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Peter Bond

Peter Bond


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Editing (feature film)

Scarlet Tunic, The (1999) as Dialogue Editor
A German Hussar serving with King George's personal cavalry falls in love with the only daughter of a West Country solicitor.
World Is Not Enough, The (1999) as Effects Editor
Sir Robert King, an oil magnate friend of James Bond (Agent 007), is murdered during a bombing at his M16 Headquarters. The tycoon''s only heir, the beautiful Elektra King, inherits billions of dollars worth of oil deposits in the Caspian sea--as well as some very unwanted attention. Elektra is threatened with the same deadly fate as her father, unless she changes the route of Sir Robert''s proposed pipeline. Feeling somewhat responsible for the death, as he was unable to fully secure M16 from the bomb, Bond takes on the role of bodyguard for Elektra. Now the world''s oil supply is in peril as 007 battles the assassin, Renard, a rabid anti-capitalist terrorist. He is a hateful, dying, psychopath who feels no pain, due to the fact that he lives with a bullet lodged in his brain. Renard is intent on using the resources of King Enterprises as revenge against his hated enemies at M16. Bond must race to defuse this international power struggle with the world''s oil supply hanging in the balance, aware that he''s the only man who can take the heat between a beautiful heiress, a malicious sociopath, and a world-threatening diabolical plan.
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) as Effects Editor
Someone is pitting the world''s superpowers against each other--and only the legendary James Bond (Agent 007) can stop it. When a British warship is mysteriously destroyed in Chinese waters, the world teeters on the brink of World War III--until 007 zeros in on the true criminal mastermind. Bond''s do-or-die mission takes him to Elliot Carver, a powerful industrialist who manipulates world events as easily as he changes headlines from his global media empire. After soliciting help from Carver''s sexy wife, Paris, Bond joins forces with a stunning yet lethal Chinese agent, Wai Lin. In a series of explosive chases, brutal confrontations and impossible escapes, including a motorcycle pursuit through Saigon, Bond and Wai race to stop the presses on Carver''s next planned news story--global pandemonium.
Brylcreem Boys, The (1996) as Dialogue Editor
A light romantic drama about Allied and German POWs sharing the same intern camp in Ireland during World War II. Both British Keogh and German Von Stegenbek fall for a local farm girl. After fighting in a bar, they are jailed and make up their differences. The Allied soldiers decide to escape and ge
Arabian Knight (1995) as Editor
Tack, a humble cobbler, accidentally earns the enmity of evil sorcerer Zigzag, but Princess Yum Yum intercedes on his behalf. Zigzag turns to warlord One-Eye to topple King Nod, and Tack suddenly finds himself defending Baghdad.
Being Human (1994) as Dialogue Editor
In five different ages of western human history (the Bronze age, the Roman Empire, medieval Europe, the 16th century and the present day) a man searches for his lost family.
Last of the Finest, The (1990) as Dialogue Editor
A group of Los Angeles detectives discover an illegal drugs-for-guns operation involving the military.
Hearts Of Fire (1990) as Dialogue Editor
Chattahoochee (1989) as Dialogue Editor
True story of a man who was insitutionalized after being perceived as mentally disturbed.
Wolves of Willoughby Chase, The (1989) as Dialogue Editor
In the snowbound British countryside, two children attempt to foil a sinister plot by their evil governess.

Sound (feature film)

