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Cast (feature film)

Sex/Life in L.A. (1998) as Speaker
A look at the city of angels' sexual world--the sex world explored in the film spans hustling on Santa Monica Boulevard, performance art, fashion, modeling, nude photography, and the Southern California porn industry.
'68 (1987) as Roosevelt--Ghetto Youth
Madman (1982) as Cook
Two Tons of Turquoise to Taos Tonight (1975)
A near-surreal story that includes a baseball game on horseback, two old men fighting over the honor of one of their sisters, and a young man eating underwear for dinner.

Producer (feature film)

Interrupters, The (2011)
On the streets of Chicago, former gang members work as "Violence Interrupters," protecting their communities from the brutality they once employed. Their cases include two warring brothers, a girl just out of jail, and a young man bent on revenge.
Crocodile Tears (1997) as Associate Producer
A Faustian tale an HIV+ man who wonders how far he would go to spare his own life. He contacts the Devil (who turns out to be a junior high principal) through the weird world of cable access TV. The Devil agrees to reverse Simon's HIV+ status if he completes three tasks--become a hate comic, renounc

Art Director (feature film)

Substitute Wife, The (1994)
Set in Nebraska in 1869, a woman seeks someone to take her place as wife and mother when she discovers she is dying.
Silent Tongue (1993) as Art Director
A ghost story of the Old West about an Indian woman, Silent Tongue, raped years earlier by a white medicine show charlatan, who haunts her plainsman husband.
Final Verdict (1991)
Set in pre-World War I Los Angeles when she was a child, St. Johns recalls the special relationship she had with her father, a famous defense lawyer and his involvement in two sensational court cases.
Stranger at My Door (1991)
A farm owner and an estranged wife on the run help each other escape corrupt law enforcement and their dark pasts.
Another Pair of Aces: Three of a Kind (1991)
Retired Texas Ranger Parsons becomes the object of a manhunt when he is accused of murdering a recently released convict. Meanwhile, Captain Rip Metcalf and Billy Roy Barker, a resourceful con man, attempt to prove his innocence.
Hot Spot, The (1990) as Art Direction
A drifter settles down in a small southwestern town and becomes involved in a web of crime and romance.

Animation (feature film)

Visual Effects (feature film)

White House Down (2013)
Washington D.C. policeman John Cale has just been denied his dream job of being a Secret Service agent and protecting President James Sawyer. Not wanting to disappoint his young daughter with the news, he takes her on a tour of the White House, and they are there when the complex is overtaken by a
Joe's Apartment (1996) as Roach Model Design
Fresh off the bus from Iowa, Joe is just trying to make it in New York, but he''s got no job, he''s got no girl and, worst of all, he''s got no place to live. However, life''s about to change for Joe. He finds an apartment--a slummy, squalid, seedy little box of a place, but it''s a pad he can call his own... or so he thinks. It seems that not all of the apartment''s former tenants have packed up and moved away. Joe discovers that he''s living with 50,000 roommates, an army of six-legged "go-go-go" Joe supporters, a veritable nation of roaches, there to stand arm-in-arm-in-arm-in-arm-in-arm-in-arm with their guy Joe in his times of need--whether he likes it or not. And what''s more, these roaches don''t just think and talk... they dance and sing! They''re around to teach Joe what life''s really all about in the big city: sex, bugs and rock ''n'' roll.
Friday (1995) as Effects Assistant
A typical day in the life of Craig, an alright guy with some crazy friends. Like Smokey, who has 24 hours to pay back Deebo, South Central's nastiest thug--or else. Trouble is, neither Craig's mother nor his main squeeze have the cash. As time ticks away, the chance this pair will ever see Saturday is fading fast.
Off His Rockers (1992) as Digital System Administration
A jealous rocking horse tries to win back his boy playmate who has become enthralled by a video game.
House Party (1990) as Special Effects Coordinator
A black teenager organizes a blow-out party when his parents go away.
Can't Stop The Music (1980) as Special Effects
A lawyer helps an ex-model and a songwriter promote a gay singing group called the Village People.

Art Department (feature film)

