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  • Vera-Ellen

    • SandyG
    • 2012-05-19

    I can watch Vera-Ellen "Dance to the Music of the Ocarina" over and over again and never get tired of it. She was, by far, the best that has ever been.

  • vera allen

    • Evlynne
    • 2012-04-22

    she was born in Ohio,not Culver City

  • Vera-Ellen

    • Judy
    • 2011-09-18

    Vera-Ellen was Hollywood's most talented female dancer in my view. I wish she would have paired with Fred Astaire in more movies. They seemed so well matched for dancing to me. She was beautiful inside and out. Her dancing partners must have found it easy to lift her when dancing as she was so tiny at 5'5". She had such energy and genuine spirit I find the eating disorder theory a bit confusing. As such longtime disorders leave you very weak.Perhaps that was a factor in early retirement, who really knows. I have read from an exerpt from Danny Kaye( his face lit up when speaking of her) that he never knew such a dedicated dancer as Vera who rehearsed endlessly. May this have been a factor in her being so slim, as well? When actors recall working with her or fans that met her; they all have such warm,loving comments about her. We have had the tradition in my family forever to watch 'White Christmas' on Christmas Eve. I was always pretending when younger I was Vera's 'Judy' character and have had a lifelong love of dancing. I, too, so wish she had made more movies but we are so lucky to watch her amazing talent in the films she did make.

  • Classy Lady!

    • Ernie
    • 2010-09-07

    I was fortunate enough to have actually met the lady when I was a Freshman in high school and she happened to be scheduled to perform at our local parish church hall---St. Clare's Church in Santa Clara, CA. I had been a fan long before this performance and was nerdy enough to even be a member of her fan club. I had a good many 8x10 photos of her at the time--some personally autographed, others signed and mass-mailed. At this particular event, before her performance, she was in a side office sitting down autographing photos while photographers flashed away. One photographer asked me to approach her which I did. I told how much I enjoyed her work and showed her my fan club membership card which she seemed to be genuinely appreciative of and got a bit of a kick out of seeing. I remembered she signed my autograph book and then asked if I would like to stay and watch her performance as her guest. I thanked her for the offer but declined. In the following months she sent some very nice letters along with photos. Of course, eventually your interests turn to other things in high school and although I'll never forget meeting her, it was time to move on. It wasn't until years after her death that I actually became aware of her passing. Always wanted to contact her once again to thank her for her wonderful work and particularly for her kindness to me years earlier. I'm glad to see she still has such a loyal following---she certainly is deserving.

  • Amazing lady!

    • Rachel, age 15
    • 2010-02-26

    Vera-Ellen is such a wonderful dancer, I love her movies, its a pity she didn't make more, she is so lovely and she has a voice all her own, she makes the movies she is in bright and cheerful, loved on the town and the dance she did with Gene Kelly.

  • A Shame

    • Jack
    • 2010-02-12

    Such a beautiful lady, wonderful dancer, lights up the screen whenever she appears. Apparently suffered some emotional problems with her eating disorder. She looked at her very best in "On the Town", could not help but notice how thin (too thin) she appeared in "Call Me Madam".

  • White Christmas

    • brucenason
    • 2009-12-05

    Just got done watching White Christmas and wanted to know who this gorgeous blond was dancing with Danny Kay starring opposite Rosemary Clooney & Bing Crosby. What I noticed was how petite she was and what a beautiful legs she had and how fluid her dancing was. Go figure she started out as a Rockette/ and danced with Fred Astaire and Gene Kelley. Obviously, gave Ginger Rogers a run for her money.

  • Vera-Ellen

    • Rose Anne
    • 2009-12-05

    I am always amazed of her dancing everytime I watch White Christmas. I'm watching it tonite on TV and I had to google to see what Judy's real name was so I could find out more about her. She is one of the most Incredible dancer's I've ever seen in my 54 years. I have been watching White Christmas with my family for years...and I just love her in this movie! She was a very talented woman and I just love watching her dance. This is Real dancing that takes alot of talent and hard work...bravo for her and her years of work!

  • Vera-Ellen

    • Geraldine
    • 2009-07-02

    Only one of, if not the best, female dancer the movies ever had! She had versatility, beauty, charm and an abudance of talent. Ok, so she wasn't a singer, but her expert dancing made up for it.

