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Also Known As: Died: July 20, 1989
Born: March 27, 1907 Cause of Death: cancer
Birth Place: St Louis, Missouri, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Wait Till Your Mother Gets Home! (1983)
Ex-high school football coach becomes a house-husband while his wife goes off to work in this comedy that pre-dated the similarly plotted theatrical movie "Mr. Mom" by nearly six months.
Paradise--Hawaiian Style (1966) as Mrs. Belden
Rick Richards is a helicopter pilot who wants to set up a charter flying service in Hawaii -- along the way he makes some friends, including a young Hawaiian girl and her father, romances Judy Hudson, and sings a few songs.
Who's Minding the Store? (1963) as Mattress customer
Jerry Lewis, Jill St. John, John McGiver, Agnes Moorehead, Ray Walston, Nancy Culp, Richard Deacon, Francesca Bellini, Milton Frome, Kathleen Freeman. Dunderhead Lewis falls in love with dishy St. John, but her mean-but-rich ol? ma (Moorehead) doesn?t like him one bit. So what does the old biddy do? She gives him a job, of course, at her fancy department store, in the hopes that he?ll screw up so bad that her daughter will lose interest. Lewis, of course, does screw up, and spectacularly (watch for the vacuum cleaner scene--and look out for that shelf full of basketballs). Stupid but funny, thanks to the always reliable Lewis and former cartoonist-turned-writer/director Frank Tashlin ("The Girl Can?t Help It.").
Bachelor in Paradise (1961) as Housewife
A writer moves into a housing development to study married couples.
All in a Night's Work (1961) as Miss Schuster
Colonel Ryder, the publisher of a magazine, dies while on vacation. Tony, his swinging nephew, inherits the magazine and takes over. Presently, the magazine is planning to expand and to do so they need some capital. Tony's trying to arrange a loan through his friend. He is then informed by the hotel detective of the hotel that his uncle died in, that on the night of his death, a woman, wearing only a towel, came out of his room, and ran away before the detective could catch up with her. They suspect that the Colonel was "with" her on the night he died, cause he was smiling when he died. Tony and two of his uncle's confidants are worried that not only if the bank hears of this they will not get the loan but the magazine wholesome image could be tarnished. So they ask the detective to stay around so he could identify her. What they don't know is that the woman is Katie Robbins, one of the magazine's researchers and that she entered the room by "accident". When the detective identifies her and after having a few misconceived conversations with her, they suspect that she is trying to extort them, and she thinks that Tony's a nut.
The Errand Boy (1961) as
Paramutual Pictures wants to know where all the money is going so they hire Morty to be their spy. Morty works for Mr. Sneak and gets a job in the mail room so that he can have access to the lot. But all that Morty ever finds is that he can cause havoc no matter what he does.
Ada (1961) as Clubwoman
A call girl weds an easygoing politician and helps him against corrupt state officials.
Career (1959) as Marie
A struggling Broadway actor suffers the ups and downs of trying to make it big, and soon learns the ropes of having to play hardball to get he wants.
Don't Give Up the Ship (1959) as Child's mother
A newlywed cannot remember what happened to the WWII battleship he commanded.
I Married a Monster from Outer Space (1958) as Mrs. Bradley
A young bride suspects her husband has been replaced by a space invader.
Rock-a-Bye Baby (1958) as Nurse
A small-town repairman takes in his childhood sweetheart''''s triplets and is mistaken for their father.
The Sad Sack (1957) as Sgt. Hansen
A hopelessly innocent private gets himself kidnapped in Morocco.
Public Pigeon No. 1 (1957) as Mrs. Bates
The Joker Is Wild (1957) as Heckler
Singer Joe E. Lewis fights to rebuild his life after gangsters slash his vocal cords.
Hold That Hypnotist (1957) as Maid
Hypnotism sends the Bowery Boys to battle pirates in the 17th century.
Gun Duel in Durango (1957) as Spinster [Miss Henderson]
A reformed outlaw takes on his old gang.
