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Overview for William Von Brincken
William Von Brincken

William Von Brincken



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Cast (feature film)

Heller in Pink Tights (1960) as Nobleman
Touring actors in the wild West brave Indians and outlaws.
Night of the Quarter Moon (1959) as Photographer
A San Francisco society boy learns that his new wife is part-black.
The Beat Generation (1959) as Officer Crenshaw
A group of beatniks unwittingly harbor a serial rapist.
High School Confidential! (1958) as Officer
A young police officer returns to high school undercover to investigate the drug trade.
Ambush at Cimarron Pass (1958) as Henry
The Cross of Lorraine (1944) as Control officer
Allied POWs fight to survive torture and loss of faith.
The Hitler Gang (1944) as Police official
This movie shows us the rise of Adolf Hitler from a small radical political adventurer to the dictator of Germany in the way of a gangster film. Exept for some minor inaccuracies the historical facts are given in a correct way.
Around the World (1944) as German
Kay Kyser and his Kollege of Musical Knowledge entertain the troops overseas.
Background to Danger (1943) as German official
An American gets caught up in wartime action in Turkey.
Assignment in Brittany (1943) as German major
A French Resistance fighter discovers he''s a dead ringer for a Nazi official.
Action in the North Atlantic (1943) as German lieutenant-commander
A Merchant Marine crew fights off enemy attacks at the start of World War II.
Chetniks! (1943) as Colonel Schact
A guerrilla resistance leader battles Nazi troops in German-occupied Yugoslavia.
The Purple V (1943) as Von Ritter
The Boy from Stalingrad (1943) as German general
Russian children out in the fields gathering grain find themselves in the path of the invading German army making its way to Stalingrad, a target city of their onslaught. The four youths, Kolya, Grisha, Pavel, and the girl, Nadya, realize the German army, is attacking so they set fire to the grain field's harvest. Returning to their village the children find Tommy, a hurt English consulate's son fleeing the city with his parents who perished in the attempt. They stretcher him to their village for recovery. Still alive in the rubble of the village is a young child Yuri whom the group takes in also. Kolya, the oldest assumes leadership and skirmishes to find food for the group, living in a village cellar. He discovers a German tank encampment and sabotages a tank. A Nazi Major commander sends men to scout the village who are met by resistance from the children using found weapons. The Major believes a large guerilla force is present and halts his advance to neutralize it. The Nazi soldiers capture Grisha who feigns dim wittedness. The Major believing the boy harmless, lets him go, thinking he will lead him to the Russian resistance forces. But Grisha leads the Major into a trap where the children overpower him and take him to their village refuge for questioning. The Germans, searching for their commander come upon the village and in the shooting kill all the children save Tommy who while in their midst explodes a grenade destroying himself, and the Germans around him. A German General later views the scene with much consternation and bewilderment. The surviving child patriots Kolya and Pavel are subsequently lauded by the defending Russian forces for having delayed the Nazis attacking the city long enough to allow Soviet forces time to mount their defenses against the attack on Stalingrad.
Miss V from Moscow (1942) as Capt. Richter
Desperate Journey (1942) as Gate sentry
American pilots stranded in Germany during World War II fight their way to freedom.
Joan of Paris (1942) as Funk's secretary
A waitress risks her life to help downed pilots escape occupied France.
The Navy Comes Through (1942) as Captain of <I>Odin</I>
An old freighter single-handedly takes on a Nazi war fleet.
Joan of Ozark (1942) as German radio operator
Once Upon a Honeymoon (1942) as German colonel
A radio correspondent tries to rescue a burlesque queen from her marriage to a Nazi official.
Counter-Espionage (1942) as Von Ruhoff
A reformed criminal hunts Nazi spies in London during the Blitz.
Berlin Correspondent (1942) as Censor
American correspondent Bill Roberts (Dana Andrews) is a thorn in the side of the Nazis, as his paper always scoops the world with the truth about Germany. Gestapo Captain Carl Von Rau (Martin Kosleck) means to plug the leak and assigns Karen Hauen (Virginia Gilmore), who he attends to wed, to the case. Roberts is obtaining his information for his stories and broadcasts from an elderly stamp collector who, defiantly opposed to the Nazis, sells the "proper" stamps to Roberts, giving him the information. Attracted to Karen, Roberts invites her to his apartment where she learns his secret. The old philatelist is sent to a concentration camp, and then Karen learns that he is her father (Erwin Kalser). She appeals to Roberts for help and he, in loyality to the old man and now in love with Karen, agrees to help.
A Yank in Libya (1942) as Yussof Streyer
Reunion in France (1942) as Major
A Frenchwoman tries to help a downed U.S. flyer escape the Nazis.
Where Trails End (1942) as Tip Wallace
Man Hunt (1941) as Harbor police chief
An Englishman goes behind enemy lines to assassinate Hitler.
The Deadly Game (1941) as
Underground (1941) as Captain Bernsdorff
Resistance leaders in Germany plot to broadcast Nazi secrets over the radio.
Four Sons (1940) as Gortner
A Czech family is torn apart by violence and political conflicts during the rise of Nazi Germany in this 1940 drama. Frau Bernie's four sons all choose different paths: pro-Czech, pro-Nazi, and toward America. The mother becomes an eyewitness to tragedy as she begins to lose her sons to the war. Based on the 1928 film of the same name, which was set during World War I.
Conspiracy (1939) as Wilson
A shipment of poisonous gas is delivered for use in a mythical Central American country.
Espionage Agent (1939) as Third foreign official
American spies try to steal Nazi secrets from a moving train.
Panama Patrol (1939) as Marlin
Confessions of a Nazi Spy (1939) as Captain von Eichen
An FBI agent risks his life to infiltrate Nazi sympathizers in the U.S.
Pack Up Your Troubles (1939) as Mueller
Out of work vaudevillians join the army in WWI and head for France.
Espionage (1937) as Legation officer
Rival reporters fight off spies while vying to interview a munitions tycoon.
Thank You, Mr. Moto (1937) as Schneider
An Asian detective competes with treasure-hunters for the key to a priceless golden hoard.
They Gave Him a Gun (1937) as German captain
With no other prospects, a World War I veteran turns to crime.
The Melody Lingers On (1935) as Austrian officer
Viva Villa (1934) as German reporter
Rousing biography of the bandit chief who led the battle for Mexican independence.
I'll Tell the World (1934) as Joseph
Flirting with Danger (1934) as Von Kruger
Private Jones (1933) as Major von Stosch
A Passport to Hell (1932) as Officer
Condemned (1929) as Vidal's orderly
A Devil¿s Island convict and the warden¿s wife fall in love.
The Man Who Beat Dan Dolan (1915) as Betty's uncle
The Brute (1914) as Emerson Hall
The Redemption of David Corson (1914) as The gypsy chief

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