  • My star is Vera Ellen

    • Lana
    • 2009-02-12

    Vera was a talented, artistic, and charming woman who was loved by men and women respectively. This little lady danced her way into the hearts of millions with her amazing unyielding energy and perfectly executed choreography. Yet nearing 30 years since her passing, not many know of Vera. Its a shame not many people know who she was. I will always remember Vera and I thank her by continuing to watch her performances.

  • Classy Lady Classy Lady

    • Vicky
    • 2008-12-05

    I just stumbled upon this site and was happy to discover so many Vera-Ellen fans. In addition to her wonderful dancing, what struck me about her is how much of a classy lady she was. Her voice, posture, mannerisms and poise were so lady like and distingished her from her peers. I have always felt her to have been the best partner with Fred Astaire. In appearance she was so dainty and delicate but had such strength and power in her dancing. She was truly a joy to watch and it's such a treat to spend an afternoon on the sofa watching one of her wonderful movies. And now is the season to watch her in White Christmas. Happy Holidays!

  • More info about Vera Ellen

    • Bill R
    • 2008-11-03

    Best all-around dancer that ever lived or, at least ever on film. Rosemary Clooney said that everyone in Hollywood regarded her as the best dancer ever at MGM. Her voice is always overdubbed by a singer in film. Too bad very few people remember her. As of 11/3/08 Book: Vera-Ellen: The Magic and the Mystery by David Soren DVD Movies in print: (check out her dance partners!!!) Call Me Madam (1953) ~ Donald O'Connor, Vera-Ellen Three Little Words (1950)~ Fred Astaire, Red Skelton, Vera-Ellen Happy Go Lovely (1951)~ David Niven, Vera-Ellen, Cesar Romero The Belle of New York (1952)~ Fred Astaire, Vera-Ellen Wonder Man (1945) ~ Danny Kaye, Vera-Ellen Words and Music (1948)- Vera Ellen, Gene Kelly Love Happy (1949) ~ Marx Bros, Vera-Ellen, Marylin Monroe On the Town (1949) ~ Gene Kelly, Vera-Ellen White Christmas (1954) ~ Danny Kaye, Vera-Ellen Not released on video: TCM plays "The Kid from Brooklyn" Danny Kaye, Vera Ellen (1946) Fox (FXM) plays "Carnival in Costa Rica" Vera Ellen, Ceasar Romero(1947) Never seen out of theaters after original release: Three Little Girls in Blue (1946)Vera Ellen, Celeste Holm Let's Be Happy (1957)Vera Ellen, Edward G. Robinson - Her last role, non musical. Vera Ellen also appearded in a TV spot in 1958 called "Washington Square" with Ray Bolger (Oz's scarecrow)- this is on DVD but is kinescoped. Enjoy!!!

  • What a Dancer

    • Sheile Toti
    • 2008-10-11

    Hope a lot of pepole have lernt from hre dancing Lots of talent

  • Vera Ellen!! What a delight!

    • Iris Acheson
    • 2007-01-08

    A very talented dancer and gracious lovely actress. I would love to know more about her. There seems to be nothing in print. If you can offer anything, would be appreciated.Thank You Vera Ellen.

  • 10+

    • Thomas Howard
    • 2006-12-13


  • Brava, and Thank you, Vera Ellen!

    • Deborah pratt Wietsma
    • 2006-12-02

    After studying ballet most of my life, and seeing some of the best classical dancers in the world perform, Vera Ellen remains the most complete dancer I have ever seen. Her combination of lyrical and technical ability coupled with speed, balance and line, remains unparalleld in the broad world of dance, whether classical, tap or jazz. Add energy, vivacity, and keen showmanship and she draws her audience into her joyful celebration that characterizes every performance she ever gave. How I wish there were more, but I am grateful for her superlative contribution to the performing arts. I'd love to learn more about her life- Any suggestions?

  • Hubba-Hubba, what a dish!

    • Holz
    • 2006-12-01

    Best combo of the girl next door (e.g. "Miss Turnstiles"), flashy dancer and good old sex appeal!

  • Vera-Ellen

    • Dakota
    • 2006-10-05

    I love Vera-Ellen's movies.

  • The best female dancer ever.

    • Russ
    • 2006-05-12

    No doubt about it. Vera Ellen was the most talented and most versatile dancer that ever graced the silver screen. It's a pity her amazing talent has not been suitably recognized but for those who need confirmation, just take a peek at "Call Me Madam", "Words and Music", "White Christmas" and "Three Little Words", to name just a few.

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