The Birds and the Bees (1956) as Mrs. Burnside
Bundle of Joy (1956) as Matron
A shop girl is mistaken for the mother of a foundling.
Calling Homicide (1956) as Flo Burton
The third of five films (Dial Red-O, Sudden Danger, Calling Homicide, Footsteps in the Night and Chain of Evidence in release order and released across a full period of two years) in which Bill Elliott played a detective lieutenant (Andy Flynn in the first one, Doyle in the others) in the Los Angeles homicide department) with all five produced by Ben Schwab but a different director on each one. Lieutenant Andy Doyle (Bill Elliott) of the Los Angeles Sheriff;s homicide department, while investigation the mysterious dynamiting death of a young policeman, discovers that the strangling-murder of Francine Norman, owner of a modeling school, is linked with the firsy killing. While questioning those connected with the school, manager Darlene Adams (Jeanne Cooper), and executives Allen Gilmore (Thomas B. Henry) and Tony Fuller (Lyle Talbot), Lt. Doyle and his aide, Detective Sergeant Mike Duncan (Don Haggerty), find there is a blackmailing "baby racket" being run in conjunction with the school. Suspicion points to construction company owner Jim Haddix (Myron Healey) who had been in love with Francine. All evidence of the baby extortion racket is destroyed by an explosion, and the hunt narrows down to one man, the school handyman.
When Gangland Strikes (1956) as Emily Parsons
The Eternal Sea (1955) as Admitting nurse
Let's Do It Again (1953) as Nelly
A divorced couple finds it impossible to stay out of each other's lives.
Clipped Wings (1953) as Mildred
The Bowery Boys join the air force and almost turn it into a fly-by-night organization.
The Caddy (1953) as
A master golfer suffering from performance anxiety caddies for a man he''s taught everything.
The Stooge (1953) as Miss Reagan
A failed singer takes on a comedian to create a team act.
The Great Jesse James Raid (1953) as Mrs. Angus
Sailor Beware (1952) as Ginger
Two sailors wreak havoc on the Navy.
Room for One More (1952) as Mrs. Roberts
A family with three children takes in troubled orphans.
Dreamboat (1952) as Herman's wife
A college professor faces embarrassment when his past as a silent screen heartthrob is revealed.
Young Daniel Boone (1950) as Helen Bryan
Frontier scout Daniel Boone (David Bruce) is sent out to locate the only two survivors of General Braddock's men that are believed two have lived through an Indian massacre. One of the survivors, CHarlie Bryan (Don Beddoe), witnessed the capture of his two daughters, Rebecca (Kristine Miller) and Helen (Mary Treen), by the Indians. Boone succeeds in locating and rescuing the women. Shorty afterwards, the Boone party is joined by Captain Fraser (Damian O'Flynn), who proves to be an intelligence officer in the French forces, and Boone's small group is captured. An Indian attack is diverted and the tables are turned in favor of the British forces. Boone kills Captain Fraser, and looks forward to a happy future in Kentucky with Rebecca.
The Fuller Brush Girl (1950) as Glitter woman
A daffy door-to-door saleswoman blunders into a murder investigation.
And Baby Makes Three (1949) as Mrs. Bennett
A woman on the verge of divorce and re-marriage discovers she''''s pregnant by her husband.
The Snake Pit (1948) as Nurse
A young woman tries to recover her sanity in a corrupt mental institution.
Let's Live a Little (1948) as Miss Adams
A harried, overworked advertising executive is being pursued romantically by one of his clients, a successful perfume magnate ... and his former fiancée. The latest client of the agency is a psychiatrist and author of a new book. When the executive goes over to discuss the ad campaign, the psychiatrist turns out to be a woman. But what does he really need? Romance? Or analysis?
Merton of the Movies (1947) as Receptionist
A star-struck hick goes to Hollywood to become a star.
A Likely Story (1947) as Nurse
A World War II veteran who thinks he''s dying gets mixed up with gangsters.
