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Michel Bouquet

Michel Bouquet


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The Little... When Edmond (Michel Bouquet), a man quickly facing the loss of his independence,... more info $17.95was $24.95 Buy Now

Conspiracy ... In 1962, members of the OAS (Organisation de l'ArmTe secrFte - Organization of... more info $17.95was $24.98 Buy Now

The Life and... Originally released in 2002. Directed by Olivier Bourbeillon. Starring Michel... more info $17.95was $24.98 Buy Now

Just Before... Charles Masson, an advertising executive, is having an affair with Laura, the... more info $17.95was $24.98 Buy Now

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Birth Place: Paris, FR Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Renoir (2013)
Côte d'Azur. 1915. In his later years, Auguste Renoir struggles with the loss of his wife, his crippling arthritis, and the news that his son Jean was wounded in action. But when radiantly beautiful Andrée enters his orbit, the old painter suddenly has a renewed verve for life. She eventually become
Little Room, The (2011)
After taking a spill, Edmond is installed into a senior care facility by his absentee son. Distraught by the revocation of his independence, he runs away and is abetted by Rose, his in-home nurse who struggles with her own deep loss.
Promeneur du Champ de Mars, Le (2005)
In this fictional version of the end of his political career, François Mitterrand meets an ambitious young journalist named Antoine Moreau who draws the president into a conversation that soon evolves into a major discourse on life, death, politics and morality.
apres-midi de Monsieur Andesmas, L' (2004)
Monsieur Andesmas eagerly awaits his daughter's arrival as he tries to escape his solitude. His mind journeys through memories for the last time while his body gets closer to death.
Cotelettes, Les (2003) as La Vieux
A battle of wits ensues between Leonce, a bourgeois "man of the left" and the devil in the form of a fastidious old man dressed like ''a man of the right,'' who knocks at his door one night, bearing a suitcase.
How I Killed My Father (2001) as Maurice
Jean-Luc is an established gerontologist who can do no wrong; he runs a private clinic specialising in anti-ageing treatments. Honored for his work in this field, he throws a garden party at his home. It is during this social event that his father suddenly reappears, back after a long exile. A physi
Il Manoscritto del principe (2000) as Prince Tomasi Di Lampedusa
The story of reknowned Italian novelist Prince Tomasi di Lampedusa, author of "The Leopard," and the rivalry between his literary protege Marco Pace and his heir Guido Lanza.
Elisa (1995)
A conniving young femme fatale out to wreak revenge on her absentee father.
Pour Demain (1993) as Mr. Corneille
Story of a young woman, the older man who suddenly arrives and takes up residence in the tiny fishing village where she lives, and the mysterious son he awaits, but rejects when he finally appears.
Tous Les Matins du Monde (1992) as Baugin
A reclusive musician and his one student clash over the value of performance.
Toto the Hero (1991) as Voice Of Adult Thomas
A middle-aged man, suspecting that he was accidentally switched at birth and a poorer man because of it, regains his childhood imagination.
Toto the Hero (1991) as Thomas--As An Old Man
A middle-aged man, suspecting that he was accidentally switched at birth and a poorer man because of it, regains his childhood imagination.
Babette's Feast (1987) as Narration (International Version)
A French refugee in Denmark transforms the lives of the elderly women for whom she works.
Poulet au Vinaigre (1985) as Hubert Lavoisier
A doctor, a butcher, and a notary need to buy a house belonging to the postman and his mother to close out a major real estate deal. Problem is, the eccentric mailman reads everyone's mail before he delivers. Once he figures out the plot, he decides that, no matter what lengths the townsfolk go to
L'Ordre et la securite du monde (1978) as Banquier Muller
Raison d'etat, La (1978) as Francis Jobin
Jouet, Le (1976) as Rambal
Beyond Fear (1975) as Claude
Les Suspects (1974) as Procureur
Thomas (1974) as Father
France Societe Anonyme (1974) as Chief
Bon Baisers a Lundi (1974) as Friend
Complot, Le (1973) as Inspector
Deux hommes dans la ville (1973) as Goitreau
Le Serpent (1973) as Tavel
Defense de savoir (1973) as Cristani
Suspense drama about a petty, failed lawyer who unwittingly gets involved in a political murder.
Main a Couper..., La (1973) as Georges
Paulina 1880 (1972) as Father
Les Anges (1972) as Guardian
Sainte Famille, La (1972) as Storm
Attentat, L' (1972) as Lempereur
Bonheur dans 20 ans, Le (1971) as Narration
Comptes A Rebours (1971) as Walberg
