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Akim Tamiroff

Akim Tamiroff



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Also Known As: Died: September 17, 1972
Born: October 29, 1899 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Russia Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Orson Welles' Don Quixote (1992) as Sancho Panza
Based on years of researching the filmmaker's notes, and involving the restoration of all existing footage and material, this is a completed version of the film adaptation of Cervantes' epic, begun by Orson Welles in 1955 but left unfinished upon his death in 1985.
Then Came Bronson (1969) as Papa Bear
A young newspaperman drops out following his friend's suicide, sets out cross-country on his motorcycle in his quest for the meaning of life and befriends a runaway bride.
The Great Bank Robbery (1969) as Papa Pedro
Outlaws pose as a religious group to mask their attempt to rob a Western bank.
The Girl Who Couldn't Say No (1969) as Uncle Egidio
Great Catherine (1968) as Sergeant
The legendary Russian ruler falls hard for a military man in love with someone else.
A Rose for Everyone (1967) as Basilio
The Vulture (1967) as Professor Koniglich
Hotel Paradiso (1966) as Anniello
Chaos results when a mild mannered man tries to have an affair with his neighbor's wife.
Marco the Magnificent (1966) as "Old man of the mountain"
Orson Welles plays the role of Akerman, a venetian savant, in this all star production of Marco Polo's adventures. Young Marco travels to China to help Kublai Khan fight against rebels, headed by his own son, with a new invention: gunpowder.
After the Fox (1966) as Okra
A notorious con man poses as a film director to front a major caper.
Lt. Robin Crusoe, U. S. N. (1966) as Tanamashu
A Navy pilot bails out over a deserted island he transforms into a private tropical paradise.
The Liquidator (1966) as Sheriek
A killer-for-hire gets mixed up with a plot to assassinate England''s Prince Phillip.
Marie-Chantal Contre le Docteur Kha (1965) as Doctor Kha
Marie-Chantal travels by train to her cousin's place to spend a winter holiday, when a stranger - apparently a fugitive from someone aboard - entrusts her with a jewel in the shape of a tiger with ruby eyes. Unknown to her, these false jewels contain a virus powerful enough to destroy all humankind. Doctor Kha is just one among many spies from different nations trying to get their hands on the tiger, or Marie-Chantal... It will give any nation a tremendous control over all others! Marie-Chantal, a snob girl, will evade all attacks by sheer female cunning, and shows tigerish qualities in dealing with her male, and female foes.
Bambole (1965) as Monsignor Arendi
Invasion 1700 (1965) as Baron Zagloba
Alphaville (1965) as Henri Dickson
A private eye is sent to rescue a scientist from a future world ruled by computers.
Lord Jim (1965) as Schomberg
After turning coward, a naval officer tries to redeem himself by helping Asian natives stage a revolution.
Panic Button (1964) as Pandowski
A producer seeking to make a flop in order to use it as a tax write-off hires a washed up film star for the lead role, and then, surprise to everybody, it becomes a huge hit.
Topkapi (1964) as Geven
An international band of thieves plots to steal a priceless treasure from a heavily guarded museum.
Black Tulip, The (1963) as Marquis
In 1789, when the Revolution went on, a bandit named "Black Tulip" held the surroundings of village Roussillon in fear. The poor people respected him as Robin Hood, who declare himself a revolutioner but Count Guillaume de Saint Preux "plays" this benefactor. When he fought with Mouche, the policeman he was wounded ...
The Bacchantes (1963) as
The Trial (1963) as Bloch
In this adaptation of Kafka''''s classic, a man in a nameless country stands trial for an unnamed crime.
The Reluctant Saint (1962) as Bishop Durso
In this true story, a 17th century man miraculously overcomes his intellectual challenges to become a priest.
Romanoff and Juliet (1961) as Vadim Romanoff
An ambassador from a postage-stamp republic plays matchmaker for the children of Soviet and U.S. diplomats.
Ocean's Eleven (1960) as Spyros Acebos
A group of friends plot to rob a Las Vegas casino.
Desert Desperadoes (1959) as The merchant
Me and the Colonel (1958) as Szabuniewicz
A Polish officer unwillingly helps a Jewish refugee escape from the Nazis.
Touch of Evil (1958) as "Uncle" Joe Grandi
A narcotics agent risks his wife's life to investigate a crooked cop.
The Black Sleep (1956) as Odo
A brain surgeon''s experiments create a race of deadly freaks.
Anastasia (1956) as Chernov
A group of exiled Russians claim to have found the living daughter of the Tsar, presumed executed in 1918.