Life As We Know It (2010)
An up-and-coming caterer and a promising network sports director, who dislike each other, must set their differences aside in order to care for their orphaned goddaughter.
Thicker Than Blood (1998)
An Ivy League college graduate postpones entering law school to spend a year working with at-risk, inner-city children. His work exposes him to the violent and seemingly hopeless world of children caught up in programs that don''t work and people who don''t care. But one student shows such promise that he becomes the teacher''s sole focus -- placing the teacher in conflict with the school''s headmaster, a priest.
Ned Blessing: The True Story of My Life (1992)
From his cramped jail cell, as he awaits his hanging, rugged cowboy Ned Blessing begins to write his memoirs, detailing the brutal shooting of his father and his own enslavement by Mexican outlaws.
Pair of Aces (1990)
A Texas Ranger and a professional safecracker reluctantly team up to solve a serial murder case.
Little Shop of Horrors (1986) as Graphics And Animation (Special Visual Effects)
A timid shop clerk discovers a plant from outer space that lives on blood.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Elizabeth Smart Story, The (2003)
Drama which focuses on the story of Elizabeth Smart, a fourteen-year old girl who was abducted from her bedroom in Salt Lake City, Utah during the summer of 2002 and taken across the United States by two captors. She was eventually found alive in the neighboring town of Sandy, Utah in March 2003.
Sex and the Single Mom (2003)
Sara has a typical teenager's life filled with insecurities, doubts, and secret designs on a boy, and lives with Jess, her stern but protective divorced mother who works constantly. Things change between them when Jess becomes pregnant through an affair with a handsome surgeon, which leaves Sara wo
K-19: The Widowmaker (2002)
Inspired by a true story, a tale which follows Captain Alexi Vostrikov who, at the height of the Cold War, is ordered to take over command of the nuclear missile submarine K-19, pride of the Soviet Navy. His assignment: Prepare the K-19 for sea and take her out on patrol--no matter what the cost. Bu
Heart of a Stranger (2002)
Based on the true story of Claire Sylvia who after receiving a successful heart and lung transplant begins to feel the spirit of the donor.
Passion & Prejudice (2001)
College professor Gwen Barton hires Dalton Roy to do yard work through a prison work furlough program. At first, Gwen sees herself as mentor to the handsome, young African-American, but soon finds herself in the unexpected throes of passion. This is the first time romance has entered her life. Passi
Rumor of Angels, A (2000) as Transportation Coordinator
Twelve-year-old James Neubauer is spending the summer in Maine. He enjoys riding his bike and trading affectionate jabs with his misfit Uncle Charlie, but he's also dealing with a lot of hidden anger and grief. He's emotionally estranged from his father, resentful of his stepmother and haunted by ev
Sea People (1999)
Fourteen-year-old Amanda is a loner, living in a small coastal town in Nova Scotia and dreaming of swimming the English Channel. When she sees an old man jumping off an inlet bridge, she dives in to save him. He introduces himself as John McRae and insists he was just going for a swim in the bitterl
Two If by Sea (1996) as Driver
Part-time plasterer and sometime petty thief Frank O''Brien has been commissioned by his dimwit cousin to pull a simple job: just steal a valuable painting and deliver it to a buyer on an upscale New England island. Roz, his had-it-to-here girlfriend who dreams of a more stable--and law-abiding--life, has made him vow that this is the last scam they''ll ever be a part of. As they take up temporary residence in a sumptuous, unoccupied beach house on the posh island, two teams of pursuers are hot on their trail: The FBI, led by O''Malley, who still nurtures an obsession with collaring famous art thief Phil the Shill; and a motley crew of half-wit would-be criminals, led by Frank''s cousin, Beano, the "mastermind" behind the caper who''s discovered the painting is far more valuable than he thought. With their sharp-edged banter and working-class attitude clearly out of place among the upper-crust islanders, Frank and Roz have to spend a riotous weekend just trying to fit in... and get along.
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The (1996) as Technology Production Support
The magnificent cathedral of Notre Dame towers above 15th century Paris and the sound of the bells is the very soul of the city. Quasimodo, the bell-ringer, is a mysterious and misshapen outcast who has been secluded there since infancy by his repressive guardian, Judge Claude Frollo. He yearns to b
Pocahontas (1994) as Production Technology Support
Set in the English settlement of Jamestown, Virginia in the year 1607, this tells the romanticized tale of English settler Captain John Smith and the famed Native American heroine who saves him.
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) as Model Photography Design And Lighting
Terrorists take over the USS Enterprise and set it on a direct course for the end of the universe, the "Great Barrier."
America (1986) as Additional Photography
When his wife finds a plaid skirt in his suitcase, a cable TV newscaster covers up by claiming it is his and begins wearing it during his interviews. His program's rating soar, and soon is seen all over the world as the news show turns into an odd piece of performance art.

Film Production - Lighting/Electrical (feature film)

Instant Karma (1990) as Electrician
A television producer loses his series and gets audited, but at the same time he falls in love.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Perfect Wife, The (2001)
When her brother dies as a result of an auto accident, a woman seeks vengeance on the doctor who was unable to save him.
Hercules (1997)
More than a man. Less than a God. Everything you've ever heard about history's mightiest hero is only a myth. The son of Zeus was robbed of his divine birthright when he was stolen from his cradle by the evil Hades and fed a potion that made him mortal. Now, armed with only his great strength and hi
Gunfighter's Moon (1997)
A quick draw cowboy is called upon to rescue a young girl who turns out to be his daughter.
Gunfighter's Moon (1997)
A quick draw cowboy is called upon to rescue a young girl who turns out to be his daughter.
Hercules (1997)
More than a man. Less than a God. Everything you've ever heard about history's mightiest hero is only a myth. The son of Zeus was robbed of his divine birthright when he was stolen from his cradle by the evil Hades and fed a potion that made him mortal. Now, armed with only his great strength and hi
Margaret's Museum (1995)
Set in the 1940s on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, "Margaret's Museum" is a bittersweet Celtic love story that depicts the grindingly impoverished lives of coal miners trapped, several generations deep, in a company town. Having already lost her father and brother to mining disasters, the headstro
Runaway Brain (1995)
Mickey Mouse finds himself in need of some quick cash when he forgets the anniversary of his first date with Minnie and inadvertently agrees to take her on a Hawaiian vacation to rectify the oversight. Responding to a newspaper ad offering a generous paycheck in exchange for a "mindless day's work,"
Margaret's Museum (1995)
Set in the 1940s on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, "Margaret's Museum" is a bittersweet Celtic love story that depicts the grindingly impoverished lives of coal miners trapped, several generations deep, in a company town. Having already lost her father and brother to mining disasters, the headstro
Lion King, The (1994)
A young lion cub hides from his colony after being blamed for his father's death, but triumphantly returns when he realizes it his destiny to be King.
Cadillac Girls (1993)
A single mother and her wild daughter return to their hometown for a funeral and become involved with the same man.
Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
The king of Halloween Town sets out to take Santa Claus'''' place.
Trail Mix-Up (1993)
Roger Rabbit and Baby Herman go on an amusing, disaster-filled camping trip.
Cadillac Girls (1993)
A single mother and her wild daughter return to their hometown for a funeral and become involved with the same man.
Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
The king of Halloween Town sets out to take Santa Claus'''' place.
Aladdin (1992)
A tale of love and fantasy involving a street wise urchin, Aladdin, a beautiful princess and a magical genie.
Aladdin (1992)
A tale of love and fantasy involving a street wise urchin, Aladdin, a beautiful princess and a magical genie.
Beauty and the Beast (1991)
An arrogant nobleman is turned into a beast and, in order to break the spell, he tries to win the love of a village girl.
Beauty and the Beast (1991)
An arrogant nobleman is turned into a beast and, in order to break the spell, he tries to win the love of a village girl.

