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Casting (feature film)

Untitled (Woody Allen/Joaquin Phoenix Project) (2015)
Storyline is under wraps.
Casting By (2013)
A portrait of the late, legendary casting director Marion Dougherty who was a pioneer in the field of casting before the job even received a significant credit. Establishing herself in the early 1960s with two groundbreaking television series - "Naked City" and "Route 66" - she went on to become the
Blue Jasmine (2013)
A New York housewife in the middle of a nervous breakdown travels to San Francisco to be with her sister.
To Rome With Love (2012)
Four non-intersecting vignettes follow the exploits of Americans and Italians in Rome.
Midnight in Paris (2011)
A family, including a young couple, travels to Paris, France for business and have their lives transformed.
You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010)
Two couples learn to be careful for what they wish when their passions and anxieties drive them out of their marriages as well as their minds.
Whatever Works (2009)
After the failure of his career, his marriage, and his suicide attempt, world-class grouch Boris Yellnikoff, spends his days insulting the small children unfortunate enough to study chess with him and irritating his still-loyal friends with his never-ending tirades about the worthlessness of absolut
Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)
Two young American women, Vicky and Cristina, come to Barcelona for a summer holiday. Vicky is sensible and engaged to be married; Cristina is emotionally and sexually adventurous. In Barcelona, they're drawn into a series of unconventional romantic entanglements with Juan Antonio, a charismatic painter, who is still involved with his tempestuous ex-wife Maria Elena.
Cassandra's Dream (2007)
In contemporary London, two brothers are desperate to better their troubled lives. One is a chronic gambler in debt over his head, and the other is a young man in love with a beautiful actress he has recently met. Their lives gradually become entangled into a sinister situation with intense and unfo
Scoop (2006)
By way of a deceased reporter, an American journalism student, Sondra, visiting London investigates a series of murders and falls in love with a dashing Englishman.
Interpreter, The (2005) as Casting
Escalating events begin when African-born U.N. translator Silvia Broome alleges that she has overheard a death threat against an African head of state, spoken in a rare dialect few people other than Silvia can understand. With the words "The Teacher will never leave this room alive," in an instant,
Match Point (2005)
A one-time tennis pro, Chris Wilton was used to falling just short in his life. But when he befriends Tom Hewett and marries his sister, Chloe, the doors are opened to the kind of money and success that Chris had once only dreamed of having. Chris should have settled for happiness, but he is torn by his attraction to Tom's impossibly beautiful and alluring fiancée, Nola. The attraction turns to an obsession that forces Chris to make a critical choice. Now everything in his life hinges on whether or not Chris falls short again--and if his luck runs out.
Stepford Wives, The (2004)
Joanna Eberhart thinks she's made it to the top of her world. The youngest president in the history of the EBS television network, she also has an attentive husband and two beautiful children. On the surface, Joanna's life appears to be, well, perfect--until one catastrophic day when it all comes cr
Melinda and Melinda (2004) as Casting
Over a meal in a Chinese restaurant, Sy poses a conundrum to his fellow diners: Is the essence of life comic or tragic? For the sake of argument, he tells a story, which the others then embellish to illustrate their takes on life. The story starts as follows: A young Manhattan couple, Park Avenue pr
Anything Else (2003) as Casting
Jerry Falk is an aspiring writer in New York, who falls in love at first sight with a free-spirited young woman named Amanda. Jerry has heard the phrase that life is like "anything else," but he soon finds that life with the unpredictable Amanda isn't like anything else at all.
People I Know (2003) as Casting
A veteran New York press agent is drawn into the sleazy world of politics, celebrity, and illicit drugs when his famous actor-client falls into a scandal that jeopardizes his ambitious plans to become a senator.