It's a Wonderful Life (1946) as Cousin Tilly
George Bailey is a small-town man whose life seems so desperate he contemplates suicide. He had always wanted to leave Bedford Falls to see the world, but circumstances and his own good heart have led him to stay. He sacrficed his education for his brother's, kept the family-run savings and loan afloat, protected the town from the avarice of the greedy banker Mr. Potter, and married his childhood sweetheart. As he prepares to jump from a bridge, his guardian angel intercedes, showing him what life would have become for the residents of Bedford Falls is he had never lived.
Swing Parade of 1946 (1946) as Marie [Finch]
Carol Lawrence (Gale Storm), an aspiring singer, goes to a new night club owned by Danny Warren (Phil Regan), whose father Daniel Warren (Russell Hicks) doesn't approve of the club and wants Danny to join him in the family business. Carol is suspected of being a process server and is thrown out of the club. An extremely long arm of coincidence leads her to the elder Warren's office and he hires her as a process server. She returns but gets a singing job this time so foregoes serving the cease-and-desist notice. The Three Stooges are on hand as waiters and Connee Boswell, Louis Jordan, Will Osborne and Mary Treen provide the music and songs in addition to Gale Storn on "Oh, Buddy" and "On the Sunny Side of the Street."
One Exciting Week (1946) as Mabel Taylor
From This Day Forward (1946) as Alice Beesley
In flashbacks, the 1938 courtship and marriage of young machinist Bill Cummings and bookstore clerk Susan are recalled: newlywed bliss, unemployment and other tribulations, opportunity with a hidden drawback, war and separation. Now out of the army, Bill job-hunts and worries about the future...
A Guy Could Change (1946) as Grace Conley
Strange Impersonation (1946) as Nurse
A research scientist conducting experiments on a new anaesthetic finds herself being blackmailed by a women she accidentally knocked down with her car; the woman wasn't hurt, but a scheming attorney has convinced her she can get a lot of money for the "accident." Meanwhile, the scientist's research assistant, who is in love with her boss' boyfriend, arranges for an explosion in the laboratory that disfigures the scientist's face, in order to take the boyfriend away from her. The scientist has plastic surgery to make her look like the woman who tried to blackmail her - who while struggling with the scientist fell out of a window and was killed - and determines to get back her boyfriend and punish her scheming assistant.
She Wouldn't Say Yes (1945) as Passenger
A female psychiatrist who's sworn off love falls for a handsome veteran.
Blonde from Brooklyn (1945) as Diane Peabody
An aspiring singer masquerades as a Southern belle to get a radio job.
High Powered (1945) as Cassie McQuade
Don Juan Quilligan (1945) as Lucy Blake
Swing in the Saddle (1944) as Addie LaTour
I Love a Soldier (1944) as Cecelia "Cissy" Grant
During World War II in San Francisco, Eve Morgan and her single girlfriends spend their days welding ships and their nights dancing with soldiers and sailors shipping out that night. Eve is determined to avoid any romantic entanglements until the war is over she refuses to spend her days and nights worrying about getting bad news about a man she has fallen for. But she doesn't count on meeting a soldier who is determined to change her mind.
Tahiti Nights (1944) as Mata
Casanova Brown (1944) as Monica Case
A couple on the verge of divorce learns the wife is pregnant.
Hands Across the Border (1944) as Sophie Lawrence
Horse breeders Adams and Brock are vying for the Army contract. When Adams is killed trying to ride his horse Trigger, Roy saves the horse from being shot. He trains him and then plans to ride him in the race to win the contract.
The Navy Way (1944) as Agnes
The More the Merrier (1943) as Waitress
The World War II housing shortage brings three people together for an unlikely romance.
Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943) as Fan
An Eddie Cantor look-alike organizes an all-star show to help the war effort.
Flight for Freedom (1943) as Newspaper woman
A female pilot breaks the Los Angeles to New York record and attracts the interest of the U.S. Navy, who want to send her on a spy mission.
They Got Me Covered (1943) as Helen
An unemployed reporter tracks down a Nazi spy ring to get his job back.