Location Assistant (feature film)

Love At Large (1990) as Location Assistant
A private investigator is hired by a mysterious, beautiful woman to trail a man, and finds himself being trailed as well.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Dudes (1987) as Pyrotechnician
A couple of punks from the big city go on a cross country road trip out west and take revenge against a group of rednecks.

Special Thanks (feature film)

Arctic Blue (1995)
When a city couple moves from Los Angeles to the wilds of Alaska, they find themselves fighting for their lives against an old-time trapper and his gang of toughs.

Director (special)

Kevorkian Verdict, The (1996) as Director
As Dr. Jack Kevorkian faces his third criminal trial for assisting in the suicide of his desperate patients, "Frontline" examines the improbable saga of "Dr. Death" and assesses how the quirky Michigan pathologist seized center stage in the intricate and emotional debate over physician-assisted suic

Cinematography (special)

Bachelor: Where Are They Now?, The (2003) as Camera Operator
Catches up with "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" as well as their most memorable participants to see how they're doing and how their lives have changed since appearing on the shows.
Computers (2001) as Camera
Documentary chronicling the evolution of computer mainframes from the earliers computer prototypes of the 19th century to the world's most powerful supercomputer today. Traces the evolution of miniaturization, begun in 1947 with the invention of the transistor, to the integrated circuit in 1959, to
Halsey's Typhoons: Peril on the Sea (2000) as Camera
In December 1944, the U.S. Navy met a greater foe than the Japanese -- Mother Nature. A typhoon with 100 mile-an-hour winds caught Admiral Bull Halsey's fleet by surprise. The storm battered 2000-ton destroyers, capsizing three of them and killing 790 sailors. Six months later, another damaging typh
History of Sex, The (1999) as Camera
A documentary about the history of sex. The program investigates how sex has inspired great art and low humor, ignited battles and lustful obsessions, has been celebrated openly and shamefully hidden. From the practices of the ancient world to the anything-goes sexual revolution of the 20th century,
Fred Gwynne (1999) as Camera
Profile of actor Fred Gwynne.
Doris Day: It's Magic (1998) as Camera
Profile of singer/actress Doris Day.

Writer (special)

Kevorkian Verdict, The (1996) as Writer
As Dr. Jack Kevorkian faces his third criminal trial for assisting in the suicide of his desperate patients, "Frontline" examines the improbable saga of "Dr. Death" and assesses how the quirky Michigan pathologist seized center stage in the intricate and emotional debate over physician-assisted suic

Producer (special)