Stage Beauty (2004)
It's the 1660s, and Edward 'Ned' Kynaston is England's most celebrated leading lady. Women are forbidden to appear on stage and Ned profits, using his beauty and skill to make the great female roles his own. But King Charles II is tired of seeing the same old performers in the same old tragedies.
Swept From the Sea (1997) as Sound Editor
Ship wrecked russian, falls for kind farm girl.
Fairy Tale: A True Story (1997) as Sound Editor
When her father goes missing in World War I, Francis and her cousin Elsie turn to the world of magic. They believe that they have captured mythical creatures on film and set out to prove the existence of fairies .
Brylcreem Boys, The (1996) as Foley Editor
A light romantic drama about Allied and German POWs sharing the same intern camp in Ireland during World War II. Both British Keogh and German Von Stegenbek fall for a local farm girl. After fighting in a bar, they are jailed and make up their differences. The Allied soldiers decide to escape and ge
Adventures of Pinocchio, The (1996) as Sound Editor
Geppetto is a lonely puppetmaker whose wooden creatures are the only family he knows. Years ago, he and his sweetheart carved their names into an old pine tree in Hidden Valley. But Geppetto was unable to declare his love, and she married his brother instead. One day, as he is traveling through the forest, a log from that forgotten tree finds its way into his wheelbarrel, inspiring Geppetto to carve a puppet he names Pinocchio, who magically begins to walk and talk! Determined to be a rael boy, Pinocchio goes looking for fun and adventure in an unfamiliar world. A nose that grows, a giant sea monster and a wild theme park are just some of the exploits he encounters. Pursued by the evil showman Lorenzini, Pinocchio must learn to sidestep the enticing traps set for him by the cunning Felinet and her partner Volpe. Finally with the help of a wise-cracking cricket named Pepe, Pinocchio foils his foes and learns that only a miracle of the heart can turn a puppet''s dream into reality.
Last of the Finest, The (1990) as Adr Editor
A group of Los Angeles detectives discover an illegal drugs-for-guns operation involving the military.
Handful of Dust, A (1988) as Sound Effects Editor (Footsteps)
Marital infidelity among upper-class British society.
Nanou (1986) as Sound Effects Editor
A young British photography student travelling in France meets up with a free thinking, working-class French man, a dramatic change of pace from her staid British boyfriend.
The Doctor and the Devils (1985) as Sound Editor (Dialogue)
Grave robbers supply a doctor with bodies for his laboratory testing.
Enemy Mine (1985) as Sound Editor
Two mortal space enemies find themselves stranded on a deserted planet and then form a friendship in order to survive.
Bride, The (1985) as Sound Editor (Footsteps/Dail)
Doctor Frankenstein builds the perfect woman to be the mate of the grotesqued Viktor. Doctor Frankenstein soon lives to regret creating a woman for Viktor.
Neverending Story, The (1984) as Additional Sound Editor
A sensitive little boy, still grieving for his mother, finds respite in a book which chronicles the plight of Fantasia, a magical land created by the dreams and imagination of humankind, now threatened with destruction by The Nothing, a shapeless, ominous force created by human despair.
Give My Regards to Broad Street (1984) as Sound Editor
Das Boot (1982) as Sound Effects Editor
The crew of a World War II German U boat finds boredom is its greatest enemy.
Brass Target (1978) as Sound Effects Editor Assistant
Gold thieves plot to assassinate General Patton in the days following World War II.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Woodlanders, The (1997) as Woodland Skills Advisor
Giles is a woodsman and cider-maker who is informally engaged to Grace. When Grace returns from finishing school she finds herself increasingly estranged from her background and environment. Encouraged by her social-climbing father Melbury, a former woodsman who is now a self-made merchant, she shun

Editing (special)

Second Sight II (2001) as Dubbing Editor
Detective Chief Inspector Ross Tanner heads an elite London police squad called the Special Murder Unit, charged with conducting high-profile, press-sensitive murder investigations, a high-stress job made worse by the fact that he is going blind from a rare eye disease and trying to keep it secret.
Secret of Bay 5B, The (1991) as Dubbing Editor
Continues the stories of unconventional police detective, Inspector Morse of Oxford, England. Morse gets away from Oxford to solve the baffling murder of a man strangled in a Westgate garage.
Last Enemy, The (1989) as Dubbing Editor
A two-part story about the continuing adventures of Oxfordshire police detective Inspector Morse. The Inspector and his assistant Sergeant Lewis set out to discover the identity, and the murderer, of a mutilated body found near the bank of a canal in Oxford.

Sound (special)

Othello (2002) as Sound Editor
A contemporary adaptation of William Shakespeare's "Othello." John Othello is an up-and-coming black officer with the London Metropolitan Police. Ben Jago, who seems destined for the top job of police commissioner, loses it to Othello after he dramatically quells a race riot sparked by the death of
Remorseful Day, The (2001) as Digital Sound Editor
Inspector Morse has a mysterious connection to murder victim Yvonne Harrison, who is found battered to death and handcuffed naked to her bed. Chief Superintendent Strange puts Sergeant Lewis in charge of the investigation, but Morse anticipates his colleague's every move. It becomes clear that Yvonn
Inspector Morse: The Wench Is Dead (1999) as Digital Sound Editor
Inspector Morse investigates the nearly 150-year-old murder of a young woman whose body was found in the mid-1800s alongside the Oxford Canal. After Morse comes across an account of the original investigation and the trial that followed, he's soon convinced that the three men hanged for her murder w
Cold Lazarus (1996) as Adr Editor
In this sequel to Dennis Potter's "Karaoke," the cryogenically frozen head of Daniel Feeld is revived by scientists hoping to tap into his memory and learn about the past. In the year 2368, a team of cryobiologists under the leadership of Professor Emma Porlock and two laboratory technicians succee
Karaoke (1996) as Adr Editor
Television writer Daniel Feeld is plagued by severe stomach pains and fierce arguments in the cutting room over his latest film, "Karaoke." He is confused when he overhears a beautiful young woman named Sandra arguing with her boyfriend in what sounds eerily like a scene from "Karaoke." Fiction and

Editing (TV Mini-Series)

Whistle-Blower, The (2001) as Dialogue Editor
Beyond the Grave (2000) as Dialogue Editor
Death's Shadow (2000) as Dialogue Editor
Strangler's Wood (1999) as Dialogue Editor
Blood Will Out (1999) as Dialogue Editor

Sound (TV Mini-Series)

Poirot: Evil Under the Sun (2003) as Sound Editing
Catherine the Great (1996) as Sound Editor

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