Lady Bodyguard (1943) as Miss Tracy
A.C.Baker (Anne Shirley), advertising executive for an insurance company, approaches test pilot Terry Moore (Eddie Albert) with a proposition that in return for using his picture and endorsement he will get a paid-for-a-year $1000 policy. High-risk Terry agrees. George MacAlister (Roger Pryor) fires his secretary, Miss Tracy (Mary Treen), just as she is typing up the policy and she, for spite, changes the amount from a thousand dollars to one million dollars. A.C. delivers the policy, without noticing the difference, to Terry at a party at the Frolics Club, a cheap joint wedged between a burlesque house and a flop house hotel. Three characters, an elderly hat-check "girl" known as Mother Hodges (Maude Eburne); Avery Jamieson (Raymond Walburn), a broken-down actor; and bartender Harry Gargan (Edward Brophy) are named beneficiaries. When the company discovers the error, A.C. is sent to get back the policy and, pending that, don't let Terry make any test flights.
The Powers Girl (1943) as Nancy
Hit Parade of 1943 (1943) as Janie
One of the many films made at Republic with a year attached to the "Hit Parade" title, which came from the "Hit Parade" radio program sponsored by Lucky Strike cigarettes. On reissue all of the entries underwent a title change from "Hit Parade of 19??" to, usually, a title of a song contained in the film, as happened in the case of this film when it was reissued as "Change of Heart" in 1949, and not known under that title until 1949. Not reissuing the film under the original title of "Hit Parade of 1943" had a two-fold purpose; the audiences of that era were not much interested in seeing a film twice, and a changed title-even when the original title was clearly shown in (very) small print in the ads and on the posters---had a chance of being seen again by that segment of the ticket-buying public who didn't read the small print. The plot here is just a trifle---Susan Hayward ghost writes songs for composer John Carroll, whose charms evidently outweighed his song-writing ability---played in and around some great singing and dancing numbers by, for its time, a large number of black performers including Dorothy Dandridge, Count Basie, dancing by the great Jack Williams and the team of "Pops & Louie"(Albert Whitman and Louis Williams)and others, including Spanish dancer Chinita Marin, billed as Chinita. The song "Change of Heart", by Jule Styne and Harold Adamson, was Oscar-nominated, and also became the title of the film on 1949 reissue. Walter Scharf also was Oscar-nominated for Best Scoring of a Musical. Republic seldom got two nominations in any single year, much less two in the same film.
Mystery Broadcast (1943) as Smitty
So Proudly We Hail! (1943) as Lieut. Sadie Schwartz
Nurses caught behind enemy lines during World War II fight to survive.
Pacific Blackout (1942)
While bombers roar overhead during a practice blackout in a large American West coast city, Robert Draper (Robert Preston), is among the prisoners in a police van. The inventor of a new range finder for anti-aircraft guns, he has been sentenced to death for the murder of his co-worker, John Maine, on the perjured testimony of night club singer Marie Duval (Eva Gabor), despite character evidence given in his favor by John Ronnel (John Merivale). Draper escapes when the van is in an accident and seeks refuge in a park, where he runs into telephone operator Mary Jones (Martha O'Driscoll) who decides to help him. They go to a garage where they cut the chain holding Draper's wrists together, and then to a hotel where they register as brother and sister. Draper telephones Ronnel, sure he is the only man who can establish his innocence. Ronnel, however, anonymously, telephones the police and Draper and Mary barely escape. Draper, knowing that Marie has information that can clear him, goes to the club where she works and finds her murdered.
Stand by All Networks (1942) as Nora Cassidy
A radio reporter sets out to track down and expose Nazi agents.
True to the Army (1942) as Mae
Roxie Hart (1942) as Secretary
To try and kick-start her show-business career, a woman admits to a Chicago murder.