Mr. Arkadin (1955) as Jakob Zouk
A private eye investigates a millionaire's mysterious past before a murderer can get to the witnesses.
You Know What Sailors Are (1954)
Lt. Sylvester Green is making his crooked way shipwards with a couple of naval colleagues after a night's drinking and along the way they collect an old pram and three brass balls from a pawnbroker's shop. Passing the foreign vessel Agraria on the dock they notice some welding equipment and decide to have some fun. They attach the junk to the Agraria and paint it naval grey. Next morning when Green unsteadily arises his commanding officer has noticed the mysterious new equipment and trying to avoid exposure Green identifies it confidently as a '998'. From then on things only get more confused as soon everyone in the navy wants to know why this foreign ship has more up-to-date radar than they do. Green is coincidentally seconded to the Agraria as a radar instructor and soon (through the magical power of coincidence) the Agrarians (and everyone else) believe it is a powerful secret weapon. Green is held prisoner in the rather pleasant environment of the Agrarian palace where the President's many beautiful daughters have been instructed to fulfill his every desire. Eventually his girlfriend Betty (also in the Navy) and Lt. Smart come to Agraria to rescue him, but all is settled amicably in the end and the Agrarians get to manufacture their own 998's out of junk as a deterrent to their neighbours.
They Who Dare (1954) as Captain George One
During World War II, a group of British soldiers stage a raid on the Greek islands.
Desert Legion (1953) as Pvt. Plevko
Paul Lartal leads a troop of legionnaires into ambush at the hands of Omar Ben Calif. Returning later at the request of Princess Morjana he is led to the hidden city of Madara, currently harrassed by the evil Crito. Lartal must do in the bad guys (which includes participating in a bare chested spear-throwing contest), save the city and comfort the Princess.
Black Magic (1949) as Gitano
Hypnotist uses his powers for revenge against King Louis XV's court.
Outpost in Morocco (1949) as Lt. Glysko
In the middle of a desert war, a Foreign Legionnaire falls for his Arab enemy's daughter.
Relentless (1948) as Joe Faringo
Robert Young, Marguerite Chapman, Willard Parker, Akim Tamiroff, Barton MacLane, Mike Mazurki. When his prize mare is stolen, cowboy Robert Young goes in pursuit of the culprit, only to learn that he is also being pursued by the law for a murder he didn''t commit
My Girl Tisa (1948) as Mr. Grumbach
The Gangster (1947) as Nick Jammey
A troubled gangster, who has lost all faith in people, loses his weak grip on life.
Fiesta (1947) as Chato Vasquez
A Mexican beauty replaces her toreador brother in the bull ring so he can pursue his musical career.
A Scandal in Paris (1946) as Emile Vernet
An elegant conman gets himself appointed chief of police so he can rob Paris at leisure.
A Scandal in Paris (1946) as Emile Vernet
An elegant con man gets himself appointed chief of police so he can rob Paris at his leisure.
Pardon My Past (1945) as Jim Arnold
A penniless veteran is mistaken for a millionaire playboy.
The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944) as "The Boss"
During World War II, a 4F tries to help the woman he loves cover up a surprise pregnancy.
Dragon Seed (1944) as Wu Lien
Chinese peasants fight to survive the Japanese occupation during World War II.
Can't Help Singing (1944) as Gregory
A senator''''s daughter follows her boyfriend in the days of the California gold rush.
The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1944) as Uncle Pio
A priest pieces together the lives of five people killed crossing a perilous ravine.
Five Graves to Cairo (1943) as Farid
A British corporal goes undercover to infiltrate Field Marshall Rommel's command.
His Butler's Sister (1943) as Popoff
For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943) as Pablo
A U.S. mercenary and an army of peasants fight for Spain.
Tortilla Flat (1942) as Pablo
Inhabitants of a Southern California fishing village strive for the simple pleasures of life.
New York Town (1941) as Stefan Janowski
The Corsican Brothers (1941) as [Baron] Colonna
Siamese twins, separated in infancy, join forces to avenge their parents' murder.
The Way of All Flesh (1940) as Paul [Kriza Sr.]
Texas Rangers Ride Again (1940) as Mio Pio
Untamed (1940) as Joe Easter
The Great McGinty (1940) as The Boss
A hobo rises to town mayor when he hooks up with a crooked political boss.
Disputed Passage (1939) as Dr. "Tubby" Forster
King of Chinatown (1939) as Frank Baturin
Honeymoon in Bali (1939) as Window washer [Tony]
Union Pacific (1939) as Fiesta
A crooked politician tries to stop construction of the first intercontinental railroad.
