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Director (feature film)

Necropolis (1987) as 2nd Unit Director (2nd Unit)

Cast (feature film)

Sesame Street: Elmo's Alphabet Challenge (2012)
Abby is excited to show her friends her new Fairy Fly Pad, a magical tablet loaded with cool games. But with a simple tap they accidentally get trapped inside the video game world of A. B. C-more, a mischievous elf obsessed with the alphabet. In order to get back to Sesame Street, the friends must d

Visual Effects (feature film)

All Good Things (2010)
Inspired by the most notorious missing person's case in New York history, and set against the backdrop of a real estate dynasty in the 1980s, Robert Durst, scion of the wealthy Durst family, was suspected but never tried for killing his wife Kathie who disappeared in 1982 and was never found.
Brooklyn's Finest (2009)
During seven fateful days, three disparate police officers find themselves hurtling inextricably toward the same fatal crime scene and a shattering collision with destiny.
Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The (2009)
After nearly two decades caught under the wing of an aging husband, devoted mother and housewife Pippa Lee undergoes a midlife breakthrough. Unearthing the sexually curious wild child of her teens, Pippa sparks a relationship with a kindred soul.
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008)
Nick frequents New York''s indie rock scene nursing a broken heart and playing the bass with his queercore band, The Jerk Offs. Norah is questioning pretty much all of her assumptions about the world. Though they have nothing in common except for their taste in music, their chance encounter leads to an all-night quest to find a legendary band''s secret show and ends up becoming a first date that could change both their lives.
I Think I Love My Wife (2007)
Richard Cooper has it all. His wife, Brenda, is beautiful, intelligent and a fantastic mother to his children--but there''s just one little problem: he''s bored out of his suburban businessman''s mind. Richard can''t help but fantasize about having nearly every woman he sees. Still, it''s only fantasy. Then, one fateful day, an alluring, free-spirited, not to mention stunning, old friend, Nikki, suddenly appears at his office door, putting him to the ultimate test. Just how much is Richard Cooper willing to risk when temptation comes after him? After all, he really does love his wife--at least he thinks he does.
Wedding Daze (2006)
Is it possible to look across a crowded room and find the person you're meant to spend the rest of your life with? Anderson has given up on love, following the end of his relationship with the perfect girl. Dared by his best friend to get back in the saddle during breakfast at a local diner, Anderso
Gods and Generals (2003) as Special Effects Coordinator
An epic portrayal charting the early years of the Civil War in early 1861; the tale continues through 1863, climaxing with the famous Battle of Chancellorsville. Along the way it illuminates heroes from both sides of the war, such as Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, a professor at Maine''s Bowdoin College who gave up a promising academic career to enlist in the Union army, then went on to become one of the North''s finest military leaders; Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee, a distinguished 25-year veteran of the United States Army and native Virginian, forced to choose between allegiance to his country and loyalty to his home state; and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, a devoutly religious man whose faith and courage and audacity made him an outstanding soldier and Lee''s most trusted lieutenant. The tremendous suffering and bravery of the Civil War was not confined to the battlefields. Also explored are the stories of the wives and families who were forced to assume responsibility at home, often in cities under direct attack from the opposition. Joshua Chamberlain''s wife Fanny, Thomas Jackson''s wife Anna and Jane Beale, whose family was caught in the Battle of Fredericksburg, reflect the spirit, courage and anxiety of those who were left behind.
American Outlaws (2001) as Special Effects Coordinator
When a Midwest town learns that a corrupt railroad baron has captured the deeds to their homesteads without their knowledge, a group of young ranchers join forces to take back what is rightfully theirs. In the course of their vendetta, they become the object of the biggest manhunt in the history of the Old West and, as their fame grows, so will the legend of their leader, a young outlaw by the name of Jesse James.
Thirteen Days (2000) as Special Effects (Newport--Rhode Island)