Rollover: The Hidden History of the SUV (2002) as Segment Executive Producer (Special Projects) ("Frontline")
Report on the SUV that turned Detroit's fortunes around, asking what consumers really know about their SUVs and those charged with making them safe. Among the questions posed: Was the rise of the SUV enabled, even encouraged by Washington regulators with close ties to the automobile industry? And di
Juvenile Justice (2001) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Should children who commit serious crimes be tried as juveniles or adults? What happens to young offenders who reach the "end of the line" in the juvenile court system, and how do you rehabilitate such children to prevent future criminal behavior? The program explores these questions as it follows f
Clinton Years, The (2001) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
ABC News' "Nightline" and PBS' "Frontline" present a documentary special on the Clinton presidency. A number of White House staffers, Cabinet members and advisers are interviewed.
Harvest of Fear (2001) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
An investigative look at the controversial advancements that biotech scientists have made in genetically altering food. A gene from a jellyfish is placed in a potato plant, making it light up whenever it needs watering. Rice plants are genetically transformed to produce vitamin A, preventing millio
Medicating Kids (2001) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Today, millions of American children are being prescribed powerful behavior modifying drugs such as Ritalin, Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft. But are these medications really necessary and safe for young children or merely a harried nation's quick fix for annoying, yet age-appropriate, behavior? The progra
Merchants of Cool, The (2001) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Investigates the role of the creators and sellers of popular culture, who have made teenagers the hottest consumer demographic in the United States. Among the questions posed and examined by this documentary: Are these marketers merely reflecting a growing coarseness in teen culture, or have they he
Hackers (2001) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Investigates the role of hackers and reveals how their exploits highlight the profound insecurities of the Internet and the software that drives it. Includes interviews with teenagers, information warriors, security experts, and law enforcement officials to examine a virtual world where many of our
Saving Elian (2001) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examines the passion and purpose behind the battle over Elian Gonzalez, the five-year-old Cuban boy who was rescued from the sea off Florida on November 25, 1999. With footage from Miami and Cuba, and interviews with participants and observbers on both sides of the controversy, the documentary explo
Organ Farm (2001) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary about xenotransplantation, the experimental process of transplanting genetically modified pig cells and whole organs into human beings. While this scientific breakthrough in cross-species transplants could offer hope to millions of ill patients, such procedures could introduce new retrov
Looking for Answers (2001) as Producer
Examination of the U.S. failure to understand fully the hatred for America among Muslim fundamentalists, and its roots in the U.S. government's support for Israel and for authoritarian regimes in the oil-rich Middle East. Traces the roots of radical Islam's assault on the West, including the attacks
Time to Choose: A PBS/NPR Voter's Guide (2000) as Coordinating Executive
Live program that examines the issues and questions that determine each voter's decision on Election Day.
Killer at Thurston High, The (2000) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary about Kip Kinkel, a 15-year-old from a solid middle-class family, who made headlines in 1998 when he was accused of murdering his mother and father and then opening fire on his fellow students at his Eugene, Oregon, high school, killing two and injuring 22 others.
Drug Wars (2000) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
An examination of America's 30-year effort to stop the flow of illegal drugs into the country. The drug wars have absorbed hundreds of billions of dollars, altering the criminal justice system and putting millions of people in jail. Despite the United States' expenditures, the use of heroin, cocaine
What's Up With the Weather? (2000) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary that examines global warming by addressing the following questions: Does the release of greenhouse gases threaten the future of human life on the planet? According to many politicians and scientists, the answer is yes -- Earth is experiencing the first portents of a potential global cata
Assault on Gay America: The Life and Death of Billy Jack (2000) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
In February 1999, in Sylacauga, Alabama, 30-year-old computer programmer Bill Jack Gaither was murdered, the victim of a violent hate crime. The accused killer, a known white supremicist, testified that he killed Gaither because he was "queer." The program examines the roots of homophobia in the Uni
Dr. Solomon's Dilemma (2000) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
A look at doctors forced to balance the needs of patients with the demands of the corporate bottom line. The program goes inside one of the premier Harvard teaching hospitals and discovers the critical condition of American medicine.
Battle Over School Choice, The (2000) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary investigating the politics of education and the plethora of reform initiatives -- from vouchers to charter schools to for-profit academies -- being touted and tested across the country. Examines the passionate educational reform debate and its impact on the presidential campaign in 2000.
Return of the Czar (2000) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Almost a decade after the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia is arguably more free than at any time in its history. But while the West has applauded the market reforms of former President Boris Yeltsin, in Russia there has been collapse. Today, as the country is being militarized, anti-Western propaga
Survival of Saddam, The (2000) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary about Saddam Hussein, who, nine years after the Gulf War continues to rule Iraq. From a secluded office in Baghdad, protected by a police state built in his own image, he has survived economic sanctions, UN weapons inspections, no-fly zones, CIA-backed coup attempts, internal rebellions
Case For Innocence, The (2000) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary that examines the cases of prison inmates whose protestations of innocence could be confirmed by DNA testing.
Real Justice (2000) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary about Boston's Suffolk County district attorney's office. The program goes inside the real-life workings of America's criminal justice system to reveal the offers, counteroffers, deals and compromises that keep cases moving through crowded courts. From District Court, where mundane cases
Jefferson's Blood (2000) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary that examines the DNA evidence that proves Thomas Jefferson had a long-standing relationship and several children with Sally Hemings, a woman who was his slave. An early hero of the anti-slavery movement, Jefferson wrote about slavery's corrupting influence on blacks and whites alike. It
War in Europe (2000) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
On March 24, 1999, in Kosovo, NATO went to war for the first time in its 50-year history. Examination of the diplomatic infighting that led to war in the Balkans, how the war happened, how it was fought and how it ended. Includes interviews with political leaders, diplomats, military commanders, sol
Future of War, The (2000) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
The U.S. Army is experiencing an identity crisis brought on by the end of the Cold War. As it heads into the 21st century, the nation's largest service is struggling to keep pace with new technology and new enemies. Faced with increasing global tasks, the army must choose its course wisely, as the o
Choice 2000, The (2000) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Dual biographies of George W. Bush and Al Gore, the two men who are competing to become the next President of the United States. The program goes beyond the political rhetoric to explore how the candidates and their values have been shaped by family background, history, victory and defeat.
Apocalypse! (1999) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary that traces the origins of the Bible's Book of Revelation and how it has shaped Western ideas of the apocalypse, evoking images of doom and destruction, judgment and fear, death and hell. Yet, it also speaks of trial, deliverance and hope -- at least for those who prevail. The program ex