Paris Honeymoon (1939) as Peter Karloca
A Texas millionaire travels to Europe to meet his girlfriend, a European countess. He stops in a rustic mountain village and meets a beautiful peasant girl. He falls in love with her, then must decide if he wants her or the rich countess.
The Magnificent Fraud (1939) as Jules La Croix/["El Toro"] President [Don Miguel Esteban] Alvarado
Dangerous to Know (1938) as Stephen Recka
Racketeer Steve Recka (Akim Tamiroff), art patron and political power-maker, rules his town and Madame Lan Ying (Anna May Wong), his beautiful Oriental friend and hostess (read:mistress), with an iron hand. He meets Margaret Van Kase (Gail Patrick), a socialite not impressed by his power nor his wealth, having no money herself, and Steve makes frantic efforts to win her and turns away from the loyal Lin Yang. Margaret ignores him as she plans to wed Philip Easton (Harvey Stephens), a penniless bond salesman. The furious Recka, poses as a friend to Easton, while planning to ruin him. His henchmen kidnap Easton when he is carrying a large assignment of bonds, and he is branded as a runaway thief. The only doubters are Margaret and Police Inspector Brandon (Lloyd Nolan), who knows Recka's methods and suspects foul play. Easton is found in an abandoned house and arrested as the gangsters have taken the bonds and tipped the police where to find him. Recka offers to clear Easton if Margaret will become his bride and, while her hatred for Recka is intense, her love for Easton is greater and she consents. Recka, however, has reckoned without Lan Ying.
Spawn of the North (1938) as Red Skain
Two Alaskan salmon fishermen, Tyler Dawson (skipper of the "Who Cares") and Jim Kimmerlee of the "Old Reliable," are lifelong pals. Their romantic rivalry over young Dian ends amicably. But a more serious rift, with violent consequences, arises when Tyler befriends Russian fish pirates while Jim finds himself aligned with local vigilantes. Notable glacier scenery.
The Buccaneer (1938) as Dominique You
French pirate Jean Lafitte tries to redeem his name helping the U.S. in the War of 1812.
Ride a Crooked Mile (1938) as Mike Balan
High, Wide and Handsome (1937) as Joe Varese
The setting is a small town in 1870s Pennsylvania. Sally Waterson and her father have stopped in town with their traveling medicine show, but when their wagon catches fire, they find themselves stranded. They're taken in by Mrs. Cortlandt and her grandson, Peter, who is trying to set up a pipeline that will supply oil throughout the state. Sally and Peter soon fall in love and marry. Neither their marriage nor Peter's pipe dreams flow too smoothly.
The Great Gambini (1937) as [Great] "Gambini"
King of Gamblers (1937) as Steve Kalkas
The Soldier and the Lady (1937) as [Ivan] Ogareff
A Russian courier struggles to deliver a message to the troops fighting Tartar invaders.
Her Husband Lies (1937) as "Big Ed" Bullock
This Way Please (1937) as Tartar chieftain
Desire (1936) as Police official [Avilia]
Before they can marry, two society types run off with lower-class loves.
Woman Trap (1936) as Ramirez
The Jungle Princess (1936) as Karen Neg
Christopher Powell is in Malaysia with his fiancée and her father, capturing wild animals. While out hunting, he is attacked by a tiger, and his native guides run away, leaving him for dead. But the tiger is the pet of Ulah, a beautiful young woman who grew up by herself in the jungle. She rescues Chris and takes him back to her cave, where she nurses him to health and falls in love with him. When he eventually returns to camp, she follows. The fiancée is jealous, and the natives don't like Ulah or her pet tiger either, all of which leads to a lot of trouble.
The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936) as Dr. Zaronoff
True story of the French scientist''''s battle to establish modern medical methods.
Anthony Adverse (1936) as Carlo Cibo
An orphan runs off to a life of adventure, then returns to France in search of the girl he left behind.
The General Died at Dawn (1936) as General Yang
In revolution-torn China, American mercenary O'Hara is entrusted with a perilous mission, to get arms for the helpless authorities in a province ravaged by warlord General Yang. On the train to Shanghai, he meets Judy Perrie, whose father is in league with Yang. Will Judy regret agreeing to lure O'Hara to his doom, and if so, can she make it up to him? The balance of power seesaws to a perilous conclusion.
The Last Outpost (1935) as Mirov
China Seas (1935) as Romanoff
A sea captain caught in a romantic triangle has to fight off modern-day pirates.