As viewed through the eyes of a presidential aide, an inside look at the intense high stakes battle that raged within the U.S. government -- between the Kennedys, the CIA and the Pentagon -- as the world stood at the brink of nuclear war. The true story focuses on how President Kennedy, his brother Bobby, and the U.S. government responded to the discovery of offensive nuclear weapons in Cuba--and the life-or-death tug-of-war that ensued between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. during those thirteen days of crisis in October 1962. The political saga moves from battles in the White House to the skies above Cuba, where U.S. planes dodge Soviet fire; to the high seas, where a showdown between the U.S. and Soviet naval ships threatens to trigger war; to the massive military preparations that presage war.
Flawless (1999) as Special Effects Coordinator
The story of two New Yorkers living next door to each other and worlds apart: Walt Koontz is a retired security guard, ultra-conservative and proud of it, living in Manhattan's Lower East Side. Late one night, while trying to help a neighbor in trouble, Walt suffers a stroke which leaves him with pa
Slight Case of Murder, A (1999)
Television movie based on Donald Westlake's novel about Terry Thorpe, a small-time film critic whose amoral behavior and shady dealings -- adultery, larceny, and maybe even murder -- finally start to catch up with him when a quirky, but relentless detective gets on his case.
Rat's Tale, A (1998) as Effects Assistant (New York City)
An enchanted tale which cronicles the adventures of Monty, Isabella and their alligator friend--all of whom are portrayed by marionettes--as they try to outwit an evil human developer in his attempty to eliminate the rat population from his property. Their adventures take them all over New York, fro
Two for Texas (1998)
The story of escapees from a Louisiana penal colony who join Sam Houston''s Texas Volunteer Army to lose themselves in a crowd. Their escape places them in the firing line of Santa Ana''s troops when they avenge the attack on the Alamo.
Buffalo Soldiers (1997)
A tale inspired by history about two African-American cavalry regiments--the 9th and 10th--during post Civil War era.
First Wives Club, The (1996) as Special Effects Coordinator
Marriage has turned into a crash dive for Brenda Morelli Cushman, Elise Elliot Atchison and Annie MacDuggan Paradise. These three well-heeled Manhattanites were chums during their college days, but they all took different paths. Brenda married an electronics-emporium magnate, Elise became a film sta
Bullet (1996) as Special Effects Coordinator
A tough, Jewish ex-con just released from prison crosses a powerful drug dealer and former prison rival in his return to a life of crime.
Boys (1996)
High school senior John Baker Jr. is fast approaching the end of a miserable stint at the Sherwood School for Boys. Staring him in the face are his father''s footsteps--and an expected path through the corporate jungle he dreads to follow. But John''s life takes on new meaning when he rescues Patty Vare, a sensuous and sophisticated "older woman" who lays on the ground, semi-conscious and bruised after falling from her horse. Though immediately enchanted by Patty''s beauty, Baker is similarly captivated by her sense of mystery. He soon learns that Patty is on the run. But from whom and why remains unknown. Determined nonetheless to shield her from her pursuers, the independent Baker breaks school rules and shelters Patty in his dorm room. As mutual attraction turns to romance, a door is opened for each of them. Now, with new hope, Patty realizes she must reconcile the dark choices of her recent past, and Baker begins the journey from boyhood innocence to a young man''s understanding of life and love.
Riders of the Purple Sage (1996)
Jane Withersteen is a widow on the American frontier, at odds with her surroundings and her community. Left only with her home and ranch she is desperately trying to hold onto, Jane finds herself threatened by men who want to take her land away. When a mysterious drifter finds his way into her life, Jane is provided with her strongest ally and her best hope of keeping her ranch.
Extreme Measures (1996) as Special Effects (New York Unit)
When a homeless man, wearing a mysterious hospital wristband, dies from bizarre symptoms in one of New York City''s busiest trauma rooms no one takes much notice except Dr. Guy Luthan, the attending physician that night. Professional concern soon deepens into disbelief as Luthan''s investigation unearths the shocking details of a private medical research program that centers around one of the country''s most revered medical figures--Dr. Lawrence Myrick. Luthan''s credibility, career and life are threatened as he edges ever closer to the unthinkable truth about the program, and the terrifying moral dilemma at its heart.
Heart Of Darkness (1994)
Adaptation of Joseph Conrad''s 1902 novel about a young British colonialist in Africa who journeys up the Congo River, where his most shocking discovery is "civilized" man''s inherent greed and savagery.
Saint Of Fort Washington, The (1993) as Special Effects Coordinator
A middle-aged man becomes homeless after his brother gambles away their business. He takes a disturbed young loner under his broken wing.
Gettysburg (1993) as Special Effects Coordinator
