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Cast (feature film)

Twelve Hours to Kill (1960) as Cab dispatcher
Based on the Saturday Evening Post serial "Set Up For Murder" by Richard Stern, 12 Hours to Kill traces the problems of a young Greek national (Nico Minardos) who, after ogling a murder, is ushered off into the relative "safety" of suburban obscurity by the police, unaware that he is being double-crossed by a crooked gendarme.
Sing, Boy, Sing (1958) as Sign painter
A young Pop Star struggles with his singing career being "sinful" and his gospel roots that his grandfather who raised him instilled in his heart.
Zero Hour! (1957) as Whitmond
When a flight crew falls ill, the only man who can land the plane is afraid of flying.
Until They Sail (1957) as Trainman
Four sisters in New Zealand fall for Allied sailors en route to World War II.
The Swan (1956) as Head gardener
On the eve of her marriage to a prince, a noblewoman falls for her brother''''s tutor.
It's a Dog's Life (1955) as Old Irishman
Francis in the Navy (1955) as Pawnbroker
The Virgin Queen (1955) as Landlord
Sir Walter Raleigh wins favor with the Queen in order to get financing for a proposed voyage to the New World.
Titanic (1953) as Seaman
An unhappily married couple realize their problems seem minor when the ship hits an iceberg.
Sealed Cargo (1951) as Ambrose
A fisherman tangles with Nazi smugglers off the Canadian coast.
Royal Wedding (1951) as Bobby
A brother-and-sister musical team find romance when they tour to London for Elizabeth II's wedding.
Challenge to Lassie (1949) as Policeman
A faithful dog changes the lives of all who know her after her master dies.
The Heiress (1949) as Geier
A plain young woman's money makes her prey to fortune hunters.
Rope of Sand (1949) as Henry--Bartender
Two years ago, hunting guide Mike Davis was with a client who trespassed on diamond company land and found a rich lode; Paul Vogel, sadistic commandant of company police, beat Mike nearly to death but failed to learn the location. Now Mike is back in Diamantstad, South African desert, and manager Martingale has a better idea: he hires delectable adventuress Suzanne to ferret out Mike's secret. But she soon finds she's playing with fire.
That Wonderful Urge (1949) as Bailiff
An heiress gets back at the reporter who pretended to romance her to get a story.
A Woman's Vengeance (1948) as Workman
Country squire Henry Maurier is patient with his wife Emily, a neurotic invalid, but her brother surprises Henry with his young mistress Doris. The same night, Emily dies of her chronic heart disease, and Henry promptly marries Doris, to the chagrin of neighbor Janet Spence, who loves him. When a post-mortem shows that Emily's death was precipitated by arsenic, Henry is placed on trial for his life. But is he guilty?
Bodyguard (1948) as Fitzgibbon
A cop on suspension is framed for murder.
The Three Musketeers (1948) as Innkeeper
Athletic adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' classic adventure about the king's musketeers and their mission to protect France.
Hills of Home (1948) as Burnbrae
Lassie helps a Scottish doctor deal with his patients' problems.
Julia Misbehaves (1948) as English sailor
A showgirl returns to her stuffy estranged husband when their daughter gets engaged.
Mother Wore Tights (1947) as Policeman
A married vaudeville team struggles to raise a family while touring the nation.
Bob, Son of Battle (1947) as Sam'l Thornton
Bulldog Drummond at Bay (1947) as Tommy
When thieves rob his country estate, Bulldog Drummond¿s investigation uncovers a deadly jewel heist.
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) as Sproggins
A spirited widow rents a haunted cottage and builds an emotional bond with the resident ghost.
Ivy (1947) as Groves
In 1909, British belle Ivy Lexton meets older, rich Miles Rushworth; undeterred by the prior claims of her husband Jervis and lover Roger, she goes after Miles and has no trouble fascinating him, but oddly enough he has compunctions about making love to other men's wives. The means Ivy reluctantly adopts to resolve the problem of too many men promise disaster for all concerned.