Life of David Gale, The (2003) as Casting
David Gale is a man who has tried to live by his principles, but in a bizarre twist of fate this devoted father, popular professor and respected death penalty opponent finds himself on Death Row for the rape and murder of fellow-activist Constance Hallaway. With only three days before his scheduled
Hollywood Ending (2002) as Casting
Val Waxman is a two-time Oscar winner turned washed-up, neurotic director in desperate need of a comeback. His last film was a hit in Europe but bombs in America, and he is considered to be past it. However, his girlfriend convinces studio bosses to let him make a film about old-time Hollywood. When the opportunity comes, Waxman finds himself backed into a corner--work for his ex-wife Ellie who dumped him for the studio head bankrolling the picture; or forfeit his last shot at forwarding his career, and avoid a painful reconnect. Is Val blinded by love when he opts for the reconnect? Is love blind when it comes to Ellie's staunch support? Literally and figuratively, the proof is in the picture.
Curse of the Jade Scorpion, The (2001) as Casting
In 1940, CW Briggs is the top insurance investigator in New York--or so he keeps telling the firm's new efficiency expert, Betty Ann Fitzgerald. Briggs prides himself on being able to crack any insurance caper by getting into the mind of the thief, but now, thanks to the hypnotic powers of the Jade Scorpion, the mind of a thief is getting into Briggs.
Wit (2001) as Casting
A renowned professor must reassess her life after she discovers she has terminal cancer.
Small Time Crooks (2000) as Casting
Ray Winkler is a meek, addle-brained ex-convict who decides to rob a bank to support the spending habits of his ex-stripper, New Jersey wife, Frenchy. To do so, Ray and his inept accomplices, Denny, Benny and Tommy, rent a vacant store next to a bank and set up a false storefront with the hopes of tunneling from the basement into the bank. While they bumble below ground trying to avoid water mains and other subterranean hazards, Frenchy turns the store upstairs into a thriving cookie shop. Suddenly the Winkers find themselves richer than they could ever imagine and rising up the social ladder at a speed that does not quite fit their tastes.
Angela's Ashes (1999) as Casting
True story about a family in Ireland trying to survive against harsh conditions and poverty.
Sweet and Lowdown (1999) as Casting
Follows the life of 30s jazz player Emmet Ray and his relationship with a mute woman.
Meet Joe Black (1998) as Casting
The story of a media tycoon William Parrish, whose charmed life and orderly household are suddenly disrupted by the arrival of an enigmatic young man named Joe Black who suddenly insinuates his way into Parrish's life--both in his business and private affairs. Determinedly attached to Parrish's side
Primary Colors (1998) as Casting
The fictional story of a presidential run by Jack Stanton, a womanizing, idealistic Southern governor who battles other Democratic candidates in a primary run in 1992. As seen through the eyes of his African-American campaign manager, the Stanton campaign is filled with enthusiastic young Democrats all of whom have dreams that their man is going to win. The story behind the scenes, however, is a little more bawdy and involves Jack Stanton's politically astute wife; an attempt to blackmail the candidate with doctored audiotapes detailing a past sexual encounter; an alleged bastard child of Stanton's from a black teenager; a possibly illegal real estate deal known as Tidewater Estates; the uncovering of a candidate's past as a cocaine-addicted homosexual by Stanton's campaign; and the suicide of one of Stanton's longtime friends.
Celebrity (1998) as Casting
Lee Simon, a journalist, has just split up with his insecure wife Robin. He launches into a series of sexual escapades that include a film star, a supermodel and an aspiring actress. Meanwhile, Robin considers plastic surgery and imagines a life on her own. However, both eventually find love again:
Victory (1997) as Casting
Set in 1913 from the Joseph Conrad classic, the sole white resident of an East Indian island has an ill-fated love affair with a local itinerant musician and must defend his island homeland against three insidious intruders.