Execution, The (1999) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examines capital punishment through the story of Clifford Boggess, a 30-year-old who spent almost a decade on death row. The program follows all of the players in the case: the convict, his judges, his executioners, and the families of the victims.
Triumph of Evil, The (1999) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examines the role of Britain, France, the U.S. and the U.N. as they ignored the warnings and evidence of the impending massacre of one million Tutsi people by the Hutu majority in Rwanda in 1994.
Secrets of the SAT (1999) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examines the debate over fairness in college admissions in a program that looks at how the rise of American meritocracy has created a national obsession with test scores and a multimillion dollar test-preparation industry. The program investigates the impact of standardized tests on racial diversity
Justice For Sale (1999) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
An investigation into how campaign cash is influencing America's courts. In the 39 states where judges are elected, special interest money is pouring into judicial politics, threatening to compromise judicial independence. The program focuses on three states -- Texas, Louisiana and Pennsylvania -- a
Give War a Chance (1999) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary that reveals the bitter divide between military and civilian attitudes of what, where, when and why America employs military force. Correspondent Peter J. Boyer explores the gulf between what American diplomats want and what the military is prepared to deliver. Boyer follows the collisio
Mafia Power Play (1999) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary investigates disturbing links that have been uncovered between Russian-born players in the National Hockey League and the Russian Mafia. Stars holding multimillion dollar contracts have been subjected to intimidation and extortion; while Russian crime figures have used their hockey conne
Hunting bin Laden (1999) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examines America's counter-terrorism command structure and traces the investigation into the 1998 embassy bombings in East Africa. In August 1998, two car bombs exploded simultaneously at United States embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killing 268 people and injuring more than 5000. In the days and w
Lost Children of Rockdale County, The (1999) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Explores the turbulent psychology of America's suburban teenagers, uncovering among the children of relatively affluent Rockdale County, Georgia, patterns of group sex, binge drinking, drugs and violence -- beginning as early as ages twelve and thirteen.
Spying on Saddam (1999) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
UNSCOM, a special UN commission created to find and destroy Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, disintegrated amid charges that it was really a spy agency. Scott Ritter, former U.S. Marine and UNSCOM inspector, claims U.S. Intelligence destroyed UNSCOM's credibility when American spies pen
Long Walk of Nelson Mandela, The (1999) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Profile of South African president Nelson Mandela. Explores the influences of his early life, his entry into political life and his role in the ANC underground. Also covers his years on Robben Island, his status as a world famous political prisoner, his role in the negotiations that ended apartheid
Snitch (1999) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
A look at how the federal government uses informants in drug prosecution and the effect it has had on the U.S. judicial system.
Crash, The (1999) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Explores the dynamics of the global economy in an era of risk and instability. Leading financial analysts debate the reasons for the crash of August 1998 and predict whether it will be repeated in 1999.
Making Babies (1999) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examines the revolution in reproduction and the entrepreneurial atmosphere that imbues the practice of infertility medicine today. The program looks at how the new technologies hold great promise, but they usher in questions regarding the meaning of family.
John Paul II: The Millennial Pope (1999) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
A biography of Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II, elected to the papacy in 1979.
Russian Roulette (1999) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
An investigation of the security of the Russian nuclear arsenal. Includes interviews with U.S. and Russian military commanders and scientists about the potential for catastrophe in the former Soviet Union.
Washington's Other Scandal (1998) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Bill Moyers reviews the available evidence to explore how Democrats and Republicans, during the 1996 elections, conspired to evade the laws which limit the amount of money allowed to flow into election campaigns.
Silent Spring Revisited (1998) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examines new evidence in the debate over the danger of man-made chemicals to human health and the environment.
From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians (1998) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Four-part special presenting the rise of Christianity. Explores the life of Jesus of Nazareth and the men and women whose belief, conviction and martyrdom created the major movement of Christianity after his death. Draws upon historical evidence that challenges familiar assumptions and conventional
Busted: America's War on Marijuana (1998) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Explores the impact of current policy on stemming the tide of marijuana use and looks at how marijuana law enforcement is affecting American life. Also traces the history of marijuana policies in the United States, looking at the key legislation and America's chaning attitudes towards the drug.
My Retirement Dreams (1998) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
A personal journey into America's way of growing old. Producer Marian Marzynski settles into life at a Miami Beach condo complex and investigates the retirees' struggle to leave behind their old lives and find new meaning and new joy in life's final chapter.
Inside the Tobacco Deal (1998) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Special relates how a group of small-town lawyers from Mississippi brought the tobacco industry to the bargaining table to settle claims on behalf of taxpayers for the Medicaid costs of smoking-related illnesses. Follows the trail of confidential Brown & Williamson documents that were leaked, examin
Plague War (1998) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examines the threat biological warfare poses to world security and the responses some Western nations are developing.
Child Terror, The (1998) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary re-examines some of the 1980s cases of alleged child abuse at daycare centers as the convictions seem to be unraveling.
Farmer's Wife, The (1998) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Three-part documentary in which filmmaker David Sutherland examines the marriage of Juanita and Darrel Buschkoetter, a young farm couple in rural Nebraska, who tell their story in their own words. Part 1 recounts the story of Juanita and Darrel's romance and their emotional struggles, which have pus
Fat (1998) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examines how the diet industry contributes to frustration over unwanted pounds and asks if one can be healthy, fit, beautiful and fat.
Last Battle of the Gulf War (1998) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary examining the psychology of war, the politics of veteran's affairs and the roles of the media and biomedical community in relation to "Gulf War Syndrome." Gulf War veterans believe this sickness was caused by their participation in the ground war in the Persian Gulf, while scientists arg
Two Nations of Black America, The (1998) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. explores the issues facing America's black middle class as they become increasingly distanced from America's black poor.
High Price of Health, The (1998) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
An in-depth look at the way California and Massachusetts hospitals are coping with an increasingly profit-driven health-care industry.
Secrets of an Independent Counsel (1998) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examines the controversy surrounding independent counsels that have launched wide-ranging investigations of the Clinton Cabinet. The focus of the documentary is sitting independent counsel Donald Smaltz and his investigation of former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy.