The Beginning or the End (1947) as English bobby
True story of the Manhattan Project and the race to build the atomic bomb.
Forever Amber (1947) as Bailiff
Amber St Clair means to get on in life and despite a poor background knows she has the assets to do it. Husbands, lovers, prison and a liaison with King Charles II form a tapestry of apparently calculating ups and downs, although in fact the one love of her life, Bruce Carlton, is never far from Amber's thoughts.
The Locket (1946) as Myron Dexter
A dark personal secret drives a young woman to use every man she encounters.
Devotion (1946) as Farmer
The Bronte sisters and their brother fight personal demons to realize their artistic ambitions.
The Verdict (1946) as Sergeant
A Scotland Yard superintendent makes a mistake in an investigation, causing the execution of an innocent man.
Sister Kenny (1946) as Angus Frazier
True story of the Australian nurse who fought to gain acceptance for her polio-treatment methods.
Kitty (1946) as Gingerbread hawker
A penniless British lord passes a street urchin off as a lady to sell her to a rich husband.
She-Wolf of London (1946) as Policeman
London is shaken by a series of grisly murders. Suspicion falls on an attractive young woman who is rumored to have werewolves in her family tree.
The House of Fear (1945) as Village sergeant
Tonight and Every Night (1945) as Scotch soldier
An American girl falls for an RAF pilot while performing at a British music hall.
The Brighton Strangler (1945) as Fireman
An actor playing a notorious killer begins to live the part.
The Canterville Ghost (1944) as Carpenter
A ghost who died a coward tries to inspire U.S. GIs to become heroes.
Frenchman's Creek (1944) as Ostler
Music in Manhattan (1944) as Clancy
An actress''''s publicist starts a rumor that she''''s a war hero''''s secret bride.
None But the Lonely Heart (1944) as Prison guard
A young ne'er-do-well tries to get his life on track to help his ailing mother.
The Lodger (1944) as Sergeant
The inhabitants of a boarding house fear the new lodger is Jack the Ripper.
Lost in a Harem (1944) as Cornet player
Two entertainers touring the Middle East are kidnapped by an evil sultan.
The Man from Down Under (1943) as Newsman
A World War I veteran sneaks two orphans back to his native Australia.
Thumbs Up (1943) as Andrew Tuppitt
Holy Matrimony (1943) as Process server
An artist returning from years abroad takes the identity of his dead valet to escape the attentions of the press.
Immortal Sergeant (1943) as Bren carrier driver
During WWII, a corporal in the desert reminisces about the love he left behind and faces uncertainty about his strength as a leader.
Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943) as Pub character
An Eddie Cantor look-alike organizes an all-star show to help the war effort.
Assignment in Brittany (1943) as Commando sergeant
A French Resistance fighter discovers he''s a dead ringer for a Nazi official.
Gangway for Tomorrow (1943) as Fogarty
Five people thrown together by World War II review their pasts.
The Black Swan (1942) as Sea captain
When he's named governor of Jamaica, a former pirate sets out to clean up the Caribbean.
Journey for Margaret (1942) as Air raid warden
An American correspondent tries to adopt two children orphaned during the London blitz.
Mrs. Miniver (1942) as Farmer
A British family struggles to survive the first days of World War II.
The Undying Monster (1942) as Miles McGregor
A rarely seen movie about a werewolf who prowls around at night but only kills certain members of one family. It seems like just a coincidence but the investigating Inspector soon finds out that this tradition has gone on for generations and tries to find a link between the werewolf and the family, leading to a frightening conclusion.
This Above All (1942) as
A woman defies convention by joining the WAAFs and becoming romantically involved with an AWOL soldier.
Son of Fury (1942) as Wardman
A young adventurer seeks his fortune in the South Seas so he can return to England and reclaim his birthright.
They Met in Bombay (1941) as Sergeant
Rival jewel thieves on the run find love in the Far East.