10 years ago, François Nolan and his brother have been betrayed by one of their accomplices after a break-in. During the fight with the police, Francois's brother was killed, and a cop disfigured by François. Now, François is back for revenge. As nobody knows who the traitor was, the former accomplices lose their head. The disfigured cop is also waiting for the right moment to take his revenge on François.
Humeur Vagabonde, L' (1971) as Taitro
Papa les Petits Bateaux (1971) as Marc
Juste avant la nuit (1971) as Charles
Charles Masson, an advertising executive, is having an affair with Laura, the wife of his best friend, the architect François Tellier. Charles strangles Laura when one of their S&M games goes too far. Dazed, Charles walks out of the borrowed apartment in Paris and soon bumps into François in a nearby bistro. They drive back together to Versailles, where they have beautiful neighboring houses designed by François. The owner of the apartment had seen Laura and Charles together two months earlier, but she does not tell the police on the advice of François. Even though the police do not seem to have any clues to the crime, Charles has a difficult time coping with the situation, and trying to live a normal life with his two children and loving wife Hélène.
Borsalino (1970) as Rinaldi
In 1930 Marseilles two small-time crooks join forces when they meet brawling over a woman. Starting with fixed horse races and fights, they start to find themselves doing jobs for the local gangster bosses. When they decide to go into the business for themselves, their easy-going approach to crime starts to change.
Mississippi Mermaid (1970) as Comolli
A plantation owner''''s mail-order bride turns out to be a beautiful woman with murder on her mind.
Break-Up, The (1970) as Ludovic Regnier
Helene Regnier's husband Charles, who is mentally ill, injures their son Michel in a rage. Charles moves back in with his wealthy and manipulative parents, who blame Helene for their son's condition and vow to win custody of Michel. While the boy is in hospital, Helene rents a room in a boarding house nearby. The Regniers hire Paul Thomas, a family acquaintance who needs money, to find dirt on Helene before the court hearing on custody. Paul moves into the boarding house and, with the help of his girlfriend Sonia, who rarely wears clothes, plots to ruin Helene's reputation and then her very life.
Who's Got the Black Box? (1970) as Sharps
When US radar installations in Greece are jammed and an undercover NATO security man is killed, suspicion falls on his widow, who sets out to find the real culprits and prove herself innocent.
La femme infidèle (1969) as Charles Desvallées
Charles Desvallées has good reasons to believe that his wife is cheating on him and hires a P.D. in order to prove himself right. Once he knows the lover is writer Victor Pégala, he drives to his apartment, calmly presents himself as the husband, starts a conversation and then kills him cold-bloodedly. The police trace the wife but when she discovers by accident a picture that could incriminate her husband she decides to remain silent.
The Bride Wore Black (1968) as Robert Coral
A woman seeks revenge on the five men who murdered her fiance.
This Special Friendship (1967) as Father Trennes
"Special friendships" are youthful relationships with homoerotic overtones, and this film explores them in the setting of a strict French Roman Catholic boys' boarding school in the 1930s. The faculty are ever alert, depriving the students of all privacy. When a vulnerable fifteen-year old boy, motivated variously by jealousy, subservience and fear, or genuine good intentions, co-operates with his teachers' campaigns to repress all suggestion of romance or impropriety in his own and others' friendships, he betrays everyone most important to him. Based on the novel "Les Amities Particulieres" by Roger Peyrefitte.
Orchid For the Tiger, An (1965) as Jacques Vermorel
Louis Rapiere aka Tiger is sent to Port-a-Pitre (French Guyane), to supervise the recuperation of a treasure from a sunken ship. A group of revolutionaries pirates the ship and robs the treasure, intending to sell it to an international terrorist organization, named Orchid. When he gets there, he demands that the French authority arrests the revolutionaries, but trying to prevent a general strike, the police does nothing. The Tiger finds himself acting alone, in a paralized territory - as the revoltionaries incited the people to the general strike anyway... and competing against American, Russian, and German spies. Everybody is very interested in the treasure, a rare mineral with tremendous impact on arms development, now about to fall into the Orchid's clutch.
Magnificent Sinner (1963) as
A poor young schoolgirl charms the Tsar during a visit, and he takes her with him to the palace, but her little fantasy come true is cut short by the oncoming revolution.
Night and Fog (1955) as Narration
Documentary cameras contrast the horrors of Auschwitz with the peaceful countryside surrounding it.

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