The Winning Ticket (1935) as Guiseppe
A barber tries to find the winning lottery ticket he hid from his moralistic wife.
Two Fisted (1935) as Taxi driver
Rumba (1935) as Tony
Naughty Marietta (1935) as Rudolpho
A French princess in Colonial America gets involved with an Indian scout.
The Big Broadcast of 1936 (1935) as Boris
A radio star''s efforts to save his station get him mixed up with con men, enemy agents and a beautiful countess.
Black Fury (1935) as Sokolsky
A coal worker gets mixed up in the mob''s efforts to infiltrate his union.
Paris in Spring (1935) as Cafe manager
The Gay Deception (1935) as Spellek
Mirabel wins a $5,000 lottery which will enable her to live like a queen in New York. There she meets Sandro, a bellboy who is really a prince, so she does get to be a queen after all.
Go into Your Dance (1935) as Mexican
An irresponsible Broadway star gets mixed up with gambling and gangsters.
The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (1935) as Emir [also known as Othman Ali Bahadoor]
Three British soldiers in India fight invaders when not fighting each other.
Whom the Gods Destroy (1934) as [Peter] Korotoff
Broadway's most successful producer, John Forrester (Walter Connolly, character actor who was first-billed in six films in the mid-1930s), is deeply in love with his wife Margaret (Doris Kenyon)and dreams of the future when his son Jack (played in age order by Scotty Beckett, Macon Jones and Robert Young) will step into his shoes. He sails to England to produce a show but the ship strikes a derelict wreckage and is sinking rapidly. In the ensuing wild panic, Forrester saves many lives, until finally, panic stricken by sudden fear, he dons a woman's clothes and is among the rescued. On the coast of Newfouldland, the villagers, not aware of his true identity, curse him but he is befriended by Alec (Hobart Bosworth)who helps him conceal his identity. With a planned story of his survival, he returns to New York but cannot face his family or friends after he sees the plaque to his heroism on his New York theatre. Deciding to remain thought of as dead, he becomes a derelict himself, surviving on odd jobs as he watches from afar his now-grown son (Robert Young)begin his career as a producer. The son meets with failure and Forrester, claiming to be an old friend of his father, goes to him and renders assistance as Jack works on a new play. It is a success and Jack brings his mother to meet his mentor. She recognizes him as her husband and, after Jack has left the room, the two of them decide they still have happiness ahead of them, without Jack having to know the truth.
Sadie McKee (1934) as Riccori
A working girl suffers through three troubled relationships on her road to prosperity.
Here Is My Heart (1934) as Manager of hotel
The Great Flirtation (1934) as Paul Wengler
La veuve joyeuse (1934) as Turk
Murder in the Private Car (1934) as Italian man
A speeding train becomes the setting for murder.
Fugitive Lovers (1934) as Deaf mute
A cross-country bus trip brings together a chorus girl and an escaped convict.
Now and Forever (1934) as
A young swindler tries to mend his ways when he''s reunited with his daughter.
Lady by Choice (1934) as Poupolis
To improve her image, a fan dancer "adopts" an old woman to be her mother.
The Captain Hates the Sea (1934) as [General] Salazaro
A bond thief, a private eye and a drunken reporter wreak havoc on an ocean voyage.
The Merry Widow (1934) as Manager of Maxim's
A prince from a small kingdom courts a wealthy widow to keep her money in the country.
The Barbarian (1933) as Colonel
An Arab prince masquerades as a tour guide to court a beautiful American.
Queen Christina (1933) as Pedro
Young Christina ascends to the Swedish throne at age 5. While she is queen, Sweden becomes a dominant European power at the end of the Thirty Years War. Like England's Elizabeth I, Christina (Greta Garbo) is pressured into a politically correct marriage (her cousin) but she falls in love with an emissary from Spain (John Gilbert). As with her English counterpart, religion becomes a focal point with Protestant Sweden aghast that their queen could marry a Catholic.
The Devil's in Love (1933) as Adjutant

Cast (special)

Chocolate Soldier, The (1955) as Major Ludek
A comic opera based on George Bernard Shaw's 1894 play "Arms and the Man." When he discovers that his cook-wagon is in the direct line of fire, Captain Bumerli, a cowardly Swiss Army pastry chef who carries chocolate in his holsters instead of pistols, flees the battlefield. In an attempt to avoid
Broadway (1955) as Nick Vardis
The story of a nightclub dancer who becomes involved in the murder of a gangster. Based on the 1926 Broadway play by Philip Dunning and George Abbott.

Cast (short)


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