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Overview for Ludwig Stossel
Ludwig Stossel

Ludwig Stossel



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Also Known As: Died: January 29, 1973
Born: February 12, 1883 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Austria Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

G.I. Blues (1960) as Puppet show owner
An American stationed in Germany bets that he can make an icy entertainer fall for him.
The Blue Angel (1959) as Prof. Braun
Professor Immanuel Rath (Curt Jurgens)is a martinet botany professor at a German high school who finds post cards bearing the likeness of Lola-Lola (May Britt), "The Blue Angel", in the possession of his pupils. He goes to the cafe where she is appearing to see if any of his pupils are there, and spots two of them. While chasing them, he encounters Lola-Lola and the troupe manager, Kiepert (Theodore Bikel.) He returns the next evening and becomes involved with Lola. His visit to the cafe, and the fact he spent the night with Lola, becomes common knowledge and he is forced to leave his school position. Despite the protests of his friends, he marries Lola, who is intrigued by the idea of being the wife of a professor. The intrigue doesn't last long, as Rath is unable to get work because of his wife. He becomes a broken character, reduced to performing odd jobs around the troupe and living off the earnings of his wife. When the troupe returns to his hometown, Kiepert brutally uses him in a magic act as a shill to attract customers from among his old students and friends. Lola meets a former lover and, as Rath is being degraded on the stage, she allows the former lover to make love to her in sight of her husband. Rath goes beserk and sets out to strangle her.
Me and the Colonel (1958) as Dr. Szicki
A Polish officer unwillingly helps a Jewish refugee escape from the Nazis.
From the Earth to the Moon (1958) as Aldo Von Metz
Lifelong rivals collaborate on a 19th-century moon rocket.
Deep in My Heart (1954) as Mr. Novak
Musical biography of composer Sigmund Romberg, who fought to bring serious music to Broadway.
Geraldine (1954) as Prof. Berger
White Goddess (1953) as Peter Vantyne
Dr. Tom Reynolds (Jon Hall) returns to Africa, where he was born of missionary parents, to do research on medicines that are reputed to keep a "White Goddess" (Millicent Patrick) eternally young. With his friend Howard Ogden (Ray Montgomery) and his guide Charley Smart (James Fairfax), Tom rescues Trudy Vantyne (M'Liss McClure), a trader's daughter, from savages who capture and hypnotize her, planning to make her a rival White Goddess. Two escaped convicts, Atkins (Lucien Prival) and Vail (Robert Williams) persuade the White Goddess, in reality the wife of another escapee, to flee with the tribal riches, but all three are killed trying to escape.
No Time for Flowers (1953) as Papa Svoboda
Call Me Madam (1953) as Grand Duke Otto
A Washington hostess takes an assignment as ambassador to the world''''s smallest nation.
The Sun Shines Bright (1953) as Herman Felsburg
John Ford weaves three "Judge Priest" stories together to form a good- natured exploration of honour and small-town politics in the South around the turn of the century. Judge William Priest is involved variously in revealing the real identity of Lucy Lake, reliving his Civil War memories, preventing the lynching of a youth and contesting the elections with Yankee Horace K. Maydew.
The Merry Widow (1952) as Major domo
A prince from a small kingdom courts a wealthy widow to keep her money in the country.
Somebody Loves Me (1952) as Pop Grauman
Diplomatic Courier (1952) as Watchmaker
Department of State courier Mike Kelly ends up in postwar hotbed Trieste after failing to collect a package from a colleague. The Military Police are happy for him to get more involved, but things get a bit tough. After all, he is just a postman.
Too Young to Kiss (1951) as German accompanist
A grown woman poses as a child prodigy to advance her career as a concert pianist.
Corky of Gasoline Alley (1951) as Dr. Hammerschlag
As Young As You Feel (1951) as Conductor
Sixty-five-year-old John Hodges must retire from Acme Printing. He later impersonates the president of the parent company and arrives at his old plant on an inspection tour. Acme president McKinley is so nervous not even his beautiful secretary Harriet can calm him. McKinley's wife Lucille becomes infatuated with Hodges. Many further complications ensue.
The Great Sinner (1949) as Hotel manager
A young man succumbs to gambling fever.
