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Jacques Tourneur

Jacques Tourneur



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Also Known As: Died: December 19, 1977
Born: November 12, 1904 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Paris, FR Profession: Director ...


Director (feature film)

War-Gods of the Deep (1965) as Director
Set on the Cornish coast in 1903, the film features a group of people discovering an underwater society of smugglers who never age living in a lost underwater city along with their gill-man slaves.
The Comedy of Terrors (1963) as Director
An undertaker who hasn't had any 'customers' in a long time is forced the pay one year's back-rent. To get money he starts to kill people in order to get new clients.
Fury River (1961) as Director
Major Robert Rogers searches for the northwest passage through the U.S. during the French and Indian War.
The Giant of Marathon (1960) as Director
Frontier Rangers (1959)
Major Robert Rogers leads his rangers in search of a water route through America's Northwest territory.
Mission Of Danger (1959) as Director
A military explorer tangles with a French spy and a British officer while searching for the northwest passage.
Timbuktu (1959) as Director
A French colonel needs his wife's lover to help him stop an Arabian rebellion.
The Fearmakers (1958) as Director
A Korean War veteran discovers his Washington-based PR firm has been taken over by Communist infiltrators.
Curse of the Demon (1957) as Director
An anthropologist investigates a devil worshipper who commands a deadly demon.
Nightfall (1957) as Director
A man on a hunting trip gets mixed up with murderous bank robbers.
Great Day in the Morning (1956) as Director
The Civil War triggers unrest in Colorado.
Wichita (1955) as Director
Wyatt Earp fights to straighten out a crooked cow town.
Stranger on Horseback (1955) as Director
Appointment in Honduras (1953) as Director
Way of a Gaucho (1952) as Director
Circle of Danger (1951) as Director
Anne of the Indies (1951) as Director
LaRochelle, a former pirate captain, is caught by the British. To get his ship back, he works as a spy against other pirates, first of all Blackbeard and Providence. He works on some ships, crossing the Caribbean sea, with the intention of being enchained, when a pirate ship is in sight, to make them believe he's an enemy of the British. One day, his ship is conquered by Captain Providence. What nobody knew before, Providence is a (beautiful, of course) woman. She believes his story and so he joins her crew. But Blackbeard, her fatherly friend, doesn't believe him. Providence and LaRochelle fall in love, although he is married. When LaRochelle tries to deliver her to the British, she forebodes the trap, kidnaps his wife and escapes. As for revenge, she wants to sell his wife on a slave-market. LaRochell gets his ship and his crew back and follows her. ...
The Flame and the Arrow (1950) as Director
Roman rebels fight against invading barbarians.
Stars in My Crown (1950) as Director
A parson uses six-guns and the Bible to bring peace to a Tennessee town.
Easy Living (1949) as Director
An aging football star risks his health when his greedy wife won't let him retire.
Berlin Express (1948) as Director
Allied agents fight an underground Nazi group in post-war Europe.
Out of the Past (1947) as Director
A private eye becomes the dupe of a homicidal moll.
Canyon Passage (1946) as Director
A respected businessman and his gambler best friend fall for the same woman in 1850s Oregon.
Days of Glory (1944) as Director
Russian freedom fighters battle the Nazi occupying forces.
Experiment Perilous (1944) as Director
A small-town doctor tries to help a beautiful woman with a deranged husband.
The Leopard Man (1943) as Director
When a leopard escapes during a publicity stunt, it triggers a series of murders.
I Walked with a Zombie (1943) as Director
A nurse in the Caribbean resorts to voodoo to cure her patient, even though she's in love with the woman's husband.
Cat People (1942) as Director
A newlywed fears that an ancient curse will turn her into a bloodthirsty beast.
Doctors Don't Tell (1941) as Director
Dr. Ralph Snyder (John Beal) and Dr. Frank Blake (Edward Norris) open an office together but soon split over a rivalry for nightclub singer Diana Wayne (Florence Rice) and a difference over ethics. In an effort to make some quick money and marry Diana, Blake becomes a retainer for gangster Joe Grant (Douglas Fowley)while the upright (and uptight)Sawyer (John Beal)becomes a medical examiner in the district attorney's office. Grant is involved in a murder and forces Blake to remove an identifying scar, thereby proving that all gangsters should keep a doctor on retainment. But Blake has a change of heart and shows up at Grant's trial, spills the beans and Grant is convicted. Consequently, Blake loses his license, Diana and then his life, proving that the "do-tell' doctor should have heeded the film title.
Phantom Raiders (1940) as Director
Detective Nick Carter tries to stop enemy agents from sabotaging the Panama Canal.
They All Come Out (1939) as Director
The getaway driver for a gang of thieves is captured by the police and sent to a prison, where he contemplates a life of reform. Horror master Jacques Tourneur (Cat People and I Walked With a Zombie) made his directorial debut with this crime melodrama, which was filmed in a documentary style.
Nick Carter, Master Detective (1939) as Director
A famous detective investigates industrial espionage at a plane factory.
Marie Antoinette (1938) as 2nd Unit Director
Lavish biography of the French queen who "let them eat cake."
A Tale of Two Cities (1935) as Revolutionary War seq arr by
Charles Dickens' classic story of two men in love with the same woman during the French Revolution.
Filles de la Concierge, Les (1934) as Director
Pour etre aime (1933) as Director
Tout ca ne vaut pas l'amour (1931) as Director

