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Lurene Tuttle

Lurene Tuttle



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Also Known As: Died: May 28, 1986
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Cast (feature film)

Evil Town (1987)
Testament (1983) as Rosemary Abhart
Shooting Stars (1983) as Mr Brand
Billy Dee Williams and Parker Stevenson star in this prospective series pilot as a pair of TV detectives who are fired from their fictional series by their jealous co-star (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.) and decide to open up shop as real private eyes to earn money between acting jobs.
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The (1981) as Miss Watson
This latest retelling of the escapades of Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer and the runaway slave, Jim, drifting down the Mississippi on a homemade raft, and their encounter with the Duke and his cohort, Dauphin, is given the "Classics Illustrated" touch and was filmed at least two years before its belated TV p
Return of the Beverly Hillbillies (1981) as Mollie Heller
Jed Clampett and family returned to television after a decade in syndicated reruns to help solve the energy crisis in their own rustic ways. Buddy Ebsen, Nancy Culp and Donna Douglas reprised their roles as Jed Clampett, Jane Hathaway and Elly May Clampett. Imogene Coca came aboard as Granny's hundr
Human Experiments (1980) as Granny
For the Love of It (1980) as Blanche
This zany romantic comedy, which turns out to be one long car chase, has model Deborah Raffin and love-struck medical student Jeff Conaway pursued by assorted villains, bumbling government agents, a bus-load of Elvis Presley look-alikes, a jeep-driving matron and others, for a passel of foreign secr
White Mama (1980) as Frances Mcintyre
Bette Davis was Emmy Award-nominated for her performance of a penniless widow who refuses to go on welfare and takes in a streetwise Black teenager as a foster child to earn money to survive. The script was written especially for her by first-time screenwriter Robert C.S. Downs.
Nutcracker Fantasy (1979) as Voice Of Aunt Gerda
Clonus Horror, The (1979) as Anna Noble
A young man escapes from a govenment run project called Clonus only to find out that Peter Graves (Jeff Knight) a candidate for Presidency is a conspirator to keep Clonus a secret. Top government officials are aware of it and support the super secret project, because they are cloning themselves to live longer and better lives, at the expense of their clone counter-part, who is no more than a "slave" as far as human rights are concerned. The ethical and moral values are explored as the escapee (Tim Donnelly) known as Richard returns full circle back to Clonus, only to find his girlfriend lobotimized for government security purposes.
Crash of Flight 401 (1978)
A dramatization of the jetliner crash into the Florida Everglades in December 1972, and the rescue of seventy-three passengers (103 died), made up primarily of recognizable TV personalities plus famed bandleader Artie Shaw in his TV-movie debut. This crash also was the basis for the earlier TV movie
The Manitou (1978) as Mrs Herz
A psychic''''s girlfriend finds out that a lump on her back is a growing reincarnation of a 400 year-old demonic Native American spirit.
Final Chapter--Walking Tall (1977) as Pusser'S Mother
To please his wife Pauline, Buford Pusser retires from wrestling and moves back to Tennessee to go into the logging business with his father. After his arrival, Buford g s to the Lucky Spot gambling club with a friend and is seriously wounded with a knife after he catches the management cheating at
Law and Order (1976) as Mrs Brian O'Malley Sr
Three generations of New York City cops are the focal point of this saga revolving primarily around the Deputy Chief of Public Affairs caught up in the politics and intrigue of the department, the discovery that his father had been on the take, and the news that his youngest son is having second tho
Cheap (1974) as Voice
Live Again, Die Again (1974) as Betty Simpson
A cryogenics tale about a woman's re-emergence after being frozen for more than thirty years following her death from rheumatic fever -- and facing her now aged husband (Walter Pidgeon), her neurotic grown daughter (Vera Miles) and her confused son (Mike Farrell).
Mrs. Sundance (1974) as Mrs Lee
With fond memories of her life with the Sundance Kid, Etta Place leads a fugitive's existence, with a price on her head and bounty hunters on her trail, until rumors reach her that the supposedly dead Sundance still lives.
Walking Tall (1973)
Buford Pusser is a tough, Tennessee sheriff, determined to clean up gambling, moonshine whiskey, and prostitution in his town, and is known for using a big stick to smash things up when necessary. Eventually, the criminals in the town form an alliance against Pusser in an effort to take back the town, beating him up and murdering his wife. Now Buford Pusser is really mad...
The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit (1968) as Aunt Martha
Frederick Bolton has to solve two problems. First, his boss has instructed him to come up with a reasonable campaign to promote a new product, a stomach pill named "Aspercel" - by tomorrow. The second problem is Fred's daugther, Helen. She is absolutely fond of horses, takes riding classes and has already had decent success in some competitions. Her biggest wish is to own a horse herself, a dream her father cannot afford at all. Now Fred tries to solve both problems at once by simply combining them: A horse named "Aspercel", ridden by his daugther should bring the name of the pill into the papers and make Helen happy, too. But there's still one more obstacle: Helen and Aspercel of course have to win a few prices to make this idea work...
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966) as Mrs. Miller
To win a reporting job, a young man must spend the night in a haunted house.
The Fortune Cookie (1966) as Mother Hinkle
A crooked lawyer trumps up an insurance case for a cameraman injured at a pro football game.
Critic's Choice (1963) as Mother
A Broadway critic must write a negative review about his wife's play.
Psycho (1960) as Mrs. Chambers
A woman on the run gets mixed up with a repressed young man and his violent mother.
Ma Barker's Killer Brood (1960) as [Katherine Clark] Ma Barker
Untamed Youth (1957) as Judge Cecile Steele
When they''''re put in a small-town jail, two sisters fight to expose prison corruption.
Sweet Smell of Success (1957) as Loretta Bartha
A crooked press agent stoops to new depths to help an egotistical columnist break up his sister's romance.
Slander (1957) as Mrs. Doyle
A TV star almost loses his career and his marriage over a tabloid story.
Sincerely Yours (1955) as Mrs. McGinley
Hearing loss creates professional and romantic crises for a concert pianist.
The Glass Slipper (1955) as Cousin Loulou
Musical adaptation of the story of Cinderella and her magical trip to the prince's ball.
Give a Girl a Break (1954) as Mrs. Doolittle
Three young dancers vie for a starring role on Broadway.
Never Wave at a WAC (1953) as Capt. Murchison
A divorced socialite joins the Army hoping it will improve her love life.
Niagara (1953) as Mrs. Kettering
Honeymooners get mixed up with an obsessive husband and his cheating wife.
The Affairs of Dobie Gillis (1953) as Mrs. Hammer
A lovesick teenager searches for romance at college.
Room for One More (1952) as Miss Kenyon
A family with three children takes in troubled orphans.
Don't Bother to Knock (1952) as Ruth Jones
A man with anger issues finds himself drawn to an unstable young beauty.
Watch the Birdie (1951) as Millie
A photographer falls for a rich girl and gets mixed up with crooks.
Tomorrow Is Another Day (1951) as Stella Dawson
A man who spent his formative years in prison for murder is released and struggles to adjust to the outside world.
Goodbye, My Fancy (1951) as Ellen Griswold
When she returns to her alma mater to pick up an honorary degree, a congresswoman re-ignites an old flame.
The Whip Hand (1951) as Molly Loomis
A small-town reporter investigates a mysterious group holed up in a country lodge.
The Admiral Was a Lady (1950) as Clerk
A Life of Her Own (1950) as <I>Vogue</I> secretary
An innocent small-town girl climbs to the top of the modeling business man by man.
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948) as Mary
A New York businessman's dream of a country home is shattered when he buys a tumbledown rural shack.
Macbeth (1948) as Gentlewoman/Witch
A Scottish warlord and his wife murder their way to a pair of crowns.
Homecoming (1948) as Miss Stoker
A married man's wartime love affair spells trouble when peace comes.
Heaven Only Knows (1947) as Mrs. O'Donnell
An angel lands in the wild West to save a gambler''''s soul.
Tom, Dick and Harry (1941) as Girl actress
A girl accepts three wedding proposals at once and dreams of marriage to each man.
Stand Up and Cheer! (1934) as Stenographer
President Franklin Roosevelt appoints a theatrical producer as the new Secretary of Amusement in order to cheer up an American public still suffering through the Depression. The new secretary soon runs afoul of political lobbyists out to destroy his department.

