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Also Known As: Died: October 19, 2010
Born: October 1, 1927 Cause of Death: staph infection
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Back-Up Plan, The (2010)
After years of dating, Z has decided waiting for the right one is taking too long. Determined to become a mother, she commits to a plan, makes an appointment and decides to go it alone. On the day of her artificial insemination, Z meets Stan-a man with real possibilities. Z tries to nurture her b
Fallen Ones, The (2005)
Archaeologist Matt Fletcher uncovers a hidden tomb containing the mummy of a giant that's been buried since the time of the great flood in the Bible. Now, Matt has to stop a Fallen Angel who has come to earth to revive the giant and bring about a new age of these terrible creatures!
Paperclips (2004) as Himself
Whitwell Middle School in rural Tennessee is the setting for this documentary about an extraordinary experiment in Holocaust education. Struggling to grasp the concept of six-million Holocaust victims, the students decide to collect six-million paper clips to better understand the extent of this cri
Returning Mickey Stern (2003) as Harry
In the 1950s, Mickey Stern, a wildly naïve 17 year old kid, discovers the magical Fire Island for the first time. There, he meets his true love, Leah, and courts her. Mickey wants the American Dream--to wear pinstripes as a New York Yankee, to find riches and fame and love, and to fight the "Commies
Mary Christmas (2002) as Les Turner
A girl whose mother has died writes a letter to Santa Claus asking for a new mom.
Little Big Foot 2: Journey Home, The (1998) as Ranger Tasker
An overworked single father takes his two children and their friend on a camping trip in the Oregon wilderness. When the children discover a sasquatch, they and their father must protect Little Bigfoot from Cavendish, an evil industrialist who not only wants to catch himself a bigfoot but also owns
Love Boat: A Valentine Voyage, The (1990) as Detective Robert Logan
A television movie for CBS based on the successful ABC series. In this Valentine's Day cruise, Vicki helps her father come to terms with the death of his wife, a gang of jewel thieves uses the cruise to make their getaway, a charity bachelor auction is planned by the new social director, the Chef's
Fire and Rain (1989) as Derryl Price
Based on the true story of the 1985 crash of Delta Airlines Flight 191 at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.
Wicked Stepmother (1989) as Lieutenant Macintosh
A couple comes home from vacation to find that their grandfather has re-married. The stepmother (a witch) takes over and the couple plot to get rid of her.
Pinocchio And The Emperor Of The Night (1987) as Voice Of Geppetto
Million Dollar Mystery (1987) as Sidney Preston
A groupf strangers must try to solve a man's death when he dies in a restaurant and leaves a million dollars behind.
Fatal Confession: A Father Dowling Mystery (1987) as Father Dowling
A television movie about a parish priest with a knack for solving mysteries. When Andy Moore, a young millionaire entrepreneur adopted at birth from Father Dowling's parish, falls to his death while trying to draw attention to his search for his natural parents, Father Dowling becomes convinced he w
Perry Mason: The Case of the Notorious Nun (1986) as Father Deleon
The second of Perry Mason reunion movies with Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale (following their earlier continuing portrayals of Mason and ever-faithful secretary Della Street between 1957 and 1966) has the venerable lawyer defending a young nun accused of murdering a priest with whom, it was rumored,
Private Sessions (1985) as Harry O'Reilly
A Manhattan psychotherapist gets uncharacteristically (and unprofessionally) involved with one of his patients -- a young woman with a compulsion for picking up total strangers for sex, in this pilot to a prospective series that would star Mike Farrell, as a divorced therapist with a teenaged daught
O'Hara's Wife (1982) as Fred O'Hara
Workaholic lawyer Bob O'Hara is devastated when his wife suddenly dies. Before long, she returns to convince him to get his life in balance, take better care of his health, and repair his relationships with their two grown children.
For the Love of It (1980) as Norman
This zany romantic comedy, which turns out to be one long car chase, has model Deborah Raffin and love-struck medical student Jeff Conaway pursued by assorted villains, bumbling government agents, a bus-load of Elvis Presley look-alikes, a jeep-driving matron and others, for a passel of foreign secr
Return Of The Mod Squad (1979) as Frank Webber
With an eye toward reviving the hit series that ran from 1968 to 1973, "Mod Squad" producers Danny Thomas and Aaron Spelling joined forces once again after going their separate ways for many years to call ex-undercover cops Pete, Linc and Julie back to the force when a series of sniper attacks are m
Castaways On Gilligan's Island (1979) as Henry Elliott
In the second of three additional "Gilligan''s Island" movies, the gang finds a way of getting rescued from their "uncharted desert isle" for a second time through a series of misadventures but comes back to turn it into a tropical resort for uptight mainlanders.
Triangle Factory Fire Scandal, The (1979) as Morris Feldman
A dramatic retelling of the 1911 tragedy in which 146 workers died in New York's garment district and ultimately laid the groundwork for the establishment of the ILGWU. The real-life catastrophe took a mere eleven minutes; the movie, with its soap opera plots and assorted inaccuracies (like several
With This Ring (1978) as Edward
A romantic comedy about various engaged couples and their families who, as wedding dates rapidly approach, are caught up in a whirlwind of emotional crises, from past loves and parental pressure to social and financial obligations. Diana Canova is the actress daughter of former hillbilly movie star