Between Us Girls (1942) as Marybelle
Carrie (Diana Barrymore), ambitious young actress and her manager Mike Kilinsky (Andy Devine), travel east from Chicago to Long Island so Carrie can see the new mansion that her mother Chris (Kay Francis) has just purchased. Chris is not there when Carrie arrives by Gallagher (Ethel Griffies), the family major domo, tells Carrie that Chris is in love with the very rich Steve (John Boles.) Chris confesses to Carrie that she has lied about her age to Steve, claiming to be 31, and that the photograph of Carrie is Carrie's (non-existent) Aunt Sadie and Carrie is only twelve. Carrie insists that her mother keep up the masquerade, and she will pose as a 12-year-old. Steve arrives and brings with him his friend Jimmy Blake (Robert Cummings). More than a little confusion follows including Carrie starting a fight with another "kid" to keep Jimmy from keeping a date with his fiancee and Mike escorting Chris and the "under-age" Carrie to a night club, and other incidents that only tend to prove that Steve and Jimmy aren't the brightest bulbs shining. Diana Barrymore is better as the 12-year-old than she is later playing Joan of Arc in a Detroit theatre, where the light finally dawns on the perplexed Robert Cummings character.
The Great Man's Lady (1942) as Persis
A pioneer couple struggle to build a city in the wild West.
They All Kissed the Bride (1942) as Susie Johnson
A woman running a trucking company falls for the reporter out to expose her business practices.
Ship Ahoy (1942) as Nurse
A dancer sailing to Puerto Rico hides government messages in her tap routines.
Tall, Dark and Handsome (1941) as Martha
A softhearted gangster tries to go straight.
The Flame of New Orleans (1941) as
A notorious Frenchwoman pretends to be a society lady to nab a rich husband.
Pacific Blackout (1941) as Irene
You Belong to Me (1941) as Doris
A playboy marries a woman doctor then grows jealous of her male patients.
Father Takes a Wife (1941) as Secretary
A famous actress has to win over her ready-made family when she weds a shipping magnate.
Dulcy (1940) as Telephone girl
A scatterbrained beauty tries to help her fiance''''s career by throwing a big party.
Queen of the Mob (1940) as Nurse, Bert's baby
Danger on Wheels (1940) as Esme
Girl in 313 (1940) as Jenny
Kitty Foyle (1940) as Pat
A girl from the wrong side of the tracks endures scandal and heartbreak when she falls for a high-society boy.
Black Diamonds (1940) as Nina Norton
Double Alibi (1940) as Switchboard operator
Honolulu (1939) as Gwen
A movie star trades places with a Hawaiian plantation owner.
First Love (1939) as Barbara's maid [Agnes]
In this reworking of Cinderella, orphaned Connie Harding is sent to live with her rich aunt and uncle after graduating from boarding school. She's hardly received with open arms, especially by her snobby cousin Barbara. When the entire family is invited to a major social ball, Barbara sees to it that Connie is forced to stay home. With the aid of her uncle, who acts as her fairy godfather, Connie makes it to the ball and meets her Prince Charming in Ted Drake, her cousin's boyfriend.
When Tomorrow Comes (1939) as Waitress
For Love or Money (1939) as Maid [Amy]
Sally, Irene and Mary (1938) as Miss Barkow
Manicurists Sally, Irene and Mary hope to be Broadway entertainers. When Mary inherits an old ferry boat, they turn it into a successful supper club.
Swing It, Sailor! (1938) as Gertie Burns
Young Fugitives (1938) as Kathy
Old Joel Bentham (Harry Davenport) is awarded $50,000 as the last surviving Civil War veteran in his part of the country. His fellow townsmen in Cleardale are more than willing to help him spend it, but he remembers their neglectful years and decides to spend it as he sees fit. He offers a home to Meg (Dorothea Kent) who has been forced into a hobo life by economic stress and also takes in Ray Riggins (Robert Wilcox), wild young grandson of a war comrade. He promises to make Ray his heir, against the advice of his servant, Benjie Collins (Clem Bevans.) Ray plans, with the aid of some former criminal pals, to rob the old man but changes his mind and is fighting a losing battle against the crooks when a corps of American Legion men, coming to escort Joel to a train, mops up the robbers.