The beleaguered Union Army faces off with the Confederacy in a battle that could change the course of the Civil War.
Geronimo (1993)
A television movie about the Apache war chief Geronimo''s early years and the origins of his vendetta against the white European settlers. Part of a series of telefilms with Native American themes.
Who's the Man? (1993) as Special Effects
Harlem''s two worst barbers are forced into another profession; they become policemen at the urging of their strong-arm boss.
Sugar Hill (1993) as Special Effects (New York)
Two brothers build a drug empire in New York City.
O Pioneers! (1992)
A television movie based on the classic Willa Cather novel. At the turn of the century, a young woman tames the unyielding Nebraska lands she inherits from her father and learns self-reliance amid the hardships of pioneer life.
My New Gun (1992)
A suburban housewife's husband forces a gun on her for own protection. As a result the six-shooter becomes catalyst for marriage's end, as the wife gets involved in the mysterious and comical shenanigans of a handsome, odd young man who lives across the street.
What She Doesn't Know (1992)
An idealistic law school graduate comes to work in the New York D.A.'s office. Her first case leads her straight to her father, a veteran New York cop who may be involved in corruption.
Ironclads (1991)
The Civil War confrontation between the warships Monitor and Merrimack. A woman helps a Union soldier infiltrate the Confederate Army and learn important secrets regarding the firepower of the Merrimack for the designer of the rival battleship.
Bump in the Night (1991)
A former investigative reporter battles the traumatic effects of alcohol withdrawal while desperately attempting to rescue her kidnapped young son from a child molester.
Boy Who Cried Bitch, The (1991) as Special Effects
A psychotic 12-year-old makes life hell for his emotionally frail mother.
Maniac Cop 2 (1990) as Special Effects Coordinator
To serve, protect and kill! The undead lunatic with the badge and the gun is back. This time he's teamed up with a serial killer on a quest for blood-splattered revenge.
King Of New York (1990) as Special Effects Coordinator
The story of a crime lord, recently released from prison, whose fierce determination to regain lost turf is partly fueled by a personal moral code which stands in contradiction to the law.
Street Hunter (1990) as Special Effects
A New York City bounty hunter becomes embroiled in a vicious turf war between a Colombian drug ring and the Mafia.
Simple Justice (1989) as Special Effects
When the perpetrators of the vicious robbery and murder of a young innocent couple are themselves savagely killed by a mysterious stranger, it could be a case of vigilante justice. Now the investigators must follow their leads down a dangerous path in order to uncover the elusive truth.
Slaves of New York (1989) as Special Effect
A trendy hat designer and her chic graffiti artist boyfriend live and love in Manhattan's East Village.
Thin Blue Line, The (1988) as Special Effects
Using interviews and re-enactments, the film examines the 1976 murder of a Dallas policeman, and the wrongful conviction of one of the two men implicated in the killing.
China Girl (1987) as Special Effects Coordinator
An Italian-American boy and a Chinese-American girl attempt a romance despite a war between gangs in their respective New York communities.
Hiding Out (1987) as Special Effects
After a 29-year-old bond trader testifies against a mob boss in court, his life is in danger. In order to hide from the mob, he conceals his identity and manages to pass as a 17-year-old student. He finds that life as a teenager has changed since he attended high school, but is adjusting well...until the gangsters see through his disguise and come to the school to kill him.
Enemy Territory (1987) as Special Effects (Pyrotechnics)
Necropolis (1987) as Special Effects
Mutant Hunt (1986) as Special Effects
Breeders (1986) as Special Effects
An otherwordly perpetrator has been attacking female virgins in Manhattan. As Dr. Pace and Detective Andriotti work together to identify the strange organic materials found on the women, the victims begin arising in a trance and leaving the hospital.
C.H.U.D. (1984) as Special Effects (Flamethrower)
Vigilante (1983) as Additional Special Effects
When street thugs kill his son, a factory worker takes the law into his own hands.
Alone in the Dark (1982) as Fire Effects
Four escaped lunatics invade a doctor's home.
Ms. 45 (1981) as Special Effects
Thana is a mute garment-district seamstress who is victimized by a number of unspeakable assaults. Transformed by her desire for revenge, she goes on a one-woman homicidal rampage against New York City's entire male population.
Nesting, The (1981) as Special Effects
Don't Go in the House (1980) as Special Effects
As a child, Donald was tormented by his mother who used fire as a punishment. Now a deranged adult, Donald stalks women at clubs, then takes them home where he kills them with a flamethrower.