Ambush in Mogadishu (1998) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Investigates the aftermath of the unsuccessful 1993 raid by U.S. Army Rangers in Mogadishu to capture the Somali warlord General Mohammed Farah Aidid. Active participants in the operation -- Pentagon and White House officials, UN representatives and military personnel -- offer fresh perspective on t
World's Most Wanted Man, The (1998) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Follows the struggle to bring war criminals from the former Yugoslavia to justice and examines how the failure to arrest and prosecute these men has called into question the seriousness of the West's commitment to human rights. Focuses on the search for Radovan Karadzic, commander in chief of the Bo
Whale of a Business, A (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examination of the money, power and politics of the captive marine mammal industry through the story of Keiko, the killer whale star of Hollywood's "Free Willy." Traces Keiko's 14 years in captivity; examines the capture, transport and treatment of marine mammals; and explores human understanding of
Opium Kings, The (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Filmmaker Adrian Cowell ventures into a remote corner of Myanmar (Burma) known as Shan State, where much of the world's heroin originates. The program chromicles the rise and fall of Khun Sa, a Shan nationalist leader and warlord who has long been a chief target of U.S. drug enforcement. In intervie
Betting on the Market (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Traces the seduction of millions of Americans into the stock market directly or through mutual funds and looks at its implications for the nation.
Easy Money (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Special examines how America's gaming industry has gone legitimate and examines the evolution of its political influence. Also explores the growth of Native American gaming and the role governments have played in promoting and legalizing gambling.
Dreams of Tibet (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
A look at the land of Tibet on the eve of Chinese premier Jiang Zemin's trip to Washington and the opening of Hollywood films focusing on Tibet. An exploration of the clash of values between American opinion of China's human rights record -- shaped by powerful forces in Hollywood -- and an uncompreh
Murder, Money, and Mexico (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examination of the President Carlos Salinas government of Mexico and the charges of corruption, scandal and murder following the collapse of the Mexican economy in 1994.
Princess and the Press, The (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examination of how the relationship of the United Kingdom's royal family with the British press, once governed by unwritten rules of privacy, evolved into the media circus that surrounded Princess Diana in her final years.
Behind the Mask: The IRA and Sinn Fein (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examines the secret history of the Irish Republican Army and its political arm, Sinn Fein, which have waged a bloody campaign in Northern Ireland for over a quarter of a century. Investigates their tactics, weapons and operational structures and assesses the chances of a final resolution to one of t
Hot Guns (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Special examines the illegal handgun market.
Nuclear Reaction (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examination of American aversion to nuclear power and differing national attitudes toward nuclear power around the world.
Valentina's Nightmare (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examination of the origins and horrors of the 1994 massacre of 800,000 Tutsis by the Hutu majority in Rwanda. Examines the country's struggle for justice and reconciliation in the aftermath of the bloody genocide. Focal point is the experience of Valentina Iribagiza, a 13-year-old Tutsi girl, who da
Innocence Lost: The Plea (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Producer Ofra Bikel revisits the defendants in the 1989 Little Rascals Day Care Center sexual abuse case and reports on how each of them, while accused of the same crimes, have met with dramatically different fates.
Fixers, The (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examination of the dark cloud of suspicion surrounding political contributions -- primarily Asian contributions -- that have hung over the Clinton administration since the beginning of its second term.
Nazi Gold (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Special examines the Swiss role in supporting Nazi Germany and explores the internal political events in Switzerland that allowed their border police to turn fleeing Jews away, into the hands of the Gestapo. The film also examines the Swiss response as they have been forced to address Holocaust surv
Once Upon a Time in Arkansas (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Documents the charges and countercharges surrounding Arkansas business deals that plague President Clinton and First Lady Hilary Rodham Clinton. Investigates the Clinton's personal finances, their past in Arkansas and reveals fresh evidence that casts new light on the troubles reaching into the priv
What Jennifer Saw (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examination of a rape case in which Ronald Cotton, identified by the victim, spent eleven years in prison and was then released when DNA evidence proved that he could not have been the attacker. Examines the reliability of eyewitness identification and the implications of DNA evidence for the Americ
Lost American, The (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Explores the extraordinary life and mysterious disappearance of Fred Cuny, a passionate humanitarian and global trouble-shooter who traveled from Biafra to Bosnia, bringing hope to lives in need. Investigates Cuny's last days in Chechnya, unravels the story of his disappearance, and explores the les
Little Criminals (1997) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Special examines the problem of violent crime in ever-younger children. Focuses on a Richmond, California, case in which a six-year-old boy entered a home and assaulted a one-month-old infant.
Loose Nukes (1996) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examines the most serious case of nuclear smuggling in Russia to date and explores the perilous state of nuclear security in a country already rife with chaos and corruption.
Navy Blues, The (1996) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examination of U.S. Navy after the Tailhook controversy, investigating the shock caused by the sex scandal involving naval aviators five years ago and its continuing impact on the Navy. Explores the controversy over the post-Tailhook mandate to introduce women into combat roles and positions of grea
Choice '96, The (1996) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
Examination of the lives and careers of Seantor Bob Dole and President Bill Clinton, 1996 Republican and Democratic candidates for U.S. President, respectively.
Secret Daughter (1996) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
"Frontline" producer June Cross tells the story of her own family through the prism of the changing face of race relations in America. Cross, born to a white mother and African-American father in the early 1950s, was given away by her mother to live with a black family in Atlantic City, New Jersey,
Why America Hates the Press (1996) as Executive Producer ("Frontline")
An insider's examination of the culture and tactics of the national press corps. Through the eyes of a few key journalists, explores the dynamics of the news business and its troubling impact on American politics.
Angel on Death Row (1996) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary on the debate over the death penalty, including a profile of Sister Helen Prejean, a long-time spiritual advisor to inmates on death row, whose life and work inspired the motion picture "Dead Man Walking."
Kevorkian Verdict, The (1996) as Producer; Senior Producer ("Frontline")
As Dr. Jack Kevorkian faces his third criminal trial for assisting in the suicide of his desperate patients, "Frontline" examines the improbable saga of "Dr. Death" and assesses how the quirky Michigan pathologist seized center stage in the intricate and emotional debate over physician-assisted suic
So You Want to Buy a President? (1996) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary investigating the expected $300 million flowing into the 1996 presidential campaign. Explores what big financial donors want for their campaign contributions and documents how the process works.