Editing (feature film)

Voleur, Le (1934) as Editor
Deux Orphelines, Les (1933) as Editor
Au Nom de la Loi (1932) as Editor
Gaietes de l'Escadron, Les (1932) as Editor
Partir (1931) as Editor
Accusee, Leven-vous (1930) as Editor

Director (special)

Code of Jonathan West, The (1960) as Director
The post-Civil War story of Jonathan West, a fighting man with principles, who is called "Preach" as he roams throughout the West. In the pilot episode, set in Arkansas in 1865, West attempts to help a man who is being falsely accused of murder.

Director (short)

The Magic Alphabet (1942)
This short film focuses on the work of Dutch physician Christiaan Eijkman.
The Incredible Stranger (1942)
This short film, set in 1893, focuses on a stranger that arrives in a small town and keeps a promise he made to his wife.
Yankee Doodle Goes to Town (1939)
This patriotic short film provides a brief history of American democracy.
What Do You Think? Tupapaoo (1938)
In this short film, an American trader disrupts life on a Polynesian island.
The Face Behind the Mask (1938)
This dramatized short film focuses on the historical mystery of France's "man in the iron mask."
What Do You Think? (Number Three) (1938)
This short film focuses on whether or not the dead can communicate with the living.
Ship That Died, The (1938)
This short film looks at the mystery of the Mary Celeste, a ship that was discovered abandoned for no discernible reason.
Strange Glory (1938)
This short film looks at the debate revolving around who should get credit for the "Tennessee Plan," which proved to be a vital action for the North in its push south during the American Civil War.
The Rainbow Pass (1937)
A wife challenges her husband's murderer to combat in this short film that introduces audiences to Chinese theater.
The King Without a Crown (1937)
This short film explores the possibility that Louis XVII escaped death during the French Revolution.
Romance of Radium (1937)
This short film tells the story of the discovery of radium and how it is used in medicine.
What Do You Think? (1937)
This short film poses the question, "does extrasensory perception really exist?"
The Grand Bounce (1937)
In this short film, a man writes a check for $1,000 to cover a debt, but doesn't have enough money to cover it.
The Man in the Barn (1937)
This short film examines several stories revolving around John Wilkes Bookes.
The Boss Didn't Say Good Morning (1937)
In this short film, an office worker fears for his job after his boss fails to respond to his "good morning."
The Story of "The Jonker Diamond" (1936)
This short film presents a re-enactment of how the Jonker diamond was discovered in South Africa in 1905.
Killer-Dog (1936)
A police dog goes on trial for allegedly murdering sheep in this short film.
Harnessed Rhythm (1936)
This short film follows the life of Dixie Dan, a harness race horse, from birth through age three.
Master Will Shakespeare (1936)
This short film provides a brief biography of the Bard.

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