Stunts (feature film)

Toxic Avenger, The (1985) as Stunt Special Effect Rigger
Should we be fighting toxic waste or using it to help us fight? This '80s cult classic tells the timeless story of a 98-pound geek who becomes a hulking hero after falling into a vat of toxic waste. With his new, disgusting body and totally toxic superpowers, this transformed nerd-monster hits the s
Mixed Blood (1984) as Stunt Coordinator
Brazilian drug dealers in the lower east side of Manhattan start a war with a rival gang.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Belly (1998)
Two childhood friends, Tommy Brown and Sincere, climb the rungs of organized crime. To many in his neighborhood, 17-year-old Tommy is the Ghetto president--a womanizing charismatic thug consumed by wealth and power. In stark contrast to Tommy, Sincere is a refined intellectual who, between scores, o
Belly (1998)
Two childhood friends, Tommy Brown and Sincere, climb the rungs of organized crime. To many in his neighborhood, 17-year-old Tommy is the Ghetto president--a womanizing charismatic thug consumed by wealth and power. In stark contrast to Tommy, Sincere is a refined intellectual who, between scores, o
Dark Half, The (1993) as Special Effects Squibs
A bizarre series of murders begin when a writer tries to "kill off" his crime novel pseudonym.
Night of the Living Dead (1990) as Pyrotechnic Special Effects
Seven people are trapped in a farmhouse surrounded by flesh-eating zombies.
Occultist, The (1989) as Pyrotechnic Special Effects
Science fiction thriller about a bodyguard.

Cast (special)

Sesame Street (2000) as ("Sesame Street'S Peter And The Wolf")
In 1971, the cast of "Sesame Street" appeared with the Boston Pops and the late Arthur Fiedler on a special episode of "Evening at Pops." Almost 30 years later, the musical Muppets help Keith Lockhart and the Pops play a selection of tunes from the "Sesame Street" book of favorites. Also on the bill

Producer (special)

900 Women: Inside St. Gabriel's Prison (2000) as Producer
A documentary about the lives and struggles of six women in Louisiana's most notorious prison for women: The Louisiana Correctional Institute For Women. Housing 900 of the state's most dangerous women, the program follows six of the women as they try to survive the trials of life in prison as daught

Visual Effects (special)

Sesame Street Presents: The Street We Live On (2004) as Jim Henson'S Muppets
An anniversary special celebrating 35 years of the childrens program Sesame Street as Elmo learns the history of the Street from Grover.
Elmo's Magic Cookbook (2001) as Muppet Performer
Elmo from "Sesame Street" cooks with chef Emeril Lagasse.
Elmopalooza (1998) as Muppeteer
Special featuring Sesame Street characters and celebrity guests performing songs to celebrate the 30th anniversary of "Sesame Street."
Martin (1990) as Special Effects
A program featuring an original, five-movement ballet composed by Gordon Parks, which captures significant moments in the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Parks introduces the ballet in a documentary segment, which includes his photographs from that tumultuous period.

Sound (special)

Urban Search and Rescue (2002) as Field Audio
Documentary about the men and women whose job it was to rescue the victims of the September 11 attacks. These firemen, policemen, doctors and nurses from across the country make up the Urban Search and Rescue system. Twenty-Eight USAR teams from 19 different states are employed by the Federal Emerge

Film Production - Main (special)

