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James Tolkan

James Tolkan


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Also Known As: Died:
Born: June 20, 1931 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Calumet, Michigan, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Bone Tomahawk (2015)
A rag-tag group go on a rescue mission to save some people captured by a gang of creature-like cannibals.
Phil Spector (2013)
Biopic following the life, career and tribulations of record producer Phil Spector.
Heaven's Fall (2006)
True story of Samuel Leibowitz who defended nine African American men in a re-trial after they were wrongfully accused and convicted of the rape of two Caucasian women.
Seven Times Lucky (2004)
Harlan the aging, small-time grifter, and Fiona, the beautiful, ambitious student, both of them shilling for chicken feed while dreaming of the larger score. When they finally get their big chance, all bets are off in a game of wits and outwits that leaves Harlan's life in deeper and deeper shambles
Love in Ambush (2002) as Agent Price
The story of Shelly Kincaid who, fleeing an unhappy marriage, returns to Cambodia to find her brother who has been accused of deserting the army in Vietnam.
River of Stone (1996)
A brilliant teenage girl discovers a powerful crystal while in the Bahamas. Unbeknownst to her, it is being sought by various forces of good and evil who are trying to control the world.
Sketch Artist II: Hands That See (1995) as Tenelli
A police sketch artist collaborates with a blind rape victim, in an effort to come up with an exact portrait of her attacker.
Beyond Betrayal (1994) as Joe Maloney
In order to escape her abusive husband, a woman attempts to change her identity and start a new life.
Boiling Point (1993) as Levitt
Story of a cop who seeks revenge on the counterfeiting conman who killed his partner.
Bloodfist IV: Die Trying (1992)
After a Repo man tags the wrong car, he finds himself in a tangle of murder, passion and revenge orchestrated by the C.I.A.
Sketch Artist (1992) as Tonelli
A police sketch artist is brought in on a murder case in which he realizes the woman fleeing the scene of the crime is his wife. He covers it up, then gets so embroiled in the case that he too becomes a suspect.
Driving Me Crazy (1991) as Vince
A German car engineer develops a fool-proof car which can run over 200 mph and uses no gasoline. However, that doesn't save it from being stolen at a Los Angeles auto convention.
Problem Child 2 (1991) as Mr Thorn
After moving to a new town with his divorced and lonely father, Junior attempts to fix him up.
Hangfire (1991) as Patch
Escaped prison inmates take over a Mexican town and hold its inhabitants hostage.
Dick Tracy (1990) as Numbers
The intrepid comic strip detective fights off a ruthless gangster and his seductive girlfriend.
Back To The Future (Part 3) (1990) as Marshal Strickland
Marty McFly drives into the Old West to rescue Doc, whose blossoming romance makes him reluctant to return, from the clutches of the villainous Tannen Gang.
Opportunity Knocks (1990) as Sal
Against a contrast of inner city violence and suburban serenity, a con man assumes someone else''s identity.
True Blood (1989) as Lieutenant Joe Hanley
A man framed for murder tries to save his brother who has been drawn into a life of crime.
Ministry of Vengeance (1989) as Colonel Freeman
A Vietnam War veteran renounces the military, but after his wife and daughter are killed by terrorists, he returns to warfare.
Back To The Future (Part 2) (1989) as Strickland
Sequel to the 1985 hit "Back to the Future," where Marty McFly goes into the future.
Case of the Hillside Strangler, The (1989) as Lieutenant Ed Henderson
A movie, based on the non-fiction book "Two of a Kind: The Hillside Stranglers," about the police investigation that led to the arrest and conviction of Kenneth Bianchi and his cousin, Angelo Buono, who murdered ten young women near Los Angeles between October 1977 and February 1978. The story is to
Family Business (1989)
A young business executive learns from his eccentric grandfather that he comes from a family of robber barons.
Second Sight (1989) as Captain Coolidge
Three partners in a psychic detective agency must rescue the Cardinal of Boston.
Viper (1988) as Colonel Tanzer
After her husband's mysterious death, Laura discovers that the killers are linked to a corrupt government anti-terror operation called Viper.
Leap of Faith (1988) as Dr Siegel
A movie based on fact following the spiritual and psychological journey of Debby Ogg, a woman who refuses to accept as a death sentence the diagnosis of her potentially fatal illness. Instead she makes a personal attempt to heal herself and to learn how to love and be loved.
Split Decisions (1988) as Benny Pistone
Two sons in the McGuinn family are talented prizefighters. The youngest is working with his father to train for the Olympics. But the oldest son has chosen a different path and has gotten involved with crooked fight promoters to advance his career, resulting in a great deal of stress in their family.
Weekend War (1988) as Major Thompson
A television movie about U.S. citizens whose National Guard duty explodes into horrifying guerrilla warfare in a remote jungle region in Honduras.
Made In Heaven (1987) as Mr Bjornstead
