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Timothy Bottoms

Timothy Bottoms


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1 Nighter ... Six lives change when two strangers wake up in bed together not knowing who the... more info $15.95was $14.95 Buy Now

An American... Meet Chrissa Maxwell. She and her family have just moved, and she has to start... more info $11.95was $14.98 Buy Now

A Small Town... After serving three years in prison, a young man's hopes of reuniting with his... more info $11.45was $19.95 Buy Now

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Also Known As: Died:
Born: August 30, 1951 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Santa Barbara, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong, An (2009)
Young Chrissa finds the transition difficult when she moves to Minnesota and must assimilate into a new school in the middle of the year. She must find strength within to combat the bullies who torment her.
Bound By a Secret (2009)
Two lifelong friends find their lives turned upside down, when one is diagnosed with cancer.
Lone Rider (2008)
A man who has served in the army for twenty years, returns to his small home town in Nevada. Once there, he discovers that his childhood friend has bought up all the local land and businesses, and is going after his family's business next.
Governor's Wife, The (2007)
Heather McManus and her boyfriend, Judd Shaw go to live with his Ann in her mansion after Ann's second husband is shot. Heather learns that her potential mother-in-law isn't only rich and powerful, she's also mentally ill and will stop at nothing to see her plans for her son carried out. She's deter
Shanghai Kiss (2007)
A young, struggling Chinese-American actor falls for a high school girl in the U.S. When he inherits his grandmother's house in Shanghai and travels there, he falls for a beguiling Chinese girl.
Deceit (2006)
A man returns to his hometown after his father's death and begins an affair with the wife of his best friend.
Vampire Bats (2005)
A former voracious insect specialist, now a college professor in search of a simpler life, gets caught up in the investigation of a student who is found dead with his body completely depleted of blood. It first appears that he was murdered by another college student, until the professor realizes th
Girl Next Door, The (2004) as Mr Kidman
Eighteen-year-old Matthew Kidman is a straight-arrow over-achiever who has never really lived life--until he falls for his beautiful and seemingly innocent neighbor, Danielle. When Matthew discovers that this perfect "girl next door" is a one-time porn star, his sheltered existence begins to spin ou
DC 9/11: Time of Crisis (2003) as George W. Bush, President Of The United States
Drama about the tragedies that took place the morning of 9/11/2001 and the events that followed as seen from the perspective of the people associated with the White House. Included are complete conversations between President George W. Bush and his staff from the moment of the attacks on the Twin T
Elephant (2003) as Mister Mcfarland
A tale about high school violence that unfolds on an ordinary school day, inside an American high school, filled with schoolwork, football, gossip and socializing. For each of the students we meet, high school is a different experience: stimulating, friendly, traumatic, lonely, hard.
Lone Tiger (1999)
In the back streets and alleys of Las Vegas, a mysterious stranger, wearing a tiger mask, uses amazing martial arts fighting skills to beat all opponents. When the local crime boss kidnaps his girlfriend, the tiger-masked warrior is forced into a confrontation that will bring final justice to his li
Prince, The (1998)
Based on the classic Machiavelli novel "The Prince." Machiavelli once said: "It is safer to be feared than loved."
Three Musketeers Meet the Man in the Iron Mask, The (1998) as Fouquet
The adventurous tale of King Louis XIV and his imprisoned identical twin brother.
Uncle Sam (1998)
A dead military officer comes back to life in the form of Uncle Sam and terrorizes a small town.
Mr. Atlas (1997) as Phillip Frodden
While hiking, a child falls in a hole and finds Atlas of Greek mythology, who ends up helping him as well as romancing the kid's mother and dealing with some mystical golden apples.
Mortal Challenge (1997)
Death is the only escape as gladiators face the ulitmate challenge.
Mixed Blessings (1997)
A housewife enrolls in a film school in order to fulfill her lifelong dream of making movies. She then meets a wealthy horseman who agrees to finance her low-budget feature.
Ben Johnson: Third Cowboy On the Right (1996) as Himself
An unusually detailed look at one of Hollywood's long-time leading character actors, Ben Johnson--the epitome of the Western man. Part-Irish and part-Cherokee, the rugged Oklahoma native worked as a cowboy from age 11; Johnson arrived in tinsel town in a carload of horses, as a wrangler delivering s
Death Game (1996) as Jack
In futuristic Los Angeles, a private investigator specializes in tracking down and rescuing street kids who are being shanghaied and forced into combat with deadly cyborgs -- all for the entertainment of a wealthy clientele.
Hourglass (1995)
A high-powered fashion maverick meets a gorgeous and provocative woman; powerless to resist her, he's on a direct path of self-destruction that may cost him his company and his life.
Ripper Man (1995) as Charles Walken
Charles Walken, a contemporary incarnation of Jack the Ripper is linked to a series of murders. Mike Lazo, an ex-cop turned hypnotist finds he must battle this madman to prove his own innocence. Walken's lust to kill is inflamed by Lazo's attempt to turn him into the police, leaving a trail of carna
Top Dog (1995) as Nelson Houseman