Parole Board: Missouri (2002) as Production Manager
Documentary that looks at how the parole process works in the "Show Me" state. The Missouri probation board consists of seven members appointed by the governor. One or more board members conduct face-to-face interviews with inmates to determine if they should be allowed to serve the remainder of the
Portrait of a Terrorist: Mohamed Atta (2002) as Production Manager ("Investigative Reports")
Profile of Islamic radical Mohamed Atta, the presumed leader of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States.
Cop and the Criminal: The Whitey Bulger Story, The (2001) as Production Manager
Examines the story of underworld mobster, James "Whitey" Bulger, and the FBI agent who cultivated him as an informant, John Connolly. In January 2000, the relationship between the mobster and the agent put Connolly under scrutiny. On a tip form another informant, FBI investigators found evidence of
Behind Bars: Violent Women in Holloway (2001) as Production Manager ("Investigative Reports")
Documentary takes viewers inside Europe's biggest women's prison -- HMP Holloway in North London. It is an institution largely closed to the media since a damning report by the Chief Inspector of Prisons in 1995. The report followed years of turmoil at Holloway. When the new prison opened in the mid
Tracking Storms: The Next Frontier (2001) as Production Manager ("Investigative Reports")
Documentary about the latest advances in technology and computer software used by meteorologists to track storms, in the hopes of saving lives.
Earthquake! On Shaky Ground (2001) as Production Manager
A look into a study by the U.S. Geological Survey that predicts that at least one 6.7 or greater earthquake -- equal to or greater than the 1989 San Francisco quake -- will strike the San Francisco Bay Region before the year 2030. The program reveals how the latest advancements in computer modeling
New York Justice: Public Defenders (2001) as Production Manager ("Investigative Reports")
An in-depth look at four New York City public defenders as they fight for the rights of the poor and the powerless. The four public defenders are: Sidney Lester, who has a caseload of some 100 young clients awaiting trial; Kweku Vanderpuye, the son of an African immigrant who has witnessed the murde
New York Justice: The Prosecutors (2001) as Production Manager ("Investigative Reports")
Viewers are taken to New York's most extreme borough: Brooklyn. It has the largest population and the highest crime rate: the most violent crimes, the most incidents of domestic violence, the largest incidence of crimes against children, and the most murders. At the center of this battle is the DA's
Parole Board: Louisiana (2001) as Production Manager ("Investigative Reports")
A look at parole in the state with the highest rate of incarceration in the country -- Louisiana, where the Parole Board's decision must be unanimous. Johnny Bryant, 36, is serving 40 years for attempted murder. He carjacked a 28-year-old woman and shot her four times. While in prison, Bryant has e
Mission Possible: Shuttle Astronauts (2001) as Production Manager
In May 2000, the space shuttle Atlantis launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with mission commander Jim Halsell and his Russian-American crew aboard. After 18 months of training and the work of thousands of NASA staff, the construction of the International Space Station 140 miles above
Behind Bars: Treatment or Punishment (2001) as Production Manager ("Investigative Reports")
Viewers are taken to the prison at Grendon Underwood in Buckinghamshire, England, to see how it deals with inmates convicted of some of the most violent and serious crimes in the British prison system. It does so in a way that is unique. Every inmate in Grendon is a volunteer. Inmates from other pri
Life After Death Row (2001) as Production Manager
In recent years, headlines have been filled with stories of men released from death row after being proved factually innocent. But after they win their freedom and the media's lights go off, what happens to these "death row survivors"?
Cadets: Life of a Student Recruit (2001) as Production Manager
A look into the world of college-level military academics in the United States, from their first days a "rooks" through the emotional ring ceremony where they graduate to being Cadets. The program features Norwich University in New Hampshire.
Behind Bars: Riot in New Mexico (2001) as Production Manager ("Investigative Report")
Examines one of the bloodiest riots in American penal history: the prison insurrection that broke out at the Penitentiary of New Mexico in Santa Fe on February 1, 1980. It not only cost 34 men their lives, but it also cost the state $200 million. In the aftermath of blame and recrimination, it quick
Parole Board: Montana (2001) as Production Manager
Documentary that looks at how the parole and clemency process works in the Montana State Prison. The program profiles the experience of three inmates as they face the Montana Board of Pardons and Parole: Kenneth Miller, 33, is serving a 180-year sentence for his part in the robbery and homicide of b
Inside the Killer's Mind (2001) as Producer Manager
Dr. Dorothy Lewis is a professor of psychiatry at Yale University and New York's Bellevue Hospital, known for her pioneering research on the cause of violence. Her theories about violence are based on human stories and brain research that focuses on head injuries, brain damage and child abuse. The p
