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Powers Boothe


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Also Known As: Died: May 14, 2017
Born: June 1, 1948 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Snyder, Texas, USA Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)

Overture (1990) as Director
Superimpositions used to create an unreal sense of space.

Cast (feature film)

Avengers, The (2012)
S.H.I.E.L.D. leader Nick Fury assembles a team of Super Heroes who must find a way to work together in order to defeat a threat to global security.
MacGruber (2010)
Only one American hero has earned the rank of Green Beret, Navy SEAL and Army Ranger. Just one operative has been awarded 16 purple hearts, 3 Congressional Medals of Honor and 7 presidential medals of bravery. And only one guy is man enough to still sport a mullet. In the 10 years since his fiancée
Edison & Leo (2008)
George T. Edison is a man so obsessed with progress and invention that he is not honest with himself or his family. When George's son Leo falls in love Zella, she challenges him to learn the truth about his father and himself.
Edison & Leo (2008)
George T. Edison is a man so obsessed with progress and invention that he is not honest with himself or his family. When George's son Leo falls in love Zella, she challenges him to learn the truth about his father and himself.
Final Season, The (2007)
In the small town of Norway, Iowa, everyone comes together for high school baseball. But life throws curve balls; and the passionate young players, rookie coach Kent Stock, and the hometown fans find that life's greatest challenges strike off the diamond. This is the true story of a coach who inspi
Sin City (2005) as Cast
Welcome to Sin City. This town beckons to the tough, the corrupt, the brokenhearted, Some call it dark. Some call it hard-boiled. Then there are those who call it home. Crooked cops. Sexy Dames. Desperate vigilantes. Some are seeking revenge--others lust after redemption. And then there are those ho
Second Nature (2003) as Kelton Reed
A man awakes from a coma suffering from amnesia after a fatal plane crash that killed his family. As he recovers from his injuries, he starts to uncover his past and his true identity as a government assassin but the mystery deepens and nothing is what it seems.
Frailty (2002) as Agent Wesley Doyle
A tale which follows an FBI investigation in present day Texas. Fenton Meiks, a young man, approaches the lead FBI investigator, claiming he knows the identity of a serial killer who calls himself "God's Hands." The FBI agent is curious, but unimpressed until Fenton reveals that the killer is his yo
Men of Honor (2000) as Captain Pullman
Chronicles the inspirational, true-life exploits of Carl Brashear, who became the Navy's first African-American Master Diver. Brashear runs into formidable opposition in the form of Billy Sunday, a rebellious senior officer and celebrated Master Chief Navy Diver. But it is Sunday who ultimately help
Crime of Passion, A (1999) as Ben Pierce
Alissa Pierce is struggling through her first year of medical school while caring for her teenage sister, Natalie, and her recently widowed father, Ben, a wealthy physician. One night, Ben meets cocktail waitress Marcy Elias, a sexy, streetwise woman. Ben begins to date Marcy and, within weeks, asks
U Turn (1997) as Sheriff Potter
When his car breaks down in a small God-forsaken town in Arizona, Bobby Cooper, a broke, two-bit criminal becomes involved with a beautiful married woman whose husband secretly wants her dead--and offers Bobby a high price to get the job done right.
Dalva (1996) as Sam Creekmouth
A woman seeks to reclaim the peace of the Nebraska prairie where she was born, as well as the son she gave up for adoption years earlier.
Nixon (1995) as General Alexander M Haig Jr
The controversial president struggles to maintain his integrity and sanity in a shifting political landscape.
Sudden Death (1995) as Joshua Foss
A security guard must stop a terrorist group that has taken the vice president hostge at the Stanley Cup finals.
Blue Sky (1994) as Vince Johnson
A military family is forced to transfer to a new military base where they become the victims of a nuclear bomb testing cover-up.
Web of Deception (1994) as Dr Phillip Benesch
A forensic psychiatrist becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a woman who was obsessed with him.
Mutant Species (1994) as Frost
In the year 2003, an Army Bio-Force team locates a misfired rocket containing a dangerous, mutated strain of DNA. The DNA finds its way into the body of the team's lieutenant, who turns on his unit, killing all but one sergeant who manages to escape. The lieutenant metamorphosizes physically and psy
Tombstone (1993) as Curly Bill
A retired lawman straps on his guns one more time to fight a vicious outlaw band.
Marked for Murder (1993) as Mace "Sandman" Moutron
The Justice Department takes a hardened convict out of prison, trains him and gives him a job with the Philadelphia Police Department to help them with their fight against crime.
Rapid Fire (1992) as Lieutenant Mace Ryan
When a student witness a murder between two feuding drug families, he seeks the help of a friend who is a cop.
Wild Card (1992) as Preacher
An ex-priest turned professional gambler exposes murder and corruption in a small New Mexico town.
By Dawn's Early Light (1990) as Cassidy
A full-scale nuclear war is threatened when an unidentified missile strikes a Russian city. The American president and the Soviet premier race against time to stop their own missiles and save the world from destruction.
Extreme Prejudice (1987) as Cash Bailey
Jack Benteen and Cash Bailey were childhood friends. Now Jack is a Texas Ranger and Cash is a ruthless drug lord who works out of Mexico. The two face off on opposite sides of the border, Jack determined to clean up the drug traffic, and Cash equally determined to preserve his lucrative business.
Into the Homeland (1987) as Jackson Swallow
A father searches for his missing daughter which inevitably brings him into contact with a terrifying political phenomenon.
Breed Apart, A (1986) as Michael Walker
Emerald Forest, The (1985) as Bill Markham
An American engineer, overseeing the construction of a dam in Brazil, loses his son in the rain forest and then goes up against insurmountable odds to find him.
Red Dawn (1984) as Andy Tanner
When the Soviet Union and Cuba invade the United States and paratroop into a small mid-western town, a group of teens band together to fight off their occupiers.
Southern Comfort (1981) as Rifleman Charles Hardin
The nine, new National Guardsmen performing training exercises in the Louisiana Bayou have no ammunition, but offend some citizens in the area with their cocky behavior. With their pride at stake, the locals fight back and a guerilla war starts between the two sides.
Cruising (1980) as Hankie Salesman
A police detective hunts a killer through the sleazy gay nightclub scene of 1970s New York City in William Friedkin's gritty and controversial crime drama "Cruising" (1980), starring Al Pacino. Detective Steve Burns goes deep undercover and learns the rituals and culture of hard-core S&M to catch a
Plutonium Incident, The (1980) as Dick Hawkins
The Karen Silkwood case provided the rather obvious inspiration for this fictionalized account of a plutonium plant employee who becomes the target of management as well as union harassment when she tries to blow the whistle on the company for negligent safety procedures, and soon finds her life in
Cold Eye, The (1980) as David
A young artist living in New York City around 1979 serves as the camera's "eye" and is never seen. The film follows her during the stage in her artistic development when she is deciding what art is meant to do in the world.
Skag (1980) as Jim Whalen
Karl Malden is a veteran steel mill foreman whose world is torn apart when he suffers a stroke leaving him temporarily paralyzed. This highly-acclaimed pilot to the subsequent short-lived series received six Emmy Award nominations; direction, writing, music scoring, art direction/set decoration, edi
Cry for Love, A (1980) as Tony Bonnell
She's an amphetamine addict; he's an alcoholic. Together they strive to save one another from self-destruction in this adaptation by Joseph Bologna and Renee Taylor of the autobiographical best-seller by Jill Schary Robinson (daughter of producer/director Dore Schary). Last-minute editing left Charl