Following the murder of fellow police officer Lou Swanson, Jake Wilder finds himself paired with Reno, a K-9 cop, to prevent an insidious international terrorist threat from destroying San Diego... and possibly the world.
Horses and Champions (1994)
Katherine is a shy, unassuming stable girl with a dream--to become a championship rider. When the current queen of the circuit, a bad-tempered prima donna named Lisa, walks away in a bratty rage, it becomes a miracle that Katherine has hoped for. With faith and determination, she becomes an expert r
Ill Met By Moonlight (1994)
Set in the slums of modern-day Los Angeles, a gothic-punk version of the Shakespearean classic "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
Digger (1992) as Sam
A young boy is sent to the island home of his aunt and uncle while his parents work out their marital difficulties. He meets a physically frail yet highly spiritual boy who opens his eyes to a world of fantasy, imagination, and hope.
Istanbul: Keep Your Eyes Open (1990) as Frank Collins
A reporter travels to Istanbul on a secret mission.
Texasville (1990) as Sonny Crawford
Sequel to Peter Bogdanovich's 1971 film "The Last Picture Show," taking place 30 years later.
Husbands, Wives, Money and Murder (1989) as Pete
A suburban couple accidently murder a census taker and must figure out where to hide the body before their dinner guests arrive.
Return to the River Kwai (1989) as Seaman Miller
An escape-adventure story about World War II prisoners of war.
Drifter, The (1988) as Arthur
On a desolate road, a successful, single woman named Julia picks up a mysterious hitchhiker needing a ride. After a brief fling, the man refuses to let go, and tracks her down in her Southern California apartment. Julia does all she can to avoid his obsessive phone calls and non-stop harassment, b
Island Sons (1987) as Tim Faraday
Four brothers (played by the Bottoms Brothers) from a Hawaiian Island family struggle to preserve their dynasty when their father mysteriously disappears following an indictment for bribery.
Mio min Mio (1987) as The King
Perry Mason: The Case of the Notorious Nun (1986) as Father Thomas O'Neil
The second of Perry Mason reunion movies with Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale (following their earlier continuing portrayals of Mason and ever-faithful secretary Della Street between 1957 and 1966) has the venerable lawyer defending a young nun accused of murdering a priest with whom, it was rumored,
Invaders From Mars (1986) as George Gardner
Fantasist, The (1986) as Danny Sullivan
Sea Serpent, The (1984) as Captain Pedro Barrios
Census Taker, The (1984) as Pete
Hambone and Hillie (1984) as Michael Radcliffe
In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro (1984) as Jack Ringtree
Secrets of the Phantom Caverns (1983) as Major Stevens
Tin Man (1983)
An auto repairman compensates for his deafness by making an ingenious computer which allows him to both speak and hear. But when he tries to get his invention manufactured, he is exploited by a self-serving salesman.
High Country, The (1981) as Jim
Escape (1980) as Dwight Worker
In TV's answer to "Midnight Express," Timothy Bottoms stars as real-life Dwight Worker, an American jailed in Mexico on drug charges, who, in a brazen, well-planned breakout, made what is claimed to be the only escape from Lecumberri Prison since Pancho Villa.
Shining Season, A (1979) as John Baker
The true story of University of New Mexico track star John Baker who, dying of cancer, spent his remaining time coaching a losing girls'' track team to a winning season.
Hurricane (1979) as Jack Sanford
Gift of Love, The (1978) as Rudi Miller
Marie Osmond made her dramatic acting debut playing a poor little rich girl who loses her heart to a penniless immigrant in New York of the Gay Nineties in this variation of the O. Henry tale that has the girl cutting and selling her long hair to buy a watch chain for her husband who has sold his pr
Rollercoaster (1977) as Young Man
A terrorist spreads a climate of fear by attacking amusement parks across the U.S.
Small Town In Texas, A (1976) as Poke
After doing five years in prison on a drug charge, Poke is returns to his hometown intent on taking his sweetheart Mary Lee (and their child) away with him to California. His plan hits a snag, however, when he discovers that since his incarceration, Mary Lee has taken up with Duke, the very sheriff who put Poke behind bars in the first place. Things turn even worse for Poke when he later witnesses Duke assassinating a local hispanic politician. Now with Duke out for his blood, Poke must choose to run for his life or make a stand.
Operation Daybreak (1975) as Jan Kubis
In 1942 Czechoslovakia, SS-General Reinhard Heydrich is appointed to become the Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia. The terror and oppression that follow cause Allied authorities in London to authorize a secret mission to kill the man who has come to be known as "The Butcher of Prague". The film explores shows the operation leading up to Heydrich's death as well as the massive German reprisals that followed it.
White Dawn, The (1974) as Daggett
In 1896, three whalers are stranded in the Arctic North Canada and seek refuge with an Eskimo tribe. Gradually they gain control with the Eskimo village and introduce gambling, booze, theft and their special variation of sex. In the beginning, the Eskimos accept it but slowly the cultural tension starts growing.
Crazy World of Julius Vrooder, The (1974) as Julius Vrooder
After returning home, a Vietnam veteran lives in the psychiatric ward on the V.A. hospital, because he cannot cope with the craziness of the world.
Love and Pain and the Whole Damned Thing (1973) as Walter Elbertson
An awkward young man and a shy older woman find comfort in each other on a Spanish tour.
The Paper Chase (1973) as Hart
A law student discovers that his girlfriend is the daughter of his toughest professor.