Deconstructing Harry (1997) as Casting
Harry Block, despite the onset of middle age, has never really grown up. He has established a reputation as a novelist but has already spent his latest advance from his publisher without writing a word of his latest book. He's had three wives and thinks he is sex-obsessed (having seen several therapists--one of whom he married--to analyze the problem). He is currently on his way to Adair College to receive a life achievement award but is nervous and needs company. Trouble is, Harry's latest girlfriend Fay has chosen this moment to marry his best friend Larry while another buddy, Richard, is having heart problems and can't make the trip. Finally, his wish to have his son Hilly see him honored are scuttled by his psychiatrist mother's refusal to let him attend the ceremony. Meanwhile, Lucy, Block's former sister in-law, is furious that Harry has, in his latest book, described, in vivid detail, their clandestine relationship.
The Birdcage (1996) as Casting Director
A drag entertainer and his partner deal with their son's engagement to a conservative politician's daughter.
Everyone Says I Love You (1996) as Casting
Woody Allen's 26th film is a celebration of an eccentric and very extended family living on New York's upper east side, exploring a broad spectrum of romantic entanglements as they fall in and out of love. Allen creates a world in which Yves St. Laurent mannequins come to life in store windows and d
Mary Reilly (1996) as Casting (Us)
Mary Reilly lives in the house of Dr. Henry Jekyll. She serves her master as a loyal housemaid, sensitive to his weaknesses, attuned to his needs. An innocent girl, Mary's placid demeanor belies a core of steel that has enabled her to overcome a past scarred by violence and pain. In the service of D
Mighty Aphrodite (1995) as Casting
An upscale New York couple decide to adopt a child. Years later, after he proves to be extremely intelligent, the adoptive father sets out to find the biological mother who, he believes, must be a genius. Instead, he finds a young woman who is a prostitute with a scarred past.
Angie (1994) as Casting
Two best friends, Angie and Tina, are young, working class women from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. When Angie decides to have a baby without marrying the father, everyone in town has something to say about it.
Mixed Nuts (1994) as Casting
Christmas is only hours away, and Philip and his dedicated staff are about to go just a little crazy. Philip is a clumsy do-gooder who runs Lifesavers, a suicide prevention hotline service in the funky beach community of Venice, California. Unfortunately, Lifesavers is going to be evicted so the landlord can turn the building into a condominium complex. Philip, however, remains optimistic. He always sees the light at the end of the tunnel, even though it's inevitably the headlight of the next oncoming train. Philip's Lifesavers is a place where the rescuers need help, where the lines of communication are hopelessly tangled, where anxious callers get cut off. Here, disorder is the order of the day, particularly on Christmas Eve, when people can become so overwhelmed by all that Yuletide cheer that there's only one thing to do--reach for the phone and call for help.
Interview With the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994) as Casting
After an aristocratic Louisiana gentleman's abrupt transformation into a vampire at the hands of a mysterious foreigner, he reluctantly settles into a life of nocturnal domesticity, augmented by the addition of a little girl.
Wolf (1994) as Casting
A mild-mannered book editor becomes a force to be reckoned with when he's bitten by a werewolf.
Don't Drink the Water (1994) as Casting
Remake of 1969 feature film (based on Woody Allen's 1966 stage play) about an American caterer and his family, caught behind the Iron Curtain while on a European vacation.
Road to Wellville, The (1994) as Casting
Set in 1907, this satire on health fanaticism in turn-of-the-century America takes place at Dr. John Kellogg's famous Battle Creek sanitarium, known as the "temple of health."
Bullets Over Broadway (1994) as Casting
Set in the Roaring '20s, this comedy revolves around the mob's interaction with the show business world, primarily through the relationship between a playwright and a mobster.
Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993) as Casting
A middle-aged couple suspects foul play when their neighbor's wife suddenly drops dead.
Schindler's List (1993) as Casting
The true story of Olkar Schindler, a German businessman who saved several Jews from concentration camps during WWII.
Sleepless In Seattle (1993) as Casting
A motherless boy uses a radio talk show to find a new wife for his father.
This Is My Life (1992) as Casting
A comedienne and single mother finds fame but risks leaving her two daughters behind.