A Song Is Born (1948) as Professor Traumer
A group of music professors takes in a singer on the run from her gangster boyfriend.
The Beginning or the End (1947) as Dr. Albert Einstein
True story of the Manhattan Project and the race to build the atomic bomb.
This Time for Keeps (1947) as Peter
A famous singer's son falls for a swimming star.
Escape Me Never (1947) as Mr. Steinach
A composer forsakes his innocent bride to romance his brother's fiancee.
Song of Love (1947) as Haslinger
True story of Clara Schumann''''s battle to save husband Robert''''s health and resist the romantic overtures of Johannes Brahms.
Cloak and Dagger (1946) as The German
Near the end of World War II, the Allies must find out how much the Axis knows about building atomic bombs. The OSS recruits a physicist, Alvah Jesper, to reach his former colleague, Katerin Lodor, now in Switzerland, and bring her out for debriefing. He reaches her, but a German agent is quickly onto him, and Lodor dies. Jesper must now get into Italy, go underground with the help of Gina, a resistance leader, and convince Polda, a physicist there, to leave with him. Polda won't go until his daughter is rescued from German detention. As Jesper's pal Pinky works on rescuing Polda's daughter and as time for escape runs down, Jesper and Gina fall in love.
Temptation (1946) as Dr. Mueller
In a flashback, late-Victorian beauty Ruby, a divorcee with a shady past, calculatingly marries rich Egyptologist Nigel, who installs her at his Cairo estate while he digs for mummies. Bored, Ruby undertakes to recover a friend's letters from Baroudi. But when she meets the blackmailer, mutual attraction leads to an affair. As Ruby gets in deeper, she finds Baroudi is even more unscrupulous than she dreamed.
Girl on the Spot (1946) as Popsy Lorenz
Eleven Gilbert & Sullivan numbers are melded within the murder-mystery plot of "Girl on the Spot", with a result that either G&S and/or the plot are always seemingly on stage-wait or in the wings awaiting a cue. Lois Collier is the girl-on-the-spot of the title because she was on the scene of a murder. The police conclude she didn't do it and they use her to set a trap for the real killer, a G&S addict, by financing a Broadway production starring Collier. The police department evidently found the money for financing a Broadway show under "Misc.Expenses" in the city budget.
Miss Susie Slagle's (1946) as Otto
House of Dracula (1945) as Zeigfried
A mad scientist's experiments attract Dracula, the Wolf Man and the Frankenstein monster.
Yolanda and the Thief (1945) as School teacher
A con man poses as a Latin American heiress'''' guardian angel.
Her Highness and the Bellboy (1945) as Mr. Pufi
A hotel bellboy is the unlikely choice to escort a visiting princess, over the protests of his invalid girlfriend.
Dillinger (1945) as Otto
The legendary gunman plots a series of daring heists.
Lake Placid Serenade (1944) as Mayor of Lany
Bluebeard (1944) as Jean Lamarte
A 19th-century Parisian puppeteer is killing the young women he employs.
The Climax (1944) as Carl Bauman
Dr. Hohner (Karloff), theatre physician at the Vienna Royal Theatre, murders his mistress, the star soprano when his jealousy drives him to the point of mad obsession. Ten years later, another young singer (Foster) reminds Hohner of the late diva, and his old mania kicks in. Hohner wants to prevent her from singing for anyone but him, even if it means silencing her forever. The singer's fiancée (Bey) rushes to save her in the film's climax.
Above Suspicion (1943) as Herr Schultz
A honeymooning couple are asked to spy on the Nazis in pre-war Europe.
Hers to Hold (1943) as Binns
Hitler's Madman (1943) as Mayor Herman Bauer
The Nazis take revenge on a Czech village after one of their most sadistic commanders is assassinated there.
They Came to Blow Up America (1943) as Julius Steelman
A government agent is assigned to join a hate group in order to gain information on their underground activities.
Action in the North Atlantic (1943) as Captain Ziemer
A Merchant Marine crew fights off enemy attacks at the start of World War II.
The Pride of the Yankees (1943) as Pop Gehrig
Baseball legend Lou Gehrig faces a crippling disease at the height of his success.