Scotland Yard (1941) as Laundry man
Inspector Cork pursues a bank robber who serves in the army and receives facial injuries. After plastic surgery he shows up as a bank president planning an enormous robbery.
Confirm or Deny (1941) as Workman
Newsman Mitch and teletype operator Jennifer, whose job is to see he doesn't send innapropriate stuff out of the country, dodge bombs during the blitz of London while falling in love.
Rage in Heaven (1941) as Worker
A jealous man plots to fake his death and incriminate his wife's suspected lover.
Burma Convoy (1941) as Constable
Film foreword: "Through the teeming heart of Asia, halfway between Rangood and Shanghai, twists the hand-hewn Burma Road, lifeline for the embattled Army of China, headquartered at Chungking. Over this dangerous seven hundred miles of highway roars a stream of truck---hell drivers at their wheels---trucks loaded with food, munitions, guns...blood and sinew of the defenders of the ancient soil of China. Fountain-head for these vital supplies, end of the rail line from the west is the sprawling Burmese BOOMTOWN OF LASHIO." Story mostly pertains to the trucking of munitions to the Chinese Army under British direction and with some Americans participating, but there is no dialogue references to Japan, and the parachute troops who attempt to sabotage the convoy are identified as Chinese insurrectionists. Two months after its October release, Universal could have called a spade a spade.Accuracy footnote:Despite revisionists sources that seem to think so,this was not distributed in 1941 by MCA/Universal, because MCA/Universal did not exist in 1941. Universal Pictures Company did, and they were the distributor.
Singapore Woman (1941) as Frank
A woman who believes she''''s cursed, takes refuge on a rubber plantation.
The Strawberry Blonde (1941) as Street cleaner
A man''''s infatuation with a gold-digging beauty continues after his marriage.
International Squadron (1941) as Instructor
A hotshot flyer endangers his colleagues in the Royal Air Force as they fly against the Nazis.
A Yank in the R.A.F. (1941) as Orderly
A hot shot flyer discovers the hero within when he joins the British Air Force during World War II.
A Dispatch from Reuters (1940) as Telegrapher
An entrepreneur builds an international news agency.
Adventure in Diamonds (1940) as First English sailor
Pride and Prejudice (1940) as Groom
Jane Austen''''s comic classic about five sisters out to nab husbands in 19th-century England.
British Intelligence (1940) as Mysterious man
A lady spy uses a British nobleman''s home in her undercover work for the Germans.
Waterloo Bridge (1940) as Cockney
A ballerina turns to prostitution when her fiance is reported killed in World War I.
The Light That Failed (1940) as Soldier
Dick Heldar, a London artist, is gradually losing his sight. He struggles to complete his masterpiece, the portrait of Bessie Broke, a cockney girl, before his eyesight fails him.
Down Argentine Way (1940) as Head groom
Love and horse racing spice up an American girl's South American vacation.
The Invisible Man Returns (1940) as Warden
Framed for the murder of his brother, Geoffrey Radcliffe is scheduled to hang. After a visit from his friend Dr. Frank Griffin, he vanishes mysteriously from prison. Police inspector Sampson realizes that Griffin is the brother of the original Invisible Man and has given Geoffrey the formula to aid his escape. Can Geoffrey elude the police dragnet and track down the real murderer? More importantly, can Griffin discover an antidote before the invisibility formula drives Geoffrey insane?
South of Suez (1940) as Miner
A murder defendant falls for his alleged victim''''s daughter.
Union Pacific (1939) as Irishman
A crooked politician tries to stop construction of the first intercontinental railroad.
Rulers of the Sea (1939) as Murdock
I'm from Missouri (1939) as Truck driver
Sergeant Madden (1939) as Prisoner
A police officer's son joins the force but goes bad.
The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939) as Driver
Sherlock Holmes uncovers a plot to murder the heir to a country estate.