Parole Board: Oklahoma (2001) as Production Manager ("Investigative Reports")
Viewers are taken inside two correctional centers for a look at how the parole board of the state of Oklahoma deals with the parole hearings of three inmates. The board makes its recommendation to the governor, who makes the final decision. Aaron Cosar is 36 and is serving a life sentence for murde
Parole Board: Kentucky State Reformatory (2001) as Production Manager ("Investigative Reports")
Investigative Reports goes inside the Kentucky State Reformatory for another look at how the parole process works in the state of Kentucky. Profiled are Steven Robert Galloway, 36, who is serving a 10-year sentence for shooting his ex-wife in the head the night before they were to appear in family c
Nightmare Journeys: Justice Abroad (2001) as Production Manager ("Investigative Reports")
Foreign prisons are examined and what's revealed is what many naive Americans have learned the hard way -- how a sudden encounter with the law could turn a short vacation into a nightmare abroad. Viewers will meet four men who have languished in a Caribbean prison for more than a year without trial.
New York Justice: Beat Reporters (2001) as Production Manager
Follows journalists from New York City who investigate criminal cases, including "New York Post" crime beat reporter Mark Stamey and WABC Television chief investigative reporter Sarah Wallace. Each case unfolds as the reporters track informants, interview witnesses and try to uncover the truth behin
Selling the Dream: Stock Hype and Fraud (2001) as Production Manager
Examines stock and securities fraud, along with the civil and criminal efforts to put the guilty out of business. The program features Jeff Streich, a stockbroker who worked in some of New York's most notorious "bucket shops"; Patrick Bennett, now serving 30 years on 42 counts of fraud, accused by t
Border Patrol: America's Gatekeepers (2001) as Production Manager
Documentary examining the perilous, high-tech operations of the U.S. Border Patrol. The force covers the 8,000 miles of the United States border, patrolling by automobile, boat, aircraft, horseback, snowmobile, motorcycle, bicycle and foot.
Prison Romance (2001) as Production Manager
Documentary that investigates the phenomenon of men and women pursuing romantic relationships, and sometimes getting married, while one of them is behind bars.
Teen Wilderness Camps: Therapy or Punishment? (2001) as Production Manager ("Investigative Reports")
Thousands of American teenagers are being sent against their will to remote and dangerous locations -- not by the courts, but by their own parents, who are desperate to change their teenage child's behavior. The program examines Wilderness Therapy, in which teens are forced to live in the wilderness
Behind Bars: Alcatraz (2001) as Production Manager
Documentary examining the history of Alcatraz, one of the most notorious prisons in the world. In the 1930, the United States was in the grip of an unprecedented crime wave; depression, prohibition, violence, lawlessness and the glorification of criminals by the press sent crime figures soaring. In
Behind Bars: Supermax (2001) as Production Manager ("Investigative Reports")
Documentary takes viewers inside the maximum security Federal Penitentiary at Marion, Illinois, where inmates are confined for 23-hour days, leading to clashes.
Parole Board: New Hampshire (2001) as Production Manager
Documentary that goes inside the New Hampshire State Prison for a look at how the parole process works in the Granite State. The program profiles three inmates as they face the state's parole board: William McCallum, a Yale graduate serving a 3- to 6-year sentence for 65 counts of receiving stolen p
Criminal Evidence (2001) as Production Manager ("Investigative Reports")
Examines the unique world of Dr. Kathy Reichs, where forensic science and crime fiction collide. One of only 55 forensic anthropologists in North America, Dr. Reichs works under contract to the cities of Montreal, Quebec, and Charlotte, North Carolina. In basement morgues she identifies human remain
Danger on Our Plates, The (2001) as Production Manager ("Investigative Reports")
New York Times reporters look into the rising level of food poisoning and E Coli outbreaks.
Parole Board: New Jersey (2001) as Production Manager ("Investigative Reports")
Documentary that goes behind the bars of the South Woods Correctional Center for a look at the parole process in New Jersey. The program presents the experiences of two inmates as they face the panel. Joseph Incitti, 44, is serving seven years for manslaughter. Thomas Coar, 30, is serving fifteen ye
Cop Counselors (2001) as Production Manager
Exposed to more traumas in a month than the general public experiences in a lifetime, cops have a higher incidence of substance abuse, divorce and suicide. Today across the country, counselors and therapists are speaking out --- it's time to help cops deal with emotional trauma before careers are ru
Teen Thrill Killers (2001) as Production Manager ("Investigative Reports")
Documentary that examines the issue of teenage murderers whose only motive for killing is the thrill.
FBI Under Fire, The (2001) as Production Coordinator
Documentary that looks into the controversy surging around the FBI. In the summer of 1999, new revelations about the FBI's actions during the siege of the Branch Davidian compound outside Waco, Texas, made many Americans believe the worst about the FBI. One reason the Waco charges won't go away is b