Cast (special)

Dorothy in the Land of Oz (1980) as Voice Of Aunt Em
The story of Dorothy's further adventures in the land of Oz as she and her friends, Jack Pumpkin Head and Tic Toc the Tin Man, battle Tyrone the Terrible Toy Maker, who seeks to gain control of Winkle Country, an odd little region of Oz.
Carlton Your Doorman (1980) as Voice Of Carlton'S Mother
The story of Carlton, a New York City doorman, a misfit who seeks to better himself and his position in society. In the pilot episode, which presents viewers with a first look at Carlton (who was only heard on the "Rhoda" series), Carlton seeks a replacement for his boss's wife's dog, Punkin, who d
Robert Young and the Family (1971) as Guest
Comedy sketches that satirize family life in America today.
Apartment in Rome, An (1964) as Aunt Ethel
The story of Debbie and Steve Adams, a young couple struggling to survive in Rome on what the husband makes as an artist. In the pilot episode, Steve prepares to meet Debbie's aunt and uncle for the first time.
All in the Family (1960) as Caroline Randall
A comedy pilot about a wealthy family who must learn to live with sudden poverty when their wealth is lost through bad investments. In the second pilot, a sequel to "I Remember Caviar," family members Caroline and Maggie, who have become interior decorators, seek a contract to redecorate the office
I Remember Caviar (1959) as Caroline Randall
The story of the Randalls, a once-wealthy family who must learn to live with poverty when their wealth is lost through bad investments. In the pilot episode, the family attempts to adjust to their reduced circumstances by finding a less expensive home.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (1984) as Mrs Hunt

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