Shtetl (1996) as Series Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary in which producer Marian Marzynski revisits a family "shtetl," a small village in Bransk, Poland, where he escaped the Warsaw ghetto and was raised by Christians. Tells the homecoming story of two elderly Polish-American Jews who return to their families' shtetl. They are aided by a Gent
Murder on "Abortion Row" (1996) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary following the intersecting lives of John Salvi, an anti-abortionist charged with murder in the armed attacks on two Massachusetts health clinics, and his victims, Leanne Nichols and Shannon Lowney, clinic receptionists.
Breast Implants on Trial (1996) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary examining the mounting controversy that has pitted ailing women, health advocates, and product-liability lawyers against breast-implant manufacturers.
Long March of Newt Gingrich, The (1996) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Biography of House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
Pilgrimage of Jesse Jackson, The (1996) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary on the life of Jesse Jackson. Drawn from journalist Marshall Frady's biography.
Smoke in the Eye (1996) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary investigating the war between network news and the tobacco industry in the wake of the $10 billion libel suit against ABC and the controversial decision by CBS not to allow "60 Minutes" to air an explosive interview with a tobacco company whistle-blower.
Gulf War, The (1996) as Senior Producer
History of the 1990-91 Persian Gulf Crisis, featuring interviews with key political and military leaders on all sides of the war.
When the Bough Breaks (1995) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary exploring the bond between parents and children and the profound implications for children's behavior later in life if that attachment is hampered. Includes surveillance camera footage from the homes of three middle-class families.
Currents of Fear (1995) as Senior Producer
Documentary examining possible health hazards caused by electromagnetic fields surrounding power lines.
Does TV Kill? (1995) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary exploring what is known about the effects of television violence on actual social behavior. Following the documentary, Bill Moyers leads a 15-minute panel discussion on the subject.
Rush Limbaugh's America (1995) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary exploring the life and political influence of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh. Includes interviews with his family, audience and critics, as well as political strategists and members of Congress.
Who's Afraid of Rupert Murdoch? (1995) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Examination of Rupert Murdoch's efforts to establish the first global telecommunications network.
What Happened to Bill Clinton? (1995) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary examining the Clinton presidency at midterm, with opinions expressed by biographers and journalists.
Confessions of RosaLee, The (1995) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary examining the political and racial implications of "Washington Post" journalist Leon Dash's four-year report on RosaLee Cunningham -- a thief, former prostitute and drug addict, and mother of eight children.
Vanishing Father, The (1995) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary exploring the concept that the traditional American family has been "deinstitutionalized," looking at evidence scholars are uncovering about the impact broken families have on children.
Waco -- The Inside Story (1995) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Investigation of the April 1993 FBI siege of the Branch Dravidian compound at Waco, Texas.
Godfather of Cocaine, The (1995) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary exploring the rise and fall of the richest and most violent cocaine drug lord, Pablo Escobar -- hunted down and killed by the Colombian police and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. Includes interviews with Escobar's family, DEA agents and former drug smugglers.
Search For Satan, The (1995) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Examination of several cases of treatment for "satanic ritual abuse" in psychiatric hospitals and resulting insurance claims that escalated into millions of dollars.
High Stakes in Cyberspace (1995) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Examination of the new rush to stake claims in cyberspace. Reports on the effects these changes will have on the individual and how they will alter society.
Trouble with Evan, The (1994) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
A documentary in which actual parents are seen attempting to discipline and control their troubled son.
Kevorkian File, The (1994) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Examination of Dr. Jack Kevorkian's record of assisting in the suicides of chronically ill patients.
Is This Any Way to Run a Government? (1994) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary examining alleged wasteful or self-defeating programs at the United States Agriculture Department. Includes interviews with farmers, lobbyists, policy makers, and government officials.
Hot Money (1994) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Documentary investigating movement of the world's money to off-shore banking centers, many located on islands in the Caribbean where lax regulation harbors money laundering, insurance fraud and tax evasion.
L.A. Is Burning: Five Reports From a Divided City (1993) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Examination of the 1992 Los Angeles riots.
Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald? (1993) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Biographical documentary reexamining the life of Lee Harvey Oswald.
Trouble With Baseball, The (1993) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Examination of the open conflict between Major League baseball's mega-rich owners and millionaire players.
Secret File on J. Edgar Hoover, The (1993) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Portrait of the late director of the F.B.I., J. Edgar Hoover, including revelations of his spying on Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy, ties to organized crime, and his homosexuality.
Choice '92, The (1992) as Senior Producer
Examination of the lives and careers of George Bush and Bill Clinton, 1992 Republican and Democratic candidates for U.S. President, respectively.
Coming From Japan (1992) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Examines the rise of the giant Japanese company, the Matshushita Electric Company, and its growing investments in the United States, climaxing in its 1990 purchase of MCA-Universal.
Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill: Public Hearing, Private Pain (1992) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Examination of the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings and Anita Hill's charges of sexual harassment in the context of the confrontation's impact on African-Americans. the context
China After Tiananmen (1992) as Senior Producer
A "Frontline" special report examining how the reshaping of the Soviet Union is affecting Communist China three years after the suppression of the democracy movement in Tiananmen Square.
Who Is David Duke? (1992) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
This presentation of "Frontline" examines the life and political career of presidential candidate and former member of the Klu Klux Klan, David Duke.
Saddam's Killing Fields (1992) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
This presentation of "Frontline" examines an alleged official Iraqi extermination program aimed at the Kurdish people.
Innocence Lost (1991) as Senior Producer
A documentary exploring the allegations of child molestation raised against a couple who ran a North Carolina day-care center in 1989. Included are interviews with several of the parents involved.
Who Killed Adam Mann? (1991) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
In this presentation, "Frontline" investigates a case of child abuse in the family of Adam Mann and reveals a documented record -- stretching back seven years -- of how New York City's child welfare system failed to protect Adam and his three brothers.
Don King, Unauthorized (1991) as Senior Producer ("Frontline")
Examination of boxing promotor Don King's life and career.
To the Brink of War (1991) as Senior Producer
A "Frontline Special Report" examining the action taken by the Bush administration to prepare for and threaten war against Iraq in retaliation for its invasion of Kuwait in August, 1990, as well as the accompanying reaction from Congress and from the American public.
Arming of Iraq -- A Frontline Special Report, The (1990) as Producer
A special examining how Iraqi President Saddam Hussein built Iraq's massive arsenal of tanks, planes, missiles, and chemical weapons during the 1980s.