Black Market Baby (1977) as Dr Andrew Brantford
A young college woman becomes pregnant, and she and the father-to-be are caught in the middle of a desperate struggle with a black market adoption ring out to take their baby. The original pre-airing title to this was "A Dangerous Love," and theatrically overseas it was called "Don't Steal My Baby."
Love Boat (Pilot Movie), The (1976) as George Havlicek
This was the pilot for the hit series, packed with familiar TV names and faces, interweaving several comedy stories of the misadventures of passengers and crew aboard a California to Mexico cruise ship.
Gus (1976) as Spinner
The California Atoms are in last place with no hope of moving up. But by switching the mule from team mascot to team member, (He can kick 100 yard field goals!) they start winning, and move up in the rankings, Hurrah! The competition isn't so happy.
Night That Panicked America, The (1975) as Norman Smith
A drama recalling the widespread fright caused by the famous radio broadcast of Halloween night, 1938, Orson Welles' Mercury Theater adaptation of H.G. Wells' "The War of the Worlds" (meticulously recreated), which sent millions into the streets convinced that America was being invaded by Martians.
Last Survivors, The (1975) as Marcus Damian
This uncredited remake of the Tyrone Power movie "Abandon Ship" (1957) recounts the agony of a ship's officer who must decide which passengers in an overcrowded lifeboat are to be sacrificed so that the majority can survive an approaching typhoon.
Who Is the Black Dahlia? (1975) as Bevo Means
A fact-based mystery drama about a Los Angeles detective's obsession with finding the slayer of a star-struck young woman, dubbed the Black Dahlia because of her black hair and penchant for black clothing, whose body was found in a vacant lot in 1947. (The case remains unsolved.)
Death Cruise (1974) as David Mason
Three couples, all mysterious winners of a pleasure cruise, find that their tickets have guaranteed them a one-way passage to death.
Mixed Company (1974) as Al
Pete Morrison is the coach of the lackluster Phoenix Suns basketball team. While Pete is struggling to produce a winning team, his wife Kathy decides to expand their family of three children by adopting three more from different backgrounds: An African American, a Native American, and a child from Vietnam. Then, while dealing with some bigoted neighbors, and the expense of feeding his expanded family, Pete loses his job. But all the problems that the Morrisons face prove to be temporary.
Girl Who Came Gift-Wrapped, The (1974) as Harold
A small-town beauty with wide eyes, great ambitions and empty pockets is presented to a wealthy and jaded magazine publisher as a bikinied birthday present by his business associates.
Miracle on 34th Street (1973) as Judge Harper
The story of a department store Santa who causes worldwide repercussions when he claims to be the real Santa Claus. The television movie is based on the story by Valentine Davies and the theatrial film of the same title.
To Find a Man (1972) as Mr. Katchaturian
16-year-old Andy Morrison and Rosalind McCarthy have been friends since they were children living on the upper east side of Manhattan. Andy has always loved Rosalind, but somehow she never noticed. Now Rosalind comes home from her boarding school for a week and confides to Andy that she is pregnant by her mother''s boyfriend. Rosalind is desperate and Andy tries to help her find a man who can perform an abortion. Their search is hampered by bureaucracy, overly-crowded hospitals, her parents, and Andy''s upper-class prejudices, but as they work together, they come to understand each other better than they ever have before.
No Place to Run (1972) as Dr Sam Golinski
When an adopted boy's parents are killed and the authorities threaten to keep the boy's ailing but loving grandfather from gaining custody, the pair run away together. John Badham, the film's original director, left when the project was suspended because of Herschel Bernardi's illness, and was repla
Streets Of San Francisco, The (1972) as Saretti
A street-smart veteran cop and his young college educated partner go after the killer of a girl by systematically piecing together her last moves and come upon her junkie brother, a closed-mouth corporation lawyer and someone claiming to be her uncle. This pilot to the hit series (1972-77) marked Ka
Congratulations, It's a Boy! (1971) as Herb
A happy bachelor's swinging life is disrupted by the arrival of a teenager who claims to be his son. "So's Your Old Man!" was this movie's original pre-airing title. Jack Albertson replaced Edmond O'Brien.
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones (1971) as Mr Jones
Two high school seniors try to adjust to adult responsibilities when an unexpected pregnancy forces them into marriage.
The Bang Bang Kid (1968) as Merriweather Newberry
Yours, Mine, and Ours (1968) as Doctor
A widow with eight children marries a widower with ten, then gets pregnant.
The Secret War of Harry Frigg (1968) as General Pennypacker
When 5 allied generals are captured in Italy in WW II, it is a propaganda nightmare for the Allies. The generals are all 1 star and refuse to take orders from each other in order to plan an escape. Harry Frigg is a private who has escaped from the guard house dozens of times. He is promoted to Major General (2 stars) and ordered to get the generals out once he is captured. Harry is willing to escape, but then he meets the countess ...
Divorce American Style (1967) as Farley
A bored couple drifts toward divorce, only to discover how hard the single life is.
The World of Henry Orient (1964) as Frank Boyd
Two poor little rich girls dog the steps of a womanizing pianist.
Love With the Proper Stranger (1963) as Anthony Colombo
When a one-night stand results in pregnancy, a musician and a young girl try to resolve the issue together.