Hero (1992) as Casting
A down on his luck thief rescues a plane load of passengars from certain death. However, someone else takes credit for the rescue, turning his world upside down.
Husbands and Wives (1992) as Casting
When one couple decides to get a divorce, it puts a strain on the marriage of their two best friends.
Regarding Henry (1991) as Casting
A lawyer who survives a shooting struggles, with the help of his family, to regain his memory and recover his speech and mobility.
Shadows And Fog (1991) as Casting
A meek bookkeeper tries to save a runaway circus performer from a serial killer.
Grifters, The (1990) as Casting Director
A small-time con man tries to avoid getting involved in big-time crime.
Sheltering Sky, The (1990) as Casting Director (Usa)
An American artist couple travel to Africa to seek inspiration.
Postcards From The Edge (1990) as Casting
Based on Carrie Fisher's roman a clef, the story concerns a young actress who has recently gone through drug rehabilitation, and is trying to cope with not only the Hollywood scene but her own mother's, a former musical comedy star of the 50s and 60s, more socially acceptable alcoholism.
Memphis Belle (1990) as Casting
True story of an American crew on the B-17 bomber "Memphis Belle" on a hazardous World War II mission.
New York Stories (1989) as Casting ("Oedipus Wrecks")
Three stories about life in New York City. Woody Allen's segment revolves around a lawyer having problems with his mother. Martin Scorsese's segment, based on Dostoyevsky's "The Gambler", centers on an artist's romance. Francis Coppola's segment is about a privileged daughter of separated parents who lives in New York's Sherry Netherlands Hotel.
Crimes And Misdemeanors (1989) as Casting
In parallel stories, a wealthy doctor deals with a blackmailing mistress while a filmmaker shoots a documentary about a corrupt TV producer.
Biloxi Blues (1988) as Casting
A young soldier training for World War II service tries to score his first romantic conquest.
Mississippi Burning (1988) as Casting
FBI agents investigate the murders of civil rights workers in the South.
Dangerous Liaisons (1988) as Casting
Set in pre-revolutionary France, an upper-class gentleman makes a wager with his ex-lover that he can seduce a virtuous woman.
Working Girl (1988) as Casting
A secretary works her way up to an executive position and falls for one of her co-workers.
Another Woman (1988) as Casting
While dealing with her own tortured past, an aging writer becomes obsessed with a psychiatric patient.
Big (1988) as Casting
Through a carnival wishing machine, a 12-year-old boy is transferred into the body of a 35-year-old man.
Radio Days (1987) as Casting
A young boy's coming of age is mirrored by his favorite radio shows and the lives of their stars.
September (1987) as Casting
A weekend stay at a Vermont summer house provides glimpses into the lives of six unhappy people most of whom are in love with others who love others, etc.
Heartburn (1986) as Casting
When successful food critic Rachel Samstat begins to fall for the charming columnist Mark Forman, she is warned that he is not capable of fidelity. But after a whirlwind courtship, they marry, and Rachel gives up her career to dedicate herself to making their marriage work. Mark is thrilled when Rachel announces that she is pregnant but becomes anxious about his new, responsible role and begins cheating on her. .
Mission, The (1986) as Casting
Two missionaries fight for the rights of South American Indians against Spanish colonial landowners.
Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) as Casting
Three sisters deal with their tangled relationships amidst the wonders of New York City.
Manhattan Project, The (1986) as Casting
Alamo Bay (1985) as Casting
The story of the conflict between American fisherman and Vietnamese immigrants in the Gulf of Mexico
The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985) as Casting
A movie character steps off the screen and into the life of his biggest fan.
Broadway Danny Rose (1984) as Casting
A small-time agent gets mixed up with gangsters when he falls for a client's girlfriend.
Misunderstood (1984) as Casting
After his mother's death, a boy tries to get through to his grief-stricken father.