Air Traffic Jam: Bumped, Delayed and Grounded (2000) as Production Manager
The nation's air travel system has reached a crisis point. Delays are at an all-time high, and according to experts, the problems are only going to get worse. The program investigates why the nation's airspace has reached capacity, and delves into the chronic finger pointing between the airlines, th
Dying to Win (2000) as Production Manager
Documentary that looks at the issue of drug use in sports, through interviews with athletes, sports medicine experts and present and former users of these high performance drugs.
SUV Craze, The (2000) as Production Manager
A look into what is behind the mass movement to sport utility vehicles. The marketing experts say at the root of the mass appeal lies a need for self-expression and individuality. SUV sales have soared 65% in the past couple of years, making them cash cows during a lagging auto market. But critics s
Rampage Killers: Looking For Signs (2000) as Production Manager
Documentary that examines why our society is plagued by apparently random and unpredictable acts of mass murder. The program uses the research of The New York Times reporters to present evidence that there is a common denominator linking many of these killers. Rather than random or spontaneous momen
Parole Board: West Virginia (2000) as Production Manager
Documentary about the parole process at the Huntsville Correctional Center in West Virginia.
Classrooms in Crisis (2000) as Production Manager
The education of every child in America depends on teachers, but in the next three to five years, 50 percent of the teachers hired today will quit the profession. From classrooms filled beyond capacity, to state-enforced standards of accountability, the pressures are mounting. New and veteran teache
Cruise Ship Nightmares (2000) as Production Manager
A look inside the luxury cruise ship industry. The industry is built on dreams of romance and adventure, but it often turns into a nightmare. The New York Times spent more than a year examining the secretive world of the cruise industry, where ships sailing out of U. S. ports are usually registered
Agony of Ecstasy, The (2000) as Production Manager ("Investigative Reports")
Documentary that examines the phenomenon of the drug Ecstasy in American culture -- from its manufacture in clandestine labs in the Netherlands, to its sale in New York City's clubs. With behind-the-scenes access to the U.S. Customs' investigation into Ecstasy, viewers learn about the explosion of t
Hype and Glory: Sweeps Month (2000) as Production Manager
The program takes a behind-the-scenes look at independent news station KCAL 9 in Los Angeles during the May sweeps ratings race. For twenty days, the cameras follow the news director, the producers, the reporters and the anchors as they try to keep up with the network competition and beat their loca
Young Models: Growing Up Fast (2000) as Production Manager
An inside look at the world of models. They come to New York to become the next Naomi Campbell or Claudia Schiffer, but they are often met with broken dreams and even worse, descend into abuse or addiction. Often, they are pressured by pushy parents, who shuttle them from classes to photo shoots, ho
Hate Network, The (2000) as Production Manager
A portrait of the many faces of hate at work in the U.S. today, from militia groups to white supremacists, from the Ku Klux Klan to the newer underground splinter groups. The program reveals that the world of hate groups has its own leaders, heroes and martyrs. Among those examined are William Pierc
Tarnished Gold (2000) as Production Manager
Documentary that looks at how the Olympics, the biennial spectacle of the world's greatest athletes competing for gold medals, has grown into a billion-dollar enterprise. The program investigates how the business has become corrupt as cities around the globe vie for the right to host the Olympics.
Stealing Wheels (2000) as Production Manager
Documentary about auto theft. Chop shops, retagging and exportation are the channels of distribution. The easing of border controls in Europe and the opening of markets in Russia and China have given auto theft a boost.
Buyer Beware: Counterfeit Goods (2000) as Production Manager
Documentary about counterfeit designer accessories. Each year, billions of dollars are diverted from legitimate companies as counterfeiters profit from shoddy, even dangerous, goods that are sold to shoppers on the streets of America. The program looks at the efforts of Customs agents trying to guar
Dark Side of Parole, The (2000) as Production Manager
Few aspects of the American justice system come under attack as regularly as parole. The program looks at the horror stories and success stories that have fueled the parole debate.
Teen Gambling (2000) as Production Manager
An inside look at the high-stakes world of teenage gambling. On top of the conventional lures of gambling, the widespread explosion of cyber-casinos and internet gambling sites are opening the doors for kids to gamble right from their own homes. The program includes interviews with six teenage gambl
Hazing: A Deadly Game (2000) as Production Manager
Documentary that looks into the crisis on college campuses over frat deaths, hazing and the efforts to stop them.
Managing Your HMO (2000) as Production Manager