Art Department (feature film)

Cold Eye, The (1980) as Set Design
A young artist living in New York City around 1979 serves as the camera's "eye" and is never seen. The film follows her during the stage in her artistic development when she is deciding what art is meant to do in the world.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Fear, Anxiety, and Depression (1989)
A satirical look at life among artists in New York's Lower East Side.
Fear, Anxiety, and Depression (1989)
A satirical look at life among artists in New York's Lower East Side.

Cast (special)

24: Redemption (2008)
A prequel to the 7th season of the series, Jack Bauer is in Africa during a military coup while a new President is inaugurated back home.
Jessica Lange: On Her Own Terms (2001) as Interviewee
Profile of actress Jessica Lange.
Attila: The Making of an Epic Mini-Series (2001) as Interviewee
Documentary examining the production of the USA Network's epic miniseries, "Attila." Cast and crew members reveal their adventures working in Lithuania with thousands of extras and animals; choreographing difficult stunts; using visual effects to make 500 people look like 3,000; coordinating massive
Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas (1992) as Narration
A documentary examining how African lions and hyenas interact in the wild.
Sapphire Man (1991)
A drama about an escaped convict who must rely on his estranged daughter to help him recover a hidden fortune.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Attila (2001) as Flavius Aetius
Miniseries about Attila the Hun, the ruthless 5th century warrior who helped unite his people in an area that is now Hungary. Tells the story of two worlds colliding and of the two men who embody the values and essence of those worlds. Attila, King of the Huns, is a visionary who sees more in his pe
Joan of Arc (1999) as Jacques D'Arc
Miniseries based on the life of Joan of Arc, an illiterate 15th century French peasant girl of 17, who donned a suit of armor and rode off to war to unite and save France from its English enemy. Claiming to be sent by God, she was burned at the stake, at the age of 19, for heresy.
Spree, The (1998) as Bram
True Women (1997) as Bartlett Mcclure
Miniseries about the women who helped to settle Texas, based on the book by Janice Woods Windle. Covers five decades, from the Texas Revolution through Indian uprisings and the Civil War to the early stages of the women's suffrage movement. Based on Janice Woods Windle's historical novel about the l
Family of Spies (1990) as John Walker Jr
Recounts the true story of master spy John Walker Jr. The espionage organization he established over a two-decade period may have provided enough secrets to the Soviets to alter the balance of power between the USSR and the United States. In the process, Walker destroyed his family.
Guyana Tragedy: Story of Jim Jones (1980) as Reverend Jim Jones
Then-relatively unknown Powers Boothe's dynamic performance as the charismatic self-styled preacher who led the settlers of Jonestown, Guyana, to mass suicide in 1978, won him the Emmy Award as Outstanding Actor. His appearance at the presentation ceremony as the only performer to show up (an actors

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