Strange Faces (1938) as Lorry May
Rascals (1938) as Patient
A Gypsy band takes lots of stuff but always in a good cause. Led by Jane Withers, they pick up a socialite (Hundson) who has amnesia. She works as a fortune teller and raises enough money for an operation to regain her memory.
Always Goodbye (1938) as
I'll Give a Million (1938) as Girl
After saving a tramp (Lorre) from suicide, a millionaire (Baxter) takes his clothing and disappears. Word is out that he will give a million dollars to anyone who is kind of a tramp.
Change of Heart (1938) as Stenographer
Kentucky Moonshine (1938) as "Sugar" Hatfield
Tony Martin goes to Kentucky to find talent to boost radio ratings. There it is learned that the Ritz brothers are really from New York and only pretending to be hillbillies to get on Martin's show.
Marry the Girl (1937) as Nurse
Brother-and-sister news tycoons try to save their niece from marrying the wrong man.
God's Country and the Woman (1937) as Miss Flint
A lady lumberjack falls for one of her workers, not realizing it's a business rival in disguise.
They Gave Him a Gun (1937) as Saxe
With no other prospects, a World War I veteran turns to crime.
Dance Charlie Dance (1937) as Jennie Wolfe
A gullible "angel" sinks money into a doomed play.
Talent Scout (1937) as Janet Morris
A Hollywood heartthrob helps a small-town girl achieve stardom.
Second Honeymoon (1937) as Elsie
Ever Since Eve (1937) as Employment clerk
A plain-jane by day and a beauty by night, a secretary juggles two identities in order to keep her job and win her boss's heart.
Maid of Salem (1937) as Susy Abbott
Young lovers (Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray) fall afoul of repressive society as Salem elders get caught up in the witch hunts and trials of 17th century Massachusetts. One family in particular uses the hysteria to its advantage, getting even with everyone for every slight--real or imagined.
Missing Witness (1937) as Oriole Gadsby
The Go Getter (1937) as Mrs. [Mary] Blair
A Navy veteran with one leg fights to make himself a success.
Freshman Love (1936) as Squirmy
A college coach uses a beautiful blonde to woo athletes into joining his team.
Stage Struck (1936) as Clerk
Broadway hopefuls put on a show.
Down the Stretch (1936) as Nurse
A disgraced jockey's son fights to clear the family name.
Snowed Under (1936) as Secretary
A playwright in search of solitude is besieged by three women.
Fugitive in the Sky (1936) as Agatha Ormsby
A flight carrying government agents and gangsters must land in a dust storm.
Murder by an Aristocrat (1936) as Florrie
A blackmailer's murder tears apart a well-off family.
Public Enemy's Wife (1936) as Operator
An escaped convict's bride joins forces with the FBI.
The Singing Kid (1936) as Secretary
An egotistical singing star makes a talented kid his protege.
Love Begins at Twenty (1936) as Alice Gillingwater
A henpecked husband tries to help his daughter marry the man she loves and his wife loathes.
Cain and Mabel (1936) as Cashier
The publicity romance between a prizefighter and a showgirl turns into the real thing.
Brides Are Like That (1936) as Jennie [Baldwin]
A young man uses flattery to beat out a romantic rival.
Jailbreak (1936) as Gladys Joy
A reporter gets himself sent to prison so he can solve a murder behind bars.
The Captain's Kid (1936) as Libby
A sea captain has to live up to his tall tales when he''''s attacked by gangsters.
Colleen (1936) as Miss Hively
An eccentric millionaire hires a gold digger to run his business.
The Golden Arrow (1936) as Secretary
A flighty heiress and a down-to-earth reporter get stuck in a marriage of convenience.
The Golden Arrow (1936) as Secretary
A fake heiress marries a common reporter to thwart the advances of gold-digging playboys.
The Murder of Dr. Harrigan (1936) as Margaret Brody
A doctor investigates the murder of a colleague involved in experimental surgery.