With managed care now a political issue, host Bill Kurtis talks to both patients and doctors, who are forced to live with a system that maximizes profits, but may sacrifice sound medicine.
Mystery of I-45, The (2000) as Production Coordinator
Documentary about the 50-mile stretch of Interstate Highway 45, between Houston and Galveston, that has become the scene of a horrific catalogue of mysterious abductions and murders. Since the 1970s, more than 30 girls and young women who have lived or worked near the I-45 have been abducted, sexual
Medical Mistakes (2000) as Production Coordinator ("Investigative Reports")
A special report concerning medical mistakes, produced with journalists from "The New York Times." The program reveals why so many Americans die, despite highly trained doctors and nurses, and goes inside the medical profession to break the code of secrecy surrounding medical errors.
In the Line of Fire (2000) as Production Coordinator
Documentary about the anonymous men and women of dignitary protection. The program examines: the special agents assigned to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright; the Israeli dignitary protection unit considered the world's finest, now forced to endure the ultimate humiliation of allowing an assassi
Defectors: Life on the Run (2000) as Production Coordinator
Documentary that looks at the agonizing decision to defect from one's country. The program features Oleg Gordievsky, a KGB officer who fled to England; Edward Lee Howard, a CIA officer who escaped the FBI and defected to the Soviet Union; Sergi Bokan, another KGB officer who defected to the U.S.; an
Bullied to Death (2000) as Production Coordinator
Documentary that looks at the pain and loneliness caused by bullying and how children often react destructively, either by turning the rage inward, or by retaliating with lethal violence against their tormenters. The program examines the story of 15-year-old Brian Head who buckled under the pressure
Solitary Confinement (2000) as Production Coordinator
Documentary that goes deep inside two of the most state-of-the-art "supermax" prisons to examine the effect of intensive isolation in inmates, some as young as 14. Problem inmates are being locked up in isolation cells of 80 square feet for 23 hours a day, seven days a week in high-security Supermax
Mysterious Dr. Swango, The (2000) as Production Coordinator ("Investigative Reports")
Documentary about Dr. Michael Swango, currently serving a three and a half year sentence in a Colorado prison on a fraud charge. The FBI is racing against time to collect enough evidence to bring murder charges against him before his release on July 15, 2000. Despite suspicious behavior in medical s
Caught in the Net (2000) as Production Coordinator
Documentary about the Internet and how dangerous the World Wide Web can be when a web user's privacy is violated.
e-terror (2000) as Production Coordinator ("Investigative Reports")
A look at security on the Internet. The program visits hackers who know how to exploit software weaknesses; a hacker convicted of cybercrime; a victim of Internet credit card fraud; the national Infrastructure Protection Center, housed at the FBI in Washington DC; and the military's Joint Task Force
Friend or Foe: Flight 655 (2000) as Production Coordinator
On December 21, 1988, 250 passengers on Pan Am Flight 103 from London to New York were killed when their plane exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland. Six months before, 290 Iranian passengers in an Iranian Airbus over the Persian Gulf were shot down by an overzealous crew on the USS Vincennes. The progr
Prescription For Murder (2000) as Production Coordinator
The program employs 1998 forensic tests to reveal one of the worst serial killers in history -- Dr. Harold Shipman, a local doctor in the small town of Hyde, England. Shipman ran a one-man surgery and was admired as an extremely caring and hard-working doctor, but in January 2000, he was convicted o
Inside Alcoholics Anonymous (2000) as Production Coordinator ("Investigative Reports")
In the first program on Alcoholics Anonymous ever filmed by a producer outside the umbrella of the AA organization, the documentary takes viewers inside AA meetings, as well as the AA General Services Office -- the overseeing body that assists the fellowship worldwide. On-camera interviews with AA "
In Search of the Kouprey (1999) as Production Assistant
Documentary that follows a biological field expedition into one of the most remote corners of Eastern Cambodia to look for signs of the kouprey, a giant wild ox that is Cambodia's national animal and one of the most elusive mammals on the planet.
Anti-Gay Hate Crimes (1999) as Coordinating Producer
Documentary that seeks to find out why anti-gay sentiment has reached a boiling point in America. It examines anti-gay hate crimes and anti-gay activist groups.

Misc. Crew (special)

Heartbreak House (1986) as Special Effects Consultant
An adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's serious comedy about a cultured society concerned with the vagaries of love, heartbreak, and civil values, while the vision of World War One looms ahead.

Visual Effects (TV Mini-Series)

Rough Riders (1997)
Two-part miniseries depicting the story of how Teddy Roosevelt led a regiment of cavalry in a charge up San Juan Hill in Cuba during the Spanish-American War in 1898.

Visual Effects (TV Mini-Series)

Spearfield's Daughter (1986) as Special Effects Coordinator

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