Cast (special)

John Glenn, American Hero (1998) as Narration
A profile of astronaut John Glenn, who made history when he became the first American to orbit the Earth atop an experimental intercontinental ballistic missile in 1962. Thirty-six years later, the Ohio Senator prepares for his second journey into space.
500 Nations (1995) as Voice Over
Four-part documentary offering a history of Native Americans from Central America to the Arctic Circle.
Picture This: The Times of Peter Bogdanovich in Archer City, Texas (1991) as Himself
A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Peter Bogdanovich's sequel to "The Last Picture Show," "Texasville." Documentary also focuses on "The Last Picture Show," and the community reaction to both films.

Producer (special)

Picture This: The Times of Peter Bogdanovich in Archer City, Texas (1991) as Producer
A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Peter Bogdanovich's sequel to "The Last Picture Show," "Texasville." Documentary also focuses on "The Last Picture Show," and the community reaction to both films.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Ike: Countdown to D-Day (2004) as Gen. Walter Bedell "Beetle" Smith
Black Sea 213 (1999) as Dean
Love Leads the Way (1984) as Morris Frank
John Steinbeck's "East of Eden" (1981) as Adam Trask
This three-part, eight-hour exploration of the John Steinbeck novel about the Trask family and the women who haunted their lives for two generations covered far more ground than did the 1955 feature film that starred James Dean, Julie Harris and Raymond Massey. Timothy Bottoms and Bruce Boxleitner a
Story of David, The (1976) as Young David
A two-part four-hour dramatization of the life of the Biblical warrior and ruler, filmed on location in Israel (and Spain) by the producer and writer of "The Story of Jacob and Joseph" (1974). Director Alex Segal fell ill during the filming and was succeeded by David Lowell Rich.
Moneychangers (1976) as Miles Eastin
This four-part adaptation of Arthur Hailey's tale of power and greed in the banking business has two ambitious vice presidents become rivals when an imminent board room vacancy arises won an Emmy Award nomination as Outstanding Series of the 1976-77 season as well as an Emmy for Christopher Plummer

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