Cast (special)

ABC's 50th Anniversary Bloopers Celebration (2003)
In honor of ABC's 50th Anniversary, these blooper shows feature outtakes from ABC television shows "Happy Days," "Laverne and Shirley," "Three's Company," "NYPD Blue," "The Practice," "Donny and Marie," "Mork and Mindy," "Welcome Back Kotter," "Taxi," "Roseanne," "According to Jim," "Soap," "Bosom B
Intimate Portrait: Barbara Eden (2002) as Interviewee
Portrait of actress Barbara Eden.
Intimate Portrait: Marion Ross (2002) as Interviewee
A look into the life of actress Marion Ross highlighted by clips of her work and interviews with those closest to her.
Happy Days (2001) as Interviewee
Documentary about the television series "Happy Days," which premiered in 1974 on ABC.
3rd Annual Family Television Awards, The (2001)
Awards special that recognizes outstanding programming for family viewing. Eight awards are given to television shows and actors who best represent family programming and values. The catagories and honorees are: Actor (Tom Cavanaugh from "Ed"); Actress (Lauren Graham from "Gilmore Girls" and Jane Ka
A musical tribute to the World War II generation, the 60th anniversary of Pearl Harbor and a 10th anniversary salute to the veterans of Desert Storm. The concert also honors former P.O.W.s of the Korean War and those who served in Vietnam.
TV Guide's Truth Behind the Sitcoms 4 (2000) as Interviewee
Special that features interviews with stars of three television series: "Happy Days," "The Jeffersons" and "One Day at a Time."
Angela Lansbury: A Balancing Act (1998) as Interviewee
Profile of actress Angela Lansbury.
Parsley Garden, The (1993) as Carl W Clemmer
An adaptation of a story by William Soroyan. Set during the Depression about a ten-year-old Armenian boy struggling with his sense of self and the extreme prejudice against immigrants in his community.
47th Annual Tony Awards, The (1993)
A live presentation of the Tony Awards honoring excellence in the theater.
Happy Days Reunion, The (1992)
A special featuring a reunion of the cast of "Happy Days," which aired on ABC from 1974 to 1984. Included are highlights from the series and personal recollections from the cast.
Happy Birthday, Hollywood! (1987)
A gala celebration, benefiting the Motion Picture and Television Country House and Hospital, held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in honor of the centennial of the founding of the town of Hollywood.
Drunkard, The (1982) as Lawyer Cribbs
The story, first staged in 1844, details one man's bout with alcoholism and his attempts to save his own soul.
Make 'em Laugh (1979) as Host
A special featuring the performances of various comedians.
Rich Little's Washington Follies (1978) as Guest
A comic spoof of the government.
Olivia Newton-John Show, The (1976) as Guest
An hour of music and comedy featuring singer Olivia Newton-John.
Mitzi and a Hundred Guys (1975)
An hour of music and song with Mitzi Gaynor and a hundred fairly well-known guys.
Bobby Jo and the Big Apple Goodtime Band (1972) as Mayor
The misadventures of a country and western group called Bobby Jo and the Big Apple Goodtime Band. In the pilot, Bobby Jo, the band's pretty but gullible singer, writes a hit song that embroils the group in an unexpected legal hassle.
What's Up, America? (1971)
A series of sketches and blackouts that satirize the contemporary American scene.
What's Up? (1971)
A satirization of the contemporary scene through sketches, blackouts, interviews, and newsreel footage.
Arsenic and Old Lace (1962) as Teddy Brewster
A third television adaptation of the play by Joseph Kesselring about Abby and Martha Brewster, spinster sisters who delight in offering poisoned elderberry wine to elderly men.
Right Man, The (1960) as Throttlebottom
An hour-long review of presidential campaigns and the gimmicks used to attract voters.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Vanished (1971) as Johnny Cavanaugh
A thriller about the mysterious disappearance of a senior presidential advisor. This first long-form TV movie, shown in two parts (actual running time minus commercials totaled three hours and ten minutes), paved the way for subsequent filmed miniseries. Both Richard Widmark, in his TV acting debut,

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Jesse Owens Story, The (1984) as Jimmy Hoffa
Rebels, The (1979) as Benjamin Franklin
Bastard, The (1978) as Benjamin Franklin
Testimony of Two Men (1977) as Narration
Testimony of Two Men (1977) as Dr Louis Hedler

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Tangerine Bear, A (2000) as Voice Of Mr Winkle
The story of Tangie, a teddy bear whose smile was accidentally sewn on upside-down at the toy factory. The little bear dreams of going home with a caring family for Christmas, but when the shopping season ends and he fails to attract a buyer, he's shipped off to a second-hand store, where the sun fa

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