Birdy (1984) as Casting
A wounded Vietnam veteran tries to help a shell-shocked friend who believes he's a bird.
The Killing Fields (1984) as Casting
An American journalist and his Cambodian adviser fight to survive the country's communist takeover.
Falling in Love (1984) as Casting
A chance meeting could lead married commuters to an affair.
Crackers (1984) as Casting
Sutherland is an unemployed security guard who pals around with a cadre of assorted misfits in the Mission District of San All the group members know Warden, who owns a pawnshop, but that doesn't prevent their planning to rob his safe while he is visiting his mother.
Zelig (1983) as Casting
A documentary traces the strange life of a man who could adapt himself to any group he encountered.
Terms Of Endearment (1983) as Casting
A mother-daughter relationship survives years of rivalry and romantic problems.
Lovesick (1983) as Casting
Tempest (1982) as Casting
A successful architect trades society for a remote Greek island.
Still of the Night (1982) as Casting
A psychiatrist falls for the chief suspect in a patient's murder.
Shoot the Moon (1982) as Casting
Husband, wife and children struggle to survive divorce.
A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (1982) as Casting
Three couples find their relationships tested during a country weekend.
Rollover (1981) as Casting
Lee Winters is a former movie star who inherited her husband's multi-million dollar company when he was murdered. Lee is working with her banker to find her husband's killer, and the two become lovers. The couple go to Saudi Arabia to get a loan, and to secure Lee's role as chairman of the company's board. When they arrive in the country, the find out about a Saudi company's plot to destailize the Western economy by pulling their money out of banks all over the world.
Arthur (1981) as Casting
A childlike millionaire must choose between keeping his fortune and marrying a girl from the wrong side of the tracks.
Fort Apache, The Bronx (1981) as Casting
Murphy is an honest policeman whose beat is the dangerous South Bronx. He performs his job well and treats people with dignity in the the drug and gang infested neighborhood. But Murphy's superior officers maintain a policy of brutality in dealing with the locals. After he sees a fellow officer murd
Honky Tonk Freeway (1981) as Casting
A writer, a waitress, a nun and other motorists land in a desperate Florida mayor's tourist trap.
Willie & Phil (1980) as Casting
Intellectual Jewish teacher Willie meets the outgoing Italian-American fashion photographer Phil at a screening of Jules and Jim and the two instantly become good friends. When they meet Jeanette, who has moved to New York from the South, the duo becomes a threesome. A romantic triangle results and
Stardust Memories (1980) as Casting
A film comedian attending a festival in his honor dreams of doing more serious work.
Manhattan (1979) as Casting
A TV comedy writer falls for his best friend's girl.
Pretty Baby (1978) as Casting
A turn-of-the-century photographer falls for a prostitute's underage daughter.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) as Casting
A blue-collar worker's encounter with a UFO leaves him a changed man.
Network (1976)
Television programmers turn a deranged news anchor into 'the mad prophet of the airwaves.'
Taxi Driver (1976) as Casting
A loner becomes fixated on a teen prostitute.
The Stepford Wives (1975)
A recent arrival in suburbia suspects a sinister reason for the local women's model behavior.
The Exorcist (1973)
A priest battles to save a young girl possessed by demons.

Special Thanks (feature film)

I'll Do Anything (1994) as Special Thanks
A talented actor from New York who is unable to find work in Hollywood suddenly has to care for his unpredictable 5-year-old daughter, whom he has not seen in three years. The lives of both change after he gets a job as a driver for a powerful movie producer. The film revolves around the actor's relationship with a young development woman, and the relationship between the producer and a test-screening researcher.

Casting (feature film)

Angels in America (2003) as Casting Director
Interwoven AIDS-related stories revolving around shamed bisexual Mormon Joe Pitt and his despairing wife Harper; AIDS patient Prior Walter; and Walter's lover Louis who eventually becomes Joe's lover. Based on Tony Kushner's Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name

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