I Live for Love (1935) as Clementine <I>"Rudy Vallee`s Protege</I>"
A socialite tries to break into show business.
A Night at the Ritz (1935) as Isabelle
A publicist doesn''t know that his famous chef client can''t cook.
I Found Stella Parish (1935) as Sob sister
An actress stops at nothing to protect her daughter from her shady past.
Shipmates Forever (1935) as Cowboy's girl
An admiral''''s son gives up the Navy for a career as a song-and-dance man.
Traveling Saleslady (1935) as Miss Wells
A toothpaste tycoon''s daughter joins his rival to teach him a lesson.
Maybe It's Love (1935) as
A young couple suffers through in-law and employment problems.
Front Page Woman (1935) as Nurse
Rival reporters try to scoop each other while covering a fire.
Page Miss Glory (1935) as Beauty operator
A con artist creates a composite photo to win a beauty contest, then has to find the real thing.
The Case of the Curious Bride (1935) as Girl in telegraph office
Perry Mason helps a young woman whose supposedly dead husband suddenly returns to life.
Broadway Gondolier (1935) as
A taxi driver travels to Venice and poses as a gondolier to land a radio singing job.
The Girl from 10th Avenue (1935) as
After a working girl reforms an alcoholic lawyer who was recently dumped, his ex wants him back.
Dangerous (1935) as Nurse
A young fan tries to rehabilitate an alcoholic actress he''s fallen in love with.
Red Hot Tires (1935) as Maggie
A race-car driver wrongly convicted of murder escapes prison to prove his innocence.
Sweet Music (1935) as
A band leader shares a tempestuous romance with his lead singer.
'G' Men (1935) as Secretary
A mob protege joins the FBI when a friend is gunned down.
The Case of the Lucky Legs (1935) as Mrs. Spudsey
Perry Mason tries to stay on the wagon while investigating the murder of a crooked beauty contest promoter.
Miss Pacific Fleet (1935) as
Two stranded showgirls enter a beauty contest to win the fare back home.
Don't Bet on Blondes (1935) as Switchboard operator
An actress's manager tries to keep her from leaving the stage for marriage.
Sweet Adeline (1934) as
A gay nineties waitress rises from beer gardens to Broadway.
Jimmy the Gent (1934) as Nurse
An unscrupulous detective makes a killing locating missing heirs.
Happiness Ahead (1934) as Girl
An heiress falls for a singing window washer.
Babbitt (1934) as Miss McGoun
A small-town businessman bumbles into blackmail and a real-estate swindle.

Cast (special)

Doc (1969) as Tillie
The story, set in the sleepy little town of Stubbville, relates the misadventures of Jason Fillmore, the town's elderly doctor, and his young assistant, Orville Truebody, a bumbler.
Last Stagecoach West (1954) as Miss Feeney (Guest)
The pilot film for "Stories of the Century." The exploits of Bill Cameron, an agent for the Railroad Protection Association, an organization that protects the newly developing railroads from Indians, robbers, or whatever trouble plagues them. In the pilot episode, Bill travels to Cedar City, a rai

Cast (short)

Soaring Stars (1942)
In this comedic short, two autograph hounds attend an air show at the Santa Anita racetrack.
Rodeo Dough (1940)
After a trip to Hollywood, two young ladies attempt to hitchhike home but end up at a star filled rodeo in this short film.
Happily Buried (1939)
In this short film, two heirs of competing waffle iron companies are getting married, but call off the wedding when they can''''t agree on the shape of the new iron.
Rhumba Rhythm at the Hollywood La Conga (1939)
In this short film, two small town girls sneak into a Hollywood club hoping for some star sightings but they get much more when they enter a conga line contest.
Dad for a Day (1938)
In this short film, a service station owner falls in love with a widowed woman with a son who runs the lunch counter next door.
A Day at Santa Anita (1937)
In this short film, an orphaned horse-trainer''''s daughter has made a bond with a horse that needs her presence to win races. Vitaphone Release 8071-8072.

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