Animation (special)

Free to Laugh: A Comedy and Music Special For Amnesty International (1992) as Animation
A comedy and music special hosted by Roseanne and Tom Arnold, supporting Amnesty International and its efforts on behalf of public awareness of human rights abuses suffered by women.

Film Production - Main (special)

Avril Lavigne: Anything But Ordinary (2003) as Additional Photography
This intimate portrait of 18-year-old Canadian recording artist Avril Lavigne follows her 2003 European tour and includes backstage interviews, special features and a trip to Lavigne's hometown of Napanee, Ontario.
True Story of Robin Hood, The (2000) as Production Assistant
Documentary about the quest for the true identity of Robin Hood. Was he Robin of Loxley or the Earl of Huntingdon? Did he exist during the era of Edward II or Richard the Lionheart? Did he lurk in Sherwood Forest or Barnesdale Forest? Was he a real person?
Hunt For Jack the Ripper (2000) as Production Assistant
Jack the Ripper's 1888 murder spree remains one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time. How did he slip through the fingers of Scotland Yard? The world's top Jack the Ripper experts offer insights into the killer's mind and speculate on who he may have been.
Superstitions (2000) as Production Assistant
Documentary that travels back to the days of ancient civilizations to learn how superstitions were developed in response to the uncertainties of the times, and why everyone from athletes to newly married couples still invoke superstitions as a way of preventing bad luck.
1989 Miss Universe Pageant, The (1989) as Production Assistant (Location Segments)
Live broadcast of the 1989 Miss Universe Pageant from Cancun, Mexico, hosted by John Forsythe and Emma Samms. Delegates from approximately 76 countries participate in the areas of Swimsuit, Evening Gown and Personality/Inverview competitions as they vie for the title.

Film Production - Construction/Set (special)

American Reunion: The 52nd Presidential Inaugural Gala, An (1993) as Carpenter
A broadcast of the entertainment gala marking the presidential inauguration of Bill Clinton.
Victory & Valor: A Special Olympics All-Star Celebration (1991) as Props
A special featuring celebrity performances during the International Summer Special Olympics held in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Telecast includes the opening-ceremonies show and the stories of four Special Olympics athletes.
Paula Poundstone: Cats, Cops and Stuff (1990) as Stage Manager
A comedy special for HBO featuring comedian Paula Poundstone.

Misc. Crew (special)

Dot Con (2002) as Executive Producer Special Projects ("Frontline")
Examination of the financial forces behind the unprecedented rise and seemingly overnight fall of the Internet economy and explores allegations that institutional brokers at investment banks, such as Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) manipulated the market for their own gain.
Inside the Terror Network (2002) as Special Projects Executive Producer ("Frontline")
The hijackers of September 11 led lives so ordinary they moved through America and Europe virtually unnoticed. They joined health clubs, used computers at public libraries and took flying lessons. Focusing on several individuals, the program traces the hijackers' movements across two continents, fol
American Porn (2002) as Executive Producer Special Projects ("Frontline")
Examination of the United States pornography industry and some of the well-known top corporations that quietly profit from it. With adult movies, magazines, retail stores, and the growth of the Internet -- business is booming. The Bush administration has pledged a new attack on the porn industry and
Ordinary Crime, An (2002) as Executive Producer Special Projects ("Frontline")
Investigation of a bizarre North Carolina case of injustice where two men with the same first name are implicated in the same crime, and one -- Terence Garner -- is sentenced to 32 to 43 years in prison.
Inside the Teenage Brain (2002) as Executive Producer Special Projects ("Frontline")
Experts are exploring the recesses of the brain and finding new explanations for why adolescents behave the way they do. The documentary explores how the new discoveries can change the way we parent, teach, or perhaps even understand, our teenagers.
Time to Choose: A PBS/NPR Voter's Guide (2000) as Senior Advisor
Live program that examines the issues and questions that determine each voter's decision on Election Day.

Special Thanks (special)

Julie Andrews: Back on Broadway (1995) as Special Thanks
Retrospective profile of the actress/singer Julie Andrews. Includes behind-the-scenes look at album recording sessions and rehearsals for the Broadway musical "Victor/Victoria," adapted from her hit movie, as well as clips from her varied film and television musical career.

Producer (TV Mini-Series)

Ghosts of Rwanda (2004) as Executive Producer Special Projects (Frontline)
Documentary chronicling the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

Art Director (TV Mini-Series)

Buffalo Girls (1995)
Miniseries about legends of the Old West -- Calamity Jane, Buffalo Bill and others of that era -- as they star in a Wild West show that parodies the lives they once led.
Son of the Morning Star (1991)
A miniseries about General George Custer, the Plains Indian Wars, and the Battle of the Little Big Horn on June 25, 1876.

Art Department (TV Mini-Series)

Son of the Morning Star (1991)
A miniseries about General George Custer, the Plains Indian Wars, and the Battle of the Little Big Horn on June 25, 1876.
Lonesome Dove (1989)
A four-part miniseries adapted from the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about two former Texas Rangers who, after the Civil War, drive their cattle from Lonesome Dove, Texas, to the wide-open spaces of the Montana territory, hoping to establishing a ranch there.

Film Production - Main (TV Mini-Series)

Peter Pan Starring Cathy Rigby (2000) as Production Assistant
This Matter of Marriage (1998) as Transportation Coordinator

Misc. Crew (TV Mini-Series)

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Seekers, The (1979) as Captain Miscampbell

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