Mike Shea left his small Pennsylvania town and to move to California. On the way, he rescues a woman her children from a river, dying in the process. After arriving in heaven, Mike falls in love with a girl named Annie, but she has to return to Earth and inhabit another body in order to earn her wings. Desperate to be with her, Mike is offered a deal: He can return to Earth and find Annie, but neither will remember each other, and they have thirty years to re-connect.
Masters Of The Universe (1987) as Detective Lubic
He-Man is engaged in an intergalactic battle for the control of the universe with the evil Skeletor. Skeletor intends to conquer the ravaged planet Eternia, the once Utopian state that is ruled by the Sorceress of Greyskull Castle. When the dwarf Gwildor performs some magic, He-Man and Skeletor are
Flanagan (1987) as Turner
Off Beat (1986) as Harry
Library worker(Reinhold), filling in for policeman friend at rehearsal for a dance recital, falls in love with female cop.
Little Spies (1986) as Kennel Master
A reclusive World War II hero helps a gung-ho band of youngsters save a lovable stray from dognappers via a daring raid on a puppy kennel run by a villain. Airing as a "Disney Sunday Movie."
Top Gun (1986) as Stinger
A hotheaded pilot struggles to survive an exclusive training program.
Turk 182 (1985) as Hanley
A young man becomes a mystery hero in New York when he lauches a one-man campaign to fight City Hall for proper restitution for his brother, a firefighter who was seriously injured while trying to save a young girl.
Back To The Future (1985) as Mr Strickland
A young man travels into the past and almost keeps his parents from getting married.
Iceman (1984) as Maynard
An Arctic researcher, Shepherd, discovers a 40,000 year-old man frozen in ice. Shepherd wants to protect him, but a surgical team wants to dissect the mystical Iceman.
WarGames (1983) as Wigan
In search of the ultimate game, a young man accidentally hacks into the government''''s top military computer.
Nightmares (1983) as Bishop'S Voice ("The Bishop Pf Battle")
Hanky-Panky (1982) as Conferee
When the beauty with whom he shared a taxi is murdered, a man is forced to go on the run.
Author! Author! (1982) as St Glass
After his wife leaves him, a New York playwright juggles raising five kids plus a love affair with the star of his new show.
Wolfen (1981) as Baldy
Detective Dewey Wilson is investigating several strange murders in New York City. All the victims look as if they have been mutilated by wild animals. His investigation leads him to a group of Native Americans who tell him about the legend of a superior species that once roamed the area, but who ar
Prince of the City (1981) as Da Polito
A narcotics cop investigating police corruption gets in over his head.
The Amityville Horror (1979) as Coroner
Newlyweds discover their dream home is haunted.
Love and Death (1975) as Napoleon
A devout coward vows to assassinate Napoleon in the name of love.
Serpico (1974)
A rookie risks his life going undercover to ferret out police corruption.
The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973) as Contact Man
An aging hood turns police informer, with deadly results.
They Might Be Giants (1971) as Mr. Brown
They Might be Giants chronicles the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in modern day New York City. The fact that Sherlock Holmes (George C. Scott) is a psychotic paranoid and Dr. Watson (Joanne Woodward) is a female psychiatrist fascinated by his case is almost beside the point. Dr. Watson follows Holmes across Manhattan and is, against her better judgement, drawn into the master detective's world of intrigue and danger. This is a sweet, goofy and fairly romantic film that asks the questions "Who's reality is right...and does it really matter?"
Stiletto (1969) as Edwards
A rich, jet-setting playboy has a secret life: he's also a professional Mafia hitman. When he decides it's time to retire from that life, he finds that his former employers don't like the idea that someone who knows so much about them won't be under their control anymore, and decide to send their own hitmen to eliminate him.

Cast (special)

Convicts on the Street: One Year on Parole (1990) as Narration
A documentary examining the dilemma of an overcrowded American prison system that allows potentially dangerous criminals to go free. The focus is on 12 months in the life of a California parole officer and his charges. Segment of "America Undercover."
Guns: A Day in the Death of America (1990) as Narration
A documentary recounting four of the 61 fatal shootings that took place in the United States on July 16, 1989. Includes interviews with witnesses and the victims' families and friends.
Do the Guilty Go Free? (1988) as Narration
A documentary that probes the consequences of justice gone awry by focusing on three nationally publicized criminal cases where the Exclusionary Rule -- which says that if evidence is not properly obtained, it cannot be allowed in court -- was used to gain rulings favorable to confessed killers.
Wings (1983) as Billy
Adapted from Arthur Kopit's play, the drama is a stream-of-consciousness account of the experiences of Emily Stilson, a former daredevil aviatrix, who has suffered a stroke. The woman shares her confusion and frustrations with viewers, as she struggles to make sense of the world and to recover her p

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