Bridal Suite (1939) as Bath attendant
A playboy''''s fiancee sets out to reform her future husband and his flighty mother.
The Little Princess (1939) as Orderly
When her father is reported dead in war, his daughter fights harsh conditions at her boarding school.
Pack Up Your Troubles (1939) as British Tommy
Out of work vaudevillians join the army in WWI and head for France.
We Are Not Alone (1939) as Mr. Richardson
A British doctor hires an injured ballerina as a nanny for his son.
The Three Musketeers (1939) as Mate
A parodic remake of the story of the young Gascon D'Artagnan, who arrives in Paris, his heart set on joining the king's Musketeers. He is taken under the wings of three of the most respected and feared Musketeers, Porthos, Aramis, and Athos. Together they fight to save France and the honor of a lady from the machinations of the powerful Cardinal Richelieu.
Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police (1939) as Workman
Bulldog Drummond discovers the house he¿s rented for his wedding hides a secret treasure.
Bulldog Drummond's Peril (1938) as Expressman
Bulldog Drummond hunts down an assassin after a priceless diamond.
Lord Jeff (1938) as Driver of milk cart
When a good boy goes bad, his family sends him to a naval military school.
Sergeant Murphy (1938) as Attendant
A lowly private becomes attached to a trained military horse.
Kidnapped (1938) as Clansman
A young man''''s evil uncle arranges for him to be kidnapped and sent to sea.
Speed to Burn (1938) as Groom
Mysterious Mr. Moto (1938) as Truck driver
Mr. Moto has himself imprisoned on Devil's Island so he can help his cellmate (Ames) escape and thereby get the goods on a gang of international killers.
London by Night (1937) as Cockney man
A blackmailer holds the key to several murders.
Lancer Spy (1937) as Sentry
An Englishman impersonates an imprisoned German officer and "returns" to Germany to become a national hero. A female German spy is assigned to check him out but falls in love with him.
Captains Courageous (1937) as Tom
A spoiled rich boy is lost at sea and rescued by a fishing boat, where hard work and responsibility help him become a man.
The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936) as Orderly
Two brothers love the same woman at a perilous Indian outpost.
San Francisco (1936) as
A beautiful singer and a battling priest try to reform a Barbary Coast saloon owner in the days before the big earthquake.
The Return of Sophie Lang (1936) as Deck steward
Nobody's Fool (1936) as
Dimples (1936) as Customer
Shirley Temple lives with the pick-pocket grandfather in 19th century New York City. She entertains the crowds while he works his racket. A rich lady makes it possible for the girl to go legit. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is performed.
Charlie Chan at the Race Track (1936) as Steward
While steaming from Honolulu to Los Angeles the owner of a prize racehorse headed for the Santa Anita Handicap is killed, apparently kicked to death by his stallion. Not so, deduces Charlie. Leter he exposes efforts to fix a race at the famous track.
The Devil Is a Sissy (1936) as Court clerk
A British boy in New York tries to join a tenement gang.
Princess O'Hara (1935) as Joe
Redheads on Parade (1935) as Reporter
The Gilded Lily (1935) as English reporter
A news reporter turns the woman he loves into a media star after she rejects an aristocrat''s marriage proposal.
Cardinal Richelieu (1935) as Agitator
Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) as McIntosh
Classic adventure about the sadistic Captain Bligh, who drove his men to revolt during a South Seas expedition.
Times Square Lady (1935) as Taxi driver
A gambler''s assistant helps the boss''s daughter fight off a crooked lawyer.
No More Ladies (1935) as Bartender
A society girl tries to reform her playboy husband by making him jealous.
The Key (1934) as Second regular
A British officer stationed in Ireland falls for the wife of an intelligence man.
A Modern Hero (1934) as Caddy master
A circus rider makes a hit in the automotive industry but can''''t find happiness.
What Every Woman Knows (1934) as Best man
An ambitious wife backs her husband's political career.
Smiling Irish Eyes (1929) as Scotch barker

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