culture.
Elizabeth Taylor (1993) as Interviewee
Documentary on the life and career of actress Elizabeth Taylor.
Sinatra 75: The Best Is Yet to Come (1990)
A special commemorating Frank Sinatra's 75th birthday. The musical tribute includes footage from a Society of Singers performance in Los Angeles and Sinatra's birthday concert from the Meadowlands' Brendan Byrne Arena in New Jersey.
41st Annual Emmy Awards, The (1989)
Live telecast of the 41st annual primetime Emmy Awards, honoring excellence in television.
1988 Golden Globe Awards (1989)
The 45th annual "Golden Globe Awards" presentation by the Foreign Press Association for top achievements in film and television. Telecast live from the Beverly Hilton in California.
Remembering Marilyn (1988)
A special celebrating the continuing popularity of the legendary screen actress on the 25th anniversary of her death. Rare footage, film clips, newsreels and interviews are included.
American Film Institute Salute to Barbara Stanwyck, The (1987)
Barbara Stanwyck is the 15th recipient of AFI's Life Achievement Award in a ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles on 4/9/86. The event marks Stanwyck's 60th anniversary in show business. She made her screen debut in the silent film, "Broadway Nights," in 1926, and went on to appear in
Happy Birthday, Hollywood! (1987)
A gala celebration, benefiting the Motion Picture and Television Country House and Hospital, held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in honor of the centennial of the founding of the town of Hollywood.
Hollywood's Favorite Heavy: Businessmen on Primetime TV (1987)
A documentary examining the impact on the public -- and particularly on impressionable youngsters -- of the frequent dramatization of millionaire businessmen on current television series as dishonest, unscrupulous, cheating, blackmailing, and even murderous villains. Network executives, producers, a
39th Annual Emmy Awards, The (1987)
A live telecast from the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in California, of the Primetime Emmy Awards, honoring achievment in television. For the first time in Emmy history, the telecast does not air on one of the three major networks and this is the first of three consecutive annual telecast of the Emmy A
12th Annual People's Choice Awards, The (1986)
An awards ceremony honoring America's favorite performers in the fields of television, motion pictures, and music hosted by John Denver.
Stuntman Awards, The (1986) as Guest
The ceremonies honoring the stuntmen and stuntwomen in movies and on television.
37th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards, The (1985)
The thirty-seventh annual presentation by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS) of the Emmy Awards for prime time television. Telecast live from the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, California.
ABC All-Star Spectacular, The (1985)
The program features the stars of ABC's 1985-86 Fall line-up attending a lavish party to introduce viewers to the new and returning ABC series.
Night of 100 Stars II, The (1985)
A star-studded sequel to "The Night of 100 Stars." A celebrity benefit for the Actors Fund of America, featuring music, songs, dances and comedy. Three hundred and eight stars participated in a seven-hour marathon that was edited to three hours for television.
50th Presidential Inaugural Gala, The (1985) as Guest
An all-star party that honors President Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, on the occasion of his inauguration to his second term.
Bob Hope Special: Bob Hope's Pink Panther Thanksgiving Gala (1982)
An all-star spectacular celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Pink Panther films with comedy skits and film clips.
American Film Institute Salute to John Ford, The (1973)
The American Film Institute presents its first Life Achievement Award to director John Ford.
Love! Love! Love! (1972) as Host
A music and comedy tribute to young love.
You Can't Do That On Television (1968) as Performer
A series of fast-paced comedy sketches, considered risque at the time, that test the limits of TV censorship.

Special Thanks (special)

Robert Wagner: Hollywood's Prince Charming (1999) as Very Special Thanks
Chronicles the life of actor Robert Wagner. Includes family photographs, clips and trailers from his work, and interviews with family and friends.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Mystery Woman (2003) as Jack Stenning
Retrievers, The (2001) as Mr Haysworth
Rocket's Red Glare (2000) as Gus Baker
Harts in High Season (1996) as Jonathan Hart
Hart to Hart: Till Death Do Us Hart (1996) as Jonathan Hart
Two Harts in 3/4 Time (1995) as Jonathan Hart
False Arrest (1991) as Ron Lukezic
A miniseries based on the true story of an Arizona housewife who was wrongly convicted of murdering her husband's business partner.
Around the World in 80 Days (1989) as Alfred Bennett
When Phileas Fogg makes the claim that nineteenth century technology could enable a man to circumnavigate the globe in only 80 days, he's taken up on his bet. He then sets out to see the world by train, boat and hot air balloon
Windmills Of The Gods (1988) as Mike Slade
A two-part miniseries based on Sidney Sheldon's best-selling novel involving a Midwestern college professor who is swept into the world of international political intrigue when she is appointed by the President to be the new American Ambassador to Romania. She becomes the target of an assassin who's
Pearl (1978) as Captain Cal Lanford
A romantic drama looking suspiciously like "From Here to Eternity" (a miniseries version of which turned up some weeks after this one premiered) and interweaving the lives and passions of three military couples living in Honolulu in December 1941.

Producer (TV Mini-Series)

Hart to Hart: Till Death Do Us Hart (1996) as Executive Producer
Harts in High Season (1996) as Executive Producer
Two Harts in 3/4 Time (1995) as Executive Producer

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Category 7: The End of the World (2005)
Having left Chicago in ruins, a disastrous storm continues to gather more strength and begins to ravage the rest of the world. Preying on the fears of a battered nation, a television evangelist issues warnings of biblical plagues. As the predictions come true, the deadly storm continues to wreak h
John Jakes' Heaven and Hell: North and South, Part III (1994) as Cooper Main
The latest installment in the John Jakes trilogy of novels focuses on the post-Civil War era. Follows the exploits of the Hazards and the Mains through the Reconstruction era and into the Indian territories of the Western frontier.
Jewels (1992)
A miniseries based on Danielle Steel's novel, "Jewels." Traces four decades in the life of an American matriarch and the English royal family into which she marries.
Critical List, The (1978) as Dr Nick Sloan
Two two-hour pilot films are strung together here in which a hospital director in line for a federal cabinet post first finds that his private life may jeopardize the opportunity and then discovers himself in the middle of a scandal involving stolen federal health funds.

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