Pittsburgh (1942) as Dr. Grazlich
Charles 'Pittsburgh' Markham rides roughshod over his friends, his lovers, and his ideals in his trek toward financial success in the Pittsburgh steel industry, only to find himself deserted and lonely at the top. When his crash comes, he finds that fate has dealt him a second chance.
The Great Impersonation (1942) as Dr. Schmidt
An unconscious man is found in a boat which drifts to the landing of an isolated African outpost where Baron von Ragenstein (Ralph Bellamy), an enemy agent, recognizes the man as his exact double, Sir Edward Dominey (Ralph Bellamy), with whom von Ragenstein went to school. He plots to kill Dominey and pose as the dead man.He learns about Dominey's broken marriage to Muriel (Evelyn Ankers) and his relation to Sir Ronald (Aubrey Mather), head of home defense. Back at the Dominey estate,Muriel is delighted with the change in Dominey, and Sir Ronald gives the spy a confidential position.The situation is complicated by Bardinet(Edward Norris), Muriel's admirer who, like von Regenstein, is under orders from Seaman (Henry Danielle), chief of the enemy agents. Another difficulty is Baroness Stephanie (Kaaren Verne), a spy who loves von Regenstein. The jealous Bardinet tells Muriel that Dominey is an imposter and she tells Sir Ronald. At Police headquarters Dominey reveals that, in Africa, it was actually von Regenstein that was killed and that he, Dominey posing as von Regenstein, has been playing the dual role in order to uncover the enemy leaders.
Tennessee Johnson (1942) as Austrian ambassador
Biography of Andrew Johnson, who followed Abraham Lincoln into office and became the first U.S. president ever to be impeached.
Casablanca (1942) as Mr. Leuchtag
An American saloon owner in North Africa is drawn into World War II when his lost love turns up.
Kings Row (1942) as Professor Bergdoff
Small town scandals inspire an idealistic young man to take up psychiatry.
All Through the Night (1942) as Mr. Miller
A criminal gang turns patriotic to track down a Nazi spy ring.
I Married an Angel (1942) as Janitor
A playboy drops his many girlfriends when he falls in love with a grounded angel.
Iceland (1942) as Valtyr's father
Marine, James Murfin, is unaware of Icelandic customs. When he flirts with Katina her Icelandic family take his actions as a proposal of marriage to Katina. Desperately wanting out, James gets his buddy to help him. Good Luck!
Woman of the Year (1942) as Dr. Lubbeck
Opposites distract when a sophisticated political columnist falls for a sportswriter.
Who Done It? (1942) as Dr. Anton Marek
Two would-be radio mystery writers find themselves in a real life murder mystery.
Underground (1941) as Herr [Gustav] Müller
Resistance leaders in Germany plot to broadcast Nazi secrets over the radio.
Down in San Diego (1941) as Brock
Teenagers take on enemy spies at a Navy base.
Back Street (1941) as Louis
A woman accepts life in the shadows as the price for her affair with a married man.
Marry the Bo$$'$ Daughter (1941) as Franz Polgar
Young man from Kansas (Edwards) goes to New York to work for his tycoon-hero (Barbier). His superiors won't listen to his ideas about business, but the boss and his daughter (Joyce) do.
Man Hunt (1941) as Doctor
An Englishman goes behind enemy lines to assassinate Hitler.
Great Guns (1941) as Dr. Schickel
Four Sons (1940) as Pastor
A Czech family is torn apart by violence and political conflicts during the rise of Nazi Germany in this 1940 drama. Frau Bernie's four sons all choose different paths: pro-Czech, pro-Nazi, and toward America. The mother becomes an eyewitness to tragedy as she begins to lose her sons to the war. Based on the 1928 film of the same name, which was set during World War I.
The Man I Married (1940) as Dr. Hugo Gerhardt
An American woman learns that her German husband is a Nazi sympathizer.
Jennie (1940) as Fritz Schermer
Dance, Girl, Dance (1940) as Caesar
A ballet dancer and a burlesque queen compete for a wealthy suitor.
The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1933)
A crime wave grips the city and all clues seem to lead to the nefarious Dr. Mabuse.

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